A Club Of Dangerous Delights

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The club was dark, and the music loud. All around her people moved, dancing, talking, arms around each other, moving to the music. Most were dressed in black, but she could see plenty of flesh in the exposure of the strobing blue light. She herself was dressed in only a light filmy skirt and a tight top that bared her midriff.

Caught in the occasional light, she saw the gleam of luminescent eyes and exposed fangs, as the hunters moved amidst the prey, taking whoever they willed. She was prey herself, and the thrill of fear at being helpless if chosen sent chills down her spine. She moved through the crowd, seeking a spot on the dance floor where she could lose herself in the beat of the music.

Near one of the cold walls, she found a small area in the throng where she could begin to move, and watch the people around her move with her in half-caught glimpses. She watched, and saw movement of bodies touching, a kiss, hands touching flesh, heads raised in pleasure, even the very occasional neck bared to someone’s lips. The crowd continued to move around her, touching, and she moved herself, to the music and the thrill of fear.

Before her, a tall thin blonde woman appeared, wearing a long leather jacket, halter top, and shorts. The woman grinned and moved to join her, Casibom and suddenly the fear was real, and her hart was thudding, and for a moment she stopped moving. The blonde reached out a hand, and ran it down her face, and smiled again. Then the dance began again.

Soon they were dancing together, touching, the blonde’s hand in the small of her back, pulling them together, so their skin touched. Then they kissed, still moving to the music, and the lips started to glide down her cheek, under her chin, then across to her neck. Her indrawn breath hissed between her teeth as she felt bared teeth against the skin of her neck, but the lips continued down her collarbone, then down the skin, down to her belly, as the blonde knelt in front of her, still pulling them together.

The fear was still present, but now the excitement of the situation made itself felt, as she felt a tongue gliding from her knee, up her leg, and a head pushing up under her skirt, the tongue reaching her inner thigh, then the bare lips of her pussy. She gasped, then sobbed as the tongue made its way between her lips, and caressed her hard clit. She could feel it throbbing against the tongue, which was licking slowly now from the entrance of her cunt, up to press firmly on her clit.

Now her clit was being sucked, Casibom Giriş and she felt a finger seeking the entrance to her cunt, pushing up into her, and her clit inside a warm mouth, being sucked hard. Clutching the head underneath her skirt to her wet pussy, she began to breath hard and sob. Then as the sucking continued, and the finger started to push hard in and out of her cunt, she began to cum.

As the feeling swept over her, she became aware again, and the blonde woman between her legs was gone, completely. Across a gap in the crowd, she saw a huge man was watching her, and she blushed as she imagined exactly what it was he had seen. She was blushing, and then as he moved in front of her, she started to panic again.

He took her hand, and led her through the crowd to the nearby wall, and pushed her back against it. Taking her face in his hands, he started to kiss her deeply, passionately. She could taste his tongue, feel his body pressing against her breasts, and he began to grind his hips into hers. She responded by putting her arms around him, pulling him into her, kissing him back, wanting him.

She felt one of his hands creeping down to fondle her crotch through the thin material of her skirt, and she gasped. Then the hand was sliding up her thigh, pushing Casibom Yeni Giriş the skirt up with it, and then touching her wet pussy lips, pushing them apart with his large fingers, finding her clitoris, leaving her gasping and sobbing.

Within moments, she felt him move again, and then a hard cock was pressing between the lips of her cunt, pushing slowly into her, and pushing her bare arse against the cold wall. Then the cock thrust all the way into the depths of her cunt, and she screamed in pleasure, pulling him desperately into her.

All around her the music continued, and people were dancing, while the man she didn’t know fucked her hard against the wall. She was gasping and sobbing on his shoulder in sheer pleasure, clutching him, as the cock rammed in and out of her cunt.

It almost seemed to last forever, but at the same time didn’t seem long enough. She was screaming for him to fuck her, and she felt her cunt pulsing around him, as she started to cum again. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm, moving hard, slamming into her, and her legs left the ground to wrap around him, and she started screaming again, desperate for him to hear her pleasure against the throb of the music.

Then, as she peaked again, cumming around his cock in pulses of unadulterated pleasure, she felt his cock spasm, and his hot cum shoot into her cunt. As she screamed once more, wrapped tightly around him, his head bent from her lips, and she felt the teeth enter the skin of her neck…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32