The Shower Was Just the Beginning

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It began in the shower, innocently enough. It had been a long day and I was taking a shower before heading to bed. I was washing the pressures and stress of the day away and finally felt myself begin to relax as the hot water cascaded over my body. My soapy hands roamed my body, lathering myself up. My hands made their way over my stomach and down further…my slick soapy fingers reached my trimmed, stubbly pubic hair and felt it bristle…nothing unusual from any other shower though. However, as my soapy hands began to continue to wash and clean, I found myself getting aroused. My dick responding to the slick soapy stimulation by beginning to harden. I decided that perhaps I could do something else other than just the shower to take away the stress of the day. I began to rub the flat of my slick hand up and down my shaft, feeling my dick harden even more. I began to slowly stroke, feeling the hot water rain down on my back while my hand slid up and down my soapy, hard 7 inches. The more I stroked, the more the passion began to burn within me. I knew that a simple orgasm in the shower wouldn’t be enough….I was in the mood to play…to let my inhibitions go and enjoy myself. I finished my shower, allowing the water to rinse off the soap, but feeling the spray hit the sensitive head of my dick and shuddering at the sensation. I turned off the water, dried off, feeling my erection slowly begin to diminish, but the desire remaining the same. I knew what I wanted to do. I took a few moments to collect some things that came to mind that I might want handy and made my way to my bed, where I threw back the covers and left only a light on the hall, giving me enough light to see things by, but making things a bit darker.

I love to masturbate and have tried many things in my attempts to pleasure myself. Sometimes I do a simple, quick handjob while other times I will Ankara bayan escort experiment- doing different things, trying different things, etc. There are few things I’m not willing to try/do/use at least once…and if I like it, I’ll do it again. There are times when I get in moods such as this one…where I want to get a bit wild and kinky…doing whatever comes to mind…as well as some favorite things.

I laid on the bed, totally naked with a dim light playing over my body from the hall. I began by caressing my body- hands moving over everywhere, but finally stopping at both my nipples. Now I know male nipples aren’t near as sensitive as female ones, but from time to time, I still enjoy playing with mine. This was such a time. I squeezed and pulled at them, feeling myself begin to harden again from the sensation. I grabbed a piece of ice from the bowl I had brought with me to the room and ran it over my nipples. The cold felt good and made my nipples and dick both harden further. I felt the wild desire within continue to grow…

I turned over on the bed and pressed my hips against the mattress, grinding them. I could feel my hard dick thrust against the mattress, the head pressed against my lower stomach. A slight wet sensation told me that my always plentiful pre-cum was starting to spread on my skin from the thrusts. I did this for a bit before turning back over and sliding my hands down to my dick. I ran my finger tips through the stubble of my pubic hair before eventually running them over my hard shaft and now tight balls. I played with my balls for a bit before eventually running my fingertips up my shaft to the hard purple head of my dick, which was dripping with precum by this point. I took a bit drop on three different fingertips and brought it up to my mouth, licking each finger clean and savoring the taste. The taste just furthered Escort bayan Ankara the growing desire within me…before long I was getting more on my fingertips to taste. I would alternate slowly stroking for a bit and then tasting. After doing this for a while, I was very worked up…and knew I wanted more. I took some of the now plentiful precum and rubbed it down toward my ass, eventually rubbing some all over the pucker of my ass. I continued to do this until it was slick and began to rub it with my pointer finger, moaning with delight at the sensation.

Eventually, I couldn’t resist and started sliding the finger in. This was not a new experience- I had done this many times before….but it still caused a bit of a gasp and moan combined as the finger slowly slid in. Eventually I slid it out and got a bit of lotion. Pretty soon the finger was back inside me, sliding in and out and pausing to massage my prostate, causing me to moan and to continue to become more and more consumed by the raw desire. I was laying there, legs spread, one hand pleasuring my ass, the other slowly stroking my dick as I moaned and writhed with pleasure. The raw passion was building within me and I knew I wanted to abandon myself to it. And so I did…I let my inhibitions go and let the passion consume me.

Before I knew it, I had a second finger inside me, and my moans grew louder. Precum was all over my stomach and I got it all over my other hand and licked it clean. I continued at this pace until I reached over and grabbed a toy I use from time to time. It’s a vibrator- about 7 inches long and not overly thick. I lubed it up and got on all fours, my hard dick hanging down a bit, head glistening with precum. I pressed it against my ass and felt the resistance. I sloooowly slid it in until it was over half way in and then I turned it on. The vibrating sensation Bayan escort Ankara in my ass caused me to shudder and moan with pleasure. I began to move it in and out of my ass with it vibrating…I closed my eyes and imagined one of my deepest, darkest fantasies- to have a woman doing this to me. I continued this for some time, occasionally stroking myself or tasting myself again. I began to move it in and out a bit faster, my moans becoming grunts…

Eventually I reaching for my other toy…a vibrating “bullet” about 2 inches long, attached to a cord and a control switch. I slid the vibrator out and replaced it with the bullet. I felt it inside me and turned it on the first of 7 different settings it has. It was a low, steady vibration that made me writhe in pleasure before I moved to the second, then the third settings, each making the vibrations more intense. I was laying on my back, with the bullet in me, vibrating hard. One hand began to stroke my hard dick again, while the other gently squeezed my balls. I was writhing and grunting and moaning with pleasure, totally abandoned to the raw, primal passion that had overtaken me. I changed the bullet’s setting to a building pulse. Eventually I felt the orgasm begin to build…..I continued to stroke harder and faster, feeling the pulse in my ass, my hands on my dick which was slick from all the precum. The smell in the air….the slick sounds of my strokes and the precum….the orgasm building…..building….until…..

The shudder came from within and spread throughout my whole body. I felt my balls and dick spasm as the cum began to shoot out in ropes, falling out onto my stomach and upper chest. I felt my ass tighten around the bullet as the waves of pleasure washed over me and I cried out in loud moans of ecstasy.

Eventually the orgasms subsided….I continued to slowly stroke, milking every bit of orgasm out of me. My stomach and chest were covered in cum and I felt much more relaxed. I looked over and noticed I had been playing for over an hour, but hadn’t realized. I had gotten lost in the moment and the pleasure. What a way to relax after a long day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32