14 – College Years 6 – My Summer

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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off-chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this – while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time. Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.


A lot had happened since I had gone to visit Alexa. In the last couple months, we had our spring break, written midterms, she had come to visit once more, and we had decided on what our future plans were. Because her school simply didn’t have a program that met what I was currently enrolled in, she had agreed to transfer to my school, and had already filled out and had the paperwork approved. With finals only a few weeks away, Bill and I had realized we were late to the idea of securing housing for the next year. We had started to look for houses, but fortunately Alexa was down for the weekend, so we could really start looking seriously. We had narrowed it down to a few possible choices, but none of them were incredibly ideal. The first was a two-bedroom apartment. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but Alexa and Ashley both wanted to live with me, and I was pretty adamant about living with Bill. One bathroom split between four people, and maybe a fifth if Erin stayed over a lot, did not sound very appealing to any of us. The other choices were all rental houses, and had too many rooms.

The first house we went to see had seven bedrooms. We had no idea how we were going to manage to come up with that kind of rent, and it seemed somewhat wasteful since three of us would probably be sharing one room the vast majority of the time. The second house had six bedrooms and three bathrooms, and was going to be expensive. The really nice thing about this house, though, was that the upstairs was one big bedroom with its own bathroom. The last house we saw had three bedrooms, but just like the apartment, it only had one bathroom.

We went back to the dorm, trying to figure out how we could make the second house fit for our budget and ourselves. We figured that each person living there would have to pay about $700 a month including utilities if we lived there only from August to April. If we lived there year round, it would only be $600 a month. These prices hinged on the fact that we would also need to have probably three or four other people living with us. We started to ask around, showed people pictures of the house that the owner had e-mailed us, and had finally come to a pretty decent group of people that might actually work. Other than Bill, Ashley, Alexa and myself, who would probably only need two bedrooms, we had talked to Trent and Andy, as well as Judy and Roxanne. We explained that the big upstairs bedroom would be taken, but everyone else would be able to figure out which room belonged to whom in a reasonable manner.

The owner was gracious enough to show us all through the house again, and was actually a little concerned since nine people met her at the door.

“This is my girlfriend,” Bill said, holding up Erin’s hand. “And that’s Rob’s girlfriend,” he continued, pointing at Alexa.

“You girls won’t be staying over all the time, right?” Mrs. Cekman asked.

“Of course not,” Alexa laughed. “What would our parents think?”

Mrs. Cekman seemed skeptical at best, but allowed us all inside. We looked around, and everyone seemed to like it. The house was newer, in good condition, and perhaps most importantly, was not too far from campus or the strip of bars that this town called ‘downtown’. Trent and Andy convinced everyone that they should get the two basement bedrooms on account of their being generally messier than everyone else. That left Bill to take the room isolated on one side of the house, so Roxanne and Judy could take the rooms that shared a wall. All in all, we thought we had a pretty good deal on our hands. With eight people living in this house, we could probably get away with everyone paying just over $550 a month if we rented year-round. We signed a preliminary agreement that was conditional on an inspection of the house by Judy’s dad, who fortunately worked in real estate.

We decided to go out for dinner to celebrate our good fortune, and then headed back to the dorm to celebrate with alcohol – while we had no problem getting enough booze to get way too drunk on a nightly basis, only a handful of us were legal age at this point. We had just returned to the dorm when I got a phone call from Mrs. Cekman.


“Ya, who is this?”

“This is Jessica. Mrs. Cekman,” the voice answered.

“Oh, hey. Is everything ok?”

“Everything is fine – I just forgot to mention something when you kids were over at the house. Pending the inspection by Judy’s father, I am going to need first and last by the end of the month.”

“Well Judy’s dad should be coming up next weekend, so that shouldn’t be a problem,” I answered.

“Ok. I’m also going to need you kids to sign an insurance agreement just to state that you are liable for any damages to the interior of the house during your time living there. Could I drop it off at your dorm tonight?”

