A cure for Stuttering

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“Hey! How’s my favorite nephew?” I ask, bending at the waist to make sure he gets a good look at my tits as I lean over the chaise lounge and give him a big kiss on the cheek. My white, flower-print bikini can barely contain my well-developed breasts, which is why I chose to wear it this afternoon.

“Aunt S-S-S-Sara,” Jeremy stutters as his eyes bulge out towards my tanned globes, hanging just inches from his face. As I stand up, I can’t help but notice that his eyes aren’t the only things that are bulging at the moment. I guess that answers the question!

“Your mother thinks your gay,” I tell him matter-of-factly as his eyes roam from my tits down to the tiny triangle of material disappearing between my legs.

“G-G-Gay?” he looks at me incredulously. “W-w-w-why w-w-would she think th-th-that?” he stutters some more and sits up, trying to hide his erection. Damn! He’s pretty good size for an eighteen-year-old. I can’t believe this is the same little boy I used to baby-sit. He’s certainly not little now. Swinging his legs over the side of the chaise lounge he looks like he’s trying to decide if he should risk standing up and exposing himself even more.

“Well,” I tell him, ignoring the stuttering which I haven’t heard him do since he was about twelve. “You’re an incredibly smart, good-looking guy who never dates and your mom never hears you talk about girls. You’re about to graduate, prom is coming up and you don’t even have a date.” I sit down beside him, and his eyes drop to my chest again. “You’re obviously not gay,” I laugh. “So, tell auntie what the problem is,” I say, putting my arm around his bare shoulder.

“I c-c-can’t,” he says, slipping out from under my arm and moving away from me.

“Why not?” I ask, trying to sound non-threatening.

“Bec-c-c-cause of th-th-this!” he says as he stands up. I’m not sure if he means the stuttering or the tent his cock is making of his swimsuit. “Every t-t-t-time this happens,” he says, glancing down at the front of his swimsuit. “I st-t-t-tutter!” he says angrily. “How c-c-can I ask anyone out?” he asks, turning away from me, embarrassed.

“Did I do that?” I ask teasingly, knowing full well the affect my body has on men. I workout regularly and, in this skimpy bikini, every toned muscle in my body is on display. I only came out here to convince myself that my nephew isn’t gay. The bulge in his swimsuit is exactly what I was expecting but I didn’t expect the stuttering or my own reaction to his erection. My pussy is telegraphing distress signals to my brain and I’m doing my best to ignore them. Forget it, he’s my nephew, I telegraph back.

“Yes!” he yells.” When you’re d-d-d-dressed l-l-like th-th-that!” he stammers, pointing to my tits.

“Tell you what,” I say, moving closer to him. “I’ll go get dressed, you do whatever you need to do to take care of that and we’ll meet upstairs, okay?” I smile. “Maybe I can help.”

“W-w-what c-c-can you d-d-do?” he stutters, his face completely crimson, probably from my reference to him taking care of his hard-on.

“Well… I’m not just your aunt,” I laugh. “I’m also a registered nurse with a degree in psychology. Maybe I can help you overcome your… um… issues.” I smile. “I’ll meet you upstairs in half an hour.” I take one last look at the large bulge in his swimsuit before turning to go. When I said his bulge was exactly what I was expecting, I lied. I wasn’t expecting it to be that large or so enticing. I might need that half hour myself.

As I walk up the stairs to my apartment, I see Jeremy almost running into his house. A couple of months ago I moved into the apartment over my sister’s garage. It’s a comfortable apartment over a three-car detached garage that sits on the back of the property next to the pool. It’s inexpensive and I get along well with my sister and her husband.

Stripping off my swimsuit, I stand in front of the full-length mirror, turning left and right, admiring the body that I work so hard to maintain. “Hey!” I say to my reflection. “You look good!” I laugh at my boastfulness, but I am proud of myself. When I think about turning 30 next year, it makes me wonder how long I can maintain it.

Hefting my breasts, I look at my large areolas and tweak my thick nipples with my fingertips. No wonder Jeremy had such a reaction, my nipples are fully erect and would have been clearly visible through my white bikini top. Touching my nipples reminds me that Jeremy wasn’t the only one with a reaction. I let my fingers glide over my flat stomach and brush across the strip of blonde hair, about two inches wide which runs neatly down towards my pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I involuntarily moan, surprised by how sensitive I am when my fingers touch my pussy lips. Now that I’m touching myself, I realize how turned on I was by my nephew’s large bulge. Checking the clock, I move over to my bed. I still have about twenty minutes before he gets here.

Lying back and spreading my legs, I imagine Jeremy, up in his room, stroking his hard-on as he thinks about my tits. I wonder if he’s on his bed or in the bathroom. Don’t young boys always jack off in the bathroom? Sliding two fingers inside my wet pussy, I wonder if he’s large. “Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!” I groan as my juices flood my pussy and run down my hand.

Shit! Jeremy will be here in about five minutes.

Thankfully, he’s a few minutes late and I’m cleaned up and dressed when he knocks on the door. Glancing at his non-bulging crotch, I wonder how well it went for him. Stop it! He’s your fucking nephew! Now start acting like a decent aunt and help with his problem. First step is to find out what it is.

“You want a coke or something?” I ask as he follows me into the apartment. I intentionally put on a baggy sweatshirt over loose fitting jeans so I won’t cause any serious reaction from my nephew.

“Sure, that’d be great, Aunt Sara,” he says, taking a seat on the couch. “I’m sorry about earlier,” he adds without a hint of stutter.

“So tell me about this problem,” I say, handing him his coke and sitting next to him on the couch.

“Well,” he says. “There’s not much to tell.” He’s looking at the floor and almost mumbling. “I’m just a big zero with girls,” he says. “When I meet someone, I’m attracted to, my libido overreacts and all I can do is stand there stuttering, with an obvious bulge in my pants.” He shrugs.

“What do you do?” I ask, seriously curious about his answer.

