A Big Problem For Pam

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Harry Ward sighed as he heard the door bell ring. Jesus, he thought, not Pam again! His wife’s friend Pam was going through a nasty separation from her husband, and although Harry liked her, she seemed to be spending a huge amount of time at his house these days; his own wife, Hanna’s shoulder constantly wet from her crying on it.

“I’ll get it!” he called out as he rose from his comfortable arm chair.

He could see the outline of Pam through the glass in the front door, even before he opened it.

“Hello, Pam,” he said, admitting the woman into the hall. “How are you today?”

“Oh, you know, Harry,” she replied, her face, as usual, tear stained, her eyes a puffy red. “Could be worse, I guess. Is Hanna here?”

Harry pointed her in the direction of the kitchen and returned to the lounge to continue reading his paper.

He could overhear the conversation from the kitchen as he tried to concentrate on his paper. In his experience it was better, as a man, to stay well out of Hanna and Pam’s conversations these days. It was a shame though, he thought, Pam and her husband Tom had been good friends of his and Hanna’s. They would certainly miss the social evenings that they had enjoyed together as a foursome. Harry was still unaware of the reasons behind the split, he assumed that Pam had told Hanna, but he hadn’t pressed his wife for details, preferring to wait until someone decided to tell him. He could hear Pam crying again from the kitchen and found it increasingly more difficult to concentrate on his paper.

“”I… I… I just don’t know what to do!” Pam’s voice carried through to the lounge. “I know what he wants, but I just can’t do it!”

“It’s not really so bad, Pam,” came Hanna’s reply, “really, if you do it right it can be very exciting.”

“Hanna! Really! You don’t mean to say that you’ve done… that?”

“Well… yes. It’s just another part of our sex life, but it’s a private thing… you know?”

As he heard the word “sex”, Harry’s attention immediately switched from his paper to eavesdropping the women’s conversation.

“Well, I just don’t know,” continued Pam. “Just the thought of him putting it there, in my… bottom… ugh! It just seems wrong, you know, unnatural!”

“Honestly Pam, its can be really good, and if its a question of saving your marriage…”

The conversation suddenly stopped. Hanna had obviously realized that Harry could overhear the conversation, and for the sake of her friend’s modesty, had closed the kitchen door. Harry tried to resume his reading, but as often as he looked at the article on new gardening techniques, he knew that he wasn’t really reading it. So, that was the problem, was it?, he thought. Hanna was right, every so often, just to keep a spice to their love life, they did indulge in anal sex, but Harry also knew that some women did find that practice somewhat distasteful. He felt for his friend Tom and also for Pam, it seemed such a shame to lose a marriage over a disagreement like that.

As Harry could hear no more of their conversation, and he had now lost all interest in his newspaper, he decided that he would get on with a few jobs that he had to do. He had for some time been building a new TV unit in the garage, and he thought that returning to this project would keep his mind occupied. Calling out to Hanna that he would be out for a while, he made his way towards his makeshift workshop at the rear of the garage.

Hanna heard her husband leave the house and knew that it would be sometime before he returned. She idly wondered how much of their conversation he had overheard, but knew him to be a reticent man who never spread gossip. Pam had stopped crying now altyazılı porno and they both sipped coffee as they talked.

“If I’m honest,” said Pam, “I think the trouble between me and Tom goes a little further than just that. I know you won’t tell anyone, so I feel I can trust you.”

Hanna was intrigued and waited for her friend to continue.

“You see, although I still love Tom very much, and enjoy making love with him… I seem to keep looking at… other women!”

Hanna was not shocked. She had seen the way that Pam had looked at her and other women when they had been out shopping. She had a soft spot for Pam as well. Although not a lesbian by any means, she had had a few bisexual experiences in her younger days and one since being married. She looked at Pam now. Pam’s face was an open book, pleading for some response and praying that it would not be one of disgust or betrayal.

Pam was pretty. A few years younger than Hanna, with long, strawberry blonde hair, a nice slim figure and large, full breasts. Hanna had often wondered what those breasts would feel like in her hands, or how her nipples would taste in her mouth. She could feel herself becoming more excited, a sensual heat building in her nether regions.

“You don’t seem surprised.” Said Pam.

“No, I’m not really. To be honest, I’ve seen you looking at me before, trying to get a glimpse of by body. Don’t worry, Pam, I’ve been doing the same!”