“That’d be fine. Do you need that back tonight?”

“No, no,” she answered. “When you give me the first and last checks, that will be fine.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in a little bit, then,” I told her, closing my phone and informing my friends of the conversation.

We all went back upstairs – some people went to shower, others to just chill for a bit. Bill went down to Erin’s room with his toothbrush, so he was likely gone for the evening. Alexa informed me she was going to have a shower, and I told her to go ahead – I needed to hang back and wait to see if Mrs. Cekman arrived. Alexa had been gone about twenty minutes already, and I had taken my shirt off to do a light workout in my room – just some pushups and crunches. Finally, another fifteen minutes later, there was a knock at my door. I figured it was Alexa, but it was Mrs. Cekman.

“Hey, Mrs. Cekman. Sorry,” I said, scrambling to grab a shirt.

“Don’t worry, Rob,” she answered, laughing. “And please, call me Jessica. I’ve seen plenty of young men with less clothes on than you over the last decade.”

She walked over and sat down on my bed. I thought that was kind of weird, so I asked about the papers.

“Oh, yes, they’re in my purse somewhere. Here you are, Rob,” she said, digging them out and placing them on the bed beside her.

I walked the few steps to my bed, picked the papers up, and casually walked back to the middle of the room to quickly glance over them.

“Do you know who of you kids will be staying the summer?”

“I probably will be… not sure who else,” I mumbled, not looking up from the papers.

“Have you thought about summer employment?”

I finally looked up from the papers. “Not really. I’ve been looking around the notices on campus, but nothing seems very permanent. Like 10 hours a week, or working overnight stocking shelves. I’m gonna need to find something, though if I expect to be able to afford living here.”

“Have you thought about offering services around your neighborhood?”

“Services?” I asked her, puzzled.

“Yes, like mowing lawns, painting, doing repairs – that sort of thing.”

“Oh… I figured that was more a high school kid job, but I guess if it pays the rent, it pays the rent. I was hoping to find something a little more permanent than that, though – something I can continue to do part time during the school year.”

Mrs. Cekman stood up, walking to meet me in the middle of the room.

“There are other ways to make money, Rob,” she said, trailing her fingers over the sweat on my abs. “There are lots of single women my age who live near that house.”

“Mrs. Cekman,” I began.

“Jessica,” she corrected me.

“Jessica,” I sighed. “I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to be so close to you right now. My girlfriend is having a shower, and she might come back at any minute.”

“I’m just saying, I can make your rent disappear, sweety,” she cooed in my ear, her hand fully rubbing my stomach now.

“So… what. I come over once in a while and we… you know… and you’ll cover my rent?”

“I’ll cover more than that,” she grinned, biting her lip.

“Like what?” I asked. I was shocked at her actions.

“I’ll buy your food… I’ll pay for stuff you need. Whatever it is.”

“And, what… How long does this go on for? What if you get bored, and then I’m broke and screwed?”

“Rob, I’ve been married for twenty years. I’ve been fucking kids your age and paying their way for the last twelve. You mull it over if you have to. I guarantee you won’t find a job that’s easier, more fun, and less work than what I’m offering you.”

She leaned in close again, gently licking my earlobe and running her hand down across my pants, brushing my cock. She stepped away, composed herself, grabbed her purse, and walked out of the room, leaving me speechless. Ashley and Alexa came in not two minutes later, wrapped in their towels.

“That was a long shower,” I commented idly.

“We şişli escort had some fun,” Alexa beamed.

“Mrs. Cekman dropped off the papers,” I said, sitting down on my bed, staring into the space in front of me. “She offered to pay my rent and other shit if I fuck her once in a while.”

“She’s hot,” Ashley said, bluntly. “I would.”

I looked from Ashley to Alexa.

“As long as you’ve got enough left over for us, that sounds like a great deal, babe,” Alexa laughed.


