The Night Ghost Pt. 03

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his work fixing all my errors.

You might want to read the first chapter to follow the story.

I waited until the next night, made my way to the ridge, and found Antin’s rifle still under the brush where we had left it two nights before. I circled the Orc camps and aimed at the man swigging the vodka bottle. The shot broke the bottle on the way into his brain. His drunken Orc friend stood shakily, and my second shot sent him headfirst into his friend’s crotch. I took another photo that I uploaded to Reddit under the title “The Night Ghost is not dead yet.” under the news flash that we had been killed.

I put a grenade in my top pocket and went out into the afternoon sun hunting Orcs with no regard for my safety. I was already dead but hoping to take more Orcs to hell with me. I got two more the next night, then one the next. I pinpointed a pontoon bridge that wasn’t there the day before. I messaged Yuri, but he didn’t reply. The next day I got a message from a blocked number that Yuri’s unit was killed the same night Antin died.

It was like I was in a trance, going out each afternoon killing any Orc I saw, then sleeping in the cold bed underground, hardly eating, not washing very often with no one to see me. I lost count of the days as they all blurred into one. But I noticed that the Orcs were thinning out. I saw them pulling back across the border. Were they regrouping for another assault or going back to their Orc Mommies?

Then one afternoon, I came out of the tunnel and walked for miles without seeing anyone but a farmer checking the fences on the edges of the paddocks. How far are the Russians?” I asked, as he looked at my straggly clothes and huge gun.

“They are retreating over the border. Already a hundred miles to the north.” he replied, looking at me like I was a threat.

“It’s over?” I asked, unable to believe his words.

“It’s Russia, with them it’s never really over. But for now, they have gone. They have lost over a hundred thousand men, and Putin has died of cancer. The new president has blamed it all on him and pulled his army back.” the old farmer said, now wondering what rock I had been under these last months.

I walked to my old town. It took a full day, and when I passed the cemetery, it was full of new graves. Row after row of fresh graves, some with flowers and some without even markers. I couldn’t see the town center until I stood on top of it. The buildings were gone, totally flattened. The apartment my Father had struggled to pay for was no more, only the foundation was left. I walked another two days before finding a homeless shelter that gave me food and water.

While I sat in the cot in what used to be a school hall among the other women and children, I took out my phone and made a last post for the Night Ghost.

This is to our nation: We owe the fighting men and women of our country a great debt. Antin Moroz ‘The Night Ghost’ died on the night of the fifteenth of October and took five Russian soldiers with him. He was responsible for over one thousand sniper kills from the time of the invasion until his death. I saw with my own eyes every one of his kills, and as his sister, I will forever be his champion. God bless our country.

Nina Moroz.

The post went out into the world as the medical staff checked me over. “You are very thin. We will have to keep an eye on you and the baby.” the Doctor said, and I couldn’t believe my ears.

“I can’t be pregnant.” I said, then looked down at the pouch above my pants.

“If it was a Russian, we could take care of it for you?” he offered.

“No, no. I know the Father.” I said, still in shock.

There was a flutter deep inside my body as the realization of the tiny life within me brought a smile to my face. I walked out into the sunshine and felt the sun’s warmth as if for the first time. I went back to the hall and collected my things to begin the long walk to the capital to begin the rest of our lives. “We are looking for Nina Moroz.” a voice came from the other side of the hall.

I saw a camera scanning the hall and a lady with a microphone looking in my direction. “Nina, can we speak to you?” She asked, as she ran in my direction.

I could hear her foreign accent, and her makeup and hair were not from anywhere near here, but she looked kind, so I stood and waited for her to approach. “Nina, can we have an interview with you?” She asked before bringing the mic to my mouth.

“What about?” I asked back, still wanting to be on my way.

“The Night Ghost, he was your Brother?” She asked, as the light came on the camera.

“He was my Brother, and I’m very proud of him.”

“You say you saw all of his kills firsthand. How so?”

“I was spotting for him and keeping a lookout in case we attracted any unwanted attention.”

“Beside him, while he was shooting?”


“That’s very brave.”

“We both thought we were going bursa escort to die anyway.”


“What did you do after he died twelve weeks ago?”

“Continued his work, I’m not as good a shot, but I got a few.” I answered honestly.

