A Creative Challenge Ch. 13

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Amy came back into the studio wearing the pleated skirt and platform shoes, with a sweater. The weather had been getting cooler over the last few weeks, so they were not inappropriate clothes to be wearing. It was a fairly eccentric outfit for a girl like Amy to be wearing, but it wasn’t as attention-grabbing as whatever she would normally go out in. It was obvious what her intention was, but instead of trying to talk her out of it as I might have done before, I remembered the promise I had made to myself in the coffee shop and decided to go with the flow.

“Where’s your raincoat?” Amy said.

“I didn’t know I’d be needing it.”

“It’s now or never, Sam. Let’s go get a train.”

The station was empty when we got there, but we didn’t have long to wait for the next train to the city. Amy lifted her skirt to show me the sweat bands round her thighs.

“Like my underwear?”

“You always wear the sexiest panties,” I said, pointing at her deliciously bare pussy, “but I’m not sure we’ll be needing those other things today, not after what you did to me half an hour ago.”

“You’re not that old, Sam, and anyway, better safe than sorry.”

“That’s never been your motto,” I laughed, feeling a little nervous in anticipation of what we were about to do.

“There’s nobody about,” said Amy disappointedly, “I hope the train’s not as empty as this station.”

“Well, I’m relieved about that, I’m glad this isn’t the rush hour.”

“You know me, Sam, I always like to have an audience if I’m giving a performance. Come on, let’s get into character, the train’s coming.”

So saying, she put her arms round my waist inside my coat, and I kissed her, at first gently, but more passionately as the train squealed to a halt. Kissing like that in public was something I had not done for a very long time, and it felt great. It was like being a teenager again, taking a girl home after the movies.

When the train had squealed to a halt and the doors had slid open, we reluctantly unlocked ourselves and stepped onto the train.

“More,” said Amy, pushing me against the corner between the seats and the doors on the other side of the carriage and kissing me again. Her lips were soft and liquid, and tasted as sweet as her pussy. The platform shoes put her face at the same level as mine, and we kissed as real lovers do, easily and intimately and unashamedly. I would have been happy just to do that for the whole journey, but that was not our plan.

“I’m still wet from before,” Amy whispered into my ear, “but I think you should know that things are getting real slippery under this skirt. You’re a good kisser.”

“Thank you. So are you.”

I focused on the rest of the carriage for the first time. There were only four people who were able to see us, a businessman reading a newspaper, a woman with her back to us staring out of the window, and nearest to us, a young couple sitting holding hands. As I looked towards them, they both looked away. Amy and I had obviously been the most interesting thing to look at on that train at that moment.

“We have a very small but attentive audience,” I whispered.

“Goody,” görükle escort Amy said, kissing me again. I wrapped my arms and the coat around her and concentrated on enjoying her kiss. Her hand began to rub my cock through my jeans, and to my surprise the effect was immediate. I thought it might take me a while to get stiff again, after such a recent blowjob and because of my nervousness, but I was wrong. Amy pulled my zip down and slid her hand inside, and then started giggling.

“What’s up?” I whispered.

“You are,” she was still giggling. “I should have taken it out of your pants before I started rubbing it. How am I going to get it out now without breaking it?”

She had a good point. My cock was now like a short piece of metal pipe trapped against my leg inside my jeans. There was no way to get it out quickly and discretely, but Amy was not to be deterred. She undid the waist button of my jeans and slid them down towards my thighs.

“You can’t do that!” I said as quietly as I could.

“I just did,” she said, freeing my cock with one hand and holding my pants up with the other. The grip of her hand sliding up and down my cock would have made me forgive her anything, and she knew it, smiling at the expression on my face as she slowly masturbated me. I knew getting the pants done up again would not be easy, and I was right. She needed both hands to do the button up again, so she let go of me and I sucked my stomach in as far as it would go. Even so, it was an awkward thing for her to do and the longer it took her, the more she giggled. I couldn’t help her, because I needed both arms to keep the coat from flopping open.

Over her shoulder I could see that the boy seated opposite was beginning to realize something unusual was going on under the coat. Amy’s elbow movements and her giggling would have made it pretty obvious. He nudged his girlfriend and nodded in our direction. She looked puzzled, he whispered in her ear, her eyes widened, and she grinned. They both looked me straight in the eye and I knew the game was up.

“Our audience just figured out what we are doing,” I said, expecting Amy to stop doing it.

“Well, then let’s give them a show to remember,” she replied, “because I’m insanely horny.”

Before I could get the words “no, I think you’re just insane” out of my mouth, Amy had pulled up the front of her skirt, stood on tiptoe, pushed her pelvis forward, slipped my cock into her wet pussy and settled back down onto her heels. My cock slid up into her with no resistance at all, just that wonderful warm enveloping feeling that you always get when you first enter a woman who is wet and ready to fuck.

The expression on my face as Amy lowered herself onto me confirmed for our young couple what had just happened. I had always thought that the phrase ‘his jaw dropped in amazement’ was just a cliché, but at that moment the girl’s and the boy’s mouths both gaped open in wide-eyed astonishment. It looked so funny to see them both do exactly the same thing that I almost laughed out loud, although I just managed to suppress the sound because I didn’t want to attract any more attention bursa sınırsız escort bayan than we already had. They both looked at each other and then back at me, with ‘holy-shit-what-are-you-going-to-do-now’ looks on their faces. I shrugged, and nodded my head towards Amy, in an attempt to say ‘don’t-ask-me-I’m-not-the-one-in-control-here’. Something like that must have got through to them because they grinned back at me, and the boy gave me a quick thumbs-up. They both sat up to watch the show.

