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Emo Creampie

When you have kids it can be hard to get alone time with your wife. This was the case with us lately and we both needed some alone adult time that’s for sure. We had a friends wedding coming up and we had made arrangements for the kids to stay at grandma’s house.

I had gotten ready first and took the kids to grandmas and when I got home I walked in to find my wife ready to go. She had a sexy black skirt with a white silk blouse and to top it off she was wearing the Cecilia de Rafael hose I bought her with her black and while open toe pumps with the ankle strap. I love those shoes; they always made her look so sexy. She knew what she was doing to me and smiled as we headed out. Once there we did the customary stuff and after dinner we danced a bit. I knew that her feet would be a tad bit warm and I couldn’t wait to get home and have them on my face.

My wife’s feet never smelled bad no did they ever get sweaty oh how I loved kissing them. We sat with some friends and I was having a good laugh but I kept my eye on her as she worked her way around the room visiting. I have had a few drinks and had a nice buzz working, the more I watched her the more turned on I got. I could feel my cock growing in my pants as my imagination took over. By the time she returned my buddy had taken her seat so she sat across from me talking to one of her girlfriends who joined us. We had a nice small table for four in the corner and as we all talked and laughed enjoying ourselves.

I felt her foot against my leg as she rubbed her foot applying enough pressure to let me know it was no accident. We talked and sipped out drinks all laughing and I slipped my hand under the table and it was met with her foot. She winked at me as I rubbed her foot sliding my fingers under her sole feeling her silky hose. He flexed her foot holding my hand tight trapped under her foot. I saw her lean close to her friend and whisper in her ear. They both looked at me. I felt her move her foot away as she placed it against my thigh and as she slid her foot towards my cock I slid to meet her. She placed her foot on my cock and pressed down like stepping on the gas pedal. I loved it, I moved the tablecloth a bit and I could see her foot massaging my cock with her pink nail polish barely visible through the peep toe. Without warning my massage stopped, my buddy left for the bar to get us some drinks and I wasn’t about to go anywhere with my cock straining to get out of my pants.

I was writing down a few web pages for my friend when I dropped my pen and had to slide off my chair to get it as it rolled under the table. I couldn’t have planned this I thought chuckling to myself. My wife looked and found the pen, she stepped on it holding it secure, as I reached for it she moved her foot to my face knowing what I would do. I held her foot by the heel hand brought it to my nose breathing in her sweet musky scent through the small opening or her toe. She flexed her toes lifting them a little and I slid my tongue under them as far as I could. She knew I would do this and quickly pressed her toes onto my tongue. As quickly as this started it stopped as my wife uncrossed her legs and pulled them konak escort bayan away.

I looked over and noticed her friend had her legs crossed as well and on shoe off exposing her hose covered foot. I could see the slight dampness on the reinforced toe of her hose and if I wasn’t a happily married man I would have been sucking those toes and licking her hose covered foot. This whole experience took less that half a minute but it felt like an eternity as I reached my seat my buddy arrived dropping off my drink and then headed back to the bar to hang with some friends. I was ready to leave and mentioned this to my wife who informed me she was not and wanted to catch up with her friend so I resigned myself to watching the goings on of the reception.

Since my erection subsided I left for the bar to get a refill and was asked to get a round for my wife and her friend. Now I was their waiter and I didn’t mind since I knew my wife could hold her liquor and this would loosen her up for some fun tonight. After about an hour the music slowed and my wife wanted to dance. We headed for the floor and held each other tight slowly moving to the music. My wife placed her head on my shoulder as I leaned down into her breathing her perfume.

” I told Cris what you were doing under the table.”

I was a little shocked that she did this but honestly didn’t care.

” What did she say?”

“She thought it was great and told me she wished she could find someone to do that to her. Once in high school she had a date with a guy who kissed her feet and sucked her toes and she loved it. Her current boyfriend won’t go near them.”

“Hey what can I say, us foot guys are a sensual bunch.”

“Cris told me she had her shoe off when you went under the table. She actually took it off when I told her I had my foot on your crotch and was rubbing her toes thinking about what you were going through. So what does her foot look like?”

“Well I couldn’t see that well but its ok, I mean her toes are nice and no bunions but she didn’t have her nails painted. No where as nice as yours that’s for sure.”

My wife informed me it was time to go so we said our goodbyes and on our way out we passed Cris and her boyfriend and as she got up and hugged my wife,” Let me know how it goes, I cant wait to hear”

Once home I opened a bottle of home made wine while my wife slipped into something “more comfortable”. She came out looking sexy as hell; she took off her skirt and stood there in her blouse and heels. Extending her leg teasingly she slid her hand from her knee to crotch.

” I love the feeling of these hose you bought me, they feel so smooth and sexy!”

She walked by me taking the glass of wine and settled into her chair crossing her legs right over left. I settled on the floor in front of her and slowly took her foot in my hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed her toe through the opening just like I did earlier under the table. She placed her left foot on my leg raising her right foot higher. I kissed my way along her shoe until I reached her exposed arch. I placed my nose in as far as I could and breathed konak escort in her heavenly foot scent. Looking up I could see she had her phone and before I could ask,” I am telling Cris what you are doing, keep going I love the way you worship my feet!”