“Well…” he looks at me sheepishly. “I go to the boy’s bathroom a lot.” He looks at me to see if I get his meaning. I do.

“How much is a lot?” I ask, not sure why it matters but I really want to know.

“Three or four times a day,” he says, not looking at me. Damn! This kid jacks off three or four times a day. What a waste of good cock. Down girl… stay focused.

“Does that help?” I ask. “I mean, can you then go back and talk to the girl?”

“No!” he says, pounding his fist on his thigh. “Then I just, you know, get hard again and the stuttering starts all over.” He buries his face in his hands. “I’m hopeless!” Hopeless my ass! Not if he recovers that quickly!

“You are not hopeless!” I reassure him. “In fact, once we solve this stuttering thing, you’re going to make some girl very happy, getting it up three or four times a day!” I smile. “Is there someone at school that you’re attracted to?” I ask while digesting what he’s just told me.

“Yeah,” he laughs. “There’s a girl in my calculus class but every time I try to talk to her…” His voice trails off.

“I get the picture,” I answer, glancing at his crotch as I feel the moisture building in my pussy. “That must be frustrating.” I’m starting to formulate a solution, but I want to keep him talking.

“What’s really frustrating is that I think she likes me, too!” he exclaims. “Aunt Sara, you know that I tested like in the 120th percentile for my age, I can do calculus problems in my head, but I can’t talk to a fucking girl without stuttering!” He stands up and paces around the room. “I don’t see how you can help me. I’ve read everything I could find on the subject but nothing seems to work.” He plops back down on the couch. “I’ve never even kissed a girl,” he says under his breath.

“Hey!” I punch his arm. “Cheer up! Aunt Sara’s on the case. You’re going to be dazzling this girl in no time. What’s her name?”

“Megan,” he says, looking at me. “Are you sure? Do you think you can actually help me?” The way he’s looking at me with those big brown eyes, he looks just like his father. My heart starts fluttering and I take a deep breath.

“No guarantees,” I answer, trying to control my breathing. “But I’m going to give it my best shot. We’ll start tomorrow right after school. Bring your homework up here and I’ll have a plan ready for us,” I tell him, hoping I’m doing the right thing. “But right now, I’ve got to get ready for work.” I work the night shift at the local hospital.

“Okay,” he says, standing up. “Thanks, Aunt Sara. You’re the best,” he says, giving me a big hug.

“See you tomorrow.” I spend my entire shift at the hospital thinking about Jeremy’s problem. During my break, I talk to our resident speech therapist about how to overcome stuttering problems. By the time my shift is over, I’ve got a strategy for Jeremy that just might work but I figure I better run it by my sister. I e-mail her from the hospital computer and arrange to meet her for breakfast when I get off.

“Well, the good news is, he’s not gay,” I tell my sister over coffee in the hospital coffee shop. My shift just ended, and Jenny came by after dropping Jeremy off at school.

“Thank heaven,” she says with a sigh of relief. “Not that we wouldn’t have been supportive but it’s a cruel world out there when you’re different,” she smiles. “You said that was the good news, does that mean there’s bad news?” I tell her about Jeremy’s stuttering problem as delicately as I can, but she just cuts to the chase.

“So, whenever he has a hard-on, he can’t talk?” she laughs. “How is he different than other men?” she laughs louder. I laugh with her but try to explain the extent of Jeremy’s problem.

“There’s an approach that utilizes total immersion to overcome these kinds of disorders,” I tell her, trying to sound as clinical as possible.

“Total immersion?” she asks.

“Yes,” I take a breath and give her the one-two punch. “If we can help desensitize him to the stimulus that causes the erection, then the stuttering should stop,” I explain.

“Desensitize him to girls?” she laughs. “Is that possible or even desirable?” she asks. I’m starting to realize that all the laughing is nerves. I try to set her at ease while I explain.

“Not girls,” I correct her. “Scantily clad girls. He didn’t have a problem when I wasn’t in my bikini.”

“So, what, take him to the beach?” she asks, raising her eyebrows. “I don’t understand how this works, Sara.”

“What I propose is that I act as the stimulus,” I tell her cautiously. “I will invite Jeremy to do his homework at my apartment every day after school. I will wear my bikini while I help him with his homework. According to the speech therapist, if he concentrates on something completely unrelated to the stimulus, he will eventually get desensitized and stop stuttering.”

“Do you think it will work?” Jenny asks, apparently unconcerned that I’ll be exposing most of my body to my teenage nephew.

“We can only try,” I shrug.

“Thank you, Sara.” Jenny says. “I suppose this is more than you bargained for when you volunteered to find out if Jeremy was gay,” she says, looking at her watch. I don’t dare tell her how much I’m looking forward to helping my nephew or how wet I got looking at the bulge in his pants.

“No need to thank me,” I tell her, meaning it differently than she thinks. “You need to get to work, and I need to go home and get some sleep.” We hug briefly in the parking lot before heading to our individual cars.

I’m awake and showered by the time Jeremy knocks on my door after school. Once again, I’m in my baggy sweatshirt and loose-fitting jeans but this time I have a surprise for him.

“Hi Aunt Sara,” Jeremy says, setting his backpack on one of the kitchen chairs. “Did you still want to get together today?” he asks.

“Yes!” I say, maybe a little too enthusiastically. “I’ve got your program all mapped out, I just need to discuss it with you,” I tell him. “Have a seat,” I say, pulling out the chair to the right of his.

“I did some research and I think we can conquer this arousal based stuttering problem of yours,” I smile at his anxiousness. “Are you familiar with the concept of behavior modification?” I ask.

“B.F. Skinner?” he asks, and I nod. “Sure, we learned about him last summer during that course I took at the university.” Sometimes I forget I’m dealing with a genius level IQ. Okay, here goes. I take a deep breath.

“Okay, so you’re familiar with cause and effect and stimulus and response?” I ask.

