18 and My Best Friend’s Daughter

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My friendship with my best buddy Adam goes back to high school; we had done almost everything together since then.

I had even played matchmaker when I had hooked up his now ex-wife at a club when my own future wife had been with her.

Both women had been freaks in bed back then; at one point, we had had a foursome over at Adam’s cabin, a weekend of pure, solid fucking. I don’t even think any of us had put on clothes the entire weekend.

Judy couldn’t have kids, but Tina had found out about a month after the cabin foursome that she was pregnant, and being Adam and I both had taken turns with her, it wasn’t clear at the time who was the father.

Not long after Casey had been born, it was confirmed that Adam was her dad, and he had married Tina when the baby was six weeks old.

Judy and I spent more time taking care of Casey as the girl was growing up; though Adam was crazy about Casey and even protective of her, he traveled a great deal for his job and Tina had no interest in her daughter. She would eventually take off on Adam when Casey was six.

Still, Judy and I thought it was great to have a kid in the house during those years, even if Casey wasn’t ours. Adam knew he could count on us to look after and take care of his precious little girl.

Though my wife and I had had a pretty hot sex life of our own during the early years of our marriage, recently, I was only getting pussy once a week and that was during our “Saturday night screw.”

She could still be a hot piece of ass when she wanted to be, but when I got horny any other time, Judy would scoff me, saying “Not till Saturday, Matt. You know the routine.”

That was the problem; we’d gotten too routine. And I was both bored and horny; Mary Hand and Her Five Ugly Daughters were getting old.

I needed to find a new outlet for my sexual frustration. I may have been forty, but I wasn’t dead.

Meanwhile, Casey had grown up from a pretty blond little girl to a beautiful young woman at eighteen.

Despite her dad’s protective nature, Casey sneaked out to see boys, and though we didn’t tell Adam out loud, Judy and I were already suspicious that his little girl was ‘getting around.’

I also didn’t vocalize that I was a little jealous; I had found myself becoming very attracted to my best friend’s daughter.

Between having this beautiful blond teenager going around partially nude most of the time and my near lack of sex at home, I would spend nights thinking about Casey’s tight young body and firm tits.

Unknown to me at the time, she had also been checking me out.

Casey would “accidentally” brush against me, or her hand would gently slide down my back when she would hug me, eventually touching my ass when neither Judy nor Adam were looking.

Though it did make my cock quiver with excitement, I pushed all of this in the back of my mind; Escort Esenyurt Casey was a bit of a flirt and liked guys, and presumably sex.

I’d seen her doing much of the same things that she’d done with me with both boys her own age and men slightly older.

By the time the incident in question had rolled around, however, I had pretty much had dismissed Casey as a typical cock tease, figuring I had two chances of screwing her as I did getting sex at home more often than every Saturday night.

Slim and none. Or so I thought then.

Adam had been out of town and, as always, I was left instructions “to look in on Casey,” and take care of anything she might need.

Casey had come in from an afternoon movie date with her latest boyfriend one Saturday.

She had been home about an hour when someone had tried to break into the house.

After calling the police to come take a report, Casey had called Judy in tears. She was scared, she said, when was Daddy coming home?

“Matt,” my wife said once she’d told Casey that Adam would be home in a couple of hours, “Go down and stay with Case for awhile. She’s really shaken up.”

When I asked what was wrong, Judy told me the whole story. Afraid for the girl, I took off down to Adam’s a few doors away without a second thought.

Casey met me at the door in a cut off pink T shirt and skimpy boy shorts, her pale hair pulled back in a ponytail. She grabbed me in a hug, happy to see me there.

“They didn’t do anything to you, did they, honey?” I asked when she told me about the whole thing.

“No….they didn’t get in. I guess the neighbors pulling into the driveway next door scared them off.”

She didn’t let go of me. “Matt, stay with me till Daddy gets home in a couple of hours. Please?”

I would have been insane not to; here was a young girl clearly in distress; never mind she’d been my best friend’s daughter.

We sat in the living room and talked awhile, Casey eventually calming down.

“You know your dad always tells me to look in on you and take care of you while he’s gone,” I reassured her. “I’m just glad this was one of the days I was home.”

Casey gently rubbed my thigh. “And I’m so glad. Don’t leave me. Please. I don’t want to be alone.”

“Judy and I are always here for you, sweetheart, just like when you were little.”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “I can always count on you guys. And you know something else?”


“Daddy has a lot of friends,” she purred, climbing onto my lap and rubbing my shoulders, “but I always thought you were the sexiest friend he had. Will you hold me for a bit?”

“Casey, you know this isn’t right,” I said, trying to mentally fight off what was happening.

“Says who? I’m eighteen, and you may be saying no, but your body is telling me yes. I’ve always wanted you, Matt, Etiler escort and I can tell how you look at me sometimes that you want me too. You’re not being satisfied at home, are you?”

Before I could respond, she bent her head down, kissing me deeply; I took her tongue into my mouth, entwining it with mine.