Finals passed, and everything with the house had checked out. Judy had been gracious enough to lend me her car for a day so I could move my stuff from the dorm to our rental house. I helped other people move some of the stuff as well that they didn’t want to have to take home for the summer and then bring back in August. I was settling in to my new house, and was happy to learn I wouldn’t be alone the whole summer. Andy and Trent had both decided to stay and got work in a hardware store. Judy moved in because she didn’t live far away anyway, and Roxanne also moved in because she was taking some summer courses to try and graduate a semester or two early. I had a king sized bed delivered for my room, and I was all set.

I was still looking for a part time job so I wouldn’t have to rely on the uncertainty of my arrangement with Mrs. Cekman to pay for things. She did, however, come through pretty well in advance. When I moved in, the fridge was full of fresh food, she had left probably $500 worth of beer and liquor in my room, and she had come over to help me set up the furniture. When we were finished, she sat on the mattress, since I hadn’t opened the sheets yet.

“A king size bed, eh?” Mrs. Cekman asked. “My husband and I didn’t even have a king until we were married five years.”

“I like my space,” I laughed.

“Your girlfriend is gonna be living here, isn’t she?” she asked, clearly knowing what was going on from the beginning.

“Yaaaaa,” I looked at her, noticing her smiling.

“It’s fine, Rob. I kind of figured that pretty easily.”

“Sorry,” I laughed.

“It’s ok. I know how you kids are. Just a heads up for you, though – living with someone is very different than dating someone. Sex aside, if you ever need to talk to me about it, I’m a good listener.”

“Thanks,” I smiled at her. She was a really nice lady, in spite of her being a sex-crazed cougar.

“Now, why don’t you come with me, and I’ll make us some dinner,” she said, taking my hand and leading me downstairs.

We got in her car, and her hand immediately rested on my leg as she drove the short distance to her house. When we got out, I was kind of shocked – I had seen this house a couple times throughout the year but had no idea who lived in it. If it wasn’t a mansion, it was the closest thing I had ever seen to one. Our rental house had six bedrooms in it (though it didn’t have much else beyond a kitchen/dining room and bathrooms), and this house had to be at least three times as long and twice as deep. It was the kind of house that would normally have electronic gates at the driveway and ten-foot tall fences all around the property. It probably would have had those things if it weren’t such a quiet college town. The lawn was in pristine condition, with the greenest grass I had ever seen. Trees and bushes lined the arcing driveway, and we pulled up next to a Lamborghini as she parked her car.

“Jesus Christ,” I stood in awe of everything here.

“Come on,” she laughed at me, taking my hand again and leading me inside.

“Whose Lambo is that?” I asked her as we walked past it.

“My husbands. He’s out of town on business, though,” she grinned, stopping at the top of the steps leading to her front door.

Turning, she pulled the back of my neck into her, kissing me passionately, and grinding her crotch against my leg. She led me inside and told me to go into the third room on the right and get changed. I walked in and noticed she had left a speedo on the bed for me to change into. I looked around, hoping that this wasn’t what she had in mind. Eventually, she poked her head around the corner of the door, and told me to put the speedo on and to find my way to the backyard. I dropped my clothes in a pile on the bed, put the speedo on, careful to tuck things in so nothing was poking out, and managed to find my way to the backyard after a few minutes. I was once again left in awe – Mrs. Cekman had a huge pool, a hot tub that looked big enough to seat fifteen to twenty people, a huge gazebo with a full living room’s worth of furniture, and a tennis court that also had some basketball nets. I found her turning the grill on, two big steaks ready to go on a plate beside her.

“You should rent this house out,” I joked.

“Then I would never have my privacy,” she laughed.

“Don’t you get lonely in a house this big?”

“Not when I have company,” she smiled, dropping the steaks on the grill. “Keep an eye on these while I go make a salad,” she handed me the tongs.

I stood, admiring the scenic backyard and making sure I didn’t burn our dinner. I couldn’t even see the next closest house through the trees, and I did happen to spot a big fence surrounding the backyard. While the front was open, I guess they liked to keep their backyard private, which made sense. I flipped the steaks, making sure everything was cooking nicely, when Mrs. Cekman came back outside wearing a tiny bikini. She put the salad down on a patio table, before coming to stand beside me.