“Sure, but Aunt Sara, we already know what the Sex hikayeleri cause and effect is… I don’t see…” I cut him off before he can continue.

“Wait,” I assert, and he just sighs. “There has been some success with a process called Total Immersion Therapy,” I suddenly realize what the acronym is, but I decide not to share this with Jeremy. Of course, he’s too fast for me.

“TIT?” he laughs. “You’re putting me on.” At least he’s smiling.

“I just realized that myself,” I smile and get back to the strategy. “Anyway, the idea is to build up your tolerance to the stimuli, so it doesn’t trigger the response.” “Okaaaaaay,” he drags it out, emphasizing his disbelief. “Which stimuli are we talking about here?” he asks skeptically.

“The sexual stimulus that causes your erection. Without the erection the stuttering should stop,” I tell him as matter-of-factly as I can with my heart beating fast inside my chest. Why am I finding this so hard? Maybe because it’s about building up his sexual resistance!

“How do we do that?” he asks, seriously curious.

“Like this,” I say, pulling my sweatshirt over my head and revealing the same bikini top I was wearing yesterday. “You’re going to come up here every day after school, until you can be around me in my bikini and not stutter,” I announce proudly as I pull my jeans down and kick them off.

“Aunt S-S-Sara!” Jeremy stutters. “I c-c-can’t!” He moves his hand under the table, obviously adjusting himself.

“Yes you c-c-can!” I laugh, mimicking him and hoping he doesn’t take offense. He doesn’t.

“Your girlfriend is in your calculus class, right. So, get out your calculus book and start explaining to me what you’re currently studying.” He’s just staring at my tits, which are now swelling over the top of my tiny bikini as I take a deep breath.

“You’re k-k-kidding?” he stammers as beads of sweat form on his forehead.

“I’ve never been more serious,” I say, leaning over to grab his backpack from the floor. Oops! Big mistake! The damn thing is heavy as hell! As I struggle to lift it, the triangles of my bikini top slide to the side revealing more of my tits to my awestruck nephew. When he reaches down to help me, his arm brushes against my barely covered nipple awakening it with his touch. By the time we get the backpack on the table my hardening nipples are visible through my top.

“I-I-I’m s-s-s-sorry, Aunt S-S-Sara!” he says but his eyes never leave my chest. I’m surprised at how arousing it is to have him looking at me like this.

“No, it’s my fault. What the hell have you got in there, bricks?” I ask, trying to change the subject for him and for me.

“J-J-Just my b-b-books,” he says but he’s not looking at my face.

“Come on, Jeremy,” I say, unzipping the backpack. “Where’s the calculus book?” According to the speech therapist, if I can get him talking about something he’s comfortable with, that has nothing to do with the stimulus, he should stop stuttering. “Th-th-this is c-c-crazy!” he says, pulling out his book.

“Just humor me, okay?” I ask, opening the book. “What page are you on?”

“P-p-page one t-t-twenty t-t-t-two,” he answers, still staring, wide-eyed at my bikini clad body. I open the book to the right page and read something about Quotient Rules and Higher-Order Derivatives.

“Okay, good!” I say, more confident than I feel as the tingling dampness in my pussy starts to distract me. “Explain this to me,” I say as I squeeze my legs together and try to ignore my own arousal.

He reluctantly pulls his eyes from my tits and focuses on the textbook. Hesitantly at first, and with a considerable amount of stuttering, he starts to explain derivatives to me. I have no fucking clue what he’s talking about, but I nod and ask a few questions until he’s focused on calculus problems and not on my body. He doesn’t notice that he’s stopped stuttering as he patiently explains complex calculus concepts to a mathematical retard.

“Ohmygod!” he exclaims, stopping mid-sentence. “It worked!” he says, smiling from ear to ear. “Aunt Sara, you’re a g-g-genius.” At this point his eyes have again found the swell of my breasts and my protruding nipples, which haven’t receded at all despite the jargon laden discord I’ve been subjected to for the last half hour.

“As long as you’re focused on calculus and not on my tits you don’t stutter,” I tell him. “We’re making progress.”

“D-d-d-do you th-th-think, if I t-t-talk to M-M-Megan ab-b-bout c-c-calculus…” I cut him off.

“I think it’s premature to say for certain, but I think it’s worth a try,” I assure him. “I think if we do this every day after school it won’t take long for you to become immune to seeing me like this.”

“M-m-m-maybe,” he smiles, shaking his head. We continue for another hour before I have to get ready for work.

Jeremy comes back after school each day explaining more calculus concepts to me and by Thursday we’re able to have non-calculus discussions without him stuttering.

“So, have you talked to Megan yet?” I ask him when he’s finished explaining his homework to me, something about implicit differentiation.

“Just a little,” he answers, smiling. “I asked her a couple of questions about homework, and she was anxious to answer them for me. She’s really smart!” he says, and I can see he is completely enamored by her.

“How about the stuttering?” I ask, trying not to embarrass him by asking about his erection.

“Just a little but she didn’t even seem to notice,” he’s smiling as he packs up his books. “See you tomorrow, Aunt Sara,” he kisses my cheek and leaves me standing in my kitchen in my skimpy bikini. I’m proud of the progress he’s made but conflicted about the lack of interest he’s showing in my body. Don’t be stupid! This is what is supposed to happen!


“So he’s been starring at your tits all week!” Jenny says a little too loudly. It’s Friday afternoon and we’re having lunch at an outdoor cafe near her office. I’ve just told her about the progress I’m making with Jeremy.

“Shhh! Lower your voice,” I laugh. “Yes, it’s been kind of weird but it seems to be working.”

“Oh Sara!” she says devilishly. “You poor thing. Prancing around half-naked for a young man who has perpetual erections from starring at your tits?” she smiles as she takes a bite of her salad. “It’s arousing, isn’t it?” she asks, raising her eyebrows at me. “If he’s as big as his dad it must be very arousing!” she laughs. Jenny has always been blunt when talking about sex and makes frequent reference to her husband’s size.

