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fictional. Demon/incest/2 guys, 1 girl/

brother/brother’s friend/sister.


“You AGAIN?!”

Ajana glared at the witch who just summoned her. “I forgot to mention…also I want my dad to get me a brand new car, a Porsche for my 20th birthday,” Riley said.

“Anything else? Actual loyal friends maybe who don’t take advantage of you for your wealth?” Ajana blurted out rudely.

Riley stayed perfectly calm. “My friends do like me, I know they do. Even their parents.”

Ajana yawned. She was in the middle of a nap earlier. “I’ll uh…see what I can do,” she replied half-heartedly.


Riley Raymond was a very lucky girl. At 19, she had medium brown hair, stunning blue eyes, and C cup boobs. Born into wealth, her father Ed, was an Egyptologist/History college professor. Not extremely handsome but average due to him being slightly overweight. Brown short hair and brown eyes. Riley’s mother, Daniela, could have been a successful model with her impressive blue eyes, blonde hair, charming smile and laugh, and a curvaceous body. She had always been vegetarian and skinny. 8 yrs. younger than Ed, Daniela first met him while working as a waitress at a local popular bar in town. Ed was close friends with the owner of Vernon’s, Hugh Howard. Hugh had named the place after perabet his beloved alcoholic father, Vernon.

As the two friends were walking and talking to each other, totally distracted with the risque joke Hugh was telling, suddenly Ed bumped into Daniela. Drinks spilled. Food fell. Water spilled across the top of her new purple shirt. It was her fourth day at that job.

Ed blushed. Cursed. Nearby customers stared and a few giggled. While Ed nervously apologized, he helped her pick up the items. Hugh had made a beeline to get some towels from the back room.

“Oh no, I-I’m so sorry, miss,” Ed greeted.

Daniela sighed. “Well, today is just not one of my days. Accidents happen…don’t worry about it.” Then as soon as the pair locked eyes, something beautiful happened. Ed got so hard.

He had never seen such a gorgeous woman before! He licked his lips. Ran a hand through his hair. Got super shy and awkward.

She had amazingly white teeth and a lovely smile too. Ed had just ended a 4 month relationship with an awful single mom Helen. She smoke. Something Ed absolutely couldn’t stand. That and her 6 yr. old devil spawn, Nate. He had decided to go out drinking with a buddy to celebrate.

A few seconds later, Daniela sheepishly introduced herself since she had definitely noticed the expensive suit he was wearing. perabet giriş He also had been so kind to her. Soon she was giving this Ed guy her number. They dated for 7 months then got married. The rest was history.


Riley had only 1 other sibling, her older brother Jordan, who was 2 yrs. older. They used to be best friends as kids, but during their high school years, ended up bitter enemies. Jordan would occasionally pull pranks on her, which she hated fiercely. So as revenge, a year later, she schemed a brilliantly clever scheme to seduce one of Jordan’s friends, Carter, when he was alone in Jordan’s room.

Jordan, then at that time, was 20. Carter was 22 and had a girlfriend already. Riley was 18. Things got messy real fast. Riley got in the middle of the two young muscular men, who had started throwing insults and punches.

At first, Riley reveled in the chaos, but then she felt suddenly a pinch of remorse and guilt. Burst out into tears. Not only that, but while she had started trying to push them away from each other, her pink tubetop had accidentally been pulled down. Now that one of the girl’s supple and porcelain breasts had been exposed, both men stopped to take in the spectacular view. Quickly Riley’s cheeks turned pink. She avoided their lecherous gazes. No one perabet güvenilir mi spoke for a while as the wheels in the men’s horny bodies turned while the two friends exchanged stern looks.

Then Riley had a startling and profound realization: her clit pulsed a bit. She had always thought both young men were super sexy, but had never told them. Now was her big chance.

Except that her big mischevious brother beat her to it: “Riley…you were a very, VERY naughty girl fucking Carter without me. Shut the door, turn up your stereo, and let us fuck you right now,” he instructed. Riley giggled. Her eyes sparkled. Carter already had his cock in one hand. She did as she had been told.


Hurriedly, the other two undressed. Raced towards the bed. Carter rubbed his 10 incher over the brunette beauty’s plump lips. Then slipped it inside as far as he could manage. Meanwhile, Jordan had pulled out the lube from his pants pocket(since he liked to carry a bottle of lube everywhere just in case). He firmly planted himself on the other end of his beautiful sister. She was sprawled belly down on the bed. “I love you so much sis,” he said softly. “Mhhhmmhhhm,” Riley replied. He carefully pushed his cock into her poor little pussy. It was going to get such a good hard pounding that day.

After Jordan thrusted his hips a few times, he opened his eyes and felt some fingers on the top of his back. Naturally, he froze. Was it his mom? Dad? A maid? However, soon he heard a soft voice from behind him say:

“I’m Ajara, a demon, and I am going to watch.”

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