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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In our last encounter, a woman who worked at the same company and was from another location was in our office temporarily. I had fucked her when visiting her location and now that she was at this work location and she and my wife knew about the other, my wife had requested that she come over so she could watch K and I fuck. K agreed, and then things got a little interesting. My wife had become a little demonstrative and directed K’s head as she sucked me off. I had never seen her take charge like that and it was a turn on for K and I. That was Friday night. Now it’s Saturday morning and I have a golf game.


I woke up on Saturday to the sound of the shower running. I looked at the clock and I only had about an hour to get ready and get to the golf course where I was playing a round with some friends.

I opened the door and was greeted by K stepping out of the shower and reaching for a towel. I smiled. “Nice view.”

K grinned and I swear she blushed. “Good morning.” She wrapped the towel around her body and tucked it in. “I’ll go into the other bathroom to get ready. Ann told me that this shower was much better because of the size.”

“Yes, it is a lot better. Too bad I didn’t wake up earlier or I could have shown you how Ann and I use it.” I walked up to her and pulled her in for a hug and stuck my hands under her towel, grabbing that cute, tight little ass.

She laughed and pushed me away. “Hey, I understand you have to play golf this morning.”

“Damn, I would rather play with you and Ann some more.”

“We’ll see.”

My eyebrows went up with that. “Yeah?”

“You never know.” She scampered out of the bathroom before I could pursue that line of questioning or my burgeoning desire to feel her up some more.

I showered quickly and dressed for my game. I got downstairs and Ann was in her short robe cooking breakfast. “Good morning.” I pressed up against her back, rubbing my crotch on her ass and running my hands up and down her legs.

She pushed me away and smiled. “Hey, don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Maybe I should cancel my golf game with you two still here. When are the kids due back?”

“I’m going to call my parents this morning and will find out. Now you sit down and have some breakfast before you head out. I’ve got some scrambled eggs and bacon ready, but leave enough for me and K.”

I sat and wolfed down some eggs and a couple of strips of bacon. I watched Ann’s ass as she moved around the room. She was still in great shape and I wanted to cancel golf and attack her. The scene with her and K last night had sated me only for last night and being around these two had ramped up my desire for a reprise today.

I kissed her on the cheek. “Okay, honey, see you later. Tee time is at 1000, so I’ll be back around 3. Tell K I’ll see her next week at work if she isn’t going to stick around.”

“Okay, bye.”

I hurried out to the garage, loaded my clubs and shoes, and left for the course.

I played pretty well, but I have to say that at times I was thinking of stuff back home more than I was the golf game out on the course. I went over in my mind how Ann had taken control of K and directed her head as K blew me. Then she practically directed the rest of the sex. I wondered if that was another thing she always wanted to do or if she just thought it was fun once. It was something we had never done or discussed before.

When I was ready to leave the course, I called Ann and told her I was leaving. It was about 3:30 by the time we finished, put the clubs away, and had a quick drink in the clubhouse. She told me to stop and pick up two more bottles of red wine and another twelve pack of beer. I did so.

I got home about 4pm and was greeted by a wonderful smell. “Mmmm. What’s that I smell cooking?”

Ann grinned. “I have mashed potatoes, green beans, and the steaks just went into the oven on broil. Everything should be ready in a few minutes. Now go clean up and change.” She hugged me and I went upstairs.

I took a quick shower and was coming down the stairs about 20 minutes bahis firmaları later. “Where are the kids? Is it just the two of us?”

“Mom and Dad are going to spoil the little wonders for another day. I let them stay over there, even though they’ll eat badly and stay up late.” Ann met me at the bottom and gave me a hug.

“Okay.” She felt good.

She took me by the hand. “I want you to come over here and sit. I want you to relax and have a beer while dinner is being finished.”

This was different. “Okay, you sure you don’t need any help in the kitchen? Is the table set?”

She pushed me back into my recliner. “Just sit. We have a new maid who will help with all this.”

“What?” New maid? What the hell was she talking about?

Ann turned toward the kitchen and said rather loudly. “Maid, the master of the house needs his beer.”