“Well?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“You look amazing,” I told her, taking her hand and twirling her around to help her show off her body.

She did have an amazing body. For a woman who was probably nearing fifty, she didn’t seem to have any sag that I could see so far. Her skin was tan, tight, and she had the nicest little freckles from her tanning. Her blonde hair was about shoulder length, though she had put it into a ponytail when she’d gone inside. She had a few small wrinkles on her face, but nothing that screamed her age. She had smallish breasts, probably a B cup, but I was glad she hadn’t had any plastic surgery done – either that, or she had the world’s best surgeon, because I couldn’t see anything. She had a nice round ass, too – not the kind you see on a twenty year old, but the kind you get with keeping in shape and getting older.

“These are just about ready,” I told her, pressing the steaks into the grill with the tongs.

She had taken her heels off, so she had to stand on her tiptoes to stick her tongue in my ear, gently biting the lobe. I could feel myself straining against the speedo, and knew it wouldn’t be very long before something gave one way or another. Stepping in between my arms, she took the tongs from my hand, and placing my hand on her flat stomach. I let my other hand roam down a little further, only to be lightly slapped with the metal equipment.

“Not yet,” she cooed. “Dinner first, then dessert,” she smiled back at me, wiggling her ass against my now rock hard cock.

Taking the steaks off the grill, she bent over to turn off the gas, making sure to rub against me even more. I couldn’t contain the moan that escaped my lips, and she rose back up, turning around and smiling.

“I should’ve got you a bigger speedo,” she laughed, putting the steaks on a plate and leading me over to the table.

I looked down, noticing the immense bulge in my outfit, before sitting down beside her on a loveseat at the table. I put some salad on my plate with a steak, and was just about to cut into it, when I felt Mrs. Cekman’s hand grasp my cock through the speedo.

“I think maybe you should let him out before he chokes to death,” she laughed, trying to lift the side enough for me to squeeze out.

I quickly lifted my hips, ripping the whole speedo off, and sitting back down, my cock pointing up at an angle.

“You have a lucky girlfriend,” she smiled, wrapping her hand around my cock while she ate her salad with the other.

She didn’t move her hand, just letting it sit wrapped around my girth, while she ate and attempted to carry on a normal conversation. We talked about my studies, and my plans for after school, and I asked her about what she did when she was my age in school. When she got to her steak, she didn’t even bother removing her hand to cut it – she picked the whole thing up on her fork and just chewed it off with her teeth. I had finished my meal, and helped her out at this point, cutting her steak for her. She put her fork down, opening her mouth and inviting me to feed her. I picked her fork up, but she smacked my hand, so I put it down. I went to pick my own fork up, but she smacked me again.

“Use your hands,” she told me, putting her second hand on my cock, still not moving in any way on it.

I grabbed the first piece of steak, and she opened her mouth again. Placing it at the edge of her mouth, she opened wider. I dropped the steak in her mouth, and was about to move my hand to pick up another piece, when her mouth darted forward, sucking my finger in. I moaned again, completely in the control of the sexual being that possessed this woman. She released my hand, chewing the steak, and swallowing it. Licking her lips, she told me she was done eating, and finally begin to move her hands up and down my cock. I reached over, pulling her bikini top strings, and letting the bikini fall to the ground in front of her. She stood up, pulling my cock with her, and led me over to the pool house. Walking inside, she grabbed a towel, before leading me back outside and walking over to the grass. She put the towel down, and lay down on her back, resting on her elbows. Curling her finger at me, she spread her legs wide, pointing at her bikini bottom. I got on my knees, waiting for her to lift her hips, and then pulling her bottoms off. Her pussy looked delicious.

“Eat me, stud,” she told me, allowing her head to drop to the towel.

