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Cassie lay naked, face down on her bed, waiting for Brad to come to her. She loved it when he took her unawares, entering her smoothly, proving her lust for him by showing how wet she became just by waiting for him, and how easily he slid into her because of it.

As she waited, she thought back to that first time with him, on the boulder by the lake, with Lisa beneath her. Cassie had been so nervous then. She had actually trembled in Lisa’s arms, grateful that Lisa was there to help her through it, to hold her down, to keep her from backing out.

Lisa kissed her so hard, then. Cassie couldn’t enjoy it fully, at first, but was glad that Lisa had done something to distract her from her torrent of emotions. She was about to commit incest. She was hiding everything from Brad. She was tricking him.

And she was losing her virginity.

Cassie had had no idea how it would feel, that first time. It wasn’t just going to be her first time with her brother, it was going to be her first time ever. She’d lied to Lisa, and later Brad, about losing her virginity at college. She’d wanted Brad to be her first. He was going to be her first, no matter what, so she had ignored Lisa’s advice.

As she laid there on the unyielding stone, she’d wondered if she’d made a mistake. She had no idea what to expect. She had an uncertain idea of what to do. She had played at fucking herself with various objects, so she knew she wasn’t going to bleed, but that hadn’t prepared her at all for the actual experience, with a flesh and blood man, with her brother.

She lay there that night, with Lisa’s warm skin beneath hers, with Lisa’s warm lips on hers, with Lisa’s calming, filthy words in her ears. Lisa’s arms were holding her immobile in a viciously tight embrace, while Lisa’s legs pressed her knees down onto the cold hard stone, keeping her own legs spread in forced invitation to her brother. The night air was still and cool against her own naked ass, almost as cool as the boulder beneath them.

Lisa had prepared her, too, in other ways. Lisa absolutely knew how to make Cassie come. Her understanding of Cassie’s own body was uncanny. She’d sensed Cassie’s nervousness, and knew it might ruin everything. So Lisa’s wickedly agile fingers had teased and tormented Cassie’s nipples and her clit and her cunt. She’d purred into Cassie’s ears that her brother was going to fuck her like no man ever had. At the same time she pressed two fingers deep into her slit, while rubbing another on her clit. Cassie was already on the verge of coming before Brad had even arrived.

Then she heard him. Lisa had warned her he was approaching, too, but it wasn’t necessary. Cassie could hear and sense Brad scrambling up behind her. She remembered the exhilaration as he planted his hands beside her. She remembered the shock of the unexpectedly feeling of his cock brushing across her ass, it’s warmth in sharp contrast to the crisp night air.

Then, suddenly, he was inside her, and the feel of his cock wasn’t merely warm, but amazingly hot. Nothing she’d put inside herself had ever felt like that. Nothing had prepared her for the fulfilling, completing sensation of a hot, hard, living cock burying itself inside her.

Then he did more than just fuck her. He took her mercilessly. She’d expected him to be as he always was with her, careful and tender and gentle. She’d expected him to move slowly, carefully in and out, afraid of hurting her, just as she’d always done when practicing herself. It was going to be a slow, tender, warm fuck by her wonderful, caring big brother, in the cool night air beside a calm, dark pool of water.

It wasn’t. He was ruthless and out of control. He hammered into her over and over again. She could still hear the loud slaps of his hips against her ass, and the squishing noises that her embarrassingly wet, slut’s cunt made under the force of his rapid thrusts. She could feel his cock stretching her wider, almost painfully, wonderfully close to painfully.

His passion was overwhelming.

That was okay. Whatever he did was okay. She didn’t want to come that night. She didn’t expect to. She simply wanted Brad to enjoy her body, to take her and be with her and enjoy her as much as he could, however he wished.

Somehow, seemingly the first moment he entered her, her dear brother had made her come instantly.

* * *

It was brutally hot. The beach was crowded to capacity. Everywhere, glossy bodies reflected the sunlight with coats of sweat, or with short lived layers of water from frequently needed dips in the lake. Cassie felt a small bead of perspiration travel from above her nipple, down the side of her breast, then down her ribs. Her top was matted to parts of her chest in large, dark, wet spots.

Brad rolled over to put his mouth close to Cassie’s ear. Their whole family was at the beach, sitting in a tight group. Mom and Dad were somehow reading, despite the heat, while their kids lay around them, all enduring their enjoyable discomfort by staying escort ataşehir perfectly still, like sunbathing corpses.

