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Big Tits

This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.


Chapter 3: The Seed is Strong

Waking up in the morning, it felt like my eyelids weighed 100 pounds. When I was finally able to pull my heavy lids open, the sunlight filling the room caused me to wince and shut them again. I tried one more time and was finally able to keep my eyes open enough to adjust to the light.

It took a few moments to take stock of where I was. I was lying sprawled out on a big bed, completely nude, the sheets under me feeling slightly moist from sweat. I stretched my neck, my entire body feeling heavy and groggy as I looked around the room. And then suddenly, it all hit me.

All the memories flooded into my mind. Me… and my grandma… she seduced me with her hot body, and we had sex. A lot of sex. And then, she let the other women in, and the night became a tangle of limbs, boobs, butts and cunts. It was all almost a blur, but some of the things that happened could not be forgotten.

They would never be forgotten.

My body felt sore. My limbs felt heavy. I had marks all over me from the vigorous intercourse of the night before. Bruises, bites, nail marks. My lips felt swollen, and the flavor of sex filled my mouth, and my throat felt dry as a bone. And my nose could still smell the sex, and smell evidence of the exertion that had taken place here.

I began to panic. I checked the clock, seeing that it was about 10:00 AM. I was usually an early riser, but after last night, it was no surprise I slept in a bit. But now that I was awake, I knew I had to spring into action. I tried to rationalize what I remembered, even though it made no sense. Maybe it was all some crazy dream, but that didn’t explain why I was nude in my grandmother’s bed. Maybe it was just a momentary night of mad, crazed, lusty sex, and it would all be forgotten now that it had happened once. Maybe we had all just gotten it all out of our systems, and we could all just move along now that it was done.

I could hope, right?

Blessedly, I was alone, and I didn’t have to be confronted by the events of last night right away. I mean, how do people act after participating in an illicit, incestuous affair, an affair that steamrolled into an orgy? Was there a way I could avoid this confrontation? Was there a way things could just go back to normal? Could any of this be forgotten? Was this the end of it, or was this in fact my destiny to be dragged into the beds of the women of my family? Did it even matter what I wanted, facing down such assertive, dominant women? Could I go back to Sandy? After how avidly I was participating by the end, did I even want to?

My mind was clearly jumbled, and I needed some fresh air, and maybe some food to fill my empty stomach. Then I could think and figure out what to do. At least now I had a plan.

Dragging myself to my feet, I stumbled along the floor, naked, finding my scattered clothing, pulling them on. As I did, my eyes were drawn up to the picture of our family tree. I looked at all the names. All the people in this line, the people who had gotten our family to where it was, and me, with my actions, and the women who had also participated… did we throw it all away? Did we doom out family, like Grandma predicted?

I had just pulled on my clothes when I heard the door open behind me. I jumped and turn to look, nervous to see who it was and afraid of the awkwardness that would ensue.

“Ahhh, you’re finally up!” Grandma beamed, stepping in, closing the door behind her. She had clearly gone for a jog, as she was wearing a matching red, spandex outfit, a tight, stretchy sports bra-like top and tight shorts. And for the first time, she was wearing an outfit that made it abundantly clear that she had a massive pair of mature tits. The top struggled to contain her generous endowments, the thin straps digging into her tanned-shoulders. The top was decent, at least, but with a bust that large, it was stretched to the max, showcasing her rack’s round, smooth shape and cavernous cleavage. Her nipples were evident through the thin material. Her belly was left exposed, showing off her smooth expanse of fit skin. The shorts were molded to her lower half, hugging her round ass and ending a few inches below it. And on her feet were a pair of slim, youthful looking tennis shoes. She looked like she had had a vigorous run, cause her skin was coated with a light sheen, and some spots of her outfit were moist from exertion.

“I can’t really blame you for sleeping in,” she began. “I think we really wore you out.” I simply nodded and focused on pulling ataşehir escort bayan on my shoes, looking for any excuse not to look at her. I was silent, not wanting to participate in these games anymore. I had done some bad things last night. I could only hope things could go back to normal, somehow. But my silence was clearly deafening, and I could feel her eyes on me.