I picked her ass up in my hands, and went to town. Rapidly kissing and tonguing her clit, she squirmed in my hands, her body bucking slightly every time I tongued her clit. I sucked her clit in, and drove three fingers into her soaked pussy. Her breathing was getting heavy, and her hand ran through my hair, both pulling me and pushing me as she reached her orgasm. I didn’t stop, continuing to kiss her inner thighs as her pussy tightened around my fingers. Her fingers grabbed at my hair, as her hips bucked up into my face, splashing my face with her juices. Finally, her body lowered to the towel, with me still kissing her thighs and licking around her lips.

“Who taught you to eat pussy like that?” she gasped for air.

“Porn and practice?” I laughed.

I shimmied up her body, kissing her mouth, allowing her to taste her own juices from my lips and tongue.

“Do you need to go back to your house tonight?” she asked, stroking my face.

“Nope,” I told her. “I can stay all summer if you need me to,” I smiled down at her.

“My husband might not like that,” she laughed, kissing me again. “Let’s take care of you,” she told me, pushing me and forcing me to roll onto my back.

She straddled my hips, facing away from me, before lowering herself onto my waiting cock. She wasn’t very tight, but she was tight enough, and I could feel her legs quivering against mine as her pussy stretched to accommodate me. She quickly began to raise and lower her hips, fucking me, while her nice round ass bobbed on my cock in front of my face. I helped her along, lifting and lowering her, and spreading her ass to see my cock penetrating her hot snatch. Her legs were like jelly – I wasn’t sure if she was still coming down from her orgasm, or if she just had weak legs, but I could I feel her pussy gripping my cock like it never wanted to let go. She squeaked each time she bottomed out on me, pausing for a second before lifting herself up again. I reached up, holding her still, and removing myself from her, before picking her up and moving her over to the gazebo, like a groom carrying his bride across the threshold.

“We can’t get the couch dirty,” she told me.

I put her down on her feet, before pondering my next move. She grabbed my cock once again, leading me back to the pool house. She dragged me into the shower stall, turning the water on and leaning against the wall, her ass sticking out. I rubbed my cock in between her ass cheeks, before slamming back into her pussy, getting a loud shriek of pleasure for my efforts. I pulled her ponytail back, grabbing her throat with my other hand as I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as I could. Her moans kept dropping to whispers every brief moment that my cock was fully inside her. I pulled out of her briefly, turning her to face me and lifting her leg over my shoulder. Replacing my cock inside her, I fucked up into her, kissing her roughly while my body worked hard to keep up the pace. Mrs. Cekman must have sensed I was going to cum soon, because she screamed for me to cum in her pussy. I pumped hard for a little longer before unleashing my sperm into her hot hole, holding her tightly against the wall and leaning on her as my muscles weakened slightly. I found her lips again, kissing her deeply, as my cock stayed hard inside her.

“God, I love young men… you can fuck for hours.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, pulling my cock from her and allowing her to wash me off in the stream of water.


We had spent the night in one of her many guest rooms, fucking all night and sleeping for a little while in between each session. When I woke up, Mrs. Cekman was nowhere to be found. I went to the washroom, relieving myself, before venturing to the kitchen with no clothes on – I was going to try and find my new lover and surprise her. Turning a corner on my way to the kitchen, I walked right into a woman who was not Mrs. Cekman.

“Oh man, I’m sorry,” I scrambled to cover my nudity.

“Oh, Jessica,” the woman called out. “I think I found your newest toy,” she smirked at me.

“Yaaaa,” I mumbled. “Hi.”

“He’s a hot young thing, isn’t he?” Mrs. Cekman answered, joining us in the hallway.

“Rob, this is my good friend and neighbor, Mrs. Dunworthy.”

“Nice to meet you,” I did my best to smile.

“Kids today have no manners,” Mrs. Dunworthy laughed. “Don’t you kids shake hands anymore?”

“Rachel!” Mrs. Cekman smacked her friend on the arm. “She’s just trying to get a peek at what you’re hiding under those hands, Rob. Ignore her.”

