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All characters engaged in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older.


Sue Lynn stretched in her bed and relaxed while listening to the silence. She had never felt so at peace before since she quit her job at the Subaru dealership where she had been an administrative assistant for years.

Cindy was off to school. Craig was off to college and Jeff was off to work, leaving little old Sue to her own devices.

She should get a load of clothes in the wash. She swore that for each year of growth her daughter Cindy created an exponentially greater amount of laundry. As she swung her legs off the bed she looked at the carpet. It could do with a vacuuming as well. As she looked around the bedroom she tried to remember when was the last time she had actually and truly dusted besides with her hand, running over the surface when she saw dust.

She looked at the clock on the end table next to her side of the bed.


She had two hours before she promised the girls she would be at Paradise. She and Gwen were going to give one final clean over before the Dreamland fixtures and merchandise were brought over that weekend.

She couldn’t wait. She really, really loved the idea of working around all those sex toys. Jeff was only half joking when he told her that he was preparing himself as he expected she was going to jump him every night after work.

She shook her head, house work first. As she was walking past her closet she had a thought. Why not have some fun while she worked? As she pushed her hanging clothes around looking for the familiar black and white outfit she stopped as she had an even better idea.

With a hearty chuckle, Sue pulled off her t-shirt and then skimmed down her pajama bottoms and panties. Tossing them in the clothes hamper she stretched and carried the hamper out of the room nude to gather Cindy’s dirty laundry.

Not surprising, the work went fairly quickly.

Two hours later, Sue pulled into the parking lot and drove next to Cindy and Gwen’s cars that were already parked by the front doors.

She looked up at the sign on the door announcing the grand opening in two weeks as well as for deliveries to be made in the back. She smiled, the future was coming full speed and she couldn’t wait.

She pushed the door open and stood legs spread in the front of the store and yelled out in a very phony thick accent.

“‘Allo mes ami, le cleaner ‘as arrived.”

Gwen and Diana Hollister-Hughes and Cindy Hughes all stopped what they were doing from the places they were around the store and took in the sight of Sue smirking in her French maid costume waving a feather duster.

All three howled in laughter.

Cindy called out, “You don’t really speak French do you?”

Sue shook her head, “I took four years of Spanish in high school and haven’t spoken a word of that in decades. Pepe Lepew is as far as I can handle the language of love.”

Gwen walked towards the grinning woman, “Language of love huh? Please tell me there are panties under that skirt?”

With a grin worthy of the Cheshire cat, Sue flipped the front of the mid length black skirt up showing the three laughing women her pubic hair and exposed mons.

“Where’s the fun in that? In my defense, you haven’t established a work dress code yet.”

Gwen finally got to the smirking woman and hugged her tight.

“Oh I’m not complaining in the least. I just don’t want my wife jealous if I should do something like this.”

Gwen reached her hand to cup Sue’s exposed sex as she still held the skirt up by her waist.

Sue mock huffed, “Already, taking liberties with the hired help.”

Diana laughed, “Gwen, I think you have about as much chance of making me jealous as you have of Sue filing a worker’s sexual harassment suit against you.”

Gwen kissed the laughing woman she had two fingers plunging into before turning her head to stick her tongue out at her laughing wife.

Cindy laughed from over in the café area where she was unboxing and cleaning new equipment as she figured where she wanted them and before plugging them in on the back counter.

“You know Sue, you are a genius.”

The other three women howled in laughter again as Cindy pulled her blouse over her head and reached back to unsnap her bra. She tossed it over on a clear spot on the counter. She bent to pull her pants and panties down her smooth legs before tossing them on the counter as well.

She looked down at her feet before looking back up to the other women, “The socks and sneakers stay on until I vacuum the floor again.”

Gwen and Sue walked over toward the Dreamland’s portion of the store as Diana continued to work on plugging in the registers and hooking up the printers, monitors, keyboards and mice.

Cindy continued to work in the nude, figuring her coffee equipment placement.

Several minutes later Kim Hamilton was walking into the store. She stopped to stare at the nude younger woman over in the café before cracking up at the sight of Sue in her costume coming escort kartal around the corner of the half wall by Dreamlands.

“Did I miss the work attire memo?” Kim laughed.

She added, “I will bet any amount of money you’re not wearing anything under that, Miss Oh’la’la.”

The Cheshire cat grin came back on Sue’s face as she flipped her skirt up at Kim, both women howling in laughter.

