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At least the perpetual gray rain had stopped, Shiv thought as she strode down the street. Her boots ground on the concrete as she walked, eyes alert in the city darkness, watching every corner, shadowed doorway, car she passed. She walked this way every day, but had no intention of being a victim from being oblivious to it. The city was never safe. She loved it.

Snarling erupted from the alley next to her and she spun to see two of the semi-feral dogs that roamed the streets tearing at each other in a tangle of teeth and wild enraged eyes. A third dog stalked around them, the white of its teeth almost glowing in the dim light, tail high, circling close. She realized the third was a bitch waiting for her mate to be decided. The crescendo of threat and violence changed tone as one dog’s voice became yowls of pain in counterpoint to the sudden drop in volume of the victor. She watched as they separated, pride and arousal in every line of the stronger male as he backed from his foe before turning to the bitch.

The dog growled low at him as he stalked her, their eyes locked on each other as they circled. She made him work for it, a dance of threat and enticement. Flashes of gold and green lit their faces as they circled and the dim streetlights caught their eyes. Shiv’s hand in the pocket of her coat slid over the front of her tight pants, pulling the seam into her clit. The throb almost startled her and she smiled to herself as she realized how involved she had gotten in the scene before her. Her breath was fast and short, and she started to turn away.

Her eyes fell on the other dog. Its eyes were on her, and it crouched, growling at her. She realized she stood in its only path out, and that it was in no mood to be patient. She backed a slow step, and it advanced. Another step and the flashing neon of a beer sign glared in her peripheral vision. Maybe it was a good time for a drink. She edged sideways, never looking from the beast’s glowing gold eyes burning into hers, knowing if she did the maddened creature would attack. It needed release as badly as she did. The thought almost made her laugh until it snarled and made a tentative lunge forward.

She gasped and her hand found the door handle. She pulled and turned around the door pulling it to behind her, catching her breath before looking up. Her breath froze in her throat for a moment until she realized that the amber eyes that burned into hers were human. A long moment later he smiled and she found herself released, dragging her eyes from his and laughing softly to herself. This was turning into one hell of an evening.

Shiv scanned the room, the long bar of polished wood, scattered tables, a few booths in back. It had an understated class about it, not pretentious but everything of good quality and cared for. She’d never come in here before, though she’d passed it twice a day for the last six months. She decided she liked it. There were a few people here and there, early for the evening drinkers, but a few left from the after work crowd. The barkeep moved about, doing whatever they did back there. She turned to see a coat rack beside her and set her bag down to remove her coat when she felt hands lifting it from her shoulders.

She half turned, glancing back, and realized it was him, the man from before. His golden brown eyes met hers much closer now, a subtle smile lighting them as he waited for her. “May I?” His voice was low and rich, carrying deep. His hands moved her coat and she turned back, letting him take it, suddenly drawing a deep breath again. What was wrong with her tonight, she wondered? Get a grip Shiv, she told herself. No reason to lose it over a dogfight and some guy hitting on you in a bar. Though he was a damn nice specimen, what she could remember of his face past those eyes.

She moved past him as he hung her coat for her, her eyes catching his hands on the collar of her coat as he reached for the rack. Large strong hands they were, disappearing into the sleeves of a heavy dark sweater. Her eyes made their way up his arms to broad shoulders. Even under the bulk of the sweater he must be strong. She moved to a free table, and turned to find him behind her, büyükesat escort pulling out a chair for her as though he belonged with her. Arrogant bastard she thought, and caught that challenging glint in his eyes again. She knew if she refused he would walk away, but somehow she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t let him win…win what, she asked herself? “Thanks.” She sat down, wondering what in the hell she was doing.

“What will you drink?” the voice was at her ear, low and throaty, but when she glanced back he stood a step away, already moving around the table, those intent eyes watching her. Yes, he was handsome, strong features, a glint of even white teeth through sensuous lips. Scotch came to her mind and she almost said it, but stopped. “White wine would be nice, thank you.” Shiv knew she was edgy enough tonight without the scotch fumes clouding her mind. She watched him walk to the bar, enjoying the way he moved, sure and deliberate. Her pants tightened even more when she sat and she unconsciously straightened in her chair, the pressure on her groin reminding her it had only been moments and she was still very much aroused. With his form filling her eyes she doubted that would change any time soon.