“Your tits are mine now, Cassie,” Brad whispered almost inaudibly. “I want everyone to see them. Take your top off so people can see your pretty little tits.”

Cassie sat up without hesitation. She pulled her top up over her head, exposing the skimpy bright yellow bikini top she wore. She felt embarrassingly naked in it. She lay back down and closed her eyes, imagining people’s teasing stares. Brad put his mouth to her ear again.

“That’s a good whore,” Brad whispered. She smiled, wishing she had the nerve and the freedom to do more, to actually take her bikini top off, too.

* * *

Cassie tried to carry all of the food by herself from the snack shop, clearly struggling with too much. She’d have to make two trips, at least, Brad thought.

“Let me, Cassie,” he told her.

She glared back at him. Her eyes told him she was his whore; that she had to do it.

Brad forcefully took the fries from her hands to put them back on the counter. He held her arm firmly in one hand as he pulled her aside to whisper in her ear.

“Look, Cassie. You’re my whore, you have to fuck me whenever and however I want.”

She looked up at him from behind her bangs with a very slight twinkle in her eye. He put his mouth to her ear again.

“But you’re not my slave. If you’re a whore, that means I have to pay for it, somehow. So I have to do everything else. I have to carry the food. I have to do things for you, not the other way. I have to earn enough to pay for your hot little cunt and mouth.”

Cassie looked at him again. She pushed the hair completely from her face, eyes darting back and forth between his. She looked around quickly. No one was watching, so she stole a quick kiss from him before walking away, back out to the beach, leaving all of the food for him to carry.

* * *

It was crowded at the beach the next day, too. Brad had ordered Cassie to wait for him on her knees behind the snack shop. It wasn’t secluded or private, but people didn’t wander back there very often. They could, but they didn’t.

She was there, obediently on her knees, when he came around the corner. Brad stood before her as he pushed his bathing suit down just below his crotch. He held his already hard cock in his hands. She looked up at him with a sweet little smile as he began to stroke himself in front of her.

“Show me your tits again, little sister,” Brad said.

Cassie lifted her top over her head. Then she obediently undid the strap on her bikini top, exposing her tits and nipples to the sun and air, and to her brother’s eyes.

When he’d finished, when his cum covered her face and her tits, he surprised her.

“Okay, now put your bikini top back on, but not your other top, and don’t touch my cum. Leave it there, and go back and lie down and let the sun bake it onto your face and your tits in front of everyone.”

Cassie didn’t visibly react. She also didn’t hesitate. She did as she was told. She glanced back at him briefly, finally showing a touch of nerves, as she turned the corner to walk out in plain sight where everyone could see her, with her brother’s cum on her face and her tits.

From a distance, Brad watched her walk all the way to her beach chair. He looked around, scanning the faces of everyone she passed. As he thought, no one looked, no one noticed. Cassie walked by them, then lay in their midst, with his cum all over her. In time it would thin and mix with her sweat, becoming invisible to everyone.

He went to lie beside her, where he discreetly held her hand.

* * *

Aimee sat at the kitchen table, listening to Cassie’s loud, ecstatic screams drifting down the stairs. The girl was unbelievable. Or rather, Brad must be unbelievable, Aimee thought, to make her scream that way. If Tara were here, she’d be having fits.

Brad and Cassie didn’t know that Aimee had come back from the beach early, following them home soon after they’d made an excuse to slip off early. She sat here, in the kitchen, so that she’d be able to warn the lovers, and head her parents off, if they came back early, too.

Cassie screamed again, and Brad moaned almost as loudly. Aimee wondered wistfully what it would be like to be with Brad, and if he could make her scream that way, or even louder. She grinned to herself, then shoved the thought aside. Brad belonged to Cassie.

* * *

The water slapped against the hull of the boat with a steady beat, matching the rocking of the boat and the smooth, teasing feel of Brad’s cock as it slid across Cassie’s clit. She thought about how the sounds of the hull matched the sounds of Brad’s hips as they slapped her ass whenever he fucked her. Occasionally the boat drifted into the dock, making a dull thud that would startle her out of her aimless thoughts.

He wouldn’t fuck her now. It was killing her, and pleasing her immensely.