“I LOVE working here,” Kim laughed.

Sue spun and pushed her bare butt at Kim, “You bet my sweet ass this is a great job!”

Diana just shook her head, smiling.

A little later, Matt Hughes walked into Paradise and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his wife nude over by the café, and an equally naked Kim Hamilton taking books out of boxes and putting them on the shelves.

“Well I’ve heard about giving the shirt off your back to the customer before, but this is really taking it to the next level. Not that I’m complaining.”

“Matt, sweetie!” Cindy yelled from the café, her frantic waves brought a very pleasant bounce to her full breasts.

Diana smiled at her son, “Hey sweetheart! The staff has taken it upon themselves to establish a dress code, or lack thereof.”

Matt laughed, “Wow, you really are trying to drive business in here. Looks like you could use a hand. Let me kiss my adorable wife first then I’ll lend you a hand.”

Gwen stuck her head around the corner of the half wall to wave at Matt, “Hi sweetie. Just kiss? When she’s not dressed like that?”

Matt blushed and waved at the grinning woman.

As he walked by Kim, he reached out to give the nude woman a hug. As he rounded the corner to get behind the café counter Cindy leaped up and wrapped her arms and legs around her laughing husband who held her up by holding her bare ass in both his hands, the two smushing their lips together. Cindy’s bare legs that ended in pink ankle socks and white Keds kicked from behind Matt’s ass.

“Newlyweds,” Kim chuckled before turning her head to see Gwen clasp her hands on either side of Diana’s face to pull her into a deep kiss, her tongue plunging into Diana’s mouth.

Kim laughed louder, “As I said, newlyweds!”

She turned to see Sue smirking next to her.


“What’s our excuse?” Sue retorted before grabbing Kim, kissing her hard.

The two broke apart and after Kim caught her breath she replied, “I did mention I LOVE working here, didn’t I?”

The two burst into a giggling fit.


Hours later after kissing Kim and Sue good bye The Hollister-Hughes and Hughes drove off to a dinner at Tony’s.

“Cindy! My favorite ex-employee,” Tony came around from the open area behind the counter by the cash register to hug Cindy.

While holding Cindy, Tony looked at Diana and Gwen, “How’s the new store coming along?”

Diana smiled, “We should be ready to open in two weeks.”

Tony separated from Cindy and clapped his hands, “Wonderful! I’m experimenting with all kinds of baked goods I can’t wait to try in Cindy’s café.”

Diana held his hands, “That’s so sweet of you.”

“Pfft,” Tony waved his hand, “I’ll never complain about more business for me!”

Tony looked back at Cindy, “Are you getting everything hooked up alright? Want any help?”

Cindy crushed herself back into Tony, “I would love for you to check out my set up to make sure it’s right. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Just let me know when,” Tony laughed as he led the foursome to a corner table.

Gwen pointed, “Well, well, look who’s here.”

The five turned their heads to see an older woman sitting by herself in a booth.

“Ggrrrrrr, Mrs. Wilson,” Cindy said as she started to move towards the unsuspecting woman.

Tony laughed and put a hand on Cindy, “Not your problem, my dear. I’ve been talking to Mark over at Mackenzies as well as a couple other restaurant owners — we are all very aware of her and plan to take care of things. You just go and enjoy your dinner.”

The four put the nasty woman out of their heads and sat to enjoy each other’s company.

As they were eating salads they could hear Mrs. Wilson raise her voice from the other side of the restaurant. In a moment the new maître de walked quickly over towards the kitchen as Tony was already coming.

Diana, Gwen, Matt and Cindy sat quietly and watched as Tony arrived at the table.

Mrs. Wilson started to speak before Tony cut her off.

“You know, Mrs. Wilson. I don’t really care what you have to say. You are going to listen to me. I’ve spoken to the owners of Mackenzie’s, Lake Harbor, and pretty much all the other restaurants in town and we all know you do the same thing. Bitch, bitch, bitch, and demand deep cuts. Well, no more. You will pay full price like everyone else or you can explain to the police why you feel you shouldn’t.”

He held his cell phone up to her, “I have them on the phone right now if you’d like to talk to them as we have all logged a complaint about you with them. Apparently, they understood what we maltepe escort are talking about, it’s called theft of services.”

After a moment of silence Tony added, “So?”

Mrs. Wilson shook in anger, “Well, I never.”

Tony laughed, “I know, and it’s high time you did. Pay or talk to the police.”

