The Wild Seven Pt. 04

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A light dusting of snow coated the elevated back deck of the cabin. Below, shrouded in darkness, was a thick growth of a mixed forest. The skeletal branches of deciduous trees clawed through the snow like drowning men, and coniferous boughs held snow like broom bristles tangled with dust bunnies. Ripley sucked in a breath of cold air as he took a hit of his vape before expelling it in a cloud. Inside, the others were laughing and cheering.

They rented a cabin for a long weekend. A ski trip, but more of a bachelor party for Gene with some skiing thrown in as an afterthought. Ripley’s body ached slightly. A soak in the hot tub and a nap helped, but not nearly enough. He knew what they were watching – porn. It was warm up to tonight’s main event: another gay orgy the result of a drunken night turned into a pact of sorts. The seven of them would take turns getting fucked by the others. Unorthodox male bonding, to be sure.

A few weeks ago they recorded a video of themselves running a train on Gene for the amusement of Shelly, Gene’s fiancé. Before Gene arrived, Ripley, Lincoln, Albert and Sanders drew straws to see who would get fucked next. Ripley joked about being chained down to a bench next time, himself. Lady Luck had a sense of humor, too, it seemed. It was funny at the time, but now that it was his turn, Ripley was nervous.

Ripley sucked Kane’s cock and swallowed on that fateful first night. It wasn’t commented on in the long-ago moment. He wouldn’t mind just istanbul travesti sucking dick. It wasn’t that bad. Honestly, it was kind of hot. He snowballed his load from Nev at the ball game – that drew a look from Nev. Ripley thought Nev might have swallowed some of the others’. And Gene had sucked down a few loads himself during his S Ripley was a bit red in the face and slightly teary-eyed. He returned to suck for a moment, playing with Albert’s hefty sack while he alternated between deep throating and licking the expansive cock until Sanders poked in impatiently. For someone who went into the arrangement kicking and screaming Sanders sure liked to get his.

Sanders didn’t like venturing out of his comfort zone all that much. While this arrangement was in effect, he just wanted it over with quickly. Yes, it felt good and he was getting off, but he still wasn’t a fan. Ripley was sucking his cock pretty well though. It was easily some of the best head he had in a while. Gene stepped beside him and Ripley moved on. Behind Ripley, Nev was suited up and fingering Ripley’s hole.

The prep work Ripley put in had left his hole receptive, so the intrusion wasn’t as terrible as he anticipated. It felt strange to have something prodding and flexing inside of him. Sure an errant finger or two popped in his ass in the past, but that was nothing compared to the three Nev was now twisting into him as he serviced Gene. Resigned, Ripley spit out the cock and turned to kneel istanbul travestileri on the couch, leaning his elbows on its back. Albert came around that way and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder as Neville pushed in.

Neville cock went in surprisingly easy. Ripley closed his eyes, sucked in a breath and released it slowly as he felt the shaft easing its way deeper. It felt hot, thermally, and intrusive, but it didn’t hurt. It was just uncomfortable. “Can you use some more lube?”

“Sure, man.” Neville withdrew slightly and Ripley felt a few cool squirts on his hole before Nev rubbed it in and put his cock back in. It slid in easier this time. Ripley opened his eyes and reached out to grab Albert’s cock.

A sort of assembly line formed around the couch. Someone would fuck him while the next guy got his dick sucked. A few of them went back and forth, but the unspoken agreement was upheld – if Ripley wanted a bukkake, they’d give him a bukkake. Ripley, to his credit, took the cocks well. Even Albert, while challenging, wasn’t too bad once he relaxed.

“Guys, I want it….” Ripley begged as Sanders withdrew from his second visit to Ripley’s ass. He took a few steps back, taking off his condom as Ripley slinked onto the floor, kneeling to face them.

The six men stood around him.

Ripley sucked and stroked. The guys pulled their meat, or lent a hand to their neighbor, transfixed as Ripley honed everyone of them to the edge. Finally Lincoln travesti istanbul bellowed and pulled his cock from Ripley’s mouth.

A hot torrent of cum gushed forth, hitting Rip’s face audibally. Ripley positioned himself under it, allowing the semen into his mouth. What he couldn’t swallow ran down his chin. By then, the others were shooting.

Sanders’ hit Ripley on the neck and soaked into his black t-shirt. As Ripley was cleaning cum off of Sanders’ cock, Gene came on Sanders’s cock. Ripley switched off to swallow the rest and was off again onto Kane’s. They managed to get it all into Ripley’s mouth this time. Albert came next. Ripley took the bucking cock deep in his throat, and gasped as he pulled off the spent hog. Nev in quick order painted Ripley’s face.

Ripley knelt there. Semen coated his face like a fresh sugar glaze. It ran off in thick drips onto the rug beneath him. Ripley’s face was red, he felt dizzy and enveloped in the scent of tangy musk and alkaline jizz. It was intoxicating. Someone asked him a question, and he nodded, deaf in his drunkenness.

He felt his body inverted, and someone was stroking his thick chode. He opened his out automatically as a fat load shot out of it. As always, Ripley never lost a drop of his cum. His body was slowly eased onto the floor.

Ripley wasn’t sure how long he was on the floor, but it couldn’t have been that long. The others were on the floor with him, panting. Some were delirious, chucking softly or moaning soft curses.

“What should we do with the rug?” Nev asked.

Gene replied. “I think we can leave it outside and maybe the cum will freeze off?”

“I need a shower,” someone said.

“Hot tub, anyone?”

A soak in the Jacuzzi sounded nice.

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