Todd’s Troubles Pt. 08

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Chrissy felt her sweater being lifted up, then pulled over her head. Chrissy felt a warm hand reach over, cupping her naked boobs, sliding around, teasing her nipples in ways that made her pussy pulse with heat. She felt Joanne’s hot wet mouth follow, and the feel of her tits being suckled, licked, and nibbled on made them throb, sending pulses of hot pleasure straight at her pussy.

Joanne’s hand slid down, stroking the inside of her thighs. Joanne lifted her head up and Chrissy was face to face, inches away, Joanne’s eyes shining with lust. Chrissy angled her head a fraction, and their lips came together. The feel of Joanne’s hot, slithery lips, her wet tongue sliding out, parting Chrissy’s lips, and sliding inside, made her pulse race. Chrissy’s tongue responded, both of them stirring together. Chrissy’s hand reached over, and she slid her hand up Joanne’s thigh, up and up until she was rubbing gently at her panty-covered pussy. Both of them were letting out soft moans of pleasure.

They had taken a cab to Joanne’s apartment, both of them feeling the heat building, eager to do more, much more. Once inside, they had sat down on the couch, and the lust took them along.

That sexy pussy is covered with my very own panties, and I’m wearing Joanne’s panties, ran through Chrissy’s mind, and that just made her even more turned on. Joanne’s hand was rubbing at her crotch, pressing hard against the seam of Chrissy’s jeans, and she felt her zipper sliding down. She lifted her butt up a bit so Joanne’s hand could slide inside, and she felt the press of her fingers against her panties. Joanne teased at her, pressing the fabric of her panties against Chrissy’s rapidly building heat.

Joanne smiled to herself as she felt the dampness against her fingers, and she deftly maneuvered her fingers under the waistband of Chrissy’s panties, sliding her fingers down, and finding what her fingers were reaching for, Chrissy’s cunt was hot and slick with her lubrication. Joanne loved it, she wanted her lovers hot, wet, and bothered. She wanted to bury her face in that tempting teen snatch, right now.

Joanne slid to the floor and peeled the skintight jeans off of Chrissy’s legs. She saw her panties covering Chrissy’s triangle, and she quickly slid them down. Kneeling before Chrissy, she gently pushed her legs apart, and she smelled the rich, heady scent, Ummm, the perfume of hot, wet teen cunt, all ready for licking, made her mouth water.

“You smell delicious, I can’t wait to taste you.”

Chrissy moaned, “Oh yeah, lick me, make me cum, mmummmm yeah,” and let out a loud gasp as Joanne’s head darted forward, and she felt the sizzling contact of a hot, wet mouth against her. Another thought, that Joanne beat my Daddy to licking my pussy, zipped through her mind. As Joanne settled in, and begin licking her dripping pussy expertly, Chrissy fantasized about Daddy licking her. Mmmm, Joanne was doting on her gushing pussy in ways she’d never dreamed of, it felt amazing. She felt two fingers sliding up her, turning around, and…OH HOLY FUCK. She let out a loud groan of sheer pleasure.

Joanne grinned as she started to polish Chrissy’s G spot. She adored giving ladies their first G spot polish, and Chrissy’s sounds of pleasure let her know she had just introduced Chrissy to the pleasures of her G spot.

Joanne lifted her head, and purred, “You’re gonna feel a squeezing urge baby, go with it, then when it’s ready to explode, let it go, and you’ll cum all over my face!”

Lowering back down, she surrounded Chrissy’s hard pink clit with her mouth, letting her tongue lash at it while her fingers expertly polished Chrissy’s G spot. She could feel Chrissy’s sexy body virtually vibrating, oh yeah, she was gonna explode very kocaeli escort soon.

Chrissy was inundated with waves of pulsing sensations, she felt the building pressure, just like Joanne had said. It built up, oh fuck, she felt ready to explode, and she felt that squeezing urge, she tightened and squeezed hard, and she let her cum go full force. Her her body was wracked with a massive wave of orgasmic force, as her girl cum sprayed out, oh fuck, it was incredible, her orgasmic shrieks filling the room as the thundering pleasure ripped through her.

Joanne felt the first gush hitting her right between the eyes. That made her cunt pulse with heat as she felt the bridge of her nose sprayed, and she opened her mouth, ahhh, the next stream flew right into her mouth. More waves sprayed out, splattering all over her face, oh yeah, Chrissy was a classic squirter as Joanne’s face became soaked with the sweet cum of a teenage girl.

Chrissy felt her nervous system being shaken by waves of sizzling pleasure, her pussy spasming crazily, juices pouring out of her like a rain-swollen Niagara. Her body was flopping around, and Joanne’s head buried securely between her thighs kept her from tumbling off the couch as Chrissy, in the grip of her most violent orgasm ever, was almost delirious, the waves of orgasm pounding at her, she was almost passing out before they finally started to subside.

