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Aug 12, I woke up so early, took a bath, and prepared for Emman’s coming. I want to be fresh when we make love before breakfast.

Then…he arrived…

“Would you like me to give you a fuck to remember?” I whispered naughtily while taking off my clothes when he laid beside me in bed.

He stammered and nodded his head up and down like one of those bobble head dogs one would see in car rear windows.

I bent over him and rubbed my delicious looking tits all over his face while alternately kissing him on the mouth.

He grabbed my waist and lying back on the bed, he pulled me on top of him. He sucked and licked my nipples as he moved his fingers up and down my soft warm skin.

He groaned and moaned and it felt like he was cumming without me ever touching his penis yet.

He made me straddle his head until he could reach my quivering pussy with his mouth. Holding on to my thighs, he ran his pussy fluffer up and down my crack as I became more vocal.

“I love what you’re doing, Emman…please don’t stop…”

“I love eating your pussy, Joy…cunt get enough…”

He was noisily sucking my clit and fingering me at the same time…

Then my whole body began to shake as I pressed my pussy tighter and tighter against his mouth as I came.

When I broke free of his grasp, I sat on the bed as he took off his clothes. He stood naked at the end of the bed with his dick ready for action. I slithered across the covers like a snake and took it right into my mouth.

I was looking at him with a roguish smile while gliding my mouth up and down his shaft. I reached forward with one hand and began to play with his balls. He could not contain his excitement so he exploded inside my mouth. I swallowed his entire load and kept licking the end of his dick…

“I couldn’t get enough of this, Emman…”

When I finally let go of his spent penis, we laid beside each other as we rested.

“How was that?” I asked, while caressing his chest.

“Fucking marvelous,” he replied, still out of breath.

After cuddling for a while, we dressed up to have breakfast.

Whether we’re alone in the elevator or not, we made it a point to kiss each time.

Back in our bedroom, we took a bath together, brushed our teeth, and went back to bed naked.

We were cuddling, caressing, and kissing while watching The Day After Tomorrow on TV.

He was getting horny again so I started to stroke his dick and his balls at the same time.

He then made me lie on my back and opened my legs as he crept up on top of me. He thrust his penis inside me while I clung on to his arms…he stayed in that position as we continued to watch TV.

He’d start to go in and out of my warm and very wet love tunnel again during commercial break, and he’d just stay inside me when the movie came right back again. We did this ritual for the entirety of the movie, two and a half hours in total.

And then the movie ended…

He increased his pace…went faster and faster…I was meeting his thrusts…and then he straddled my head in between his legs to make me swallow his entire goo…

We kissed, caressed, and cuddled as we rested.

I didn’t know I fell asleep bahis firmaları because I woke up and feeling uncomfortable with my position. I realized that Emman fell asleep as well…on my chest…with his saliva dripping down my stomach…with his left hand holding my right hand…

He’s so sweet even when sleeping. I would not move a muscle in fear he would wake up and release my hand.

He choked on his own saliva that’s why he woke up and was so embarrassed because his mouth drippings were all over my stomach as well.

Realizing that it’s a Sunday, we hurriedly dressed up to go to church. We were so unprepared as to where to go so we just relied on the GPS to lead us to the nearest Catholic church. We found one, and the mass had not started yet. Churchgoers were so welcoming maybe because they noticed that it’s our first time. And when the mass started, Emman and I suppressed our laughter since we could not understand a thing…it’s in Polish.

After saying a short prayer, we rushed out and looked for a Catholic church with service in English. We found one, a bit far, and as expected, we’re late. We just lit a candle and said our own prayer in whispers:

Mama Mary, please forgive me and Emman/Joy. We hope that one day You give us Your blessing to be husband and wife to each other. While we wait for that moment to come, please keep us committed to our children. I love Emman/Joy so much. Please keep him/her under Your Maternal Protection. Amen.

Holding my hand and in tears…

“Joy, you’re going back to Winnipeg tomorrow. I don’t want you to go. Stay for good…stay forever…bring your girls with you. We’ll live together with your girls.”

“You know I would…you know I could…but we need to plan for this. Are you ready to leave Lorna and your kids? Can my youngest finish high school first? She can start university here.”

“Micai and your youngest will finish high school at the same time. That’s three years from now. I can’t wait that long.”

“Emman, fate brought us together after two decades. We’re together now…what’s three years? Let’s wait and hold on. After all, it’s what our prayer is about.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. I want us to live in Hamilton when it’s time so I do not have to leave my two jobs.”

So that’s it. Even though I was leaving for Winnipeg the next day, the feeling of heaviness in my heart was somewhat alleviated. At least we have concrete plans already. Our relationship would have a happy ending…

We got some take out from The Wokker before going back to the hotel.

We kissed, cuddled, and caressed while feeding each other.

Then he had to leave. I walked him to his van. I was kissing and embracing him so tight.

“Please don’t go, Emman…”

“Joy, I’m coming back in four hours. I’ll come here before going to work and we’ll eat dinner together.”

He came back at 1130 pm and we had dinner while kissing, cuddling, and caressing each other.

“I’ll come back to spend my two-hour break with you at 2 and let’s check in to a Jacuzzi suite later after work,” he said after kissing me on the forehead before leaving.