Amy had shut her eyes and had settled into the rhythm of the train, rocking no more than an inch or two backwards and forwards on me in time with the swaying of the carriage, tilting her pelvis as she did so that the base of my cock pressed against her clitoris every time she rocked back. If you didn’t know where my cock was, a casual observer would probably not realise what we were doing, but our audience was in no doubt at all. Watching them watching us, while I was being fucked by this wet, warm, and beautiful young woman, was a very strange and unsettling sensation that I had never experienced before.

“Fuck, this feels good,” whispered Amy into my ear. “Do you know how hard it is for me not to jump up and wrap my legs round your waist?” Her breathing was getting heavier, and I knew she was not far from an orgasm, but the train started slowing down for a station, so she stopped moving against me and put her head on my shoulder, with a quiet little “damn!”

I was hoping that no-one else would get on, and to my relief, no-one did. Even better, the businessman folded his newspaper and got off without even a glance in our direction. The woman with her back to us and the young couple opposite were the only passengers left in the carriage as we pulled out of the station again, and I whispered the good news into Amy’s ear.

As the train gathered speed again, Amy put her arms around my neck, both her feet on the outside of mine and opened her knees. I leaned back against the door and we started to fuck with urgent intensity, no longer bothering with any attempt to conceal what our movements meant. The coat and skirt still covered us but that was all. Within only a few seconds, Amy was grunting quietly in my ear, and then she convulsed, her whole body tensing, holding on so tightly round my neck that she smothered the lower part of my face so I could hardly breathe. Another couple of strokes and she hooked both her feet behind mine and convulsed again, and then again. This time she lifted her face and kissed me, her cheeks flushed pink and alive, and as we fucked towards another final wave of orgasm, she sucked my tongue into her mouth while her pussy gripped my cock, her wetness trickling down my balls.

I held her tightly while her body slowly relaxed and unwound, enjoying the little after-shock shudders left over from her orgasm. I wasn’t aware that she hadn’t breathed for a while until she let out a long-held breath with a soft and expressive “Whooooooo….”. She raised her head from my shoulder to look at me and smiled a very happy and contented smile. As always when she had just bursa otele gelen escort bayan had an orgasm, I thought her face was as lovely as it could possibly be, and I smiled just as happily back.

Our timing had been perfect, because the train was just coming into our station. As Amy reluctantly eased herself off me and stepped back her skirt fell down in front, as she had said it would. I was left with a problem I hadn’t anticipated, which was a still stiff and rather obvious cock sticking out in front of me. Amy was, as usual, thinking ahead of me and had already figured out what to do.

“Put your left hand into your coat pocket and hold Mr Happy down, and I’ll do up your coat buttons,” she said. Which is what we did. Problem solved.

I had almost forgotten about our audience of two until Amy turned round and looked straight at them. She said hello, then gave them an exaggerated and very theatrical bow. In turn, they responded as a good audience should, and clapped in applause. The other passenger turned round at the sound to see what had been happening, but she had completely missed the show. She had no idea what she had missed, but she had a very sour and disapproving look on her face anyway.

Amy took my hand and we jumped off the train as soon as the doors opened. The woman on the train glared at us, and was still glaring as the train moved away. Amy turned her back, bent over and flipped the back of her skirt up, mooning the departing train. I will never forget the startled look on the woman’s face as the train disappeared into the tunnel at the end of the platform.

“You can’t help yourself, can you?” I said, laughing at her naughtiness.

“Of course I can. But I choose not to. I’m hungry, let’s eat.”

It might have been the adrenalin of our live performance, but we were both starving, and it took two large plates of Mario’s taglietelli and a carafe of vino rosso to make us feel better and to help us relax. Neither of us had spoken of what happened on the train until we were mopping up the last of the sauce with some crusty bread.

“We need to get you some new jeans”, said Amy.

“I’ve already got enough jeans”, I replied, a little puzzled by her remark.

“But they all fit you. You need some looser cut fat-ass jeans so we can get Mr Happy out of your pants a little quicker next time.”

“So there’s going to be a next time, is there?”

“Of course. What we did this morning was more for me than it was for you. I get off on being watched, and no-one else has ever watched me fuck before, so I thought the ride was just great, and I wanted those people to know and to see what we were doing.”

“I would have preferred it if no-one else had any idea what we were up to. I think for me it’s having that incredible secret knowledge that is such a turn-on. To be honest, Amy, what we did this morning was more blatant and riskier than I was comfortable with.”

“Exactly, so we need to practice being more discrete about it. I will try, honestly, but for me that won’t be easy.”

I was touched by the considerate way she was trying to help me fulfil my fantasies, and her excitement was infectious. We had achieved something this morning that to me was very daring and just a few months earlier would have been unthinkable. Even so, I was still a little afraid of how far she would go, and at what point I would have to back out, but for now I was determined to choose the ‘path less trod’, and see where it led us.

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