As Hanna laid her hand gently on Pam’s thigh, Pam almost leapt out of her skin. Both women knew that this was the point of no return. Hanna looked deep into her friends eyes and let her hand drift slowly up and down her naked thigh, tracing circles on her skin and letting her fingernails touch higher on her leg with every rotation. There was no adverse reaction from the younger woman, Pam just sat there, her legs slightly apart and returned her friends stare as if transfixed. As Hanna’s fingers traced higher and higher, she sensed that Pam had relaxed a little and let her legs fall, just slightly, further apart. Higher and higher she explored her friend’s thigh, her touch feather light, until her fingers encountered the tightly stretched material of her panties.

Pam was beginning to breathe more quickly now, and as she felt Hanna’s fingers finally come into contact with her covered mound she could not help but let out a low moan and close her eyes. She had been dreaming about this moment for as long as she could remember, for as long as the two had been friends. Her touch felt so sensual, so sensitive, so provocative. Pam could feel herself becoming moist. She wanted, no needed, Hanna to continue her exploration and slowly spread her legs as wide as she could.

Harry had been wrong. Even the enjoyment of creating his own furniture had done little to occupy his mind and his thoughts kept returning to the women in his kitchen. Hanna had often told him about her fantasies involving her friend, and now that their conversation had finally turned towards sex, he wondered how far she would go. He placed his wood saw down on the work bench and stood thinking. An idea came to him. If he was quiet, he could creep into the utility room which backed onto the kitchen. He could get there directly from the garage, and from that vantage point he would be able to see into the kitchen, unobserved.

Deciding immediately, Harry quickly removed his shoes and made his way quietly towards the utility room. The door creaked slightly as he entered. He held his breath. He could hear muffled sounds coming from the kitchen. He was sure that he had not been heard, so he quietly placed a chair close to the slightly open window that let into zenci porno the kitchen and settled himself down to watch.

“Ohhhh god, Hanna, Yes. …You know that’s what I want!”

Hanna had progressed a little with her seduction. Pam’s panties now lay, discarded on the floor of the kitchen and she was currently kneeling between her friends open thighs and inserting two fingers deep into her wet pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm… that feels so good… ahhhhhhhh… yesss… on my clit… mmmmmmm…”

Hanna wanted to please her friend, but she also wanted to help save her marriage. She had an idea that she wanted to try. Bending her head low, she extended her tongue and gently flicked at Pam’s hard clit. Pam moaned deeply and tried to spread her legs wider. Hanna lapped at her friends wet pussy with eager delight. She tasted sweet, really sweet. Her pre-orgasmic fluid was trickling down her thighs and Hanna scooped it up with her fingers. Hanna could tell she was close to climax and encouraged the younger woman to lean back in the chair.

Pam willingly complied with the request. She was delighted at the way her friend was leading her and encouraging her. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do to please this woman. Shuffling forward on the wooden chair she leaned back and lifted her legs off the ground, placing them over Hanna’s shoulders to enable her friend greater access to her vagina.

Hanna moved back slightly and looked deep into the wonderful pussy in front of her eyes. Pam’s vaginal hole was open and dilated, her fluid leaking out in streams. With her legs up, she also had a perfect view of Pam’s tight, virgin ass. The tiny hole puckered and pink seemed to wink at her as her friend twitched and writhed on the chair. Gently, Hanna placed a finger, wet with her juices, against the tiny hole and began to massage it slowly. As she felt Pam react, she again placed her tongue onto her clitoris and began to lick the hard bud feverishly.

“Ohhhh… what are you doing, Hanna?”

“Just try to relax, baby. If you really don’t enjoy it, I’ll stop. But give it a chance, okay?”

As Hanna’s finger slid gracefully into Pam’s tight anus, all she could hear was a low moan that began to build in intensity. The hole was extremely tight, and as she gently worked her finger deeper and deeper, she could hear Pam’s cries become louder and louder. Her whole body was twitching uncontrollably and within a few seconds, Hanna was rewarded with a warm gush of orgasmic juice. Long after the first orgasm had subsided, Hanna was continuing to work her finger, now joined by a second, into Pam’s butt.

“Oh my god!… don’t stop… that feels wonderful… finger my ass… I’m gonna cum again… mmmm… YESSSSSSSSSSS…” Cried Pam lustily, as her second orgasm ripped through her body.