“And the baby, is it Russian?” She asked, and I covered my bulge with my hand.

I was flustered. I couldn’t say that Antin was the Father. I felt like I had painted myself into a corner. “It was Yuri Shvets baby, we crossed paths in the forest, and well, he was sweet.” I said, after stalling as long as I could.

“And where is Yuri now? Is he waiting for you?”

“He died in the field, like so many brave men of our country.” I said, and pushed past the camera and out into the street.

I walked for the next three days, my backpack with all I owned on my back. After the second day, people began to look at me funny, like they knew who I was. When I got to the capital and sat at the first coffee shop I had seen in over a year. The waitress came over with a coffee and a cupcake without me even ordering. “On the house, Nina.” She said, and kissed me on the cheek.

That’s when I realized everyone in the coffee shop was looking at me. I sipped the wonderful coffee and tried to avoid the stares, but one by one, the other customers passed my table and left me a few dollars on its edge. “For the Baby.” They whispered, some ladies even touching my bump.

As I rose to leave, the two waitresses stood looking at me and waved me to the counter. “Do you know the president is looking for you?”

“For me?”

“Yes, just go to the police station around the corner, and they will take you there.” one said, pointing over her shoulder.

“Are you sure?”

“You and your Brother are national heroes. More than that in my book.” the other one said, as they both pointed over their shoulders.

I nervously walked up the station steps noting the bullet marks in the concrete beside the new doors. I walked to the counter, and the large lady officer lowered her glasses slowly. “Nina, please come around to the side door.” She said, before I could even say anything.

I heard a click, and she pulled the door open, and I followed her to an office at the back of the building. “Nina Moroz.” She said, and brushed my shoulder with her hand as she left.

“Have my car pull around.” He yelled past me as he waved me to a seat.

“I’m Dmytro, and I am proud to meet you. I need to inform you that the president would like to see you.” He announced.

“Do you know what for?”

“To honor your brother and you, of course.” he answered, like I had any idea why I was included in the same breath.

“I did nothing.” I said, but he put up his hand.

“Then flatter us. Our country needs its heroes while we rebuild.” He said, and rose from his chair. “Come with me and meet the president. How bad can it be?”

The rest of the day was a blur while I was offered a shower and some clean clothes. I dare not refuse as I couldn’t meet the president in anything I had left from the bunker. I was shown to a massive door, and the two guards stood in front of it until together they parted and each taking a handle, opened the twin doors to a thousand flashes. I felt a hand on my back and almost died when I looked to my right, and the smiling face of the president was looking out at a thousand cameras.

“I present Nina Moroz, the Sister of Antin, the ‘Night Ghost’ to you. They are both being honored today with the highest military medal for their services to our nation. He said, and an officer in full dress uniform came forward with two boxes to the president’s side.

I stood before him as my eyes began to water. He pinned the medal to my blouse before handing me the other box. I opened it, and the tears began to flow. Antin deserved this honor but was not here to see it. I felt a flutter in my belly and dropped my hand to cover it. “What will you do now that the war is over?” Came a question from the gallery.

“I don’t have a home or a job. I don’t even have a clue where I am sleeping tonight.” I said, and the president stepped to my side again.

“Nina will be sleeping in a hotel at the country’s expense until she is back on her feet.”

“And the Baby?” Another question came from behind the cameras.

“Yuri’s family will be taking care of our own.” A deep voice came from somewhere to the left.

A tall man pushed through the crowd to the guards, who looked intimidated by his massive presents. “I’m Yuri’s Brother, and I will take you to the baby’s grandparents, where you can stay as long as you like. You are part of our family now.” He said, his low, grumbling voice cutting through the chatter.

I looked into the tall man’s face, seeing the resemblance. His face was longer and maybe a few years older, but he looked like his Brother. The large scar across his cheek let me know he had been in the war and, like his Brother, he had battled for his country. The president nodded to the relieved guards, who parted and let the man through.

“I’m Symon.” The tall man bursa escort bayan said, as he held out a still hand.

“Hello Symon, are you sure your parents are Ok with this?”

“They sent me to find you. My Brother’s passing has broken their hearts. His baby might mend them some.” He said, as his cold eyes looked through me.

