Underwear Modelling for My Dad Pt. 01

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All participants in this story are over 18.

This story begins at the same time as my last story about my Uncle Rob, in fact it began on that same summer holiday. I really learned on that holiday what effect I could have on men, how they liked looking at me, and how I felt when their gaze looked me up and down. Shivers. I had bought a new red bikini that my mum thought was unsuitable. “Too tarty Chloe” she had said. But I liked it. The back was cut high, the bust was cut low. My tits were smaller then, but the tight red fabric made them bulge up, and barely hid my nipples when they were hard.

The day I bought the bikini I ran upstairs to try it on, and masturbated as I looked at myself in the mirror.

On holiday, I teased every man. The waiters, the lifeguard, Uncle Rob, and even my dad. Especially my dad. I asked him to photograph me on the beach, by the pool, in the town’s markets – all the time. He was an amateur photographer and in those days that was all film, so he had a dark room at home. I knew he enjoyed the challenges of all those changing locations, and I threw in my own challenges.

The poses I used probably weren’t those a daughter should use with her dad for seaside snaps. Perhaps they started out that way, but then, I thrust my hips a little too far forward. I arched my back more than I should have, my lips were always red and freshly licked, my eyes were always on him, my photographer. And often on his crotch. Around the pool, my eyes were on his tight speedos and the bulge there.

After I’d sucked Rob’s cock, all I could think about was the next hard man’s dick in my hot little mouth. In my mind, as I lay in my hotel be, that cock, shoved şişli escort into my mouth, stretching my lips, should be my father’s. I fingered myself to sleep think of that. And every day I teased and posed, and laughed as the men stared and my mum tut-tutted.

Back home I was eager to see the finished photos and pestered my dad to develop them, but what with work he never seemed to have the time. Or so he said. But one day I walked into his office at home and there on the desk was a photo of me, kneeling next to the pool, my eyes wide and sexy and my body wet, my nipples were clearly visible and my thighs were smooth and beautiful. I know my dad thought they were beautiful too because, on that photo, and on the desk around it, were little droplets of white fluid. I touched my finger to the sticky stuff and tasted it, cum. My dad’s cum. I heard him walking back from the bathroom and quickly dashed the other way, straight to my room where I fingered myself to orgasm in about three seconds!

That night I asked about the photos and he said he’d printed up a set that afternoon. He and my mum and I looked through them after dinner. I noticed her looking at my dad with some anger as she viewed them. I told him I loved them and asked if he thought I looked pretty. Of course he said I was beautiful. I asked if he thought I was sexy and my mum interrupted, saying that wasn’t something a dad would ever think of his daughter. But I knew the truth.

I was obsessed with him wanking over my photos. I needed to see him doing it. His office was once a pantry, when the old house was originally built, and between it and our dining room was an old wooden serving hatch that had mecidiyeköy escort been painted over about a thousand times. The sliding panels were stuck by paint and wouldn’t move at all, but at one end the frame was coming away a little from the wall. I stuck a butter knife in and wiggled it, and soon I could see a tiny crack of light. If I stood close and closed one eye, I could see straight in to his office, a tiny slice, but just where I had found that sticky photo. From that moment on, whenever my dad went into his office, I stopped by for a peek.

For days, it was the most boring spying you can imagine. Him working on his papers, or on the phone to clients. But then on a Thursday, when my mum always went to her mother’s, things changed. After breakfast he said something about finishing some tax returns, and he needed to focus, so not to bother him. And as he went into his office, I heard the bolt snick on the door. I dashed to my spyhole.

First of all I could see him take down a large box file from above his desk, and remove several brown envelopes. From one of those, he took some photographs, and with a thrill I glimpsed my red bikini and blonde hair. I wondered what was in the other envelopes. As i watched he arranged the photos in a semi circle on his desk, I could see most of them, but he was standing with his back to me and blocked my view of those in the centre. From those I could see, I worked out that the missing photos must be of me sunbathing on the beach. He started doing something with his hands that I couldn’t see, and then suddenly his trousers fell down. Pants too.

I was looking at my dad’s naked bum, hairy and still sun tanned, istanbul escort with the line of his speedos showing. His shirt tales hung down. I slipped my hand down the front of my jeans and push a finger down through my soft curly pubes into my pussy, I was soaking. I was trembling. I watched as my father started to masturbated, looking at my photos. I could only see from behind, but his arm movements were clear. I knew what he was doing. His buttocks shook as he pounded his cock. I wished I could see it. I wished I was really in front of him, instead of just those photos. I was so excited. I bit my lips to stop from cumming.

And then he spoke, almost grunted, and I did cum, I stumbled forward and banged my head on the wall as I orgasmed. Just his words did it. “You teasing little cunt Chloe” he’d said. “Fucking pricktease bitch”. He was muttering, he sound angry, bitter, he almost spat it out “Just like your fucking whore mother” and then repeated “Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, fucking whore cunt!” and his body shuddered, as did mine, and I knew he was cumming, I saw a spray to his left and the cum lay shining on my face relaxing by the pool, my father’s semen on my pretty face. I was melting. I was shuddering. I wanted his cock so much and then my prayers were answered as he turned to get a paper hankie from his desk, and I saw that big hard thick veiny cock, my daddy’s lovely big hard cock, dripping cum, and I knew I would never be happy till I’d had that cock for myself.

As I ran upstairs to shove a deodorant bottle up my soaking wet pussy, I was already making my plans to get my hands, and my lips, and my cunt, on that delicious big dick. More to come.

My last story lots of men commented, but I’d really like to hear from ladies who perhaps are in a similar situation to me. Do you understand why I’m the way I am? Are you like it too? How have you learned to live life as a nymphomaniac without letting it wreck everything?

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