She flopped down, exhausted, oh fuck, that was like no other orgasm she’d ever felt. Joanne helped her up, into her bedroom, and Chrissy sank onto the mattress, then she heard Joanne’s clothes being discarded, and the pleasure of Joanne, now as nude as she was, spooning against her backside, umm, that felt nice.

Chrissy murmured, “Oh, but I need to do you now.”

Joanne whispered, “Oh no sweet Chrissy, rest first, there’s no rush. Relax, and let me hold you close.”

Hearing that gave Chrissy the okay, and in just a few moments, she was asleep, cuddled close to Joanne.

Chrissy felt herself wake slightly as she felt hands gently turning her over, her hips were propped up by a pillow, and her legs were gently spread apart. She could feel a body settling in between the spread of her legs, then a soft nuzzling at her pussy lips starting the mists of sleep to dissipate. Soft kisses, then a hot, wet tongue gliding over her pink lips, umm oh yes, that felt so nice, and Chrissy let out a low moan, she could feel her pussy start churning, her juices bubbling up.

Joanne, settled between the spread, tasted the juices of Chrissy’s essence bubble up, and she eagerly swiped her tongue over her lips, getting as much as she could into her mouth.

Before she has awoken Chrissy, Joanne had donned her special strap on, since Chrissy was not a virgin, Joanne was eager to stuff her teen fuck hole, 9 inches of fucking pleasure were set to invade her.

Joanne enjoyed giving just as much as receiving, her strap-on harness had a 6-inch penis on the inside that would slip right into her own pussy, and a black butt plug that would fill her ass. She would give her lover Renee a long hard ride, both of them cumming like crazy, then Renee would strap it on, and Joanne would get the stuffing pleasure of 9 inches. She could already feel her lust tingling her pink walls, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

Chrissy felt the mouth pull away, and her hips were lifted up higher. She felt soft fingers cupping her, spreading her lips apart, a nudge, then she let out a loud groan of sheer pleasure as slowly and smoothly, Joanne thrust her hips forward, that 9 inches of dildo gliding into her, in and in, until Joanne’s pelvis smacked against her hips, and her tight pussy was stuffed to the max.

Chrissy’s pussy was throbbing with kocaeli escort bayan pulses of pleasure, she gasped out, “Oh yes, fuck me, Joanne, fuck my tight little pussy, make me cum all over your big cock!”

Joanne grinned, she loved it when her lovers begged her to fuck them, and she was happy to comply. Gripping Chrissy’s hips, she started to ride her teen lover, eagerly reaming out Chrissy’s sweet teen cunt. Joanne eagerly plunged into Chrissy’s tight pink hole, she could feel her own cunt getting stuffed with her 6 inches as she humped against Chrissy’s ass. The butt plug was making her ass hole thrum, and her lust was starting to sizzle as her cunt and ass hole started to throb with sweet sensations. It turned her into a fucking machine, gripping Chrissy’s hips tightly, she started to power fuck her, enjoying Chrissy’s cries and grunts of pleasure.

Chrissy was fantasizing, this was the way Daddy had fucked her tight little pussy, ummm, she ran in like a movie in her head as Joanne fucked her, it was glorious. She wanted Daddy to fuck her again, not just once but a lot. Her mind returned to the here and now, and she was moaning continuously, Joanne was fucking her so hard, so gloriously, oh yeah, oh fuck, she could feel that wave.

Chrissy cried out, “Oh fuck, fuck, so good, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, yes, YESSSSS!”

She tumbled into orgasm, shrieking out her pleasure, her body shuddering, her pussy gripping at the dildo, and she heard Joanne’s cries of orgasmic pleasure, as Joanne’s strap on accessories did the job on her throbbing, horny holes. Joanne pulled out slowly as Chrissy’s climax started to ebb, and they sprawled out on the bed, enjoying the afterglow.

Chrissy said softly, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Joanne replied, “Better than that, I have a lover, her name is Renee, and we’ve been together for 15 years, we share this house, and our sex life is wonderful.”

Chrissy was intrigued, and also very nosy, as she asked, “So why did you want to make love to me? Not that I minded, of course, but isn’t that cheating?”

Joanne chuckled, and said, “Well, we have an agreement about that. We allow ourselves the latitude to bed another lady that we find sexy, and just can’t resist. Our promises are that we won’t fall in love with a casual hookup, and after we are done, we will come home to the other, and that we’ll get our lover warmed up by telling them exactly what we did, in very hot, explicit detail. The same way that I’m going to tell Renee all about you, and every hot, sex-filled detail. Once she hears it, she’ll be all over me like a lion on a gazelle, and I will be ravished in such a glorious wonderful way. And, if the hookup lives nearby, and we feel in the mood for it, we like to invite them over for a three-way!”

