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This isn’t a story at all, in the fictional sense, but a mini-collection of actual events and escapades enjoyed by an old girlfriend and myself. I’ll call her Xena and we were both around 30 when we both experienced the sensual times of our lives. Xena and I had gone to the same schools growing up and lived in nearby neighborhoods, but we never knew each other in those days. She had married while in high school, due to being pregnant, and had two sons by that union. Apparently the marriage had lost its luster early on and they had an amicable divorce while the boys were very young. I knew of her husband and the story from that side was that there was no excitement in the marriage, specifically sex. Xena had married a totally loser while on the rebound and was separated and in the process of divorce when she and I crossed paths and began dating.

Our very first meeting was after work one day where we had a beer apiece, only downing half the beer before the make-out session began. The kisses were hot, passion filled and it wasn’t but seconds before hands began to roam. Being in public was cause enough for some restraint and we parted with an invitation from her to attend a party at her apartment the next weekend.

When I got to her apartment that first time the crowd was already half buzzed on beer, booze and whatever. I wasn’t into the whatever stuff, and kept my alcohol intake to a bare minimum so that I could fully savor what I hoped might happen later that evening. I hadn’t been there too long before the crowd started to slowly thin and I was able to be around Xena a bit more. I was already horny and primed and apparently she was too, because not much later she began telling people they needed to leave. She literally threw out the last two guys that were old buds of hers, and within seconds we were back in her bedroom stripping down. Foreplay was out. I was standing at the foot of the bed taking off my clothes while Xena was stripping on the bed. She slipped out of her jeans and panties in one fluid motion and lay there totally naked with her legs spread apart, beckoning me to her. I had polatlı escort to just stand there and stare for a few moments because that was the first time in my life I’d ever seen a genuine, natural blond naked where the carpet absolutely matched the drapes. It truly was a sight to behold.

Like I said, foreplay was out of the question and Xena pulled me right atop her, guiding my rock hard cock straight into her quite wet pussy. It was a hard and fast fuck with a thunderous simultaneous orgasm that left us both panting for breath. I never pulled out from her and when I made movement as to get off of her, Xena wrapped her arms around me and rolled us over so that I was on bottom with her astride my hips. I never pulled free from her pussy during that move, and we began a long and slow fuck that was my first two-cum sex session in my life. Later that night as we walked out into the cool moonlight and stood under a giant old tree Xena told me of one of her fantasies being to make love under a tree outdoors.

A lot of our sexual encounters were spur of the moment sort of happenings. One occurred one late evening when we were returning from a trip up into the mountains for a day hike. We were on a rural highway that lacked all the conveniences of an urban avenue, and we both had to pee something terrible. I spied a darkened building that had once housed a gas station and pulled off the highway. We went around back of the building and both peed at the same time. I finished first and seeing her squatting there bare assed was all it took, and when she partially stood up to pull her jeans and panties back up I put my hand on her ass and slid my hard cock up into her drip-dried pussy. It never took Xena very long to generate a wet pussy and within seconds I was sliding full length into her cunt.

One of the most risky times, in terms of being caught, was at her parents’ house. We were there in a family gathering of sorts and even had her two young boys with us. There was some drama unfolding and Xena was a more an object of the drama and she could tolerate so she and pursaklar escort I went outside for a cooling off period. It was late afternoon but still plenty light and neighboring families were still out in their yards playing ball and the such. Her brother and sister and their families, and her two boys, were all still in the house when we decided to sit in the car for a chat. A chat turned to a kiss which turned into a full make-out session that turned into full petting that turned into my hands on her bare tits. Somehow her pants wound up down around her ankles and my fingers in her pussy. I slid down into the floorboards and started eating her pussy right then and there, in full daylight, with her tits in full view of anyone that looked in that direction. Well, in full view except for what my hands had covered as I pinched and pulled on her nipples. Let’s just say her mood got a whole lot better.

There was a very small cabin up in the mountains that we used to rent on weekends, and though it was in amongst a bunch of other rental units they were all somewhat separated and isolated by the thick growth of rhododendron, laurel and hemlock. The first time we ever went there we walked out onto the small read deck, fairly well hidden from view though only about 30 feet from the road, and I jerked her pants and panties down and off right there in broad daylight with voices of strangers on two sides of us. She sat on the handrail as I pounded her pussy, both cumming in short order. She liked doing things like that in semi-public and sometimes public settings. There was the time she gave me a blow job in the middle of the picnic area on a bright and sunny day, and several times we’d go out into the woods behind her house, strip naked and go at it there in the trees. It was part of a large horse farm and within very close proximity to one of the more popular riding trails. Twice groups of girls riding caught sight of us buck naked and grunting our way along.

Xena had a bit of an unusual orgasm reaction in that she would hump hard and fast right up to the moment ankara escort the orgasm would hit, then as it took control over her, her legs would go stiff and straight, her stomach hard and stiff, and her head would lean back in grunts and gasps. Her whole body would be stiff and straight in the bed or wherever we were, almost like fucking a maniquin for a few moments. This was even true when we were 69-ing it. Until one day, that is.

We were in her bed one afternoon really going at it. I had become interested in her asshole and as we were fucking in missionary position I reached down and around with my left arm and began feeling below her pussy. I worked my way back and under to her asshole, the whole area wet and silky from her sweet juices, and I began massaging her little puckered hole with my fingers. This seemed to excite her so I continued as we fucked faster. As things were building towards a climax, the penetrations harder and faster, the breathing ragged, our bodies flushed and reddened, I slipped my finger up into her anal hole a bit. It was almost like she hit overdrive, her thrusting into my cock and finger harder and faster, so I launched my finger wholly into her ass and began to massage the back side of her vagina. I could feel my cock ramming in and out but not for long, for within seconds we both erupted in the most intense orgasm we’d ever experienced. I honestly thought Xena was physically damaged, or in some kind of shock. She had thrown her head back and the grunts and gasps were cut off almost in convulsive jerks. I eased off of her and stared, scared of what may have happened to her, but in about a minute she grew very still and calm, her breathing returned so normal but still deep, and she rolled her head and opened her eyes to look at me. That’s when a huge grin came over her face and we both broke out in laughter.

It was a couple of days later that we were having another sex-fest and I was doing my usual stuff. As the passion was growing and the feelings growing stronger Xena, out of nowhere, asked me, “What’s wrong with your finger?”

“Nothing, why?”

“Use it.”

From then on she let me explore her anally with my tongue or fingers as I wished. I was just getting to the point of trying my cock in her ass when we stopped seeing each other. The sex was fantastic, for us both, but other than that our lives were moving in different directions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32