“He’s my nephew!” I assert but her de***********ion is pretty accurate and I’ve been fingering my pussy every day after he leaves.

“Nephew or not, he’s a man with a hard-on caused by looking at your body,” she says. “How can you not be aroused?” she smiles but touches my hand in a serious way.

“So, is he cured?” she asks, taking a bite of her salad.

“I’m not sure,” I tell her honestly. “I’m going to discuss it with him today when he comes over.”

“Whatever you can do for him, Sara, I will be eternally grateful,” she says, looking directly into my eyes so I don’t miss her meaning. I swallow hard, not sure what I’m supposed to say.

“He must be like a blank slate muse as much to herself as to me. “For God’s sake, Sara, he’s like every woman’s fantasy, isn’t he?” she asks, suddenly realizing the possibilities. “Think of the things you could teach him!”

“I’m only helping him overcome his stuttering, Jenny,” I answer, not sure if I’m trying to convince her or myself.

“Well, keep me posted on how that progresses,” she smiles as if she’s reading my mind. I can’t believe my sister is suggesting what I think she’s suggesting but apparently, I have her approval to take this to another level with her son.


“No calculus today,” I say, leading Jeremy over to the couch. I’m in my usual attire, a skimpy bikini. This one is light yellow accentuating my tan. “Tell me about Megan,” I say as we sit on the couch.

“Megan’s great, Aunt Sara,” he says, without a hint of stutter. “I talk to her every day. I’ve been focusing on calculus but today she asked me what kind of music I liked and we talked about favorite bands and I never stuttered once!” he says proudly.

“That’s awesome, Jeremy!” I exclaim but I’m sitting there with my tits barely covered almost wishing for some reaction from him. Would it hurt for him to show some bulge in his pants or to stutter just a little, anything to feed my ego?

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy asks. “Looking me in the eyes. Those big brown eyes.

“Nothing,” I laugh. “Just distracted a little today, sorry. So do you think you’ll ask her out?” I ask, acting like the concerned aunt that I am.

“I don’t know,” he says thoughtfully. “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle that kind of situation without, you know…” he says.

“Well, we’re not done with your therapy,” I tell him, wondering where I’m going with this. Haven’t we accomplished what we wanted? “Next week we’ll take it to the next level of stimuli,” I say mysteriously.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“You’ll find out on Monday,” I answer, after I figure it out this weekend.


I’m ready and waiting for him Monday afternoon when school lets out. All weekend I vacillated about what I had been contemplating when I told him we were taking it to the next level. I thought about consulting Jenny but decided against it. I have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous when he knocks on the door.

“Hey,” he says, setting down his backpack and taking a seat on the couch. “You’ve had me wondering all weekend,” he says without a hint of stutter. I sit down next to him wearing the flower-print bikini that started all this.

“Well, I’ve been thinking,” I tell him. “If you’re going to start dating Megan, you could find yourself in some situations where your stuttering may come back.” I pause.

“I’ve thought of that,” he says quietly. “But I’m not sure what we can do about it. At some point, doesn’t she just have to accept me as I am?” he asks, hoping I’ll reassure him.

“Of course, but it wouldn’t hurt if you had the deck stacked in your favor when that happens,” I answer. “So the next level of Total Immersion Therapy…”

“TIT!” he smiles.

“Exactly!” I say, reaching behind my neck and untying the top string of my bikini. “The next level of TIT…” Lowering the top, I watch his beautiful brown eyes bulge as I slowly bare my breasts to him. “If you can conquer this stimuli.” I continue lowering the top a little more and showing him my rose-colored areolas and thick nipples. “You’re ready for anything,” I exclaim as I remove the top completely, freeing my large globes for his inspection.

I sit motionless as he gawks at my tits. My nipples seem to have a mind of their own, hardening like they’re reaching out towards him. My God! It feels so erotic to be exposed like this to my nephew.

“Aunt S-S-Sara!” he stammers. My eyes focus on the bulge in the front of his jeans. Why am I so pleased with his reaction? I’m supposed to be helping him! My pussy is twitching and dampening the material stretched across it.

“I think we should go back to the calculus book for this phase,” I say, standing up and walking over to the table, my bare tits swaying enticingly with each step.

“I-I-I d-d-don’t think I’ll c-c-c-conquer this one,” he stutters as he gets up off the couch. The huge tent in the front of his jeans distracts me as I imagine it filling up my fiery pussy. Stop! Stay focused! This is about his stuttering!

“Yes you can!” I tell him, forcing myself to look in his eyes. Did I mention his beautiful brown eyes? “A week ago, you couldn’t even talk to a girl and look what happened.”

“B-b-b-but… d-d-damn, Aunt S-S-Sara, they’re so b-b-b-beautiful,” he says, his eyes never leaving my tits and my nipples continuing to show their appreciation.

“Thank you,” I answer. “Maybe as a reward for conquering this I’ll let you touch them.” Where the fuck did that come from? I can’t let my nephew touch my tits! No but it’s okay to let him look at them, huh? Whatever. I’m going to have to cut this session short so I can take care of the fiery itch in my pussy before I go to work. Damn!

“Let’s just try it for a little while today,” I say, smiling. “Then you can go take care of that,” I nod towards his lap, “while I get ready for work.” He just nods, apparently not trusting himself to speak. He opens the calculus book and stutters his way through half of his homework problems before we call it a day.

As soon as he leaves, I pull off my soaked bikini bottom and grab my favorite vibrator from my underwear drawer. In college, I did a little nude modeling for the art department and it never once turned me on. I was professional and detached but maybe it was because I didn’t know any of the art students. Exposing myself to my nephew has gotten me so fucking hot that I can’t wait to touch myself.