“I’ve never done this with an older man before,” Casey breathed, looking directly at me and cupping her hand around my neck, pulling me towards her. Our lips met again, glued together in a passionate embrace.

Breaking the kiss, she climbed off my lap, took my hand and motioned me to come with her to the bedroom, pushing me down on the bed and straddling my body, grabbing at my crotch before grinding against my rising cock.

“You dirty, bad little girl,” I said to Casey. “You should be spanked for being a little tease.”

She stuck her tight ass up toward me, giggling and wondering what was taking me so long.

I gave her a few playful slaps and nipped the cheeks with my teeth, Casey squealing and giggling before she came up and kissed me hard and well, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

“You sexy man,” she growled when the kiss was broken and grabbed my crotch again. “Is this what you meant when you told Daddy you’d look in on me and take care of me?”

“Maybe,” I said, smiling.

“I’m really horny today,” she said, still grinding down on me. “My boyfriend doesn’t really get me off. I need a real man.”

“I bet you are, baby. Why don’t we start by getting this top off?” I grinned, tugging at her midriff shirt.

Casey gave another squeal and pulled it over her head, revealing she was bra less underneath.

Her tits weren’t exceptionally large, but they were round and full with pink nipples.

My hands immediately went to both of them, rubbing them before I took one of the nipples into my mouth, gently nibbling it as my tongue flicked the tip.

“Mmmm…” I groaned. “Such a dirty, dirty little girl.”

She moaned softly as my hand had slipped down past the waistband of her shorts to her pussy, fingers massaging the spot between her legs.

“So wet,” I whispered, rubbing her clit a little. “My dirty little girl is so wet.”

My mouth moved to her other nipple and my spare hand continued exploring her.

Casey slipped her hand down between us, feeling my erection grow even harder in her hands, before she pulled away from me and slid down between my legs, a look of devilment in her eyes.

“I want to suck you,” she purred. “I want your cock in my mouth, Matt.”

As I pulled off my shirt, Casey yanked down my shorts and tossed them aside before she licked pre-cum from the tip and wrapped her lips around the head.

She slowly took my cock into her mouth inch by inch, teasing me with her mouth, lips and tongue, moving up and down then off.

For Eyüp escort bayan eighteen, Casey was already a hot little cock sucker! I don’t think Judy gave me such great head in all the years we’d been married.

I pushed Casey’s head down with my hands, wanting to feel more of that those talented lips around my throbbing member.

By now, I was deep in her mouth and didn’t release her head until I sent a large wad of cum down her throat.

Casey eagerly drank down every shot of my hot cream before she licked my now-limp prick and kissed the tip.

Pushing her back onto the bed, I ripped off her shorts and then dove down between Casey’s thighs, eating her pussy until she screamed in orgasm and released her sweet nectar into my mouth.

Turning her over and my second erection now apparent, I pulled her onto her hands and knees.

With my eight-inch cock in hand, I slid inside of her, reveling how tight, wet and willing her young snatch was.

I moved in and out at first, and then fucked Casey so hard, we both almost lost balance.

I gripped her hips with my hands, thrusting harder and deeper into her hot teenage pussy, her muscles gripping my cock as she came again.

“I love having your big cock in me, Matt. Do you like fucking my tight little cunt? Judy doesn’t give you this much anymore, does she?”

“Just on Saturday night…that’s it…I’ve been so fucking horny, baby….you love being my dirty little girl, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, make me your dirty little fuck slut, yes!” Casey cried. “Oh God, Matt, I’m going to cum again!”

“Cum for me,” I grunted. “I want you to cum for me. Show me how dirty you are.”

When she’d cum, I then put Casey onto her back, sliding back into her pussy and slammed into her harder, hearing her moan louder each time she met each of my strokes.

She kept pushing forward to take more of my cock inside her as our bodies joined together to meet each other’s horny needs while we growled more dirty talk at each other.

“Is this why you didn’t want me to leave, baby?” I growled. “I think you would like me to really take care of you, huh?”

“That’s it, Matt. Let me give you all the pussy your wife won’t,” she hissed. “I want to be your little dirty girl fuck slut.”

I continued pounding her cunt for at least another ten minutes before I felt my cock swell inside her, knowing I was going to explode at any moment.

“Casey… baby, I’m going to cum,” I panted, still fucking her hard. “I want to cum in you now!”

“Yes, Matt,” she breathed back at me. “I need cum in me..my boyfriend will only cum in a rubber…I need to feel you cum in me!”

We came together as my cock twitched and blasted a large load of cum into her pussy, Casey’s muscles grabbing my cock, sucking my semen into her and covering my cock with her juices.

“Goddamn, baby,” I panted when we were finished. “That was amazing.”

“I loved it,” she told me, kissing my chest, my belly, neck, and lips.

She then began stroking my cock again.

“And you know Daddy’s not due back for another hour. Just enough time for another round,” she added with a twinkle in her eye.

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