I found it a bit odd that she said that but hell I didn’t care. I unbuckled the strap of her shoe and slowly slid it off her foot. I followed it with my tongue as I licked and kissed her foot form her heel to her toes. I loved the warm feeling of her foot and the smell after a night in her heels. I buried my nose under her toes and inhaled as my life depended on it. She placed her left foot on my cock and again acted like she was driving her car. I found myself thrusting up into her foot. She pressed her right foot into my face and moved her left to my chest so I could remove her other shoe. Once I removed her shoe she placed both feet firmly on my face and held them there. Her feet covered my face and I was in heaven, the feeling of her nylon feet on my face along with the musky scent of her feet was all I wanted at the moment.

She got up to get some more wine and I took the opportunity to remove my clothes. When she came back in I was laying on the floor waiting for her. She stood with her feet on either side of my head and I was looking up to her sweet hose covered pussy. Taking her hand she ran it across her slit and stepped on my face. Her heel on my forehead and toes over my lips I stuck my tongue out to massage and taste them. I could see her holding her phone again and it dawned on me that she was taking a video of me worshiping her foot. Hell I didn’t care; we did this all the time so it was nothing new. I saw her aim her phone at my cock fro a few seconds and I was aware how hard it was. I reached down and stroked it for her slowly like when I masturbate for her.

” Yeah baby stroke you cock for me thinking about my feet on your face. Move over here so I can sit and rub your cock with my feet.”

I adjusted my position and she placed her left foot under my cock and used her right to stroke me. She was milking me slowly causing my pre cum to flow freely onto the arch and top of her left foot. She slid her toe up my shaft causing more fluid to rise out of my cock she placed her foot on top using her hose to gather my pre cum and smear it around the head of my cock. I thought I was going to explode it felt so good. Without warning she brought her foot and held it over my face so I could her cum soaked hose. Holding her phone close she lowered her foot to my face.

” I want you to clean up your little mess from under my toes. Do a good job baby and maybe I will let you cum on my feet.”

I sucked and licked for all I was worth pressing my tongue up under her toes as she pressed down on my face. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought, kind of sweet and salty but ok I guess. I never thought I would do something like this let alone my wife making me do it. I could feel her other foot on my chest now sliding back and forth. God the hose felt great!

“Ok enough, now the other one. Come on baby I want to watch you lick your juices off my escort konak foot.’

She slid her right foot behind my head and brought it foreword towards her left foot. Once it was close enough I licked every inch of her foot. I bent closer and placed my lips on her foot and sucked wanting to make her happy. I could see her pone still there and I didn’t care on bit. I was so turned on I would have done anything she asked at this point. Once I cleaned her foot to her satisfaction she stood over me again but this time I could see that she had ripped a hole in her hose and as soon as I realized this she sat squarely on my face. I thrust my tongue up into her as far as I could. Her pussy was soaked, I could only imagine she was playing with herself a bit while filming me with her other hand. She was facing my feet and as I repeatedly fucked her with my tongue she ground her clit on my chin. I cold feel her orgasm building through her pussy and when she came she flooded me with her juices. I loved how she taste and could lick her pussy all day.

As soon as she calmed down a bit she swung around and grabbed my cock holding it as she slid her pussy down on me. My cock slid into her so easily and when I opened my eyes I saw her phone again.” Oh baby your face looks so good covered in my cum, lick your lips and get it all baby”

She rode my cock hard and without warning moved back up and sat on my face again. I could taste our mixed juices and liked it! I could see her pointing her phone down between her legs filming me as she rode my lips. For a brief second something seemed suspicious about her filming me with her phone. I thought I even saw her texting a few time during all this. Her pussy was soaked and I wanted to cum so badly. I could feel her hose on the side of my head and along my body as she trapped me between her legs. I was in sensory overload and for the first time since I was a kid I thought I was going to cum without touching my cock. My wife moved back onto my cock and I slid into her easily again.

” Come on baby cum for me now. I want to feel you’re cum shooting inside me.

That was all it took and I exploded inside her pussy filling her with a huge load of my cum. She was grinding back and forth hard and fast as she always does when I cum in her bringing on another orgasm. I could feel her pussy squeeze me like a vice as she slowed her movements. Looking me in the eyes,” Good Baby?”

” Sex with you is always goon honey, tonight was great. Where did all this come from?”

Smiling down at me she opens her phone again,” Cris loved it all she wants me to stand over your face while your cum leaks out of me. Yes dear I have been sending her clips all night so she could see what we do. I told her all about your fetish for feet and pantyhose tonight while we talked at the reception and what I was going to do to you tonight. She begged me to see so I told her I would send short video clips. She just texted me letting me know she came twice while watching and she wishes she had someone like you. She just asked me to do something and you know what, I like her idea.”

I was slowly rubbing her hose covered legs enjoying the sensation when she brought her knees up and together. Now all her weight was on me as she squeezed my softening cock. I could feel our juices slowly leaking out down my cock onto my balls.

Smiling she stood up and move up to my face and spread her legs her phone in hand!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32