Mrs. Wilson bolted up, “I will never eat here again.”

Tony laughed again, “Good, I won’t lose any more money on you or customers leaving from your rude behavior.”

Mrs. Wilson pointed a shaking finger at Tony, “I’m telling all my friends about this; they will stop coming here, and you will go out of business.”

Tony waved a hand around his restaurant, “I have plenty of customers who are not your friends. In fact, do you have any friends really? Or just people in love with your money?”

Mrs. Wilson spluttered and stormed off.

Tony yelled out, “Make sure you stop at the cash register on your way out, I still have the police on the phone.”

Mrs. Wilson stomped her foot but did change her direction as she was indeed passing the cashier.

Tony looked at all the patrons looking at him, “I am so sorry everyone, free desserts for the house on me. And if you like them, check out all our new baked goods when those lovely ladies’ new bookstore opens up in two weeks where Borders used to be. My delicious treats will be available in the café there.” Tony pointed over at the Hollister-Hughes table and its blushing occupants as the tables all broke out in applause and well wishes. Diana, Gwen and Cindy all smiled and give little waves in embarrassment.

Tony smiled and walked over to their table as Cindy jumped up to hug the startled man.

Diana smiled and shook her head, “You really didn’t have to do that.”

What? The announcement? I really am excited for a new bookstore in this town, especially one that is going to sell my goods. I have a vested interest in your success. It’s an exciting new direction for me. And Mrs. Wilson? Trust me, all us restaurant owners have been dying to do that for years. It took her backstabbing you to push us over the edge. We should be thanking you. That honestly felt great.”

The table laughed as Cindy sat back down.

“Excuse me, I have a lot of baking to do if I’m giving it away tonight. Besides I want to try some new ones on you to get your opinions” Tony winked as he returned to his kitchen.

Gwen looked at Diana, “So I’m curious, what are you going to do if Mrs. Wilson ever comes into Paradise — kick her out?”

Matt and Cindy both turned to her Diana’s answer.

Diana smiled, “I have a much better idea. If it ever happens, you’ll see.”

They returned to their dinners eager for Tony’s new creations.

Numerous people as they stood to leave, stopped over to congratulation them on the opening of their new store and how excited they were to have a bookstore back in town.


Soon the very full foursome stood next to their cars in the parking lot.

Gwen hugged Cindy, “Seeing you in the all-together today in Paradise reminded me that it’s been days since our last sleep over. Any plans tonight?”

Cindy leaned in and kissed the smiling woman hugging her, “Funny you should mention that as Matt and I talked earlier about attacking you and mom tonight.”

Matt rubbed his stomach, “After all that great pasta and dessert I could use some physical exercise to work it off.”

Diana’s eyes gleamed.

Soon enough a nude Diana held her door open as Matt and Cindy walked in after parking their car at their own house down the block.

Cindy with a broad smile hugged Diana tightly in her arms as Matt watched.

After a deep kiss, Cindy leaned back to look into the eyes of her mother-in-law in her arms, “First order of business is I want to properly thank you for having me sign as equal partner in Paradise.”

Diana started to speak, “Oh hush…”

Cindy put a finger over her lips, “You hush, and you will take your licking and enjoy it as well, young lady. Making me full partner was incredibly sweet of you.”

Diana burst into giggles, “Licking? Oh, I like the sound of that.”

Diana wrapped her arms over the shoulders of the young couple and steered them through the kitchen and down the hall into the bedroom.

The three took in the sight of the room softly lit by rows and rows of candles on the dressers and bureau. A pleasant, sweet, aromatic smoky smell filled the room.

The flickering lights cast moving shadows on the nude form of Gwen sprawled on the bed.

Matt and Cindy grinned at each other as they pulled their clothes off while Diana climbed on the bed to kiss her wife.

As Matt climbed on the bed next to Gwen, Cindy looked again around the room, “You know we should really think about carrying candles in the new store and stationary items.

Diana leaned up chuckling, “Great idea, but I’d rather take my promised licking than talk business right now.”

Cindy laughed and dove on top of Diana who burst into laughter.

Matt pendik escort bayan looked down at the softly smiling woman below him. “Gwen, thank you so much for making my mom so incredibly happy.”

Gwen laughed, “Oh I think you and Cindy have a huge hand in that.”

Matt shook his head, “You are perfect for her.”

