24 Hours: The Other Side Of Ch. 3

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Relax woman!

Just take it easy, concentrate on your breathing, steady, in out, in out, don’t think of time there’s only now, this is intense, it will get more intense but for now there’s only now.

I breathe in deeply, careful to keep my body still and explore the sensations of my body, it’s odd how being deprived of sight accentuates the other senses. I can still feel there warmth of your hands on my biceps where you held me to position me, it’s warm in here but still my fine body hair feels erect and sensitive to each variation is the air. I want to shiver but that might be considered movement and I’m not giving you that satisfaction, not yet,

Oh, I know you will break me, and I will welcome that breakage but not yet I’m stronger that you think.

I explore the sensation of rope cutting into my my arms and wrists, I hope they’re not tight enough to impede my circulation, I don’t think so you’re always careful about that.

Damn, an itch, left leg, just behind the knee, ignore it, relax, breathe. I wonder how long I’ve been standing here, seems like hours, most likely minutes. Forget it woman, there’s only now, breathe, in out, in out.

I think about what i need from the supermarket tomorrow, whether to go for fish or meat or maybe something vegetarian. I laugh silently, here I am, trussed up like a Christmas turkey awaiting god knows what and I think about shopping. The realisation of my situation make me aware of how wet I am between the thighs, it embarrasses me, I hope it’s not too obvious to you.

Damn it! where are you? I’ve not heard the door open so I know your still in the room, you’re hoping I’ll panic and move aren’t you? fuck you! in your dreams baby!

Steady girl, relax, breathe, in out in out. I strain my ears for every little sound. Nothing, I can’t even hear your breathing. I concentrate on remaining still.

There! the faintest sound maybe the floor boards, I feel my body tense. Relax god damn it! suddenly my bladder seems to full. No not that! Relax! He’s not touched you yet this is all in the mind. breathe, steady, breathe.

You’re in front of me, I feel your warm breathe on my belly. Your tongue between my thighs. No, not that, it’s not fair, to hard to resist. kütahya escort your tongue travels upwards leaving mixed feelings of relief and regret, wetting the fine hair of my belly, circling then entering my navel. My skin seems to be contracting to escape the sensation. The tension in my body is so great it surprises me I don’t break. You kiss my belly and pull back leaving me to suppress the gasp.

Breathe girl! That was just the start, don’t let him rattle you. Just be ready for his next move.

You’re behind me, being careless, I felt your hair touch my ass, had to suppress an urge to try and grab it, most unwise. A touch at my ankle, travelling slowly upwards, barely touching my skin but igniting sensation like a wave of napalm, every millimetre it travels racking up the tension, if you touch my cunt I’ll scream.

You don’t, you bypass it, more relief/regret feelings. I resist a urge to tense my ass as you explore the crease, half hope when you reach my back that you’ve decided to untie me.

Yeah, dream on girl. You start again on the other leg, I’m expecting it this time but I have to concentrate on not moving.

My skin feels damp now, I hope I don’t smell, no reason why I should give a damn but I still do. I sense you move away, don’t dare speculate on what comes next.

I hear the swish of a cane through air, it’s impact on flesh, I flinch before I can stop it but realise it’s not my skin that was hit. You’re trying to scare me, and you’re succeeding. You’re fair in that you give me warning of pain to come, time to brace myself, but I don’t know where.

A cool hardness caresses my belly, you draw it slowly across so I can feel the hard ridges that encircle it. Now I know, I want to say “no, please don’t hurt me.” but I wont, sod you. I bite my lip and wait.

A flash of pain explodes along my skin, expanding outwards, stopping my breathing removing all thought other than I must not react, no scream, no movement, just contain it.

Slowly the pain recedes, thought returns. You bastard, you sadistic basta……

Another burst of pain almost overwhelming me, throat feels sore as if I had screamed, I fight with every last ounce of will to remain still.

You malatya escort will not win!