“Awww, Jesse,” she said with a condescending pout. “I hope you don’t feel bad. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You REALLY held up your end of your bargain last night. I wasn’t lying. That was easily the best sex of my life!” she proclaimed, talking like she was coming off a casual booty-call, and had not incited an incestuous orgy with her own grandson as the main attraction. “And from what I heard, the other girls feel the same way. You’re quite the stud.” she said, clearly completely unbothered by the events of last night. I was still silent, looking for any excuse not to have to face her. “I hope you’re not thinking of leaving?” she asked. I let that hang for a bit before finally speaking up.

“I should go.” I croaked out.

“And why is that?” she asked, as if confused as to why I should be regretful of the events of last night. In her mind, I should totally be okay with fucking my grandmother’s brains out, filling her with cum before giving the same treatment to four other women in my family.

“Last night… it can’t happen again. I can’t do it again.” I stated, putting my foot down.

“I think it’s too late for that, don’t you think?” she said, still behind me. “The damage is already done, isn’t it? You’ve already done it… why not do it again? And again. You can’t possibly be thinking of actually going back to your girlfriend after the things you did last night? After what you said about her? I seem to remember you saying something about putting a bag on her face while you dump her. I remembered you getting off on the idea of leaving her a sobbing mess.”

“I love her.” I said, looking out the window.

“But you must not respect her that much, since you so easily were willing to cheat on her last night, with your own grandmother of all people. Then your mom… and your sister… your aunt… your cousin too. Damn, you’re in pretty deep here. And you think you can just go back… haha,” she tittered. I didn’t need to hear this right now. I just needed to leave, to clear my head, figure this all out. I didn’t need to hear her hammering into me the severity of my sins. I was well aware already.

“I need to go,” I affirmed. “I need to, uh… I need to get breakfast.” I said, searching for any excuse to leave. Forced to turn around so I could make my way to the door, I did so, only to freeze on my tracks.

Grandma was lying on her back, naked, her legs spread severely, her fingers toying with her clit. Her body was still sweaty, but it only added to her filthy appeal. Her huge tits stood proudly, jutting from her chest like mountains, her arms pressing into them as she played with herself. The only thing she wore was a wicked smile.

“Oh… don’t worry, you’re breakfast is right here,” she said, tapping her puffy pussy lips with the pads of two of her fingers.

I knew how wrong it was. I did. But… after last night, after all the things I had seen and done and felt, the new plateaus of pleasure I experienced, I couldn’t look at my own grandmother anymore without getting turned on. And seeing her like this, seeing her so raw and exposed… somehow, with as draining as last night was for me, I could feel my cock begin to swell again.

She simply looked at me with that fucking proud smile on her face, as if she knew what I was gonna do. I watched her as she lewdly rubbed her silky cunt, toying with herself, her juices leaking from her already. I knew what that cunt could do for me. I knew how amazing it felt. I knew all the pleasure it had given me, and my cock certainly hadn’t forgotten.

“Don’t forget, Jesse, you promised me you would do this. And besides… after all I did for you last night, I deserve a little bit of worship, don’t you think?” she asked, slapping her cunt with her fingers lightly.

I didn’t want to… honestly, I didn’t. But, my mouth watered, and my dick was rock hard in my shorts. But the worst thing was, that mental block that had been in my brain, the block that told me incest was wrong and disgusting… that block was now gone. It had been pulverized, fucked out of me through the vigorous actions of the women of my family. I looked at my naked grandmother, and all I could focus on was her body. I knew I shouldn’t, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help but admire her massive tits, which felt amazing to squeeze. Her amazing ass, which was incredible to squeeze, spank, and fuck. Her tight, mature cunt, which squeezed my cock and pleasured it like no other. I bet her pussy tasted amazing. My mouth was watering, and it felt like my cock was leading the way. It knew my grandmother was a very viable mate, and it didn’t care that she was escort kadıöy family. It didn’t matter anymore. In my now warped mind, that only made it better. I knew it was wrong. I wanted to go back to Sandy, but there was a problem.

I didn’t have the strength to say no.

Needless to say, a mere few minutes later, I was lying on the bed, my mouth forming a perfect seal around her mature pussy as my tongue dug it’s way inside of her, gathering her sweet, divine juices. I tasted her pussy and some of her salty sweat, forming an amazing cocktail on my tongue.