Symon led me through the sea of journalists to his car and took off into the darkening night. I knew we were heading west, further away from the border but to where I didn’t know. I rested my head against the window and closed my eyes for what seemed like a second, only to be blinded by sunlight streaming into my eyes. “We are close.” Symon said, when I turned to where the voice came from.

Symon looked too big for this car, his shoulders came past the edge of the seat, and his head touched the roof lining. “Is this yours?” I asked, trying not to laugh.

“My mothers. Mine got shot up a few weeks into the war.”

“You took your own car?” I asked,

He just nodded and kept staring at the road. The scintillating non-conversation continued for the next hour until we turned off the main road and into a small village. We pulled up at a house that must be a hundred years old, with every inch of the yard covered with a vegetable garden.

“Nina. I’m Marko, and this is my wife, Sofiy. Call us Mom and Dad, please.” The older version of Symon said, as he presented me to his wife.

Sofiy did not speak, her lip quivered, then she hurled herself at me. She held on as if her life depended on it, and I couldn’t help loving the warm feeling it gave me. I shouldn’t feel this way; I was deceiving them, but the love in her eyes just felt so nice. She slid to my side and led me into the house without letting me go for a second.

“Make us some tea, Dad.” She said, and sat beside me on the couch.

“How well did you know Yuri?” Symon asked, and Sofiy shot him a glare.

“We met a few times in the forest. We were not boyfriend and girlfriend if that’s what you are asking. I don’t think either of us thought we would survive.” I said, and Sofiy wiped away a tear.

“How do we know you didn’t just pick out a name?” He continued the interrogation.

“I shouldn’t have come here.” I said, as I began to stand. “I don’t know his favorite color or what his dog’s name was. We were passing in the night looking for a bit of comfort, something soft and nice.”

“How do we know that?” Symon asked, his voice still as hard as his stare.

“I have some messages on my phone.” I offered, and opened the messages from Yuri, and scrolled to some jokes he had made.

“That could have been to anyone.” Symon continued.

I typed a message and pressed send, and heard a ping from across the room. Sofiy then shot Symon a glare that could cut glass. “We can’t open the phone, so how can we know?” Symon answered his mother’s stare.

“Ask Siri to read the message.” I said, he sounded a lot like Yuri; it might work.

“Siri read messages.” Symon yelled, and the screen came to life.

“Message from Beautiful Nina. This message is to your memory.” Siri said, then asked if Yuri wanted to reply.

“No.” Symon said, in a much softer voice, and left the house while Marko brought over the darkest tea I had ever seen.

I felt uneasy around the house, but Sofiy tried her best. Symon was hurting as much as his parents but wouldn’t or couldn’t show it. I knew that pain far too well and had wallowed in it myself for months now. As the night fell, I walked out under the iron porch roof to get some air. “I’m sorry for before.” A low grumble from behind me.

“I get it. I will find somewhere else tomorrow.” I said, looking off into the distance.

“You will stay here with us.” The low voice said, much closer this time.

Then I felt it, a hand on my belly, a giant hand gently caressing my bulge. Then I felt a drop of water on my shoulder. I didn’t want to embarrass him but caught the movement as he wiped his cheek on the back of his hand. “It will get better.”

I wasn’t sure he was right, but I wanted to believe in his words. I had felt this pain in my chest for so long it was now part of me. I turned when the hand disappeared to see Symons colossal frame filling the doorway as he left me to my thoughts. I felt the baby flutter and then go quiet again.

I helped around the house while Symon seemed to still be a soldier, preparing himself for war every day but never leaving the yard. I could hear him tossing and turning and shouting out to his comrades at night, who I guess are no longer here. I hoped I didn’t give myself away by calling out to my lover.

Each night I would take some air on the back porch, and each time the low voice would let me know I wasn’t alone. “You don’t sleep well.” I said, as I leaned against the post, looking out at the fields.

“No one here does.” Symon answered, his massive hand on my belly again.

I felt the baby flip, and Symon pulled his hand away before resting it gently back in place. I placed my hand over his, and again I felt water escort bursa drip onto my neck. “I think it likes you.”

“I don’t know why. There is little to like.”

