A Coffee Morning Surprise

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Well… it’s strange how things come together – who would have guessed a week ago that Adele and I would be having coffee together. Amazing!! I knew, though, as soon as I clapped eyes on the photo of herself that she’s emailed to me, that she was something special. Funny, that! I don’t know why – the generous mouth, the open smile – but most of all, those dancing eyes!! They are captivating – well, they captivated me anyway! Yes, that was it. The magical, captivating eyes! They are just a pair of eyes, of course, but to me… they are so lovely! And when we did meet, it was as if we’d known each other all our lives and shared intimate secrets together. We were so relaxed in each other’s company. Great!

Adele and I first became friends on the internet through a mutual friend. We both wrote erotic stories and soon found each other to be friendly and fun. We began exchanging email messages – erotic girlie stuff. My name is Sarah, by the way. I’m married to an understanding guy called George – he allows me freedom to chat on the internet, when I’m not busy on official business. Adele and I eventually exchanged photos, though I have to be ultra careful that mine isn’t bandied about – if I was to be recognised by any of our social group, George would be furious. I’d never live it down. You can’t be too careful when your in the public eye. I have an image to live up to! Gosh – if only they knew what I am really like!

Anyway, Adele and I agreed to meet. Just by chance, it so happened that I had to be at an ‘official’ engagement – a charity coffee morning actually – in a few days time at the Civic Hall, and I thought would be a good way of us meeting for the first time, with others around. It would be good for her to be introduced to our Vicar’s wife, who is the subject of much salacious speculation between us. . You never know – they might get on well together. Though I have to handle Susanna very carefully. She wouldn’t want me to be letting others into our intimate personal secrets.

Adele recognised me straight away, of course, from my photos, and came over to introduce herself. We had a brief chat, and I got her talking to Susanna. Unfortunately I had to ‘circulate’ amongst the guests and dignitaries. But our eyes met several times ‘across the crowded room’ and locked together for a few precious seconds. We both knew what was behind those looks. My loins churned – and started to leak! My God! If the guests knew – goodness me – how embarrassing that would be! No – I just smiled sweetly and shook hands with people, chatting nicely about nothing in particular. But my thoughts were on my new friend.

Adele and I did manage to find time to ourselves towards the end though. We got on so well, and I have to thank our mutual friend for getting us together! Over coffee, we held hands casually across the table, searching into each other’s eyes. Adele’s have a lovely smile. They dance – actually dance!! We talked no end, but both knew what was at the back of our minds – and it took a conscious effort for us to avoid kissing there and then! Oh! Şerifali Escort Did I tell you she was three months pregnant? Well she is. She is so very lovely, and I had this insane desire to explore her vulva with my mouth — there’s something special about that part of a pregnant woman – her juices are the champagne of vaginal nectar, to be sipped and relished by the taste buds, not just shlurped. Sheer bliss! And I told her so — of course, Adele laughed! But I think she was pleasantly flattered.

When it was all over, the Mayoress came over to invite us into the Mayor’s parlour for a quick glass of wine (she’s a bit of a lush I think and just wanted an excuse to crack open a bottle!). after a couple of quick glasses, she said she had another engagement and left the two of us alone. We looked at each other for a second or two – just gazed in wonder – then we kissed!! Our lips met in a deep magical first kiss. It was instinct!

It was impossible for us to keep our hands off each other – they roamed across our breasts, caressing buttocks, eagerly exploring each other’s body — feeling the softness beneath the clothes — I was getting so very worked up. I couldn’t stop myself from slipping my hand up Adele’s skirt, searching for her vulva. It was so very hot and wet — and hairy. I adore hairy women! (Not hairy men though – I prefer them smooth!) She made no attempt to prevent me from feeling her. In fact, I think she wanted me to grope her – expected it! In fact, she was enjoying it!

But, before she could respond, I pushed her onto her knees in front of me, threw my skirt over her head and pushed it into my crotch. Oh such joy! Gosh! Was I soaking wet?! I could feel her inhaling deeply through her nose, filling her lungs with my vaginal scent. Taking the opportunity offered to her, Adele dragged my knickers to one side and sucked on my labia and clitoris. Woweee! I couldn’t hold back. I was grinding my loins against her nose and mouth — it was so fucking exciting — thrilling to licked by this lovely young lady.

I was taken by surprise. I’m usually rather slow to warm up, but that wonderful sensation was spreading quickly through my tummy – unstoppable – like a vast delightful wave sweeping through me. I had an explosive orgasm! There and then! I couldn’t control it. My knees turned to jelly – I almost collapsed. I had to hold on to Adele’s head until I could collapse on the settee, panting for breath.

Adele came from under my skirt with a smile of triumph on her face. Our lips met in a long passionate French kiss. Our tongues were fighting each other, lashing inside our cheeks. My right hand slid straight up her skirt to search for her hairy vulva. She was wet and hot. I just couldn’t resist masturbating her wildly with all my fingers. Her face screwed up with agony – I could see that Adele was quickly reaching her climax.

The young pregnant woman lurched as the orgasm shattered her. I’m surprised no-one came in to see what all the noise and scuffling was about! We quickly straightened up, Şerifali Escort Bayan using the private toilet facilities to repair our make-up. We squeezed hands together in an unspoken act of affection before leaving the parlour.

We promised to meet up again. But that night I dreamed of my Adele! My lovely pregnant friend.

