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It is a sunny day and I am sitting in my office, I have a large office with a separate meeting room that looks over several other offices in my building, opposite my meeting room is an office that has been vacant for nearly a year. It is the weekend and I am in to finish off some work that needs doing for a meeting on Monday morning. I go to have a break in the meeting room as the chairs are a little better plus my coffee machine is in there and I need a coffee. When I enter the room with its large table and chairs I notice some movement in the office opposite mine. I go to the machine and poor myself a coffee, and I grab my paper for my daily read of the news. I sit down at my chair and I look to see what is happening just across from me, the other office is only about four feet away from my window, it’s not too bad as I have a clear view and a nice scene from the other side of the room. Looking I notice a figure in the room, all I can see is a tight black skirt as it clings to this persons curves, its not a bad view so far, a nice set of legs and what looks like a fine ass, shame the other half is in a cupboard.

I sit down with my coffee and I face the window to see if I can get a good view of what’s behind the legs, as I look the legs start to move and a stunning looking blonde who looks about 35 stands up and brushes her knees down, I watch as the material clings to her body, the skirt tight to her and her blouse slightly open and tight against her white thin bra, I gaze at her blouse and her breast as I watch her brushing herself down and her nipple slightly erect strain against the thin material. I start to think that if she is permanent then escort izmit maybe I should arrange more meetings, the view has certainly improved in my books and just watching her is making me start to think of things other than coffee and work, in fact watching her is making me hard.

I sit there and watch her work sorting her office out into some order, watching her work and watching her moves is erotic and hypnotising. I notice her blouse as it clings to her skin, watching her skirt move clinging to her long legs, even her hair as it falls out of place ,and her as she brushes it back, I find myself becoming aroused as I watch all of this just feet from me. She has her back to me as she bends down; her skirt and blouse cling tightly to her as she works. I forget my coffee and work as my cock starts to push against my trousers, I feel myself becoming harder as I watch her bend and move seeing her muscles tighten when her blouse clings to her.

I start to unzip my trousers and release my semi hard cock when as if on cue she turns to face me. She is sorting piles on the floor so has not seen me yet. My cock is free and my cock hardens as I watch her bending down, her blouse is open and I can see her firm breasts as they push against the material, her firm legs as she bends, seeing her bending to reveal stocking has my cock rock hard in no time and I wonder what her breast would feel like seeing them before me straining against her bra the clear material and her dark nipple pressing forward. I start to stroke my cock slowly and I watch her moving. Suddenly she looks up and I wave at her as she looks straight at me, my window is hiding my cock from her view izmit escort as she is slightly lower than me, but only just. She waves at me and smiles a friendly smile, I put my hand to my head as if I am holding a phone, she nods and I grab a piece of paper and scrawl down my extension number and I hold it to the window. I watch her with my cock still in my hand as she picks up the phone and taps my number, the phone beside me rings and I pick it up and listen to her silky and rather sexy voice as she say hello and that her name is Maria. I tall her my name and what position I hold in the company, she tells me that means she is below me and I laugh and say without thinking “I wished”, I expect her to be a bit funny.

Maria replies but not with what I expect she just laughs and says that work should not be all about stress but also ways to relax. Maria pulls a chair toward the window and she sits down facing me and asks if I enjoy watching her.

Maria asks me if I find her good looking or attractive for a woman nearer forty than thirty. I tell her she looks stunning and that her figure is enough to make me a little hotter under the collar. We start to flirt and I can see her relaxing as she undoes another button on her blouse and her fingers run along the top of her bra. She tells me that flattery will get me everywhere as she moves her hands down her leg gripping the hem and pulling it slightly higher. My cock is throbbing and I cannot help but stroke it as I watch her fingers run up the inside of her thighs. She tell me that she wants me on my desk so she can have fun watching me as she uses her own hand to fuck herself.

I izmit kendi evi olan escort get up and move to the desk and I sit on the edge my cock pointing at her as she pulls her skirt up to her waist. I sit there my cock throbbing and on view as Maria’s voice appear on the phone and she tells me that I am to do what she wants. She tells me that she wants to watch me as I stroke my cock, she wants me to watch her, and she wants me to remember that she is only next door and that I could on any day help her do some overtime. I hear her soft voice as it describes every detail to me, I stroke my throbbing cock as I watch her hands pull her panties down. My cock throbs as I see her pull her pussy apart, her legs spread and her pussy open as she runs her fingers along it and tells me what she is doing and feeling.

I stroke my aching cock harder, she watches me and slide a finger inside her wet pussy; she tells me that she won’t be long in Cumming. Maria tells me that she wants me to stand and she wants to see me stroke my swollen cock then she wants to watch my cum as it hits the window, she will finger fuck herself to climax. I hear her moans as I watch her slide two fingers deep into her pussy, pulling them out and teasing herself and then again as she slide her fingers in. She tells me she is thinking of my cock as she feels her finger go deeply inside her; she pictures my swollen cock instead. I hear her moans and she whimpers as her orgasm arrives, I can hold of no more and I feel my balls as the shrink and my cock is twitching. I tell her and she watches as I near the window, I hear her gasp as her orgasm arrives and her eyes as my cock explodes sending my cum spraying across the window. We both shudder as we orgasm and she removes her hand and licks her fingers as she sees my cum sliding to the floor. I sit and I hear her voice as she tells me that tomorrow night it won’t be so far apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32