I started to get up but Ann was standing next to the chair and pushed down on my shoulder, telling me to stay put. I craned my neck to see what was going on and a vision came out of the kitchen. It was K. She was dressed in one of those skimpy, not to be worn in public, maid’s outfits. And with her small stature, she looked like a very young girl. The skirt barely covered her lower parts and her tits were ready to pop out, even though she wasn’t that big. Her legs were covered by thigh high stockings with a fishnet look that ended before they reached the bottom of the obscenely short skirt. She looked like a hooker who had been made up by a porn producer for a movie that never happens in real life. At least not normally, so I was agog. “Wow! What’s going on here?” I grinned at Ann.

Ann leaned over and whispered into my ear. “This was all planned so just go with it.” Then she went and sat down on the couch. “K, please deliver the drinks to Master John and me as we discussed.”

I looked over at Ann. “Master John?”

“Well, as a maid, she cannot call us by our given names without some additional moniker, so we agreed on Master John and Miss Ann.”

“Okay.” I stared as K came toward me, her small tits jiggling in the tight uniform. “And where did you get that maid’s outfit.”

Ann grinned and chuckled. “We went shopping in that Frederick’s of Hollywood store in the large mall down the highway.”

I shook my head. “You’ve been busy today.”

“Yes, I have, and I have a problem that needs to be taken care of soon.” Ann lifted her skirt and flashed me her bare pussy. Wow that was a first, flashing me like that. She was getting much more playful and was always turned on by my interaction with other women.

K was next to me and bent over from the waist towards me showing me the tray (and some other things) for me to retrieve my beer. “Your drink, sir.” She winked at me.

“Thank you.” I stared at her tits as I grabbed it and K wiggled her shoulders back and forth to make her tits jiggle some more. I grinned at her and she grinned back. Her nipples were about to make an appearance and her areola were already saying hello.

K turned to provide Ann’s drink to her next. She turned completely around and stayed right next to my chair, between the arm of my chair and the arm of the couch. She bent over from the waist again so that my wife could get her glass of wine. The view she presented was phenomenal. Her little maid’s skirt rose up and presented the most delicious view of her ass and pussy since she was without panties. Her pussy was just visible between her legs and I could swear it winked at me.

Then K stood up and went back to the kitchen. Ann grinned at me. “Did you like that view?”

“How could I not?”

“Well, K and I have some other things planned that should make this a great evening.”

I stared at her. “Okay.” My mind was reeling at this development as I thought about what was happening. My wife had never brought up anything like this. “Are you sure about all this Ann?”

Ann grinned. “Yes, dear, I’m sure. After last night, all I could think about was my obsession with voyeurism and control, so K and I cooked something up. Is that okay?”

Ann looked a little unsure of my take on this. I got up and went over and sat next to her. “This is okay, Ann. I would like to discuss this ahead of time in most cases, but this is a nice surprise. I’m willing to discuss anything like that, you know that. I love you.”

Ann kissed me and then put her head on my shoulder. “Thank you. Then let’s get this show on the road.” Then she gathered herself and pulled away and stood up. “Now, it’s time for dinner. “

We got up and went into the dining room and the table was set for two. I lifted my eyebrows. “Only two place settings?”

Ann grinned. “The help does not eat with the master and his wife.”

I laughed. “What devious thing have you cooked up for K now?”

Ann pointed to the chair and said in a mockingly majestic manner. “Just sit, Master John.”

I shook my head and sat in the appointed chair. It was the chair at the head of the table.

Ann picked kaçak iddaa up a small bell and rang it. I laughed. It was exactly like the ones that you see people joke about, the kind they believe the rich use to call their servants.

K immediately came into the rom. “Yes, Miss Ann?”

“We are ready for dinner.”

K turned and went back into the kitchen and I watched her ass the entire way.

Ann saw me. “She does have a nice ass.”

“Yes, she does. You’re going to have to tell me later about the shopping trip.”

“Yes, dear.” She smirked.

K then came back in with our plates. The steaks were on it, with the mashed potatoes and green beans. Everything looked and smelled wonderful.

