The Warehouse

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Big Tits

Neither Clement nor Kume worked Saturday, so I was alone in my misery in the CMR. My head hurt, my pussy was sore and my jaw hurt. I had sucked a lot of cock the night before. I had a hard time concentrating on work, but managed to keep my eye on the 64 cardiac rhythms if front of me.

It was an uneventful shift in the morning, which means that no one had any major cardiac problems that I had to notify the nurses of, but it also meant that I was sitting there bored. My mind kept wandering to Clement and Kume and Jon.

Jon had been fun. Corrupting a preacher’s kid in a filthy disgusting bathroom with a total stranger. That was a new one. And then, giving myself completely to Clement and Kume, knowing that I would have to face them at work and they would surely tell all the rest of the guys in our department.

I smiled at that thought. I looked around the room. Mostly women filled the room now, but there were quite a few men, and some hot ones, in our 72 person department. I pictured the cock that Markus might have, a tall muscular black man with a soothing baritone voice. But Oscar was the one my mind kept drifting to. Oscar was a shift supervisor. A smallish black man who resembled Eddie Murphy in his younger SNL days more than anybody. Ken, a retired pilot with the most amazing bass voice and a smooth southern drawl. I spent the bulk of my shift imagining cocks in my mind.

About twenty minutes before my shift was due to end, the phone at my station rang.

“CMR, this is Zoey. May I help you?” I responded in the way I always did.

“We are having a party at the warehouse tonight. Why don’t you come over?” asked Clement. With that smooth, reassuring voice, better women than me had melted.

“Who’s going to be there?” I asked, feigning coyness.

“I am not sure, but it will be fun if you are there” he said. I thought of his cock the night before and agreed.

“What time?..And…where?” I had heard of the warehouse parties but I had never been to one.

There were a large portion of African males in our department, and this warehouse was used by one of them for something and they had occasional parties there. I had heard they got pretty wild.

He told me where the warehouse was located, outside of Newark in an industrial area next to a Maaco body shop. 10:00 was the designated hour.

I said that I would try to make it and made him work at convincing me that it was something I shouldn’t miss, even though I already knew I was going. I just wanted to make him work at it.

I did my final report to my relief and I was out of there.

As I walked down the hallway, Carmen came up beside me.

“You know, you really should be careful. Things can get out of hand with those guys quickly.” She said. She did seem to be genuinely concerned, but she had left before things had really gone very far at all and was unaware that I had initiated and loved the vast majority of it.

“They were OK.” I said. “We had a good time. You should have stayed.”

“Not my thing, girlfriend. I don’t like where that was headed. Besides, I have a kid at home I have to get to. But, you should really be careful.” She warned again. She was obviously concerned for me, but I was in heat.

There was no better way to describe it. I wanted to do everything.

I went home and immediately started to obsess about what to wear. I was going to fuck someone, maybe a few someone’s, and I wanted to look the part.

I went to my closet and started to go through the dresses hanging there. I had some really sexy dresses. But, every time I pulled something out and tried it on, it was somehow not right. Too elegant, too frumpy. Too…everything but what I wanted.

So I went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. My hands started to glide over my body as I thought about what I wanted to do tonight. THEY knew I wanted to fuck. My fingers pinched my erect nipple as the hot water cascaded over me. They knew I WOULD fuck. And I WOULD fuck more than one of them. Both hands squeezed my nipples.

I sat on the edge of the tub and pulled out my razor. I applied some gel to my pussy and began to rub it, just a little more than I needed to to spread the gel My fingers touched my clit and lingered for a moment.

The tingling began to spread quickly. My pussy was wet almost instantly and I had to force myself to stop and shave my pussy. I wanted it to get fucked a lot and I wanted it to look good.

After my shower, it didn’t take me long to settle on the classics. Very short black skirt, black bra and a sheer tank. I didn’t dry my hair because when it dried it had a silken smooth look but when left to air dry it had a sort of wilder, untamed quality about it.

Everything about my look was meant to say “Fuck me”.

So, I walked out of my apartment feeling good about myself. I thought I looked good, I was going to get fucked and have a good time. I didn’t realize then how long it would be before I saw the inside of that apartment.