Harry could not believe his good fortune. He had not really expected to see anything, rather just to eavesdrop on their conversation. This was a real bonus. He had always liked Pam, but to see her like this, legs spread and with Hanna’s face crushed to her open pussy and her fingers deep in her ass, was simply sensational. He could feel his erection almost bursting through his jeans. No longer content to watch, he wondered what the reaction would be if he casually entered the kitchen now! He had to find out!

“Harry! I thought you’d gone out!” said Hanna with a smile as she saw her husband enter the room.

Harry saw that her fingers were still buried in Pam’s butt, and that Pam was far from caring who was in the room at the moment.

“Well, I’m back now!” he said. “Looks like you two girls are having a good time! Is there room for another?”

Hanna aldatma porno smiled again and looked at her friend as if for permission.

“I don’t give a fuck!” cried Pam, still convulsing. “Just so long as you don’t stop finger-fucking my ass!”

“There’s your answer!” said Hanna as she looked at her husband. “Come join in. The more the merrier!”

In a flash, Harry was by his wife’s side, jeans and underwear off and throbbing cock in his hand. Hanna was still pushing two fingers into her friends ass while rotating her thumb over her clit. She took Harry’s cock straight into her mouth and swallowed down on it hard.

“Mmmmmm… that feels good baby,” he said as he began to slowly face fuck his wife. “God Pam, you look so nasty with Hanna’s fingers in your ass!”

“Ohhhh… I feel nasty too. God, Tom would never believe this if he saw me now!”

“Okay guy’s it’s time for us all to change positions,” gasped Hanna, as she pulled away. “I got a pussy that needs attention, and Pam needs to feel a good, solid dick in her ass!”

Not giving Pam or Harry time to argue, Hanna pulled her friend down on to the cool floor and immediately straddled her head so that she was facing her feet. She was pleased that Pam needed no instruction, and felt a shiver run through her body as she felt a tongue part her nether lips and swirl around her hard clit. Reaching forward, she grasped each of Pam’s ankles in her hands and pulled her legs back towards her head.

“Okay, Harry. You know what to do, but remember, be gentle.”

She heard, or rather felt, Pam’s agreement as the younger woman’s words were muffled against her pussy.

Harry took up his desired position behind Pam. He looked down, his cock still streaked with his wife’s saliva. Pam’s pussy and ass looked wet and open. At this point he probably would have preferred to fuck their friend in the traditional fashion; in the pussy, but Hanna had said that she needed it in the ass, and what Hanna wanted, she usually got! As he pushed himself against the tight ring, he could feel her tense under him. There was a muffled cry that made Hanna tremble and shake, obviously near her own orgasm. As he continued to apply the pressure he could feel her anal muscle widening to accept his tool, and with a quick lunge, he found himself buried half way in Pam’s tight ass.

Hanna groaned deeply as she felt her friend cry out in pain/pleasure. Hanna’s whole body shook as her cries resounded around the small room, her orgasm beating through her like bolts of electricity. She noted that her husband was holding still to allow Pam to get used to his size, and, with the evidence of her climax running down the insides of her thighs, she lifted herself slightly off her friend to allow her to speak.

“Oh God… Oh my God…” gasped Pam, “Harry’s in my ass, Hanna. He’s actually gonna fuck my ass!”

Hanna smiled at Harry as he began to move again.

“Oh, yes, Harry… yes… yes… fuck me… fuck my tight little asshole… do me in the ass… feels so good in there… mmmmmmmm… I’m cumming again baby… ooohhhhhh… YESSSSSSSS…”

Harry was so wound up, that as soon as he felt Pam’s internal muscles contract in orgasm, he lost control and started to cum himself. Pulling his spasming cock from her ass, he slipped straight into her pussy and pounded her hard.

“Ahhhhhh… yes… fuck my cunt and my ass, Harry… cum over me baby…”

Harry’s semen was spurting deep inside Pam’s pussy, but always happy to oblige a lady, he quickly withdrew and squeezed out another three streams over her mound and belly.

As the trio relaxed and tried to get their breath back, Pam hugged both her new lovers.

“You know what guy’s?” she said with a smile. “You may just have saved my marriage. I never believed that it could feel so good in that hole. I’m gonna go home now and BEG Tom to fuck me up the ass. Let’s see how he reacts to that!”

The End

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