“Ignore me? You aren’t going to share this one like the others?”

I stood there, very uneasy about the whole situation.

“All in good time, Rachel. If you come back later this afternoon, maybe I can make myself scarce for an hour.”

Mrs. Cekman led Mrs. Dunworthy past me towards the front hall. Mrs. Dunworthy took this opportunity to turn and openly grab my ass, squeezing the cheek roughly. After they’d left the area, I continued to the kitchen, standing and looking outside until Mrs. Cekman returned.

“Sorry about Rachel,” she sighed, putting her arms around me from behind.

“It’s alright. I just wasn’t expecting to see anyone else in the house. That’s why I came out here naked,” I took her hands, placing them on abs, and giving them a helpful push down.

“I can’t right now, Rob. I need to go make sure some tenants get moved in at another house ok. Do you want to come with me? They’re four young women who probably wouldn’t mind getting to know you.”

“Would it be ok if I passed? I need to go finish unpacking and setting things up myself,” I explained.

“Of course – get dressed and I’ll drive you back over. Do you want to come back this afternoon?”

“For Mrs. Dunworthy?” I asked.

“Well, if you want,” Mrs. Cekman laughed. “I meant for me – my husband will be out of town still, and I would love to get my hands on this as much as I can while he’s gone,” she purred, grabbing my cock.


Mrs. Cekman picked me up again a few hours later, driving me back to her house. In the car, she told me to take my cock out. Leaning over, she narrowly avoided hitting the curb as she wrapped her hand around me, stroking me gently. We had barely got inside the house with my pants around my ankles when there was a knocking at the door.

“Jessica, I just saw you pull in, open up,” I heard a voice say.

Without waiting for me to pull my pants up, Mrs. Cekman opened the door, letting Mrs. Dunworthy in. I did my best to cover up, but it was much harder with my erection.

“My, my… you don’t waste any time, Jessica,” Mrs. Dunworthy laughed.

With a look from her friend, Mrs. Cekman whispered in my ear that she would be outside if I needed anything, walking away into the house.

“Shall we?” Mrs. Dunworthy asked, biting her lip and taking my hand. “It’s alright to be a little nervous, Rob. I realize you weren’t expecting to be doing this sort of thing today.”

I watched her ass pop with every step she took. She was a little on the heavy side, but all it did was accentuate her curves. She had huge tits, probably E cup or bigger, a nice fat ass, and shoulder-length brown hair. Her skin was incredibly soft, and she turned to smile at me once more before pulling me into a bedroom and closing the door behind me. I crossed the large room, before turning and sitting on the bed. Mrs. Dunworthy had already gotten down to just her panties by the time I had turned around – her tits were sagging a fair amount, partially from age, but also quite likely from the size.

“Do you and Mrs. Cekman share young men often?” I asked her, as she tried to seductively walk towards me.

“Not every young man,” she smiled. “When she told me how good you fucked her last night, I knew I was going to get my turn, too.”

I was just stunned. I think every young man probably likes to fantasize about the MILFs in his neighborhood, and I can only imagine how much of an orgasm overload I would have had if I had lived here when I was thirteen.

“So do you need help with anything?” Mrs. Dunworthy asked me, dropping to her knees and gently playing with my cock.

“A blowjob would be great,” I smiled.

She laughed. “That’s not what I meant. Do you need help paying for your school and your books? Do you need gas money?”

“Uhh.. my parents are paying for school and stuff, and Mrs. Cekman is…” I trailed off.

“Letting you live for free?”

“Ya,” I answered.

“We can figure something out. Maybe we can talk about getting you a car in a few months.”

That sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me – I currently had to rely on Judy any time I needed to actually drive somewhere. Even though I could walk to class, it would still be nice to be able to have a car at my disposal, and not hoping that Judy wasn’t busy.