I escort izmir arrived at the warehouse, and it was as the name implied, a warehouse in an industrial park with an apartment at one end of the second floor.

I called Clement to tell him I was there, and he and Kume both met me at a ten-foot tall, 15-foot wide double sliding door. It was big enough that tractor trailers could drive right in to unload. As the door slid open, each of them tugged at one side, giving me a clear path in.

I pulled in and parked alongside several other cars, many of which I recognized from the hospital as belonging to some of my co-workers. Others were unknown to me.

I opened my door and Clement was there to open it for me and take my hand as I stepped out. He shut the door behind me and pulled me in to hug me. Immediately, Kume was at my back, kissing my neck and pulling my top down as his hands explored me.

I was immediately wet. So many people here that I saw on a day to day basis and they were all watching me walk in and allow my clothes to be taken off. Clement unfastened my skirt and pulled it down and I stepped out of it, allowing myself to be completely naked in front of maybe 15 guys that I worked with. All of them black. All of them African. All of them watching.

Clement began to kiss me, passionately as Kume touched me everywhere. It wasn’t lomg before Clement pushed me gently to my knees and pulled out his erect penis.

It was still magnificent, and although I was nervous, I was also turned on. Nothing excited me more than shocking people. Nothing more than going far beyond the bounds of propriety, far beyond the safe, far beyond anyone else.

I took it in my mouth as everyone watched. I ran my tongue up and down the swollen shaft. I licked it lovingly, making my way to his balls. I took them into my mouth as I gently stroked his cock. Up and down with my hand as his balls swirled in my mouth.

His hand went to the back of my head and grabbed my hair, giving him purchase to control my head. He pushed my head onto his erect cock, just to the point where it touched the back of my throat. I put my free arm between his legs and curled it over his ass.

Gently, I pulled him toward me, putting more pressure on the muscles at the back of my throat. I pushed until it was very tight and I couldn’t breathe. I stopped at that point and he used my hair to make my head pulse on his cock.

When I thought I was about to pass out, he pulled me back and I took a couple of deep breaths and pulled him to me again. A little deeper and I stopped and he pulsed me on his throbbing cock again.

I was lost. I didn’t see what everyone else was doing, but I expected them to all be around me, if not now, soon. But, alas, no one approached and it allowed me to keep repeating the cycle. Pull him into me and let him gently pulse his cock deeper and deeper into my throat.

Every time I got a little deeper as my throat was stretched a little I could feel the tingling in my pussy getting stronger and stronger and my drive was getting more intense until I started to fuck his cock with my throat, pushing further and further on my own.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when my lips touched his balls. I just stayed there and let it settle until he started to pump my throat. It hurt a little. Not unbearably, and the pain was certainly outweighed by the turn on of this huge cock down my throat with everyone watching me.

I started to get lightheaded and started to pull off, but his hands clasped onto the back of my head and drove me back down on his dick and he began to fuck my face in earnest. I was beginning to gag so I buried my face in his groin and let him fuck me harder.

I tried to relax my body to allow it, and I dropped my arms to my side and thought about relaxing my throat. I fell into him and his groin was pressed against my face. I couldn’t breathe and I began to push him away, but he held on harder.

I began to flail and he held on harder, pumping into me continually, and then suddenly, his cock grew larger and began to pulse in my mouth. I felt his cum shoot down my throat and he pulled me in harder for a second.

Then, he let me collapse on the floor.

I lay there, gathering myself. I felt lightheaded, as if high, and noticed everyone was still just standing there watching me.

Except for Kume, who was suddenly standing in front of me with his cock out. I climbed to me knees, struggling for breath as I took it into my mouth. I started to lick his cock to start the whole thing over again, but his hand immediately went to the back of my head and he shoved his cock down my throat.

Instantly, I threw up and he pulled his cock out just enough to let the vomit escape my mouth and as I tried to gather myself, he shoved his cock back down my throat. The taste was horrible and felt acidic, but I didn’t resist.

I gagged. Again and again, I gagged as he fucked my throat. It was no longer a challenge taking him to izmir escort bayan the hilt, it was just a challenge to not throw up and to maintain consciousness. He fucked my face, not as aggressively as Clement did, but he let me know I was not stopping.