Aug 13, I woke up when I felt him wrapping his arms around me to assume a spoons kaçak iddaa cuddling position. I tried not to move a muscle as I didn’t want him to know that he had awakened me since he might caress my breasts, lick the back of my neck and ears, and stimulate my clit, and we end up having a slow, low intensity sex, or he might let me go altogether. I just want him holding me that way…forever…

I woke up again when I felt him planting a kiss on my forehead, but I tried not to move…

“Sweet dreams, my love…I love you forever…” he whispered.

Then he’s gone to go back to work.

After breakfast, we packed, checked out, and checked in to a Jacuzzi suite in the same hotel.

The suite was huge with high ceiling, the Jacuzzi was painted red and heart shaped, the lighting had purple dim lights, the bath tub inside the bathroom was bigger than a standard room’s, and the king size bed and the pillows seemed to be spectacularly comfortable and inviting.

Emman tested them…

“Come here, honey…” he said with arms outstretched.

“Wait, I’ll freshen up first,” I responded.

I hastily washed my body, paying particular attention to my pussy, brushed my teeth, and then wrapped myself in a towel before getting out of the bathroom.

“And he falls asleep…” I murmured to myself when I saw him dozing off.

I let him sleep since he only had a two-hour nap earlier. I put my clothes on, placed the camera on the bedside table and recorded him snoring quietly for about two minutes.

While waiting for him to wake up, I scribbled some love notes that I’d place in one of his pockets before I leave for Winnipeg.

It was during the time when I was writing on my diary that I felt arms wrapped around me from behind.

He’s awake…

“I’ll just freshen up, hon…” he whispered while kissing my head.

I turned the TV on to The Big Bang Theory, the show that became our favorite simply because of the word “coitus”. Also, I knew I’d have a big bang of a fuck when he’s done in the bathroom.

I dimmed the lights, and prepared the Jacuzzi.

“Darn! We don’t have a bubble bath,” I whispered disappointedly to myself while taking my clothes off and got in the tub.

“Wow! My honey really knows how to set the mood…”

“We don’t have bubble bath,” I said to him pouting.

“That’s okay. I’ll get some tomorrow from Bath & Body Works. What scent do you want?” He asked.

“Anything that’s relaxing.”

“Consider it done, honey…” he said while taking off the towel wrapped on his waist and joined me.

He turned the video camera on to record us before scooting close to me and laid my head on his left shoulder. While watching TV, he began to stroke my back. Using his right hand, he reached out and lightly grabbed my breasts and began to play with my nipples. I let out a small moan.

I rested my hand on his cock, squeezed it, and began to stroke it.

During commercial break, he leaned in and gave me a few small kisses on my neck, my ears, and my lips…

After alternately stroking my breasts, his hand slowly moved down to my pussy caressing my body along the way.

We’re kissing passionately with our tongues dancing kaçak bahis while masturbating each other…

We only broke our kiss when the show came back in. I straddled him in between my legs while facing the TV and with my back facing him.

I was grinding his penis while he’s caressing my back.

We’d do this routine…masturbate each other while kissing passionately during commercial break and straddle and grind him when the show would come back in.

And when the 30-minute show was over, we didn’t break our kiss anymore. His fingering became rougher…I so loved it when he’d finger me that way.

He fingered me so hard that I really got in the mood…

“Fuck me, Emman…I want to feel you inside me…”

We got up and out of the jacuzzi then he positioned me in all fours, turned the video camera away from us, then fucked me from behind. He fucked me so hard and for a long time that when we played back the video, all we could hear were our moans in sync to his loud hard thrusts.

“Hon, what time are you going home?” I asked while we were showering together.

“You’re leaving tomorrow. I’ll spend the rest of your stay here in Toronto with you. I’ll just show up to the kids for a couple of hours. Why, do you have any plans? Your wish is my command.”

We agreed to watch a movie.

We dressed up, held hands and stole kisses in the elevator on our way to the parking lot.

Emman was always so gentlemanly. He’d always open the doors and the car door for me. He’d play our favorite songs on the cd, and he’d hold my hand the entire time while driving. He’d always make me feel better about being around him.

We were early for the movie that we wanted to watch so we just stayed in the parking lot listening and singing along to our songs while caressing each other…

As we head off to the movies, he put his arm around my shoulder, and I wrapped mine tightly around his waist. We were walking like a couple of star-struck teenagers.

This was going to be one exciting afternoon.

Inside the theatre, after eating our snacks, we kissed and caressed.

Since I have already seen the movie that we were watching, I just concentrated on him. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulled his briefs, and took out his penis to give him one hell of a blowjob.

“You’re such a very naughty girl, Joy,” he mumbled while catching his breath after cumming.

We walked hand in hand, with our fingers intertwined, back to the van. It’s such a sweet and tender way to add physical affection to our time together. He squeezed my hand then put his arm around me. I felt my eyes tearing as we looked into each other’s eyes. I adore him so much.

“I love you putting your arm around me and looking at my face. I can tell how much you love me. You’re so tender and affectionate.”

He ran his fingers tenderly around my neck and through my hair, which sent the usual chills down my back. “You’re more affectionate, Joy. You’re never boring. You know how to spice up our sex life. And I love you more for that.”

He came up to our room with me, shared some left overs, then prepared to leave again.

“Hon, I’ll just go home and show up to the kids. I’ll come back at 11pm, after two hours. I won’t be working tonight so we’re together the entire time until you leave for Winnipeg tomorrow.”

He’s staying overnight with me…for the first time…

I could hardly wait…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32