You know that dreamy moment in bed when you are neither awake nor asleep, your mind wandering, the imagination in free fall? At such a time this morning, with my hand between my thighs, warm and slippery, I imagined I was together with Susanna on the bed, naked – the vicar’s attractive wife. Then I noticed that her hands were tied to the bedposts – I didn’t remember doing that, but I was very dreamy – and I was kissing her face – well I’m not sure that kissing is the right word – my lips and tongue were caressing her cheeks, my tongue gently tracing the contours of her lips, touching the tip her nose, butterfly-kissing her eyelids, still heavy with sleep.

The inside crook of her elbow was warm as my tongue traced a path round it, up the inside of her upper arm and into the warm, moist valley beneath her shoulder. Moving my head a little, I was able to plant a kiss on the mole high on her breast, before taking the tip of her superb breast, drooping a little over the side of her chest, into my mouth, exploring with my tongue the ring of little bumps round the edge of the swollen areola, the stiffening crazed dark nipple. Looking over the top of her breast, I noticed that her belly was swollen with child. Soft and pale and alive!

It was then that I realised that she was pregnant and that it was, in fact, Adele I was making love to. She was my slave! Her body was responding – purring with erotic pleasure. She was smiling, with eyes closed – adoring every lick – every minute. My tongue and roving fingers were causing delicious rumblings inside Adele’s belly. It was then that my fingers found her pussy, already oozing with delicious nectar. That extra-special nectar of the woman carrying a baby in her womb. She bent her knees, hinging them open half-way. My fingers played with her wrinkled brown labia for a while, still kissing her hard nipples before moving down to her full tummy, my tongue rolling over the stretched skin, down to the pubic mound, planting soft kisses on the inner thighs.

My hands were stroking the firm cheeks of Adele’s bottom. Her loins are beginning to tremble – her head starting to roll from side to side. As I studied the vulva of my beautiful friend, I teased the sides of her outer labia, trailing my finger nails lightly over them. Her thighs parted even wider, now exposing the full glory of that tremendous, beautiful vulva, the wrinkled dark brown skin of the inner labia now glistening with the nectar seeping from the distended vagina. The juices were thick and starchy, clogging the entrance to her secret passage. The vestibule of her pussy was bright pink, shimmering with moisture. Absolutely wonderful to see. The labia developing from the side of the Escort Şerifali clitoral hood, sweeping down either side of the valley, as far as to the vagina itself, the clitoris stiff and pale, half hidden beneath the hood.

I am fascinated by Adele’s vulva. I find it so very beautiful. I breathe on it lightly before planting a kiss on the tip of the clit. Her loins jolt with the sudden shock of the touch, stabbing into her belly. Her breathing got noticeably heavier. Pressing my fingers onto the outer labia, I pulled them apart to open the vulva even further, allowing me to push my stiffened tongue deep into the vagina, scooping the delicious nectar into my mouth. After a few stabs into her secret passage, it began to work on the whole valley, licking and nibbling the labia. Adele’s loins were trembling. I heard her moaning softly, her breathing a bit laboured. My tongue massaged one side of the lips, then the other, taking in the clitoris. Her spasms were beginning to come to the surface. But she mustn’t orgasm. Not yet! She can only have an orgasm when I say so!

The moaning got louder. It was now more of a whimpering sound. ‘Make me come, Sarah. Make me come.’ But I avoided touching the clitoris for quite a while, taking my time, concentrating my kissing on the skin of her thighs surrounding the vulva. She was beginning to shake. She was muttering in a more desperate tone. ‘Yes, yes. I want to come.’

But I kept the orgasm just out of reach. You know what it’s like when you can’t quite grasp the spasms you need – your muscles aching for release – digging deep for the elusive orgasm. Desperate! That was Adele. She was searching, searching so desperately for the final jolt to trigger her orgasm. It’s began to drive her wild. Her thighs were shaking and heaving heavily. She was crying – weeping for release – ‘Give it to me, pl-e-a-s-e! I’ve got to have it.’ It was pitiable! So much pleading in her hoarse voice.

And so, I decided that I too was getting very close to my own orgasm. My waves were building up deep in my groin. I suddenly straddled my thighs over her agonised face, pushed her knees apart with my elbows, and pushed my face down on her vulva. By this time, my own pussy was pressing against your nose and mouth. I could feel her tongue, eagerly lapping my clit. The tension was rising quickly. I was very close. Adele was heaving uncontrollably now. Gasping loudly. With a cry and a lunge, we both exploded together, screaming each other’s name. Our bodies were locked together, thighs tightly gripping thighs, rolling over, back and forth, as the spasms wracked them.

Spasm after glorious spasm. Adele was gushing. Her vagina gushing into my mouth. I adore it! I worship it! Sweet tasting Adele’s juices! I swilled them round my cheeks.

I whisper hoarsely in her ear. ‘You are a goddess, Adele. A goddess of love.’

The spasms weakened and subsided. We lay there, still locked together. At last, both exhausted but happy, I give her swollen vulva a loving kiss, and turned round to kiss her on the lips, our vaginal juices mingling on our tongues.

I woke up. I was wet through. I had just had an orgasm! I had masturbated in my dozing state. Fantastic! It was time to get up, damn it! I must send Adele an email. Make another date with her. I’ve just got to get my face into that delightful vulva once again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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