His lips kadıköy escort were firmly locked on hers, moving gently, continuously. His tongue found hers. It wasn’t marauding, but was as gentle as his lips, stroking and caressing her own tongue slowly and casually, just as his cock slowly and casually caressed her clitoris. He held himself out of her, and above her, letting the ridge of his hard prick glide up and down the length of her wet slit, and so too it would glide charmingly across her swollen, throbbing clit, gently teasing her toward climax.

His mouth left hers to find her breast. Her brother loved her tits so much. It warmed Cassie just to think about it, but when his mouth found her nipple, the thought and the emotion and the sensation combined melted her into the cushions. Her hands found his hair, to stroke him, to show him that she loved having his mouth on her tiny, sensitive tits.

“Please fuck me, big brother. Please fuck me right,” she pleaded, hoping he would ignore her to continue this wonderfully tantalizing, penetration-less fuck.

Cassie opened her eyes, seeing only the close ceiling of the sailboat’s cramped cabin. Her brother’s cock slid once more across the hard button of her aching, tormented clit. She felt her first orgasm approaching then. She felt the screams building inside her. She imagined Brad coming, not inside her as usual, but on her, shooting his heavenly cum across her belly and her sweetly loved tits, his beloved tits.

She came then. Her screams echoed throughout the small cabin. Brad moaned his appreciation into her nipple as she continued to scream, and he continued to stroke her, making her come over and over for as long as he could contain himself, before fulfilling her wishes with waves of cum.

She hoped, as she squealed wildly, that none of her sisters came to the dock to go sailing just now.

* * *

Cassie lay in the sun on the beach, eyes closed, listening to the menagerie of noises around her. Aimee and Tara were checking out the guys, loudly commenting on their virtues and flaws. Some of the gang were playing with a frisbee in the distance in the water, laughing and screeching and splashing.

Cassie cheated, letting her tongue quickly snake out to lick one small drop of Brad’s cum from her face.

It had become almost a routine of theirs, his favorite task for her, and now one of her favorites, too. Every few days he would make her do it, wear his cum in front of everyone. At first she’d been mortified, certain that everyone would see. But no one ever looked, let alone noticed. If they did, it just looked like poorly applied sun block.

It took a while to become comfortable, but now she loved it. She had even asked him to do it, today.

“Hi,” she heard Lisa’s voice say from above her.

Cassie opened her eyes. She had to shield them with one hand from the sudden glare of the sun. Lisa kneeled down beside her, lowering her head to put her mouth to Cassie’s ear.

“His cum looks good on you. He tells me you’re being a very good little whore. It’s also nice to see your tits a lot for a change. I should have made you do that myself.”

Lisa’s tongue pushed its way into her ear, quickly, then was gone, as Lisa headed off into the lake herself.

* * *

Cassie clung tightly to Brad. She listened to the rapid pounding of footsteps above her, followed by a more distant splash, as Tara ran across the floating dock and dove into the water. Cassie looked up between the slats at the dark spot where Aimee lay, sunbathing almost directly above them.

The floating dock rocked slowly with their own movements, and the simple waves of the lake. She and Brad were beneath it, with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and his cock deeply inside her. She floated gently in the water, while he did all the work. He’d found purchase with both hands on a cross beam above his head, using it to rhythmically pull himself partially up out of the water.

When he did, it pushed his cock more deeply into her, and she’d stifle the urge to moan. Then he’d relax, sinking down into the water, letting them both float as his cock would slide partially out. Then he’d pull himself up to do it again.

It was a slow, deliciously long fuck. The steady pulse of the waves and his cock moving inside her was searingly erotic. She’d already worn his cum that morning, so he stayed hard now for as long as he wished. Cassie’s only regret was that she didn’t dare to make the noises she knew Brad loved to hear. Part of her wished that he would order her to cry and scream.

The exertion pooled beads of sweat onto his face. She loved watching his clenched jaw as it contorted with the effort of each pull. The muscles in his neck would tighten and bulge. He’d grit his teeth in a deliciously masculine grimace as he strained up each time, growing more fatigued with each pull. She was his whore, but he was working hard to make them both come.