“Ohhh, you’re so Goddamn good at this!” Grandma moaned softly, patting my head lightly. I pinched one of her hard nipples as she squirmed on the bed. Her warm, sweaty thighs were wrapped around my head, smothering my ears, muffling any noise, preventing me from paying attention to anything else but her amazing cunt. My tongue was active, parting her silky folds, teasing her hard clit, tasting her, making her squeal. At one point she lifted her legs back, tucking her knees behind her arms and exposing her asshole to me. Gently, with very little force required, she pushed my head down, my tongue finding her asshole again.

I gave her asshole the same worshipful treatment. I rimmed the tight hole, coating it with spit. I licked at it, kissed it, stabbed at it with my tongue, eventually breaking through, just like last night.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she squealed, her legs trembling, loving my tongue on her ass. Her warm thighs shook against my ears. I felt her hand violently rubbing herself, her juices splashing against my forehead. “Oh God, OH GOD!” she squealed, her nails digging into my scalp, pulling me back up quickly. My lips wrapped around her dripping cunt just in time for her orgasm, her juices squirting from her pussy into my waiting mouth. I swallowed over and over as she kept squirting, her juices coating the inside of my mouth, my tongue tasting the sweet, concentrated flavor of her amazing cunt. Her body was tensed as an orgasm tore through her, her thighs wrapped around my head roughly as her ass lifted her back off the bed. Finally, her body relaxed, releasing me from my fleshy prison. Her legs spread and I pulled my mouth away, her juices stretching from my lips to her pussy. I gasped for breath as I savored her cunt flavor.

Why did her pussy have to taste so good?

She gasped for breath, her chest rising and falling. She finally lifted her head, looking down at me with a laugh.

“You can go now.” she dismissed, waving the back of her fingers at me, as if shooing me away. She used her other arm to wipe the sweat from her eyes. “Feel free to sling that massive dick around wherever you want these next couple days. Crush as much pussy as you want, but don’t forget, when night comes, you come back here,” she said, stabbing the mattress with her finger. “You are spending your nights here with me. When the sun goes down… I own you.”

I was still fully clothed, so I didn’t need to hesitate. I didn’t really want to come back here, but I didn’t know if I had the strength to stay away. Now that I had full permission and had nothing stopping me, I was able to simply stand up and finally leave this room. It didn’t matter that my cock was clearly throbbing under my shorts.

This was my chance to be alone. I was gonna take it.


I wasn’t nearly as hungry now that my grandmother had filled my stomach with her girl-cum. I knew I was still tired, but I knew my body, and I would be flat all day if I didn’t take my morning jog. Even though it was later than usual, I knew I had to still do it. And besides, it would give me the chance to finally be alone and clear my head.

I was able to change into my jogging shorts before heading downstairs. As I stepped down the stairs, I realized this would be the first time I would see anyone besides my female relatives since the events of last night. I didn’t know what any of the guys knew or what cover had been given. Part of me was wondering if they would be suspicious, but I didn’t need to be worried. They were all chummy and teasing, joking that I looked like hell and wondering why I slept in. They also teased me about missing the events of the day before with them. All I could wonder was how different my life would be if I had been with them yesterday. I wouldn’t have cheated on my girlfriend. I wouldn’t have done the things that I did last night. I wouldn’t have committed incest.

Wouldn’t that have been sweet? But, clearly, life had other plans. Or more specifically, my grandmother had other plans.

The guys invited me to join them at the table, but I begged off, eager to get away and get jogging. The guys clearly suspected nothing, the women no doubt snowing them. The women had been able to eliminate all traces of the events of last night, and no one suspected I spent the night in Grandma’s room.

For the first time, I met the gaze of the women at the table. Mom, Dana, Aunt Karen, Kendra… they all looked at me with maltepe escort knowing smiles. Karen even licked her lips. I panicked, turned tail, and sprinted away.