Well why should it? She’d been working non-stop since she moved here, proving herself to this company. She was due some relaxation. Then she laughed at herself again. Picking up a stranger in a bar was relaxation? Not that she felt very relaxed. Her eyes traveled up his body as he turned with the drinks. It wasn’t until they reached his eyes that she realized he stood still for her, letting her look. Heat crawled up her neck as he met her look. There was no denying what flared between them. He stepped forward, eyes never leaving hers until he reached the table. A slight smile and he finally broke contact, setting the glasses down and sitting next to her. She drew in a ragged breath, reaching for the glass. The shaking of her hand convinced her to toy with the stem before trying to lift it. She kept her eyes firmly on the pale gold liquid, breathing slowly for a moment.

She cut a glance to the side, found him looking out the front window of the bar. “Thank you for the drink.” She lifted it to her lips, hand steady once more, more or less, and sipped. It was good, a little dry, just what she liked.

“You didn’t look like you needed to be alone when you came in.” His eyes flicked to hers for a brief moment, that glint like a dart before he looked away again. “And I didn’t wish to be alone tonight either.” He looked at her again, holding her eyes a moment, then letting his drift up, over her long hair gathered back, down her face, her neck where she knew the heavy silver chain glinted in the neck of her silk blouse, down the loose fabric to the table. He reached and took her hand, raising it to his lips, his breath ghosting over her skin first, then the lightest touch of his lips. She could swear for the briefest moment she felt his teeth graze her skin before he lowered it once more and smiled up at her. She shivered hard, and knew he felt it by the look in his eye. Fine. She met his eyes and this time didn’t bother to think, the hunger she’d been storing for the last few months blazed into his. Damn propriety, she wanted him and they both knew it.

She smiled softly and lifted her glass to sip. Shiv felt her confidence return. This was a dance she knew well. She felt the tightness inside running through her core as she decided and moved slightly in her chair, letting her tight pants send pleasure grinding up through her. She saw his answering look smolder, he seemed aware of everything happening in her. Shiv reveled in it, knowing this was a man who would meet her desire. They finished their drinks silently, comfortable with each other even as the tension grew between them. She set her empty glass down as he did. “Care to walk with me? I’m staying near by.” He reached for her hand again, and waited. She smiled and gave it to him.

Outside she glanced around, but there was no sign of the dogs. He led her away from the alley and they walked a couple of blocks. They didn’t cling like romantic lovers. The heat çankaya escort between them had nothing to do with romance. He ushered her into his motel room, eyes hard on her face in a way that brought a flush of heat through her. She stepped in, shedding her coat to toss it over a chair, turning to face him as he pulled her close, his own coat gone.

They moved together as he pulled off her belt and started unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled up his sweater and he paused for her to peel it over his head. Their clothes hit the floor in turns and his mouth opened on hers, arms strong around her back pulling her to him, one hand winding in her hair. They bit at each other’s lips and tasted deep in each other’s mouth, no soft exploring but hunger. Shiv pulled back and started to kneel, intending to taste him. She found herself spun into the bed instead, almost falling as he pushed her onto it, she brought her knee up onto it. He pushed her farther and as her other knee came up and she turned to snarl back at him two fingers buried themselves inside her.

Her snarl became a groan as they slipped in easily. She had been aroused since watching the bitch in the alley coax and warn the dog that stalked her. Her cunt was wet, slippery as he probed at it. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he pulled out. A stinging slap on her mound made her jump and cry out, “Fuck! Think slapping me’s gonna make me nice and passive for you? Fuck you!”

His hand slapped her ass hard and he wrapped his fist in her hair, dragging her head back. “Shut up bitch.” His voice was a low growl, his hand hard on her ass as he pulled her cheek to the side, displaying her to him. She shoved back at him, a challenge of his hold on her and a drive to get his hardness in her at once. He slapped her again and shoved her forward, his grip in her hair keeping her head back. “You want me to fuck you bitch? Your cunt is all nice and wet for me, you want this fat cock in it?” His hard shaft smacked into her anal ring, sending shocks through her.

“Fuck me with that thing, show me what you can do.” She glared a challenge back over her shoulder at him, in spite of the pull on her hair. “Go on, bury it in me.” She curled her lip, showing him her teeth and he let go of himself, slapping her hard and yanking her head back around.

“I’ll fuck you when I’m ready bitch. Beg for it. Tell me how you want this fat cock in your pussy.” He pushed her shoulders down, arching her cheeks high in the air and opening her cunt to the air. He rapped himself up against her swollen center a few times, sending sparks, making her jump. “Beg for my cock bitch.”

It rubbed up and down her lips. Shiv lunged back for it, wanting it inside her. She felt a slow drop of moisture run down her thigh; it had been so long since she’d been filled. “Fuck me damn you! Yes, I want your cock inside me! Drive it into me you bastard, quit fucking around and FUCK ME!” She felt the head just inside her entrance. His hand slapped her ass hard before she could drive back against it again.