Then, since I had no strength to resist, I was getting closer and closer to passing out, and the high felt amazing. I was always on the edge of losing all ability to reason and letting the pleasure flow over my entire body.

Then, he was shooting his load down my throat, and I wanted it. I wanted it more than I had wanted anything sexually, ever. I pushed into him and let it flow into me. I felt his body tense and pulse and I knew that I had done that.

Then, he shoved me down to the floor and zipped his pants. I lay there and almost passed out until I saw Oscar, my supervisor, standing over me. He took my hand and helped me to my feet. I could barely hold myself up I was so weak, but I followed without question.

He led me to the apartment and once inside, immediately shoved me down on the couch. He climbed on top of me and with his knees beside me, took his cock out and put it in front of my face.

I opened my mouth, inviting him in and he immediately began to pound his cock deep into my face. My head was pressed against the back of the couch and I just lay there and let it happen, only moving my mouth off his cock long enough to get an occasional breath. I was too tired to be a willing participant so I just let it happen.

Then I felt a cock enter my dripping wet vagina. I don’t know who it was. I was just being pounded mercilessly in the face and the pussy at the same time. Oscar continued to fuck me face until he came, not down my throat, but on my face.

I was exhausted. Much too tired to care about a little cum on my face, so I made no attempt to clean it off as he climbed off.

But, there was little reprieve as Erik, the nightshift supervisor, climbed on my face next. He fucked my face slowly and deeply, very insistently with each stroke bottoming out on my chin and pulling fully out only to reinsert to the hilt.

My pussy was only empty for a few seconds. As soon as the guy fucking me came, the next climbed on. I had no strength to fight. I didn’t want to, but I did want to rest, but I was being a used whore for this group of coworkers and as disgusting as I was acting, I was enjoying it. I didn’t try to stop it.

And it continued well into the night, with me just lying there and letting it happen.

Then, everyone was spent. I lay there, half unconscious listening to the guys talk about how good a whore I was. Much better than the last. Much more willing.

‘So, there have been others?’ I thought.

Then, everyone was gone except for Clement.

He came over and sat beside me.

“We’ll be back this evening after work. Clean up a bit around here, OK?” he asked as if I was staying here without them.

“Whatever” I muttered as he got up and walked out the door.

I think I was asleep before he shut the warehouse door.

I woke up Sunday morning, groggy and sore from the marathon fucking of , I believe, every black guy in my department. My head hurt. I was probably dehydrated. I was hungry. My throat felt raw, sore and damaged. My pussy felt like it had been scrubbed with sandpaper.

As I rolled over on the sofa, the friction between my legs was painful.

I was naked and alone, and I felt disgusting. I had swallowed what felt like gallons of cum and had even more splashed all over me. None of it had been cleaned off in the heat of the moment and I was too tired to care when they were done with me.

A shower was the first thing, but I would look and see if there was coffee I could make here for when I was out of the shower. I looked through the well-stocked kitchen. There was plenty of meat in the freezer, some ice cream, some frozen vegetables and some quick prep items like frozen pizza and breakfast sandwiches.

Coffee was in the upper cabinet so I put a pot on and went to the bathroom. I turned on the water and got a washcloth from the cabinet. Once again, it was well stocked. There was plenty of high-quality shampoos and conditioners and other hair care products, various kinds of soaps and shower gels and super nice fluffy towels.

I got everything I need and turned on the shower, but looking at the large jetted tub, I thought a bath might be more the thing, so I ran a hot bath, turned on the jets and climbed in.

I was immediately rewarded. My muscles began to relax instantly, their discomfort melting away.

I slid down until my chin was skimming the water and splashed my face with the hot, steamy water. I cupped my face and quickly cleaned it. I reached for the soap and lathered my hands, and scrubbed my face. The lotion in the soap seemed to rejuvenate my skin.

The water was starting to form a layer of foamy bubbles atop it now, from the soap and it was forming a bubble bath that was threatening the izmir escortlar top of the tub.