I hoofed it around the trail, making it back to that bridge in no time. I paused for a breather there, taking in the morning sun and the gentle splashing of the river beneath me. It was a beautiful tableau, a pristine beauty only corrupted by the events of hellish sin that had been committed in the lake house last night. I was again faced with the same situation I was yesterday. There was nothing stopping me from leaving. I could grab a car, beg off, and go home. But last night… it had been so world-changing. So life-altering.

It was unquestionably the best sex of my life. I loved Sandy, and the sex with her was great, well… after last night, maybe it wasn’t as good as originally thought. It didn’t compare to what these women did to me. Thinking Sandy was good in bed was a product of my own inexperience. But, I’ve seen the other side now. I’ve experienced rough, filthy sex. Could I go back to what I had before?

I could walk away and go back to her, but for the first time, I felt a pull. I felt something inside me, something almost beyond my control, drawing me back to the house. Drawing me back to those women. Drawing me back into this new side of life I had discovered. Now that I was freed, my feelings hadn’t changed from earlier in Grandma’s bedroom. Incest didn’t seem quite so disgusting anymore. The thought of it only drew me deeper. I knew better, I did.

But I couldn’t say no.

A few minutes later, I was making my way back to the house, circling the second half of the trail. But it wasn’t long till I could hear someone approaching ahead of me, and I wasn’t shocked when Kendra appeared a little ways down the trail. She saw me and smiled, slowing down as she got closer. She was wearing her same outfit as the day before, stretchy spandex clinging to her amazing body.

“Hey there!” she chirped with a bright smile. I gave her a small smile, not knowing what to say. Me and her had hooked up last night. We were cousins, but we had done bad things to each other. What do you say after that? She sensed my hesitance and decided to speak up.

“Last night…” she began, shaking her head. “You were incredible. Just fucking incredible. The best fucking sex I’ve ever had.” I gulped at hearing this again for the second time today, filling me with a twisted pride, knowing I had pleasured this sexy babe. I knew better, but I couldn’t help but look at her hungrily. I looked at her taut frame, her firm legs, flat stomach, and those huge jugs stuffed in her top. I had felt them, I had squeezed them, I had fucked them, and they were just as incredible bare as they were clothed. “God, when did you become such a stud?” she asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. She smiled at my shyness. “I think that me and you are gonna be seeing a lot more of each other from now on.”

“What do you mean?” I croaked.

“What I mean is that there is something more between us than just us being cousins who fuck each other. A lot more.” Kendra stated, moving closer to me. She brushed her huge boobs against my chest, pressing them into me firmly biting her lower lip. “Cause it’s pretty obvious that you’re madly in love with me. And after last night, after the things you did to me, after how hard you made me cum… I can’t just let that go, can I?” she said, kissing my ear, sighing softly. “It feels so right, doesn’t it? We have so much in common, and the sex is amazing. Why not keep this going? Let’s just keep doing it. All you gotta do is dump your little bitch and girlfriend me up, and we’ll be good to go. And then, we can move down south, get a trailer, and we’ll totally complete the picture of kissing cousins,” she said with a laugh, pulling back to look at me with that teasing smile of hers, gauging my reaction. I wanted to be angry, I wanted to be upset about this slight against Sandy, but looking at her gorgeous face, knowing that we did have a connection, something beyond simply being related, and remembering the things we had done last night, the sex we had, the filth she had spouted, I couldn’t ignore it. But I tried.

“Kendra, we shouldn’t…” I attempted, but she just rolled her eyes and stuck her hand down my pants, snaking around the root of my meaty cock, squeezing it. She brought it out of my shorts and into the open air.

“Come with me, babe, let’s do what we’ve wanted to do for days now. These woods look awfully empty, and running makes me super horny, so…” she said, leading me off the trail, leading me by the dick.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t say no.

“Although, I am still mad at you!” she said, her eyebrows raised as she lead me off the path. “You seriously fucked Grandma before me! Trust me, I will never let you live that down.” she said with a laugh. “I’m gonna make you forget all about Grandma.”


Minutes later, Kendra was bent against a thick tree trunk, her tight shorts around her knees, her top pulled up to her neck as I firmly drove my rock hard cock into her tight, greedy asshole. I looked down at her firm, bare ass, the snowy skin spurring me on to defile its purity, my thick shaft sliding smoothly in and out between the tight cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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