Chrissy felt the zing, knowing that she was going to be discussed by Renee and Joanne, ummm, that sounded so hot, and a three-way, would she be one of the lucky ones?

Joanne purred, “Chrissy, how would you like a three-way with Renee and myself? You’d have a night to remember, how’d you like to be the filling in an all-girl sandwich?”

Just the imagery created by that sentence started the juices churning, Joanne slipped her hand down, slipping two fingers just inside her, Joanne smiled as she felt the hot slickness of Chrissy’s juices coating her fingers. She pushed them in, enjoying Chrissy’s low moan of pleasure as she finger fucked her, then Joanne brought her dripping wet fingers to her mouth, and eagerly licked the juices off, letting off her own growl of pleasure as she licked her fingers clean.

“Stay right there Chrissy, I want to get something for us.”

Chrissy watched as Joanne rummaged in her nightstand, then with a izmit escort smile, showed her two dildos, one pink, one black, both 8 inches long and shaped just like a real cock.

“Let’s 69 each other baby, and pump each other’s cunt with these big stiff dildos. My cunt is just as horny and eager as yours baby!”

Chrissy watched with a sense of awe as Joanne’s smooth, pink trail hovered above her. As Joanne lowered her pussy down towards Chrissy’s waiting mouth, Chrissy felt the hard, knob end of Joanne’s pink dildo nudging against her opening, Chrissy quickly nudged the black dildo against Joanne’s entrance, and when Joanne growled, “Let’s do it baby!” she pushed, and twin growls of pleasure filled the room as two hot and horny cunts were impaled, with a slow steady push.

Chrissy purred with pleasure as she felt her walls getting stretched, ummm, teasing then stroking her pussy had never been this hot and enjoyable, and she let out a cry of pleasure as the dildo slid in to the hilt. She heard Joanne’s answering squeal of joy as Chrissy eagerly stuffed her pussy, sliding in that 8-inch pleasure pole.

Joanne gasped, “Now, let’s fuck each other, and lick our clits!”

So saying, Joanne started to pump back and forth, enjoying Chrissy’s sounds of pleasure as she lowered her mouth down. Teasing the covering of Chrissy’s clit hood, the bright deep pink button rose up quickly, eager for more stimulation. Joanne was happy to do so, and she started to pump Chrissy’s cunt faster, as her tongue started to tease at Chrissy’s clit.

Chrissy could feel waves of pleasure, the way Joanne was pumping her pussy brought back the memory of her Daddy pumping her pussy, she wanted Daddy to fuck her again very soon. Chrissy applied herself, eager to give as good as she was getting. She teased Joanne’s hard clit, making flickering passes over it as it rose up, driving the dildo in to the hilt every time. Joanne’s cries of pleasure urged her on.

The room was filled with the sounds of two hot and very wet cunts squelching, cries, grunts, and moans, and two sleek bodies entwined in that most intimate of numbers, each doing their best to drive the other one to climax.

Joanne could feel it rush at her, her body started to shake, and she howled into the soupy wetness as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy pouring out juices.

Chrissy had been on the brink, the sound of Joanne cumming, the rush of juices, and the knowledge that she had taken Joanne to climax took Chrissy with her, and Chrissy was squealing with pleasure as she felt the slam of her orgasm, her juices gushing around the plunging dildo, reveling in the sensory rush of cumming at the same time as her lover.

When the last spasm had shaken them, they flopped down, enjoying the afterglow, ahh, Joanne loved laying back, holding her lover close, and just enjoying the blissed-out feel.

For Chrissy, Joanne was the first lover she’d been in an afterglow with. The soft, floating feeling, a lover’s warm body holding her close, mmmm, oh yes, she loved it.

They stayed that way, dreamy with contentment until Chrissy decided that she’d better get home. She was happy to exchange cell numbers with Joanne.

“Once Renee hears the details, she’ll be more than ready to meet you. How’d you like to be licking my lover’s cunt, while I fuck you from behind? How about getting your tight little cunt and your tight ass hole fucked at the same time? Sound good Chrissy?”

Chrissy nodded eagerly. She wanted Daddy to deflower her tight ass hole, so she needed to attend to that detail. Joanne walked with her to the train station and stayed with her until her train arrived. They shared a long, lingering, tongue-swirling kiss, before Chrissy boarded the train, and settled into her seat.

As she rode along, she was thinking about her Daddy. She wanted to stop at the market when she got off the train, and buy the fixings for a nice dinner for her Dad. And after dinner, perhaps, some late-night loving? She hoped so.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32