You kiss me though the pain. I’m so pathetically grateful it’s embarrassing. I concentrate on gathering my strength, I know you’ve not finished yet.

Pressure on my nipples, you know how that turns me on, my cunt feels like it’s snapping at air, I think of other things, the pain in my wrists showing how hard i fought against the ropes despite myself, the slow ache on my belly that’s only slowly receding. The pressure increasing, I feel the muscles of my ass rebelliously trying to thrust forward, god this body’s a slut, a moan forming in my throat, my resistance fading like frost in the sun. You release me, my strongest feeling disappointment, damn you, wont cry.

You lift my hair, the air feels cool against my damp skin, you kiss me on the back, I want you so much, so very much but you have to take me, break me, it’s the only way I can function, I wont, can’t help you, we both have our roles.

The cane makes an appearance between my legs, you draw it slowly backwards, each knobbly section causing fear of sharp edges, splinters this is not a good area for tweezers. you angle it upwards drawing it up along the crease of my ass, it feels wet. I no longer care.

My mouth feels dry now, I wonder how much more I can take but then my bloody mindedness kicks in.

More than you can give boy! Oddly enough by now it sounds like bravado.

The damned cane’s back, but harder now, my own weight crushing my clitoris, I lift my foot discreetly to relieve the pressure but you just lift the cane. You’re determined to see me break. I try to concentrate on other things, I pull my wrists hard against the ropes hoping the pain will distract me but the pressure on my cunt is to insistent. I know I can’t hold out long now,

I lock my body, clench my teeth and postpone the inevitable as long as possible.

I’m losing it, the sweat’s running down me now, a moan trying to force it’s way out, every muscle tensed to breaking point, I’m giving in.

The pressure stopped, the cane disappeared, just in the nick of time, not coincidental you know me too well you beloved bastard, you’ll break me when you’re ready. manisa escort

The chair creaks, I hear the sound of a ciggy paper being pulled from the pack, the rasp of a lighter. You’re smoking! I’m stood here like a wet rag and you’re sat down smoking. I curse you under my breath as I feel the sweat cooling on my body.

It’s amusing in a way, only the threat of the cane stops me cursing you out loud but I know I will feel that cane sooner rather than later, you wont stop until you have broken me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The chair creaks, I hear you moving towards me, brace myself, your hand in the small of my back, holding me, the other hand on my belly, fingers between my legs, pressing. Your chest is bare, I feel the hairs sharp against my nipples, I feel one finger go inside me.

I crack, lips on your chest, kissing you, inhaling the smell of you, you win, take me. Your hand in my hair, pulling back my head, you’re asking something, did I disobey you? Don’t want to answer, not yet, but you wont let me go until I do.


The ropes pull taut, you bundle me blindly across the room, I hit the bed face down, you grab an ankle and bind it, the other leg pulled across and also bound. I wait for the inevitable.

Your weight hits the bed, your hand caresses my ass, I couldn’t close my legs if I wanted to. you speak.

“That will cost six strokes of the cane.”

I say nothing.

“And because we don’t want to scare the local wildlife you are to accept it in silence.”

I don’t like the sound of this but still I remain silent.

“If you are too noisy I’ll simply gag you and give you twenty strokes.”

I like the sound of this even less, pain is one of those things where more is not really better, in fact it’s quite scary. I decide to risk a strangled.


You continue as if I hadn’t spoken.

“Or if you think you’ll be unable to remain silent.”

I wait with something approaching dread.

“Tell me now and I’ll gag you and only give you six.”

You bastard, you lousy conniving bastard. I’m almost tempted to say.

“No, stop now, let me go.”

But if I tell you to gag me that possibility will no longer exist. But if I can’t keep my mouth shut for 6 strokes and you gag me the rest of the 20 will hurt like hell and there will be nothing I can do to stop it.

God you’re an evil bastard, I’m not giving in! Alright damn you.

“Gag me.”

Damn you.

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