Stretching Sikiş hikayeleri out on the bed, I set the vibrator next to me as I move my hands to my tits. With my hard nipples against my palms, I squeeze and knead the soft flesh, sending electric charges to my aroused pussy. Keeping one hand on my tits, I reach down between my legs and lightly caress my slick pussy lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I’ve wanted to do that all afternoon. I close my eyes and imagine Jeremy’s tongue licking around my inner labia, teasing and tantalizing my enflamed pussy. As I part my lips and slip one finger inside, I picture Jeremy’s face eating my anxious pussy.

“That feels so fucking good!” he somehow knows exactly where to lick, flicking his tongue against my clit and then pushing it back into my sopping hole.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffuuuuuuuuccccccck!” My orgasm explodes around my plastic blue vibrator and I fumble with the knob, trying to turn it off as I shiver through the pleasant aftershocks. Relaxing back on my bed, my clit throbbing and my pussy leaking juice, I check the clock and I’m glad I sent Jeremy home when I did.

Fuck! I’ve got to start dating! This thing with my nephew has me horny as hell. I wonder how far I’m willing to let this thing go.

Jeremy keeps coming over after school, but we make very little progress the first week. He’s still stuttering.

The confusion I feel about exposing myself to my nephew is further complicated because it gets me so fucking hot. As soon as Jeremy leaves, I’m ripping at the ties on the side of my bikini bottom and plunging my fingers into my wet pussy.


“You’re like his Pygmalion!” Jenny says over lunch on Friday. “You’re at the “rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain’ part of the process,” she takes another bite of her salad. “Except yours are bare tits in your apartment and I bet the only rain is oozing out between your legs,” she laughs at me for blushing, taking obvious delight at my embarrassment. My Fair Lady is one of our favorite movies and we’ve watched it together dozens of times.

“The difference between a flower girl and a lady, isn’t how she behaves, it’s how she’s treated,” I quote one of our favorite lines from the movie.

“The difference between a stuttering nephew and a stud isn’t whether he stutters but whether he knows what to do with his hard-on,” she laughs. I can’t believe my sister is talking about her son this way. Of course, she’s not the one displaying her tits for him. “Seriously, he’s making progress with Megan,” I say, taking a sip of my iced tea and ignoring her teasing. “I think he might actually ask her out.”

“You can’t let him out there without any training.” Jenny says between bites. “Do you remember your first time?” she asks but doesn’t let me answer. “Mine was with Billy Stewart in the backseat of his dad’s car. I was so fucking hot and ready for the big O, and then he grunts a couple of times and collapses on my chest. I thought what the fuck!” she laughs bitterly. “Please don’t let that happen to Jeremy after all he’s been through,” she says and I don’t tell her my first time was completely different than hers.

“I don’t know Jenny,” I say. “We’re talking borderline incest here. I’m just helping him overcome his stuttering,” I insist but she’s not dissuaded.

“Seriously, Sara, you can’t send him out there to blow his top as soon as he touches something wet and warm… you’ve got to help get him ready,” she says. “Who else can do it?” she asks, taking my hand and pleading with her eyes. “Please, Sara.”

“I’ll do what I can,” I promise, my pussy excited at the prospect of teaching Jeremy about sex.

“This will really be something” my sister says quietly. “Training a young virgin from scratch. I almost envy you,” she smiles.


The next week, Jeremy makes a little progress early in the week and on Wednesday I compliment him.

“You’re doing well, young nephew,” I say. “We’ll make a Jedi Knight out of you yet,” I tell him, playfully.

“I’ve already got the l-l-light saber,” he jokes, glancing at the bulge in his pants.

“How are things with Megan?” I ask.

“G-g-great!” he answers, shaking his head. “I’m sorry Aunt Sara. I’m not stuttering around Megan at all anymore, but your t-t-t-tits are extremely distracting. Were you serious ab-b-bout l-l-letting me t-t-t-touch them?” he asks, sheepishly. This is the most he’s stuttered all week.

“Well…” I had forgotten about that impulsive offer I made. “How about this?” I pause, carefully considering what I should say. “When we can talk for thirty minutes without you stuttering, you can feel my tits,” I tell him, trying to make it reasonable. In actuality my tits are aching to be fondled by someone other than me. My nipples stay rock hard the entire time he’s here. I never knew I was such an exhibitionist, but it really turns me on to have my young nephew staring at my half-naked body.

“D-d-d-deal!” he cries and continues to stutter occasionally throughout the rest of our Wednesday session.

Thursday afternoon, he surprises me by bringing a kitchen timer from his house.

“I’m going to set this for thirty minutes,” he smiles. “And every time I stutter, I’m going to reset it.” He pushes the buttons and puts it on the table in front of him. “Today’s the day, Aunt Sara, so be prepared!” he smiles. My pussy screams out to the rest of my body that it’s ready, too. I just smile at my nephew as he starts talking.

After twenty minutes, he slips and stutters. I almost want to tell him to forget it and just grab my tits but I let him reset the timer and we continue our discussion. We talk about his classes, his plans for college and, of course, Megan. It seems that he might be getting up the courage to ask her out.

“Where would you take her?” I ask curiously, glancing at the timer. Only two minutes to go, yes! I don’t know who’s more excited, him or me.

“I don’t know, a movie maybe,” he shrugs. “What do you think?” He takes a deep breath and watches the timer move to twenty-nine minutes.

“A movie is nice,” I answer. “And you don’t have to talk very much,” I laugh.

“That’s a plus,” he says, deliberately enunciating each syllable. “I think that all I have to do is ask her. I’m pretty sure she’s wondering why I haven’t already done it,” he says. He’s speaking slowly enough that by the time he’s done the timer buzzes.

“YES!” he pumps his fist in the air and just stares at my chest. “Um… I’ve n-n-n-never done this before,” he says, looking at me anxiously. “That doesn’t count, does it?”

“No, that doesn’t count,” I say quietly. “Let’s go over to the couch,” I say, taking his hand and leading the way. “Why don’t you just caress them, and I’ll tell you what feels good, okay?” I ask, feeling like a schoolgirl myself.

