The Jehova Witness

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Ten o’clock Saturday morning and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was greeted by an Asian with that earnest look that only bible bashers have. She was dressed as though she had come by time machine from the 1950s in a conservative mid-calf length, shapeless tweed dress, a blouse that a grandmother would wear and flat lace-up shoes. She looked like she was fortyish, shortish, about 5ft 2 and probably slim under her bulky unflattering clothes.

She held a bundle of Watchtower pamphlets and started her spiel about the world ending and did I want to be saved. I was right, she was a Jehovah Witness. It was either listen to her or do the gardening and I hate gardening, so I nodded politely and pretended to listen. I took a copy of their magazine watchtower much to her relief. I even promised to read it though I knew I would just use it to start the BBQ fire.

But I couldn’t help myself. She was a woman, even though dressed so conservatively and unattractively, and she had an attractive face with large, soft deep brown eyes. I had once pursued a Jehovah Witness woman convinced that under her plain clothes there was a woman waiting to be freed. It was a mistake. I spent a long time overcoming that woman’s belief in the rule that Jehovah Witness followers only have Jehovah Witness friends, as all others are followers of Satan and will not be saved when the world ends. Then I discovered for a Jehovah witness sex outside the marriage is forbidden, and anal and oral and same sex are all banned. Finally, she hinted to her sister she had seen me socially. Her sister followed Jehovah Witness rules and reported her, and she received some severe indoctrination to cure her.

But as I said I couldn’t help myself. I asked if she was a Filipina and she asked how I knew she was, and I replied that although I was confused by her slimness as most middle-aged Filipinas were, to put it politely, chubby and flabby, and her face was not the usual Filipina round shape, her Americanised accent when speaking English made me guess Filipina. I asked her name and found it was Jen Wilmot as she was married to a Canadian, but before it was Jenalynne Garcia. Ah, you just have to love those Filipina names: the unusual, Jovelyn, Yvaine, Wheng, Eroudelyn or the religious, Faith, Charity, Blessed.

I enquired how could a God-fearing, Roman Catholic Filipina could become a Jehovah Witness and she replied her husband had given her an ultimatum. She could live in poverty in Cebu or become a Jehovah Witness, marry him and live with him in Vancouver, Canada. They were, I found out, in Australia for a couple of years as he was an elder sent to straighten out the Jehovah Witness community here as they were becoming too liberal.

Anyway, Jen still had some Filipina left in her as she gabbled on without stopping, partly on Jehovah Witness business, partly in answer to my questions in that distinctive voice Filipinas have when speaking or gossiping in English.

“Why are you here alone,” I managed to squeeze in as she paused to breathe? “Normally, Jehovah Witness missionaries come preaching in pairs.”

“I am behind in my Field Work hours and don’t want to be censured in front of the congregation. Plus, I am behind in my number of Watchtowers I have distributed. I almost forgot. I need you to sign for the Watchtower, so they know I have distributed it.”

I signed, then signed with a different name and my PO Box, then another two times, once for some name at my work and another for my elderly neighbour. If check-ups were made, then Jim Smith at work had left, and no, I didn’t have his forwarding address, but it was in NSW, not Victoria. My elderly neighbour, well I collected his mail, and he had no phone.

I was still listening to Jen when my wife Phoung appeared behind me. Phoung was 36, Vietnamese and her major aim in life was to defy aging and look as sexy as possible. Oh, and spend my money, so 2 goals. Dressed in a semi-transparent negligee, well it was nearly 11 am, she looked Jen up and down, sneered and said haughtily, “No, we are not buying, anything, so stop harassing my husband and leave.”

Jen turned and proceeded to the gate. As she did Phoung said quite loudly, “God, have you ever seen anyone so ugly or unfeminine? Even a blind man would reject her. She would have to pay big money to get someone to go out with her.”

I could see Jen stiffen then continue down the path. “I hate to correct you, but she said she was married,” I said. Phoung just sniffed and looked in the mirror and teased her hair and patted the skin of her face.

An hour later I was in the car and saw Jen walking slowly towards the railway station, wheeling her suitcase of Jehovah Witness material behind her. I pulled over and offered her a lift. Perhaps it was my charm. More likely it was a very hot day, and she was tired, and the station was a long way in the distance.

“How has it gone? Reached your quota, Jenalynne?” I enquired, enjoying the sound of the contrived istanbul travesti full Filipina name rolling off my tongue.