Ann waited until K had put the plates down. “Now, Master John, as your maid tonight, K will be feeding you your dinner. Sit back against the chair.” I sat back and my cock was starting to come to full mast, feeling constricted by my pants. Ann patted the table in front of me. “Hop up, K.”

K hopped up on the table and put her feet on the arms of my chair, spreading her legs apart and giving me an unimpeded view of her pussy. She spread her legs apart and rested her knees on their outside and placed my plate between her legs. She started cutting my steak. I looked over at Ann and she grinned. “See anything you like?”

I looked back at K’s pussy. “Well, now that you mention it, there are some things that look very good in front of me.”

K cut a piece of steak. She leaned forward and fed it to me. I was in heaven. The steak tasted wonderful, the seasoning was great, and I had a beautiful woman playing a maid’s role sitting in front of me showing me her well-lubricated pussy while feeding it to me. Fuck me, this was amazing, albeit a tease.

I was pitching a tent in my pants and wanted desperately to lean forward and eat K’s pussy. That, apparently, wasn’t part of the deal.

When K had finished feeding me my dinner, Ann, who had finished hers about the same time stood up. “Okay, let’s go into the den while K cleans up.”

I stood up, reluctantly, taking one more good look at that nice wet pussy on the table, and, after adjusting my erection, followed Ann into the den.

Ann sat down. “Okay, for my real idea, you know how I am about watching the video we made on our anniversary, right?” She looked a little reticent to discuss this, but she forged ahead.

“Yes, you really like it.”

“Yes, I do. And you also know how I felt about seeing you and K last night, right?”

“Of course.”

“Well, I was thinking, and K and I discussed it, that we could make another movie. I would then have something new to watch.”

I grinned. Ann had definitely been thinking about pursuing her fantasies. The fact that they fed into some of mine was turning out to be a bonus. “That sounds interesting. So what did you have in mind?”

“Well, you and K are going to fuck and I’m going to direct and shoot it. Is that okay?”

I looked at Ann and grinned. “Now does it sound like something that I would object to?”

“No, not really. I just want to make sure you are comfortable with me directing the action and shooting a movie of you two fucking for us to watch. There will be no hiding of the faces or anything.”

“As long as you have no intent to put it on the internet, then I have no problem with it. What about K?”

“She was fine with it, too, as long as we didn’t put it out there for public consumption.”

“Okay. So tell me what brought this on? What made you decide you wanted to film it and control the action?”

Ann smiled. “The last few months, as I read those cuckold stories and thought about it as it pertains to you and me, it just sounded like a fun role-playing scenario. I’ve found that I really love watching people have sex, especially you, and I also love having some control in these situations. And we are so lucky to have K. She liked it when I held her on your cock and forced her head up and down during the blowjob last night. She said she liked the idea of giving up some control. So we came up with this idea together. She’s quite the little pistol.”

I had to hand it to them; they knew how to drive a man crazy. This was fucking great. I just hoped that they would get as much out of it as I was.

Ann sat down and K wasn’t back yet, so I reached down and slid my hand under her skirt. “What about you?” She was very wet. “Oh, yeah, you still need some attention.”

Ann spread her legs a little. “That’s okay. I’m fine for now.”

“No, you’re not.” I slid off the couch to my knees and pulled her legs apart.

“Well, if you insist.” Ann smiled and slouched, opening her legs up for my assault.

I leaned forward and could smell and see her arousal. “Did it really turn you on to make her feed me while sitting in front of me letting me stare at her pussy?”


I rubbed my fingers over her pussy, going over her clit lightly and Ann flinched and I heard a sharp intake of breath. She was kaçak bahis definitely on edge.

“Did you like it when I fucked her last night? When you could see my hard cock being sucked in by her tight pussy?”

“Yes.” It was quicker and more whispered this time.

“And did you like forcing her head down onto my cock and making her suck your husband off?”

Her head was back against the couch and her eyes were closed. “Yesssss.” It came out like a quiet hiss.