Jesus! What am I doing? My eighteen-year-old, virgin nephew is about to feel my tits and I can hardly wait! My pussy is soaking wet with anticipation. I don’t expect him to do it very well but the idea of him touching me is so fucking erotic!

“Like this?” he asks, lifting my left breast with his hand and running his thumb over my taut nipple.

“Yeah!” I sigh. “Just like that. Do the other one, too,” I tell him. We’re sitting on the couch, turned towards each other with our knees touching and he has one tit in each hand. Neither of us says anything for several minutes.

“They’re so soft,” he whispers as he continues squeezing each one, kneading them with his fingers. God, it feels so good, my nipples want more attention.

“You can suck on them,” I whisper, pulling his head towards my left tit.

“R-r-r-really?” he stutters, looking me in the eye. I just nod and pull him to my chest.

“Suck on it and nibble very gently with your teeth,” I instruct him and… fuck! He’s a fast learner. “Ohhhhh! Yeah!” I moan, pushing his head to my other nipple. My pussy is oozing juice and dampening my bikini bottom. I want to grab his hard cock, bulging out the front of his jeans, and ride him while he sucks on my nipples, but I restrain myself. This is my nephew after all and I’m just helping him overcome his stuttering. Yeah, right!

“Ohhhhhhhh!” I whisper. “That feels so good, Jeremy,” I want more than my nipples sucked! Reluctantly, I push his head back but he keeps his hands on my tits, caressing them. Lifting his chin with my fingers, I look into his soft brown eyes and I can’t help myself. I raise his face, and lightly brush my lips across his.

“You’re a fast learner, young Jeremy,” I say, kissing his lips again before running my tongue across them. His eyes are wide open as he parts his lips and I suck his upper lip into my mouth. I stop short of pushing my tongue into his mouth.

“Enough for today,” I say, leaning back and trying to catch my breath. My tits swell in his hands as I suck air deep into my lungs. I cover his hands with mine, pressing his palms firmly against my hard nipples. Closing my fingers around his hands, I slowly pull them away from my tits, wishing I didn’t have to.

“Thank you, Aunt Sara,” he whispers as he leans forward and kisses me quickly on the mouth. I just nod as he gathers up his books and his timer.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he says as he heads for the door. It’s only after he’s gone that I realize he didn’t stutter.


“You let him touch your tits?” Jenny asks in amazement. “That’s awesome! What are you going to do next?” she asks as she takes a bite of her quesadilla. I’ve accepted that my sister is going to push me to help Jeremy learn about sex.

“I don’t know,” I answer. I’ve been contemplating that since yesterday afternoon. “I think he’s ready to date now.” Jenny smiles at me across the table.

“Why don’t you role play his date?” she says, clearly enamored with her brainstorm. “You be… what’s her name?”

“Megan,” I answer.

“You be Megan and let him try to get to first base with you,” she says, holding her hands out palms up in a gesture of ‘why not’. “You can be fully dressed and help him learn how to initiate some heavy petting,” she smiles at me as she finishes her lunch. I’m sure she’s expecting some resistance from me, but I like her idea.

“Actually,” I say. “That’s not a bad idea,” In fact, I love it. I want him touching my tits some more and my pussy is anxious for some attention, too. This could be the perfect excuse.

“Then it’s all decided.” Jenny says, signaling the waiter for our bill. “I’ll expect a full report,” she smiles. “Just the idea makes me horny. I wonder if John will be up for some role playing tonight,” she smiles and I wonder, not for the first time, about my sister’s interest in her son’s sex life.


“So what do you think?” I ask Jeremy. We’re sitting on the couch and I’ve just explained the role-play idea to him. I’m fully dressed, including a conservative bra and panty set, wearing a white button up blouse and a pleaded skirt.

“That’s a great idea!” he says without stuttering. “We’re going out tomorrow night,” he says, grinning from ear to ear.

“You asked her!” I say excitedly.

“Yes, and she didn’t even hesitate!” he says proudly. “I owe it all to you Aunt Sara!”

“Okay, then we better get some serious practice done today,” I say, settling back on the couch next to him. “Let’s pretend that we’ve had a great time at the movies and we’re either in the car or at her house without her parents around, okay?”

“Great,” he says, putting his arm around me. “I had a great time, Megan…” he stops and grimaces. “I can’t do this, can I just call you Sara?” he asks.

“Sure, I think that’ll make it easier for both of us but try to stay in character and act like it’s our first date,” I answer, feeling as nervous as if we really are on our first date.

“Now, here’s what you need to do,” I tell him, wanting him to be different than all the guys I dated in high school. “Most guys just start grabbing for a handful of tit or running their hands up a girls dress. They also start telling her how much they love her,” he’s nodding as I continue. “You’re going to be different. You are going to be a great kisser, getting Megan very worked up before you try anything, okay?”

“Okay, that sounds right,” he says. “I know I’m inexperienced, but I’ve read a lot of books,” he says hopefully.

“Well, here’s the best advice I can give you,” I tell him, looking him in the eyes, those captivating brown eyes. “When you sense that she might be ready for more, you ask her.”

“What? Like, can I feel your tits?” he asks.

“No,” I answer. “Like this.” I lean real close to him and whisper. “I care about you too much, not do this right,” I say as I place my hand on his thigh and start moving it up his leg. “Tell me if I’m going to fast.”

“Wow!” he exhales. “That sounds perfect,” he says. “You’re not asking if it’s alright, you’re assuming it is going to be at some point, just whether you’re moving too fast,” I told you he was smart.

“Okay, let’s try it,” I say, sitting back so he Erotik hikaye can kiss me. Scooting closer, he wraps one arm around my neck and puts the other one on my waist. Leaning towards me he brushes his lips against mine and then pulls me tighter for a more passionate kiss. Before I know it his tongue is in my mouth and we’re really kissing! I automatically respond to his intensity, pushing my tongue into his mouth and pulling him into a tight embrace. My nipples are hardening against his chest and my pussy is signaling its interest in being involved, too.