She glumly shook her head. “Only 2 days left, and I still need 7 more subscribers. Then in a surprised voice, “You remembered my full name.”

“I can give you 10 signups, Jenalynne. Come to my office on Monday morning and you will be able to sign up 10 new subscribers.”

“Are they believers,” she queried?

“Yes,” I said. “Believers in keeping their jobs.”

“But why. Why are you doing this?”

“I felt guilty about what my wife said, plus I was interested in talking to you.”

“About the one faith?”

“Ummm, no not that. It was more our other topics and you, yourself, that interested me.” God, will I ever stop practising my attempts to charm? “And if I was your man Jenalynne, I would want you to show Phoung she was wrong.”

“You would want me to,” she gasped?

“Well, actually I would order you to and give you no alternative like your husband ordered you to become a Jehovah Witness.”

Her eyes dilated and her breathing became rapid. “Are you going to order me to do it,” she gasped.

“Jenalynne, I am commanding you to prove to Phoung you are the better woman and submit to me fucking you in front of her,” I growled. I could always pretend it was a lame joke if she took offence.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she listened to what I wanted and was directing her to do.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the look on the face of a person who opens the door and is greeting by an irate Filipina demanding to prove who is the better woman, a real woman. Let’s say the jaw of my 36-year-old Vietnamese wife, Phoung, bounced off the floor. Phoung was dressed by now in her usual daytime (i.e., after 12 noon) attire. Her taste ran to slut. I was trying to get her to differentiate between refined slut and elegant slut and cheap slut, but for now slut was okay by me. With her tiniest most transparent crotchless thongs visible 50% of the time as she walked in her tight micro mini skirt she had made a good start when she answered the door. It had no effect on Jenalynne who pushed her aside repeating her demands to see who the better woman was.

Phoung recovered quickly. She dropped her mobile and bent to pick it up allowing the back of her micro skirt to creep up to show the tiny back of her thong buried in her arse crease. She stepped forward and fondled my cock through my trousers, and replied confidently, “That will be easy. Just look at you and me. Decision made. Winner Phoung. Anything else is unnecessary, but if you want to take on this,” she said running a hand over her body and extending a leg, “You are welcome to try.” Turning to me she said, “Greg, watch me fuck the slut when I win.”

“And he will fuck me when I win so you can learn what a fuck is,” hissed Jenalynne.

Phoung went to the bedroom and her masturbation and loud long orgasm could be heard, and when she reappeared naked, she stood in front of and stared directly at the short, small titted Filipina. She smiled at me knowing that the Filipina, unused to sexfighting, would not know it was illegal to self-arouse 1 hour before a contest. All the better for me if she thought I had purposely brought a Filipina lamb to the slaughter. When she won I would get thanked. It was a win for me whoever won with both thinking I wanted them to win.

Phoung was 5ft 5 and stood taller on her 5-inch heels. Her 34B thick nippled tits were firm, her 26-inch waist slightly rounded and her 34-inch arse was firm and shapely, not flat like a lot of Asians. She had a mass of untamed pubic hair, unusual for a Vietnamese. At one time she shaved but now preferred it this way, as, in her mind, it made her more of a woman compared to other Vietnamese. She undid the packing on a dildo, the packaging proudly stated it was the King Kong model, extra-large, and waited.

At first, Jenalynne did not know what to do but then she understood. She took off her shapeless blazer and mid-calf loose black skirt. Next came her cotton blouse, Grandma white bloomers and bra. Now I could see her. She was short and slim as I have said, about 5ft 2 and just under 100 pounds and was a smallish 32B. But for her age of 41, her body was well toned. Unlike Phoung she was trimmed; her bush shaved into a small, porn star 7-day stubble, triangle-shaped which I found surprising as she was dressed so conservatively.

But both Phoung and my eyes were drawn to her nipples: dark brown, immensely thick and long. Phoung prided herself on her nipples, yet to me these were bigger though Phoung would deny it if asked. Jenalynne walked to Phoung fondling her nipples which somehow became even larger. Even Phoung would have had to admit she had been bested by the Filipina.

Phoung quickly changed tack, flourished King Kong dramatically, spat on it and slowly inserted in herself, her cunt lips expanding to accept the girth of the gorilla cock. Despite straining and istanbul travestileri I could see the grimace on her face she embedded it into her cunt before holding it upright, bending at the waist and extending her tongue to lick the tip. She proffered the 15 inches extending from her cunt it to Jenalynne who shook her head.