Mrs. Dunworthy noticed I was lost in thought, and decided to bring me back to reality by taking me in her mouth. Jerking me quickly, she sucked tightly on the head, gently biting and scraping her teeth on me every so often. I reached down to play with her tits, squeezing the behemoths and gently pinching her nipples.

“What’s your favorite position, baby boy?” she asked me, standing up and taking her panties off.

“I’m good with whatever,” I grinned.


“Good choice,” I told her, slapping her ass roughly as she passed me to kneel on the bed.

I stood behind her, holding my cock and lining her pussy up with the tip. She bounced her plump ass up and down a bit, begging me to fuck her with her body. I obliged, pressing forward and feeling her lips spread as I entered her hot cunt. I grabbed her wide hips, pushing in and out very slowly, teasing her as I fucked her. She began ramming back into me, trying to speed the process up, but I re-gripped her hips, holding her firmly to go at a slower pace. I put one foot on the bed, then the other, spreading my legs wide to get on top of her and keep fucking her wet hole from above. I could tell I was hitting her g spot with the start of every thrust, because she buried her face in the bedding, squeaking every time.

“You like that?” I asked her, burying myself in her and reaching down to squeeze her huge breasts.

The bed muffled her moan, and I smiled at the pleasure I was giving this woman. I started to thrust again, feeling her pussy squeezing me as best as it could. I sped up my pace, grinning at every squelch of wetness that emerged from between us. She reached back to put her hand on my leg, and I stopped what I was doing, stepping off the bed. Turning over and crawling further onto the bed, she spread her legs for me. Her face was flushed, and I wasted no time before joining her, and allowing her legs to wrap around me as I entered her once more. I bit her lip roughly as I pumped her hot pussy, causing her hands to scratch my back. Squeezing her breasts towards my mouth, I sucked and bit her nipples, as her hands found their way down my back before squeezing my ass. I could feel her trying to reach my asshole with a finger, but her arms were just not long enough. We fucked like this for a few minutes, and I could feel myself ready to cum, telling her so.

“I haven’t tasted cum in a while,” she told me, prompting me to get up and feed her my cock.

My head tilted back as she took just my tip into her mouth, exploding all over the inside of it. She made noises indicating her appreciation for the taste, licking the head even after it had stopped twitching. Removing herself from me, she stood up, swallowing my creamy load.

“That was sexy,” Mrs. Cekman stood from the door, her hand in her pants.

“He’s a good fuck, Jess,” Mrs. Dunworthy said, putting her panties back on.

“I hope you didn’t tire him out, Rachel,” Mrs. Cekman laughed.

Putting the rest of her clothes on, Mrs. Dunworthy walked over to Mrs. Cekman, taking her hand from her panties and licking it clean. She then looked back at me and smiled.

“From the looks of it, he’s still good to go,” she giggled, before walking out of the room.

Mrs. Cekman told me to come over to her, which I did. She took my hand and led me to the master bedroom of the house, which was enormous. This one bedroom was probably bigger than a single floor in the house we were renting. It had two full bathrooms, one for him and one for her, a sauna, a custom-made bed bigger than a king, and its own mini living room set of furniture. She took me to her bathroom, which had a shower as well as full-sized Jacuzzi. She stripped her clothes and pulled me into the shower, kissing me passionately and just having a nice hot, relaxing shower.

“What did she offer you?” she asked, soaping up my still hard cock and washing me all over.

“She said we could talk about a car in a few months,” I answered, smiling.

“A car? Typical,” she laughed.

“Why’s that?”

“Her ex-husband owns a used car dealership and she still has him wrapped around her finger. You should make sure she gets you a good car – she can get junky ones from him for free.”

“Cool,” I told her, thanking her for the tip and kissing her again. “So how many of your friends am I going to have to be shared with?” I asked her, grabbing her ass roughly and pulling her towards me.

“I’m not sure,” she moaned, biting my neck gently. “I want you to myself as much as possible when my husband isn’t around, but I can’t stop you from fucking other women if you want to.” She gave my cock a few good tugs, before turning to face the wall and bending slightly to allow me to enter her.


