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Big Tits

I can’t get you out of my mind. I know it borders insanity, that complete, consuming way in which you enter my thoughts and dominate them. I close my eyes and you’re there, your voice creeps into my head and my heart begins to pound. I want you so desperately that my body reacts to these thoughts as if you were here… touching me.

Do you remember the night that we met? Each of us there, alone within the group, each, in our own way, hunting the crowd for treats. I had no idea after speaking with you that night that I would beg to be in your bed inside 24 hours. I remember your clothing, your smell, how your eyes looked laughing behind your glasses. I don’t know what distracted me from looking at you closer that night but it has driven me crazy all this time.

I lie alone, thinking. It’s dark and I am bare, tossing and turning in bed because my wandering mind’s eye keeps going back to you and the last time. The look in your eyes that lets me know you’re wanting and ready. The grip of your hand that pulls me possessively to you. The smell of nişantaşı escort your skin… the taste of your mouth. The way you tossed me onto the bed and rolled me over onto my stomach. The way you wouldn’t let me touch you or turn around. The way you drank what you created.

Without seeking it, my body feeds off the thought of you. My nipples tighten, enticing me into touching them. They tingle urgently when I hold back and send jolts of longing to my pussy, which reacts by becoming slicker and throbbing. Images of you flash through my mind and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold back until I have to touch… have to seek release.

I roll over, whimpering my frustration, angry with myself for the weakness the mere thought of you causes in my will. I hear you… “Cum…” and I want to, desperately, though you’re nowhere near. Wetter.. So much so that it begins to coat me. I have to touch. You do this to me… you and no other.

Again I roll over; my forearm drapes itself over my eyes, as if the action would be able to şişli escort block the mental pictures of you that possess me. To no avail, I weaken further and my right hand grazes the taut peak of my nipples and they make me shiver… answering my tease with an electric ‘Yes… touch…’

I open my eyes wide, my breath caught in my throat, the room otherwise silent. I surrender to the feeling of my fingers rolling over my nipples and before I know it, the arm that once hid my eyes, lowers and finds my legs parted and ready… my fingers find my slit soaked… my clit hard.

You do this to me and I have no choice but to obey. Night after night, when I’m not with you, my craving becomes unbearable and yes, again my finger slips inside me, again I close my eyes and moan into an empty room, again I press the heel of my hand against my throbbing clit and masturbate to the thought of you.

I need to cum so badly, before I even let my finger circle my clit, before I let myself touch too closely. I know it won’t be long and though I mecidiyeköy escort want to savor, I cannot, you won’t let me. I hear you urging me. Your voice in my ear… “Touch… touch for me…” You make me so fucking wet that I need nothing, not even when I let my finger slip lower to gently tease the opening of my asshole. I want it… so much…

My chest is rising and falling now, the room no longer quiet or echoing the sound of my breath. I moan now that I touch, I whimper from the pleasure the thought of you brings me though I am alone and I don’t care what a passer by might hear. I’m cumming… to the thought of you…

I can’t stop… I can’t… my middle finger has taken a life of its own, its mission to bring my body pleasure. It alternates from teasing my clit to plunging deep inside me when I come too close to orgasm, frequently it comes to my lips so that I may taste it, suck it as I would you if you were here.

My body becomes a blur of motion and reaction, my mind playing the memories of you on a loop and it’s as if you were there again. Back arching, sharp intakes of air, mumbled words of pleasure, hair in my mouth, the sounds of my wet pussy being stroked, fucked by my own fingers… cumming… closer… closer… God… you’re going to make me cum again… and I am helpless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32