I turned off the water and got the washcloth and applied some soap and went to work cleansing my body. There was crusted cum everywhere and the more I scrubbed the better I felt.

Soon, I was on autopilot with the bath and my mind began to drift back to last night. I had fucked so many guys and sucked so many cocks. My clothes had been removed in the warehouse in front of everyone before I had even come inside the apartment.

I had fucked guys whose name I didn’t know. I had swallowed their cum.

I had done nothing but fuck from the time I got here until they all left. I was going to have a reputation at work now. I smiled at that thought. I would have the reputation of a girl who would do anything at any time.

Hopefully some of those guys would like to hook up from time to time and I would have a constant string of fuck buddies. After last night, none of them are going to think I am looking for a long-term relationship. At least not now.

Suddenly, I noticed as I had been thinking about this, my hands had stopped and were lightly caressing my pussy. I gently rubbed the length of my slit, letting my fingers slide into my vagina and out up to my clitoris. I began to rub in a circle and it began to tingle as my mind wandered back to all the men that had fucked me.

The more I touched myself the more I relaxed. The longer I touched my clitoris, the more that tingling began to feel like it was taking over my body like a high from endorphins. I felt, once again, the firmness of a mans cock in my mouth. I felt his skin slide over my lips. I tasted the precum as I imagined it beginning to pump into my mouth. I felt the discharge as it exploded in my mouth and I tasted the salty taste.

I began to spasm as a wave of ecstasy flowed from my head to my toes and I collapsed into the tub and lay there soaking. Gradually I came to myself again and began to give myself a proper bath. My soapy hands glided over my body and I began to tingle again and once again, I thought of all the men.

Clements cock in my mouth. His cum. I wanted more. I wanted more of Kume’s and Oscars. My hands were rubbing my breasts and touching my niipples and I realized I needed to get out of the tub, go out into the warehouse and get my clothes so I could leave.

So, I stood and dried myself off with that lovely, soft towel and it was everything I could do not to start touching myself again.

But, I needed to get moving, so I wandered out into the warehouse where my car had been the night before. My car was gone. My clothes were nowhere to be found.

I wondered where it was. I would just go inside and call the CMR and get Clements number and call him.

But, I found no phone. Not in the apartment. Not in the warehouse.

As a matter of fact this was the weirdest apartment I had ever seen two guys have. There was nothing masculine about it. There were no pictures on the walls. There was no phone. There were no mens clothes or toiletries. The food was more like what I would eat than what they would eat.

So, I got something to eat. I got some yogurt and topped it with granola and berries and filled a cup with that wonderful smelling coffee.

This was a warehouse. But, they said they would be back later today. I would have them bring me my car so I could get dressed and leave after they got here.

Until then, I would relax, albeit slightly uncomfortable, in the nude.

I turned on the television and turned on the local news on the Philadelphia channel. It wasn’t long before I got used to my circumstances and figured I would make the best of them while I was here.

I washed the dishes. In the nude. I vacuumed the floor. In the nude. I found a pile of new, unopened toothbrushes and I opened one so I could brush my teeth in the nude. I watched the Food Network in the nude.

Every once in a while, and by that I mean every few minutes, or almost constantly, my mind kept drifting back to last night. I found I couldn’t wait for Clement and Kume to get here. And maybe it wasn’t just because I wanted to leave.

I wanted their cocks again. And it made me happy that when they first saw me, I would be naked.

It continued for a couple of hours. I don’t know exactly how long for there was no clock in there. My phone was missing.”

I was starting to get pissed. Then, I heard the sliding door to the warehouse open. I nearly sprinted to the apartment door, and flung it open expecting to see Clement or Kume. But, it was Oscar.

“Ummm, where are Clement and Kume? And do you know where my car and my clothes and my phone are?” I asked much like someone being held overnight in jail might start asking question when their lawyer arrived.

“I don’t know, but they will be here soon.” He replied “You were hot last night.”

“Uh…” I started to stammer, not knowing what to say.

“I knew you were going to end up here.” Oscar said with a smile. “I could tell you were a freak. Come on in” he said, taking my hand and leading me into the apartment.

I followed, still very confused and his appearance and his attitude wasn’t helping to make things any clearer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32