“That’s done, Greg, she has quit,” she said triumphantly. “All talk and no action.”

“One baby-sized dildo for the imitation slut,” Jenalynne said to us and sneered. She reached past me and grabbed the baseball bat I kept beside the door, because in these times you can’t be too careful. Jenalynne brought her hands up the inside of her thigh. I noticed her legs were smooth and appealing. They reached her uncovered slit and then thrust her mound out at us, framing it with her hands. She moved her hand to one small tit. She stared at me as she caressed it and played with the huge erect nipple. She raised the tit and bent her head down. She was about an inch short of being able to lick it but that was not her intention: she spat a long string of saliva over it and then spread it over the nipple and areola. As she played with her tits in front of us my cock began to respond. She raised her head and looked at me and thrust her breasts out in my direction.

Yes, her tits were small, but they were incredibly firm and now, with the areola swollen as well and uplifted, her nipples pointed upward not forwards. They were rigid, thick about an inch along with the diameter of my little finger. It was not so much the size but their shape. She opened her legs wide and stroked her hand between them, emphasising her crack. She pouted at Phoung and licked her lips. Her small, provocatively convex mound with its trimmed triangle of dark hair was ready. She sat on the floor, pulled her legs back beside her head and then eased her shoulders through them. Her whole sex was tilted up and completely exposed to us.

“Watch this bitch,” she said to Phoung. She rested the baseball upright and stood and straddled its wide end. Yes, her pussy stretched but there was no way it could accommodate the bat. I could see her sex juices running down its black metal surface as she jiggled and manoeuvred her cunt around the bat top. Then with a groan, she pressed down, and the wide tip was swallowed. She rested a second and then fed the Louisville Slugger deeper and deeper. 8, 9, 12, 14 inches were swallowed, and I could see the shape of the bat protruding against her belly, and she started to fuck herself up and down the bat.

She ordered me to open her suitcase and with her other hand, she reached under pamphlets inside and produced a long 28-inch flexible double dong, 12 inches red a four inch yellow middle section and the other 12 inches black, and held it towards Phoung.

“Try this and feel the strength of a Filipina cunt, Filipina rules.”

“Filipina rules,” I queried.

“Normal eating for 40 minutes before the contest, and then the winner screws the other for 30 minutes before they fuck Greg,” she replied.

Phoung didn’t, couldn’t now back down. We moved to the bedroom and they rolled into a 69. Jenalynne was lying on the bedroom floor on her back, her legs wide parted to allow Phoung access. Phoung was on top and the Filipina eased herself forward under my wife’s body until her mouth was directly under her cunt and slid her tongue into her cunt crack. Phoung slid along the Filipina’s body until her mouth reached the Filipina’s cunt and held Jenalynne’s lips apart and snaked her tongue into her maw.

But it soon became apparent the taller Vietnamese on top had the physical advantage. Her tongue was driving in and out of the older Jenalynne lying under her, but her cunt, because of her bigger size which enabled her to raise her hips, meant her slit was almost out of Jenalynne’s reach. Jenalynne was lying on her back with legs wide open with Phoung on top straddling her facing her feet and lapping her juices as she held her cunt open with her fingers. It was only by straining forward and by cricking up her neck Jenalynne managed to bring her tongue to Phoung’s cunt, and she was only making short staccato contact, not long continuous arousal.

Jenalynne groaned from the Vietnamese 36-year old’s continuous attack on her clit and lifted her hips off the floor and Phoung took advantage. She was still sucking on Jenalynne’s clit but managed a insert a finger in her arse and three fingers in her pussy. Jenalynne, with her two fuck holes filled, was in fuck heaven and when Phoung made her cum she screamed long and hard. Phoung didn’t let up on the floor, working not only her pussy over, but her whole body and she came so many times, there was a huge wet spot on the floor.

“Time,” I yelled to the 2 women, “Use the dong now.”

Phoung whispered thank you to me, sat on the floor, spread her legs and eased the red half of the double dong up to the entrance of her pussy. Jenalynne sat opposite her watching as she eased travesti istanbul the head into the entrance of her moist crack and worked it, a gentle finger sliding around it, dipping into the hole and wetting the gel coated rubber. Each gentle push drove it deeper and deeper into her now very wet hole until she was panting and moaning slightly. When she was fully stuffed with her half of the dong, Jenalynne stroked her pussy until it too was slick with juice.