“Just the head bitch, just the head, that’s all you get.” He moved it inside her, up and down. His hand in her hair shoved hard down on her shoulders, keeping her from moving. “Beg me, tell me you want it. Your cunt is so wet, so hot…you want this cock in your beautiful cunt, don’t you bitch?” He moved it around her entrance, teasing her.

She snarled and reached back between her legs, finding his cock spreading her lips, and wrapped her hand around it, pulling him into her as she drove back on him. His hand slapped her ass again, hard enough to make her gasp. “No you don’t, you hungry bitch, you get it when I give it to you!” He resisted her pull, smacking her ass again, another spot. She felt her skin glowing red under his fingers as he traced them around the reddened area. “Stroke my cock with that hand, and tell me how bad you want it.”

He was driving her crazy, her hunger growing out of control. She let herself sink into it, wild with need. “Ohh fuck…please baby I want your cock, please please fuck me…” a moan came from her throat as her hand traced his shaft, so smooth and hot, so fucking ankara escort big! She should be afraid of the damn thing, but she just wanted it. Her wrist pressed her clit and rolled across it as she stroked him, still trying to pull him inside her.

He groaned and his hips slammed forward, his cock stretching her wide, impaling her until she cried out. His head stretched her depths until pain merged with the pleasure before his hips slapped her ass. The skin burned a dim glow behind the explosion of heat inside her. His hand in her hair wrenched her head back as she arched her back harder, tightening around the shaft inside her. He started moving in her, long slow strokes, making her feel every inch invading her again and again. “You like that bitch? You feel so good, so hot and tight. Such a nice fuck you are. Tell me how much you like it. Talk to me bitch.”

“Fuuccckkk…” her breath shuddered out of her with the word and she dragged it back in as the mass filling her robbed her thoughts. “So good, it feels so fucking good, yes baby fuck me, fuck me hard, I love your cock, ah fuck yes, more baby, fuck me hard, please baby more…” words babbled from her lips between moans, she didn’t care what she said as long as he kept moving in her. Her hand stroked him from underneath, feeling her lips stretched tight around his straining hardness, feeling him slide into her.

Then his thumb pressed against her ass, wet, he must have licked it. It pressed in and she shoved back against it, relaxing around him as he varied the pressure, slipping into the muscle ring slowly. She shook, the incredible sensations magnifying what he was already doing to her. “You like that don’t you slut? My little bitch, wild little bitch is my slut now…you want it don’t you? Like it this way, like what I can give you.” He moved faster in her, driving hard into her depths as his thumb slid in and out of her.

She groaned and cried out, slamming back against him, jumping as he slapped her ass again. She pressed her fingers in frantic circles over the hard button between her lips. “Fuck! Aah gods fuck me! Harder dammit! I want all of it, all of you…grrraahhfuckk meee!” She screamed and spasmed around him, her walls locking around him as he dragged himself back and drove into her again. She buried her face in the sheets, biting them as he never slowed. Her moans and cries muffled by the bed she came hard, bucking against him as his hand locked her shoulders against the bed, leaning his weight on her and grunting as he moved over her hard and fast.

He pulled his thumb from her ass and reached forward, grabbing her breast and curving his body over her ass high in the air, grinding himself into her. His cock filled her over and over, her slick cum letting him move easily through her tight walls. She screamed again as he kept her cumming, kept it going inside her. She felt him swelling as he grunted over her, faster, hand in her hair and on her breast pulling her to him. “Fuck baby cum for me, fill me with it…aah fuck more, cum in me baby please!” He arched up from her, his cock stretching her deeper yet as he swelled and groaned. She screamed once more as his climax flooded through her, milking his cock for all it was worth.

He stood up and pushed her forward, climbing on to the bed behind her and laying down with her, rolling them to their sides. They lay silently, breathing hard, letting the shakes slow as they came down. His hand trailed slowly down her skin. “I’m in town for another week. I’m busy tomorrow, but the day after?” His low voice purred in her ear, his warmth against her back feeding the lassitude that rolled through her.

A week of heat to hold her another six months perhaps, she thought. It made her smile. “Yes, that would be very good.” She fought against the somnolence that wanted to pull her under, and felt him move behind her, sliding down the bed again and pausing to press his face between her legs. His tongue licked once, slowly across her lips, making her shiver and moan softly before he stood and took her hand, pulling her up as well.

She smiled as she finished her walk home. The pleasant ache between her legs let her know she would be more than ready in two days. She looked to the end of the block as she entered the door of her building, and watched the dogs race from between two buildings across the street and into another alley. A soft snarl trailed the breeze behind them, and she smiled again, looking after them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32