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Big Tits

Ch. 2: The Aftermath

I sat in my room and tried to comprehend what had just happened. My dad’s future wife had just shaved my pussy and licked me to one of the most amazing, intense orgasms of my life. Then the horror, dad walking in on us and the look of anger on his face. As my post orgasmic bliss subsided I began to feel horrible. My dad would hate me for this and I loved him and the idea hurt me. I guess an hour went by and I was just sitting in my room when I heard the knock. I looked up and Cindy came in still wearing her robe.

“He hates me, doesn’t he?” I asked, tears almost forming in my eyes.

“He was just shocked I think,” she said in a comforting voice. “He’s in the shower right now.” I just nodded and we sat quiet for a moment.

“I have to go clean up myself,” and she opened her robe to show me her perfect tits, covered in cum. I looked at her face, “Seems your dad got a bit worked up seeing us. I was sitting on the bed and he pulled out his erection and came all over me.”

“He was hard?” I was getting hot again and I couldn’t believe it. She nodded yes. Then she stood and held out her hand.

“Let’s go make sure he isn’t harbouring any ill will.” I stood and followed her silently. Through her bedroom which had dads Armani suit on the floor and I heard the shower water running.

Cindy dropped her robe and indicated for me to get naked and follow her, which I did. I guess I was in a weird state, somewhere between consciousness and confusion. I took her hand and we walked into the steamy bathroom. She opened the door and I looked in at my naked dad. He was a handsome man. I admired is hairy chest and escort ataşehir broad shoulders before my gaze went down. He was void of any pubic hair except a small patch above his member which was hanging soft. He wasn’t big by normal standards, but he was “meaty” I guess would be a good word. He smiled and I stepped into the shower. Cindy followed behind me.

“I’m sorry I got so angry” he said and hugged me. He told me he loved me and that he was just shocked and maybe a little jealous. He had been fighting feelings of desire for me since I blossomed into womanhood. His eyes were on my firm tits with there dark areola, wrinkled and hard right now. “You are such a wonderfully beautiful young woman” he said and kissed me on my forehead. I felt his cock against my belly and it was bigger then when he first hugged me.

The only thing I said was that I loved him and his lips moved to my nose, planting a gentle peck on the tip, then our lips met, opened and our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. Dad held me close while we kissed and I felt him grow to full erection. Nancy had gotten on her knees in the shower and dad had turned towards her and presented his erection to her. I watched her lick it from top to bottom before wrapping her lips around it and watching his full length disappear.

I got on the floor beside her (I never realized how huge the shower was until then). For the second time in 24 hours we were sharing a mans cock. This one wasn’t black an over a foot long though. This one was better, it belonged to my dad. We worked his cock like two experienced pros and dad had to lean against the walls when kadıköy escort his knees got weak. I was ready to swallow my daddy’s cum when he suddenly stopped us and turned away.

My heart sank, he must’ve had second thoughts and freaked out. I had a total look of horror on my face and Cindy was smiling. She bent forward and took my left nipple into her mouth and sucked on it gently. Then dad said he didn’t know how many more erections he had left for the day but he wanted to feel his daughters pussy wrapped around this one. I exhaled with relief. We shut off the water and made our way into the bedroom after drying off a bit.

I guess I was going to be the guest of honor because I was led to the bed and laid in the center of it, Dad was on one side and Cindy on the other and they took turns kissing my lips for what seemed like forever. Then their mouths moved to my hard nipples, my entire areola’s were swollen with excitement. I opened my legs and while one leg brushed against daddy’s hard dick, the other went between Cindy’s legs and I felt her wetness against my thigh, she was dripping.

When my dad lowered his head to my freshly shaved pussy, I shuddered with excitement and disbelief at what was happening. I was shuddering and moaning so loud when dad began eating my pussy. A little over an hour ago Cindy had her tongue in my pussy and now dad was showing me his advanced oral skills. I had two intense orgasms from his tongue and mouth on my pussy while Cindy sucked my tits like they’ve never been sucked before. When I was coming down from my second orgasm I pulled dad’s face away from me cunny. “Please fuck me daddy. maltepe escort bayan I want to feel your cock in me.” My words seemed to please everyone in the room.

Dad didn’t need to be asked twice. In moments I felt the spongy head of his thick cock rubbing my excited clit and pussy lips. Cindy rested her head on my belly to get a close up view as daddy slipped his cock in me for the first time. I can’t describe how awesome it felt. He was very thick and my tight pussy was gripping him tightly. “You feel so good, baby” he said with a strained expression on his face. “I love your cock in me daddy. I want you to fuck me all the time” then I looked at Cindy, “and I wanna watch you fuck Cindy too” she smiled at me and I came again, this time with daddy’s cock stuffed in me.

I guess my spasming pussy was too much for him to take because he started to really pound my pussy and I felt his body tense up then I felt his cum shooting all the way into my pussy. He kept pumping until his balls were completely drained and eventually his cock softened and slipped out.

I watched Cindy take his cock, wet and sticky and coated with both our cums into her mouth. She wasn’t trying to get daddy hard again, she was just cleaning off his cock. When she finished, she looked over at my pussy. My legs were still spread and I could feel daddy’s cum dripping from my pussy down between the cheeks of my ass. Cindy had her tongue in me a minute later. I couldn’t believe she was building me towards another climax because I was so exhausted already. I noticed dad move behind her, his cock was spent but he had that wonderful tongue to lend to the festivities.

I heard Cindy climax right as her tongue entered my asshole and her fingers were rubbing my clit. I came too, another intense orgasm. I remember how good I felt and I remembered my body shuddering and then the world seemed to fade into a soft blackness and I was asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32