Ann was beside herself now as I was running my fingers up and down her slit. I leaned in and started licking in earnest, tasting her juices that were appearing. She groaned and her hands went to my head. I started kissing her pussy, inserting my tongue and running it around. She was starting to buck her hips already. She had definitely been turned on for a while. I slowly inserted two fingers and found her g-spot. I rubbed it as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. Ann’s legs came up and her hands held me tighter to her crotch. I started sucking and licking her clit quicker and harder now as I finger-fucked her pussy and she started bucking.

“Oh, shit, I’m cumming!”

And with that Ann’s legs closed on my head, her hands clenched my hair, and her body went through several spasms as she came. She held on to me tightly and I stopped my ministrations and just held my mouth on her pussy while she came back to earth. She was very, very sensitive after a good orgasm.

Finally, her hands relaxed and her legs fell to the sides. I lifted my head and looked up at her face. She was smiling, had her eyes closed, and looked as drained as I had ever seen her.

Ann finally opened her eyes and looked at me. “Holy fuck, that was good.”

“Wow that was pretty hot.” We both looked up to see K standing there in a robe after cleaning up the kitchen and removing her maid’s uniform. “You really got her that time.”

I looked up at K and grinned. “Come over here.” I stood up and once K got close I kissed her hard on the lips, letting her taste Ann’s pussy.

When I pulled away K grinned. “Hey, I like the taste of pussy. You don’t have to worry. If your wife wanted to, I’d love to play around with her, too, but she’s not into that.”

I smiled at K. “You little slut. I understand that Ann is going to be directing us in a little porno film.”

She giggled. “Yes, so she said.”

Ann had regained her composure and stood up. She ran by us and upstairs to get the video camera. I turned to K. “You okay with all of this?”

“Oh, yes. I think it sounds great. I’m really turned on by the thought of this.”

“Me, too.”

Ann came back downstairs wearing a robe and carrying the camera. She grinned at us. “Okay, positions everyone.” She laughed. “John, for you that means sitting on the couch naked; K, for you it means standing just off to the side until I call you. Oh, and get naked, too.” She then put a blanket that she had carried down with her over the coffee table.

I quickly removed my clothes, my dick not quite at full mast now, and sat on the couch. Ann fired up the camera. “I have new memory card in here, so we should be good.” She held the camera out, opened the viewer and pointed it at me. “Okay, here we go.”

Ann started the camera and filmed me for a few seconds, then motioned to K to come to me. “On your hands and knees,” she clarified. K got on all fours and crawled to me, heading straight for my cock. I watched as she approached and my cock hardened in approval. She reached the spot between my legs and stared up at me. Then she leaned forward and slowly licked from my balls up to the head of my cock. I groaned. She kissed and licked my balls some more and then moved close enough to start sucking my cock. She licked up over the head and then slowly lowered her mouth over it. I groaned.

Ann came closer. She looked at me. “Put your hand on her head.” I did. I kept it there as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Ann got vocal again. “Suck that cock you little slut. John, force her down onto your cock. Make her take it deep.” I did. K groaned. “Oh, yeah, take that cock you slut. Suck my husband’s cock. Give him a really good blow job or you won’t get fucked.” K continued to go up and down my cock. I just pushed her head up and down like I was fucking her face. “Yeah, John, fuck that slut’s face. Use it like you want to use her pussy.” I looked up at Ann and she grinned and licked her lips. Fuck, this was hot!

Ann moved around to get different angles of K sucking my cock and then decided that we had done enough oral. “That’s enough slut. Lay back on that blanket I put on the coffee table on your back. Get ready for my husband to fuck you hard.” K immediately got up and lay back on the coffee table. Ann got in between her legs before I could get there and zoomed in on K’s pussy. “She’s wet and horny, John. You can fuck the shit out of her right away.” Ann moved back and I moved between K’s legs. I knelt there and pulled her to the end of the table and pushed her legs back to her chest. Her pussy opened up like a rose in the sun and Ann made sure to keep the camera focused on that.

I slowly lined up my dick with K’s pussy and slid in easily. K groaned. Ann started talking again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32