“He feels the strong man within you, like his Father.” I said, knowing Symon would think I was talking about Yuri when I envisaged Antin. Hell, both men were strong and brave to a fault. I rested my head back into Symon’s hard chest and his other arm enclosed around me.

Each night I heard Symon turning and the strain in his yells. It pulled at my heart to witness such pain. This gentle soul had been torn apart by what he had done in the war, and the brothers he lost. I rose from my bed, unable to sleep. The rattle of the bed groaning under Symon’s weight tossing and turning made the improbable impossible. I walked into the dark hallway past his door when that deep gravelly voice called out. “Yuri.”

I opened the door and knelt beside the bed putting my arms over the massive muscular chest. The trembling slowed, and the yelling died to a mutter as I felt his taught body relax under mine. I rested my cheek on his body, waiting for sleep to take him back. The movement under me startled me from my slumber as an arm dragged me from the floor and slid me alongside his body with that giant hand resting on my belly.

I awoke in the morning, light streaming from the open window. Symon was gone and the empty bed still smelt of his manliness. For the first time in months, I felt desire’s tingle, and a shiver went over my exposed lips. I slipped back to my room and changed for the day, first retrieving fresh panties from my drawer before tucking them back in favor of the breeze, giving me more tingles.

After dinner and Yuri’s parents were in bed, I stepped out under the rusty iron roof. “Was I too loud?” Symon asked, as he came up behind me.

“Let’s just say your bed squeaks under the weight.”

“I’m sorry for keeping you up.” Symon said, as his hand caressed my bulge.

“My body is all ugly and now has stretch marks as well.” I said, my insecurities bubbling to the surface.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and the bump makes you even prettier.” He said, the low grumble of his voice almost purring in my ear.

I felt his fingers drop lower and brush against my mound. I rested my head against his strong chest as his other arm encircled my body under my small breasts. “Are you Ok?” He asked, as his hand cupped my breast.

“I’m too small up top.”

“Wonderful like a dancer in the ballet.” he said, as I felt the whiskers of his beard brush my cheek.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked, as he slid his hand lower over my pussy.

“I want Yuri’s baby to grow up knowing his Father and Uncle. I want him or her to carry our name proudly the way they should. I don’t care about what happened in the forest.” Symon answered, and set his jaw the way his Brother would.

I felt his hardness pressing into my back, and his fingers groped my breast. I know I should pull away, but this mountain of a man had a power over me that I couldn’t escape. I need to come back to life, not only for myself but also for the little one that is growing inside me. And the strong arms that encircled me gave me the warmth and comfort that I hadn’t felt in so long.

“I feel like I’m here under false pretenses. I don’t want us to start that way.” I said, but Symon didn’t pull away.

“I don’t care about the past. I don’t even want to think about that time anymore. I have things I have done and seen that would force anyone away from me. I can never have forgiveness for their lives, and my sins could never be worse than yours. If you will have me, I will marry you, and we will draw a line, step over it, and never look back, and never ask again.”

“A deal with the devil?”

“I might be.”

“So might I.”

“A match made in heaven.” he said smiling for the first time, as I traced the scar across from the corner of his mouth to his neck.

“He missed.”

“Antin never missed.”

“I heard that.”

I crooked my neck, so my lips were within breathing distance of his and waited. Symon looked at them and then into my eyes before he crossed the gap and took my lower lip between his. I turned within his arms and pressed my body into his. The cock I felt in my back was now pushing into the bulge. He was huge there too, the ridge in his track pants wider than my wrist.

Symon’s hands went to the back of my legs and slid up to my ass and took the hem of my dress with it. I moaned into his mouth as he grasped each cheek in a giant hand and squeezed them like he was testing a melon. I rose on my toes and pressed my pussy mound onto his stiff prick feeling it strain against its confines. “I’m big.” Symon said, stating the obvious.

“My body is getting ready to push a head out of there. I think I can take it.”

“I’m not that big.”

“Not quite.” I said, with a smile as I wrapped my hand halfway around his cock

He picked me up in his arms like I was only a twig. Striding down the hallway and placing me on his bed. I began unbuttoning his pants, and he fumbled with my zip before I brushed his hands away and pulled the dress over my head. When I looked back at him, his pants were around his ankles and the biggest cock I had ever seen was waving its head at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32