Gwen leaned up as Matt leaned down so they could kiss, drinking deeply from each other. Matt felt Gwen’s hand glide down his stomach to gently stroke his cock. It was still unusual for Gwen to handle him, but he let her do what was comfortable for her. Gwen kept her hand on him as he swiveled around so he could kiss her pubic hair before dragging his tongue into her soft folds. He stopped in mid lick when he felt the tip of her tongue swipe across the head of his cock. He relaxed his body next to her as he reached his fingers down to hold her sex open so he could suck in the nub of flesh at the top of her slit. He felt a hiss of air against his cock at his actions. He licked harder as he felt her tug aggressively on his hard flesh as her tongue kept swiping across the reddening head of his cock. It wasn’t long before he felt her legs jumping and her breath exploding in gasps against his wet cock.

“Gwen, I’m about to come.” He told her.

She tugged him harder then held his jerking flesh over her heaving breasts as wads of his milky white sperm splashed out on her.

Matt carefully slid over her to lie next to her on the edge of the bed, “Are you okay?”

Gwen smiled, “Of course, I’m okay. Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m really not used to the male appendage. It’s so weird to me.”

Matt chuckled, “Male appendage. And who’s being patient? I’m just having fun and letting you do what you want to so you have fun as well.”

Gwen leaned up to kiss him, “You are just like your mother.”

Matt smiled, “Thanks mom, I take that as a huge compliment.”

Gwen laid back and looked down at her slimy chest and stomach, “I’m a mess.”

Diana and Cindy pulled away from their gentle after sex hug to look at Gwen with gleams in both their eyes,

“Oh. Let me help clean you up,” both said before looking at each other, bursting into laughter. Cindy scooted down a bit as Diana leaned over to swipe her tongue across Gwen’s right breast. Cindy came in low bathing across her stomach up to her left breast. Diana and Cindy shifted their heads back and forth swiping up gobs of the milky substance off Gwen’s flesh. It wasn’t long before Gwen was completely clean, and Matt was completely hard again from watching the dual tongue bath.

Diana looked up with a gleam in her eye, “Oh, bring that bad boy over here.”

Matt growled and slithered over Gwen and passed Cindy as she dragged her breasts over Gwen’s stomach and own breasts before settling on top of her to plunge her tongue into Gwen’s open mouth.

Diana reached over into the top drawer of her end table by the bed and pulled out a bottle of lotion.

Matt grinned as she handed it to him, “You read my mind.”

They both laughed as Diana got onto her hands and knees next to her wife and Cindy. As Cindy swiveled around she held out two fingers to Matt who chuckling poured some of the lotion onto the fingers before pouring a liberal amount on his stiff flesh and the base of Diana’s spine.

Cindy completed her turn to find her face right next to the juncture between Gwen’s spread legs. Cindy brought her clean hand down to push up on Gwen’s ass causing her to shift a bit. Cindy smiled and sank her tongue onto Gwen’s folds still wet from Matt as her lubed fingers pressed into the flesh around her smaller opening before pushing in the nether hole. Gwen’s clit was still swollen and red from Matt’s ministrations so Cindy had no problem finding just the right places to lick bringing wails from Gwen as she was clutching Cindy’s ass to hold her in place so she could lick her as well. Soon Cindy had two fingers sawing into Gwen’s back passage as Gwen was moaning into Cindy’s sex.

Matt held Diana’s hips and drove her body back plunging his cock deeply into her bowels. Diana raised her head and howled as the two thrust back and forth impaling his flesh into her repeatedly and deeply. In moments all four felt the bed shake and rattle as together all four exploded in wailing climaxes.

Diana collapsed down with Matt falling on top of her, his softening flesh still embedded in her. Cindy shifted her legs off Gwen so the older woman could breathe as Cindy rested her head on Gwen’s still slightly trembling thigh.

Diana turned her head to look at Gwen smiling at the sight of her wife with her son still on top of her resting their heads together, Matt’s on top of Di’s.

Diana smiled, “Holy fuck that was amazing.”

Gwen nodded and laughed.

The four eventually climbed off each other to freshen up in the bathrooms and then get drinks of water. Soon the four were back lying together in bed, the dark room smelling very smoky after the candles were all extinguished.

“Okay, whose finger is that?”

“You complaining?”

“No, just wondering who I’m going to retaliate against when I can see.”

“Okay, those are definitely two different sets of hands now.”

“Okay, how can you possibly find exactly where my nipple is in the dark like that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32