A few months later, school was about to start again, and I had been busy helping everyone moving in with their things. Ashley had decided to join me halfway through the summer, and was a little displeased with how often Mrs. Cekman was stopping by to pick me up for the day. A couple times, I was gone all weekend, staying with her or Mrs. Dunworthy.

“He’s probably fucked Mrs. Cekman ten times for every time he’s fucked either of us this summer,” Ashley complained to Alexa as I helped Alexa unpack her things.

“You guys were fine with it,” I sighed, not wanting to deal with this headache right at the moment.

“I’m still fine with it,” Alexa laughed. “Just as long as my baby comes back to me every time, he can fuck whoever he wants,” she pulled me to her, kissing me on the lips and squeezing my jaw tightly.

“Look, school is back on, Ash,” I told her, trying to reassure her. “I’m sure she’s not going to be coming around every day when I’ve got to study and shit.”

“She better not,” Ashley seemed kind of furious.

“He’s getting a pretty sweet deal, Ashley,” Alexa came to my defense. “His rent is covered, we don’t need groceries, and he even got a car that’s in pretty good shape.”

“He’s like a whore, though,” Ashley was getting annoying.

“Can you talk to her,” I whispered to Alexa, before leaving the room and going downstairs to make dinner.


I had been in the kitchen for about thirty minutes when there was a knock on the door – it was Mrs. Cekman.

“Hey, Mrs. Cekman,” I said, inviting her inside.

“Everyone moved in ok?”

“Ya, Roxanne is getting here tonight – I think everyone’s all settled in already, though.”

“Can we talk, Rob?”

“Sure,” I told her, continuing to make dinner.

She looked around, clearly trying to check how private this conversation would be.

“No one’s home except for upstairs,” I told her, pulling out a chair at the table.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I think my husband knows I’ve been unfaithful. I may need to stop seeing you for a while.”

I sat down beside her, holding her hand.

“I’m not going anywhere for at least three years,” I smiled at her.

“I’ve really loved spending time with you this summer, Rob.”

“Me too,” I told her, rubbing her hand gently.

“Do you think I could have a copy of your class schedule? I still want you in me from time to time when you’re free and I can make an excuse to get away from the house.”

I told her my schedule, and let her know I would be very excited to see her whenever she could.

“This happens every time,” she told me. “My husband’s business picks up for a few months, and he’s gone for days and weeks at a time. Then there’s a lull for months, and he’s in the house most of every day.”

“It’s ok,” I laughed. “I’m going to be busy with school. We’ll find time,” I told her, leaning over to kiss her softly.

She lifted her hips briefly, pulling her panties off and handing them to me. I held them to my face, smelling her scent and listening to her.

“Cum in them for me on Friday, and I will come back to put them on.”

I sniffed them again, smiling at her, before kissing her again and walking her to the door, saying goodbye.

Dinner was now ready, and I hadn’t heard a peep from upstairs in a while – I walked upstairs, opening the door and seeing Alexa sitting on Ashley’s face, jamming a dildo in and out of her pussy. Catching Alexa’s attention, I motioned to her that dinner was ready. She shook her head, nodding her head at me and then pointing at Ashley’s pussy. I took my pants off, and when Alexa removed the dildo, I climbed on the bed. Rubbing my cock up and down her wet lips, I then plunged inside, leaning over to kiss my girlfriend while I fucked our mistress. Fucking her deep and hard for a while, I eventually moaned into my girlfriend’s ear that I was going to cum. Reaching down, she grabbed the base of my cock while I was between thrusts, and pulled me out, gripping me hard and pulling me to her mouth. I came violently, filling her mouth with my seed – I had finally stopped cumming when she removed herself from me, and got off Ashley’s face. Continuing to hold her down, she opened her mouth, letting my cum drip from her mouth into Ashley’s. Ashley licked her lips, making sure to get every last drop.

“Dinner’s probably cold,” I smiled, putting my pants back on, happy that these girls were in my life.

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