Like the good pupil he is, Jeremy continues the kiss, moving his tongue around and exploring the inside of my mouth. When he finally breaks the kiss, I suck in air, panting while my heart thumps in my chest. Damn! My body is responding to him just kissing me!

“I care about you Sara,” he says, looking me directly in the eyes while he unbuttons my blouse. “I want this to be perfect for us,” he’s got the top three buttons undone. “Tell me if I’m going to fast,” he says, raising his eyebrows. I shake my head no, not trusting myself to speak. He has my blouse undone and is working on the front clasp of my bra, while continuing to devour me with his eyes.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan as he releases my bra, allowing my tits to swing excitedly from their bindings. With one hand he caresses my right tit while he pulls my head back towards him and continues kissing me. This kid is one fast learner! Deftly caressing both tits, he’s got my nipples rock hard while he gently sucks my tongue into his warm mouth. Oh God! I actually feel like a fucking high school girl on a date. And I want him to touch my pussy! It feels wet as hell.

Breaking the kiss, he smiles at me while he moves his face down to my chest. Squeezing my left tit, he sucks the taut nipple into his mouth and flicks his tongue across it.

“Oh yeah!” I sigh, cradling his head in my arm as he suckles on my breast. First one and then the other, he bites, kisses, nibbles and teases my tits until my nipples are as hard as I can ever remember them being. I’m bouncing my thighs together trying to scratch the itch growing between my legs.

While continuing to suck on my fully aroused nipples, I feel his hand slide up the inside of my thigh. Yes! Now we’re getting to it! About halfway to my panty-covered pussy his hand stops and he pulls his mouth from my tit.

“We still okay?” he asks. “I’m not going too fast am I, Sara?” he asks, breathing pretty hard himself.

“No!” It comes out more forceful than I intend. “No, it feels nice, Jeremy,” I say more quietly. He smiles as his hand continues its torturously slow journey. I have my head back against the couch and my eyes closed as my nephew sucks my tits and moves his hand within millimeters of my damp panties. When his fingers brush the damp material, I let out an audible sigh and spread my legs a little wider.

“That’s good,” I whisper. “You’re doing great, Jeremy,” I encourage him as he strokes my pussy lips through my cotton panties. “Try slipping your fingers in through the leg band of my panties,” I instruct him as I spread my legs wider. I want to reach over and grab his hard cock through his jeans, but I stay passively in character.

“Really?” he asks excitedly as his fingers fumble around with the tight leg band.

“Yes, see if you can pull my panties to the side and slip a couple of fingers in my pussy,” I say as I pull his mouth back to my aroused nipples. With a little maneuvering, he gets my panties pulled over and I feel the cool air against my wet pussy. Scooting my ass forward on the couch, I try to give him a better angle to probe my juicy opening.

“Oh fuck!” I cry out as he parts my slippery lips and pushes two fingers into my anxious pussy.

“Pump them in and out a little as you bite my nipples,” I pant. “Mmmm! Not so hard, they’re very sensitive,” I admonish him when he gets a little carried away with my tits.

“Sorry,” he says, leaning away from my tits and looking at my face as he finger fucks my pussy.

“That feels great!” I tell him. “Now use your thumb to find my clit,” I instruct him as I buck my ass off the couch to match the rhythm of his fingers.

“It’s a little higher,” I tell him as I feel his thumb probing around. “Ohhhhh! That’s it. No, where you just had it! Yeah! Oh fuck! Gently! You barely have to touch it,” I whisper.

“There? Is that it?” he asks. “Like this?” he asks, gently rubbing his thumb back and forth against my engorged clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah!” I moan. “That’s it. Keep doing that!” I’m almost bouncing off the couch as my nephew finger fucks my pussy and strokes my clit with his thumb.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuucccccck!” I scream as the intensity starts to peak and I flood his hand with my juices. I pull his mouth tightly against my tit, almost smothering him. Grabbing his arm to keep it in place, I frantically hump my pussy against his hand.

“Agghhhhh! Jeremy! Oh Fuck!” I’m out of control. This wasn’t supposed to happen. We’re just role-playing.

“I’m cummmming!” I scream as my pussy convulses around his fingers and I clamp my thighs closed, trapping his hand between them. I pull his face up and shove my tongue halfway down his throat as my body continues to tremble through the aftershocks of my orgasm.

I eventually spread my legs, releasing his hand as I break the kiss.

“You learn fast,” I breathe as he brings his pussy-soaked fingers to his nose and takes a whiff.

“I’ve got the best teacher,” he responds as he puts his fingers in his mouth and sucks my juice off of them. We lock eyes and I smile at him as he tastes me.

“Do you like it?” I ask as I straighten my panties but leave my blouse open.

“Yeah,” he says slowly as he continues to lick his fingers. “It’s like… um… nothing I’ve ever tasted. It’s like a natural aphrodisiac,” he says. “Just the smell and the taste are arousing,” he comments, and I notice that he’s not stuttering at all.

“I think it’s that way by design,” I laugh. Watching him lick my juice from his fingers is getting me hot again. “Lesson over for today,” I say, standing up and pulling him up with me. Before I can step away, he pulls me into an embrace and kisses me. My bare tits rub against his t-shirt as he pushes his tongue in my mouth. I recognize my taste on his tongue and can feel his erection pushing against my aroused pussy.

“Down boy,” I say, breaking the kiss. “You need to go take care of that,” I smile, squeezing his hard cock through his pants. Fuck! What am I doing? I’ve never touched him before. Whatever possessed me to do it now?

“Yeah. I guess I do,” he says, staring at my tits. “Thank you, Aunt Sara,” he says as he gathers his books.