Nearly half the thick dong was buried deep inside Phoung and she was humping eagerly, meeting the slight thrusts of Jenalynne’s hand as she held it against her cunt lips. Jenalynne leaned one arm on the floor and the other black half of the dong slid easily up into her waiting pussy Phoung watched her ease it in slowly pushing and working it deeper and deeper until the small bulb that marked the middle and change of colour was closer to her pink entrance. Perhaps 1 inch of black protruded from the Filipina’s slit while 3 inches of red from the Vietnamese’s, separated by 4 inches of yellow.

Despite having been worked over by Phoung in the warmup 69, Jenalynne began to control the contest and move the dong in and out slowly and steadily, with her pussy dictating the pace. The fat dong worked Phoung’s hole as the friction from her tight cunt pulled hard on the dong on the outstrokes and created more friction thrusting back on the in strokes. Despite the slow, measured pace, four inches of red dong was soon moving in and out of the younger Phoung and she was beginning to push forward involuntarily to meet each new thrust. She found the deep penetration in her love channel by the rubber invader unavoidably arousing and she moaned her pleasure. Five inches, and now she groaned loudly as her arousal grew. Six inches of travel and her hips began to thrust and meet the tool eagerly, pulling it from side to side as it slid in and out.

Phoung was panting noticeably now, grunting slightly each time the dong plunged home and her cunt accepted more. “Oh, God. How deep… is… that…? It’s sooooo tight. Eighhhhhhhhh Eighhhhhhhhhhhh”

All the red and an inch of yellow were buried in my writhing Vietnamese wife by Jenalynne. How she had done it after Phoung fucked her in the warmup I didn’t know, but the proof was right in front of me. More than my cock had ever managed, and Jenalynne was controlling the pace, pounding the younger woman unhindered by any resistance. Another inch of yellow disappeared into Phoung meaning she had 14 inches in her.

“Yes, that’s your cervix I’m pounding, bitch”.

“Aggggghhhhh… I’m going to explode I’m so full. My cunt is so FULLLLLL OH GOD,” Phoung wailed.

“I’m in the bitch’s womb,” Jenalynne screamed excitedly as she jerked the dong deeper.

All the yellow had followed the red inside my wife. Phoung was panting yelling and screaming as Jenalynne’s hands reached out and gripped Phoung’s hips for better leverage. The 41-year-old Filipina’s eyes closed, and her thrusting shifted into automatic and she began to pound the dong home. There was no stopping now. Both women were hot and sweaty, the smell of hot pussy filled the air. The dong sank out of sight, and Phoung’s cunt was slapping on Jenalynne s legs. Phoung’s eyes were unfocused, and her head was thrown back as she groaned and groaned and thrashed and accepted each thrust from the 41-year-old. Her tits bounced and jiggled in a spastic motion as her body jerked and heaved.

“Fuck me…Fuck Me Harder!… God “. She was shouting and panting, breathless. “Yes, I’m coming. I going to cum! IMCUMINGGGGG!!!!”

Jenalynne ripped the double-ended dildo from and crawled behind the exhausted Vietnamese and touched the end of the fake penis to Phoung’s arse. She instantly stiffened, “What are you doing?” she moaned.

“Screwing you in the arse, bitch, next time we meet it will be the Manilla Surprise” Jenalynne replied and with a savage twist pushed three inches into the Vietnamese.

“Manilla surprise,” I queried. It was a new one for me and I thought I knew everything.

Jenalynne smiled. “On hands and knees facing away from each other. Arses joined by a double dong. One hand reaches back between their legs for the other’s cunt.

Phoung’s sphincter stretched to its fullest to accommodate the rubber phallus as Jenalynne shoved it further in and Phoung tried to relax her arsehole. With a sudden rush, six inches of the red monster vanished into her body and she began to shake and quake as the 41-year-old Filipina worked it in and out her arse.

“Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she groaned as the dildo twitched inside her arse as a smiling Jenalynne fucked her arse for the first time sending sympathetic pulsations through her arse as it tried in vain to clasp the dildo raping her.

Victorious, Jenalynne disengaged with her end of the dildo releasing with a prolonged plop, leaving 2 inches of yellow and 12 inches of black dong standing erect and quivering in Phoung’s arse. The Filipina quickly knelt between my legs and held my hard cock with her left hand so she could suck it. She held it at the base with her left hand, licked it up and down, then put the head of it in his mouth, and began sucking it while she jacked the shaft up and down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32