Cassie looked up again, as Tara pulled herself maltepe escort bayan back up onto the dock and walked directly above her, readying for another dive. Cassie loved being so very close to Aimee and Tara, both oblivious to the fact that their brother was fucking her just beneath them. She thought she loved that most of all, the knowledge that of all of them, she alone had their brother as a lover. She wanted more fucks like this, with her sisters close by.

* * *

Aimee was sitting up now. As Tara pulled herself up onto the dock, Aimee held one finger to her lips, then pointed down, and then to her ear. Tara stood still, dripping onto the dock, trying to keep her balance despite the raft’s steady rocking motion, while listening quietly for whatever Aimee had heard.

Then she heard it, too, a soft, excited whimper. A moment later, it came again. It seemed to repeat, rhythmically. Tara knew immediately what it was. She opened her eyes wide at Aimee, as Aimee grinned back at her and nodded.

Brad and Cassie were really pushing things, Tara thought, then quickly turned and dove back into the water, to escape the sounds of their lovemaking. She swam quickly back to shore.

* * *

Cassie and Brad stood under a tall tree in the woods. In the distance they could hear the laughter and commotion of people on the beach. A gentle breeze tickled the leaves above them, then ran laughing over their bodies, too.

Brad pressed his cock into the crack of Cassie’s bare ass, losing himself in the feel of her soft, cool skin against his hard, hot erection. His hands slipped up her belly, under her top, to very gently caress her nipples. He let his hands see her tits instead of his eyes, building the image of them in his mind, carefully tracing every curve and angle, feeling their delightful, conical shape peaking in the sharp, firm points of her nipples.

Cassie’s head tipped back, so his mouth could explore her neck. He did so tenderly, gently, trying to show Cassie that he didn’t just lust after her, he loved her. He could say it, he said it constantly, but he wanted to show her.

Her lips found his cheek. He readily, eagerly moved his lips to hers, drinking his sister in, holding her in his arms, firmly against his body and his cock, lips locked tightly in a loving, unbrotherly kiss.

* * *

The sun was very low in the sky. The beach was deserted. Brad fucked Cassie slowly and gently in the shallow water, as she kissed every corner of his mouth. She adored his mouth. She adored making love to his mouth. She kissed and nibbled and teased and explored his lips relentlessly.

If anyone came now Cassie and Brad would be irrefutably caught. Cassie would be seen fucking her brother, being his loving whore. The thought of it pushed her closer to orgasm.

She released her grip on Brad and floated back, keeping her legs locked around his waist. She arched her back, letting her hair float free in the water, while her tits reached up into the cool air like two small islands. She felt a thrill as the steady lake breeze rushed over her wet nipples, chilling them.

As she started to come, she let the squeals come, too. Let them hear her, she thought rebelliously. She wanted them all to hear what her brother did to her.

* * *

“Isn’t this better than reading at a lonely beach?” Aimee asked her mother.

“It’s not bad. I really want to finish my book, though,” her mother replied.

“You can finish it any time,” Aimee said. “We don’t have many more chances to go sailing together. This feels like it did when I was younger, when you first taught me.”

Aimee’s mother smiled back at her, enjoying the memory and the time alone with her oldest daughter.

And you wouldn’t finish that book if you went to the beach this evening to do it, Aimee thought. Brad and Cassie are there, and knowing them, you’d catch them and you probably would never finish your book, ever. Aimee had barely intercepted their mom in time, and had had to think fast to find a way to keep her from going.

* * *

Cassie walked through the room, past her sisters and parents, all the time rolling Brad’s cum around in her mouth with her tongue, reminding herself it was there. She reached the shelves at the far end of the room, where she kneeled down, pretending to look for a book to read. She pulled one out at random, then stood up and turned to walk back out of the room.

No one looked at her. The family sat scattered in the chairs around the room, as they often did, each absorbed in their own favorite sections of the Sunday paper. Mom sipped tea from a cup, then thoughtlessly and clumsily put it down onto its saucer without looking at it, let alone her. It made a soft tinkling clatter that seemed loud in the quiet room.

Cassie tried to move slowly, nonchalantly, past them. She didn’t want to draw their attention to her. She also didn’t want to rush the experience. She moved her tongue through her closed mouth, relishing the syrupy feel of more of her brother’s cum.

When she was back in the kitchen, she opened her mouth for Brad, proving to him that his cum was still there, that she hadn’t cheated by swallowing it. Then she looked into his eyes as she did swallow it, obediently completing her task.

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