“Come over tomorrow before your date,” I tell him. “For some last-minute advice,” I add.

“I will,” he answers just before he closes the door.

Damn! What have I started? I really wanted him to fuck me! My own nephew! What’s gotten into me lately? I can’t believe I grabbed his cock! God, I wanted to suck it raw! I wanted his mouth feasting on my juices and his cock skewering my pussy!

Going into my bedroom, I drop my blouse and bra on a chair and unzip my skirt. Stepping out of it, I pull down my soaking wet panties. God! My pussy is drenched! Lying on the bed, I spread my legs and smear my juices all over my sensitive lips. Ahhhhhh! It feels good but not as good as Jeremy touching me. As I slip two fingers inside and rub my clit with my other hand, I wonder what Freud would say about my relationship with my nephew. Or what he would think of my sister encouraging it!

“Ahhhhhhrrrrgggghhhh!” My orgasm rolls through my body like a wave crashing to shore. Maybe because Jeremy already got me off with his fingers my orgasm doesn’t have its normal intensity or abruptness. Or maybe I’m just distracted with regrets of what could have been.

Saturday evening I’m ready for Jeremy when he stops by before his date. I’ve thought about it all day and decided that the best help I can give him is to make sure he doesn’t show up at Megan’s house with a big erection. At least I’ve convinced myself that this is for him. Of course it is.

“Hi Aunt Sara,” he says, stepping into my apartment and closing the door.

“Hey Jeremy!” I greet him with a kiss. “You look great!” I say, admiring his oxford style shirt and his cargo pants. “All ready for your date?” I ask, noticing his bulge as I lead him over to the couch. I’m wearing a red spaghetti-strap tank top and a pair of white shorts. My nipples are apparent through the thin material of the tank top.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he says. “I think I’m as ready as I can be.” I’m proud of him for not stuttering.

“Well, I’ve got one more idea to make sure you’re ready,” I smile at him as I slide off the couch and kneel between his legs. “I think I should deflate this for you so you can concentrate on Megan without being distracted,” I tell him as I unbutton his pants and pull his zipper down.

“Aunt S-S-Sara!” Jeremy exclaims as he lifts his ass off the couch so I can pull his pants down. “J-J-Jesus! I’ve n-n-never…” His voice trails off as I wrap my hand around his hard cock and stroke it up and down.

God! It’s beautiful! I want to just stare at it and admire it. I love the shape of the head and the slant from the bottom to the top. I lick all around it, nibbling on the underside where the head comes together just under the opening

“Ohhhhhh! Aunt Sara! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck!” Jeremy moans as I suck his cock into my mouth and slide my lips down the length of his shaft. It’s been a while and I savor the feeling of his swollen cock sliding in and out of my mouth, imagining what it would feel like in my horny pussy. Cupping his balls with my hand, I stroke them with my fingers as I bob my head up and down and attack his hard cock with my tongue. He doesn’t last long, and I feel his balls constrict just before he shoots a large load of cum into my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuucccck!” he cries as he grabs my hair and thrusts his cock into my warm mouth, spewing his salty seed onto my welcoming tongue. I suck him dry, swallowing every drop of his delicious cum and when I’m done he’s still hard.

“You’re still hard!” I say, letting his cock plop from my mouth.

“Yeah!” he says. “That happens a lot… I mean when I… you know… jack off,” he smiles sheepishly. “I usually have to do it twice.” Oh my god! I want this kid fucking me right now! My pussy responds as if it’s wondering why he can’t.

“No kidding?” I ask incredulously. “You always cum twice?” I’m still stroking his hard cock with my hand as he just nods. Well, what can I do? I wrap my lips back around his cock and start pumping it into my mouth. Flicking my tongue along the underside of his long shaft, I remove my hand and slide my lips all the way to the base of his wonderful cock. Fuck! I can’t believe I’m deep-throating my virgin nephew’s cock!

“Jesus, Aunt Sara!” he moans. “That feels so fucking great!” he says, pushing his cockhead into my throat. “I’ve never felt anything like it!” he sighs as he feverishly fucks my mouth, bucking his ass off the couch and holding onto my head with his hands.

He lasts a little longer this time, but I really work his cock with my tongue and he explodes with more cum than I would have expected, given that it’s his second time. I suck and swallow as he jerkily deposits more of his thick sauce into my mouth. This time, when I release his cock, it’s soft and limp.

“Better?” I ask as I sit back on my heels and admire his magnificent tool. Even in its deflated state it’s a marvel to behold.

“Wonderful!” he says. “Never in my wildest dreams, did I think it would feel like that!” he says. “You’re amazing, Aunt Sara!” He’s leaning back and making no attempt to pull his pants up.

My pussy is on fire, and I want his tongue in it but he’s got a date. Fuck! Why do I suddenly find myself jealous of Megan? This is crazy! He’s my nephew! Yeah, is that why you just sucked his cum down your throat? Get a grip, Sara!

“Time to go,” I tell him, standing up and motioning for him to do the same. He stands up, pulls his underwear and cargo pants up. After fastening his pants and zipping them up, he pulls me into an embrace, crushing my tits against his chest. My pussy is oozing juice, dampening my panties.

“I don’t know what I can ever do to repay you for that,” he says. I can think of several things, but I don’t tell him that.

“Just come by after your date and let me know how it went,” I say as I kiss him lightly on the lips. “Maybe, I’ll help you recover,” I tease him as I rub up against his body.

“I can’t wait,” he says, squeezing my ass cheeks and sending shivers through my pussy.

“Just remember it’s a first date,” I tell him. “Don’t try to go too fast. A kiss goodnight is a good start.” I’m looking him in the eyes to make sure he understands.

“I know,” he says. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to attack her,” he smiles. “I’ll see you around midnight if you’re sure you want me to come up.”

“I’m sure,” I answer, anxious to hear how his first date goes and wanting to taste his cock again. “Now go!” I tell him, pushing him towards the door.

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