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I met them at work. They came in to check the number of consumables we use on one of our printers. The two ladies, Donna and Sam came dressed in very smart business outfits; the skirt just above their knees, heels showing beautifully shaped calf muscles. Their whit blouses slightly transparent allowing me to see their bras that were holding gorgeous breasts, straining to get out at me. Sam had her red hair loose, just flowing onto her shoulders; her green eyes had the ability to freeze the sun. Donna’s long black hair was tied in a ponytail, which bobbed from left to right as she walked.

When I met them, they seemed to look at each other with a slight smile and a rather approving look, trying not to let me in on their thoughts. I was too engrossed with the fact that I had to escort two very sexy women into my office.

I could feel my fantasies starting to fly as they introduced themselves and seductively shook my hand. I led them down the passage into my lonely office. I tried to get behind them so I could admire their asses but they were too smart for me, staying close together and behind me. I could feel Donna’s gaze on my behind and I could hear them snigger between them.

When I reached the door, I opened it, inviting them to enter before me, not leaving much room for them to get by, an obvious flirt. Sam bit her lip as she pushed past me, coming very close to my face. I could smell her hair, as she peered into my eyes, imprisoning me in them. Her hand brushed past my crotch, touching my hard on that was beginning to poke through my pants. Donna turned away from me, and as she moved through the doorway, she let her perfect ass make contact with my left hand, slide right across my now very hard dick onto my right hand. By now, I got the picture and let my hand explore, feeling the soft flesh of her ass and giving a small squeeze.

I entered and closed the door behind me. There was a big couch and I invited them to sit as I moved another chair to sit opposite them. They sat very close together on the couch. Sam let her legs open slightly to give me a small view, lifting it slowly and crossing them, leaving her shoe behind on the floor. Her foot started to trace patterns on Donna’s leg.

“Let’s get the business out the way,” I said, trying to hurry things along. I would never had even paid attention as my fantasies were running wild now, my dick trying it’s best to rip through my pants and send a wad of semen across the room onto Donna and Sam.

Donna leaned forward while we spoke; shifting in her seat and allowing her skirt to ride higher, giving me a great view casino şirketleri of her shaved pussy through the white lace.

We hurried it along and I tried to make as much small talk as I could to keep them in my office. I kept thinking that when they left I was going to have to call in my secretary so I could fuck her and blow my load before I went mad.

When the time came for them to go I watched closely as Sam uncrossed her legs, hoping to see some of her snatch, she opened wider than I expected, flashing me a full view of her red lace panties. I could see they had ridden in between her pussy lips, leaving some of her wetness to glisten in the light.

´It’s a shame you have to leave so soon.” I remarked as I reached for the door as slowly as I could, pausing with my hand on the handle. Donna approached the door and her hand reached for the handle, but turning the key instead. “Why would we leave when none of us have even come yet?” She said the words I have been waiting to hear. Before I could even respond, she had her lips on mine, her tongue invading my mouth as I kissed her back, hoping that this wasn’t a dream that I would be woken from.

I felt a hand on my arm and heard Sam say,” I also want some,” as Donna broke her lock on me and I turned to attend to Sam, who kissed a lot less horny as Donna, but very sensual, moving her tongue slowly around mine, coaxing me under her spell. Donna was unfastening my pants to release my erection; I moved to make it easier and gasped at the freedom I felt when it was finally released. Sam broke her kiss from my lips and started nibbling on my ear as Donna started stroking my cock. I looked into Donna’s eyes as she smiled and dropped to her knees, taking my dick into her mouth and sucking me in the most amazing way I have ever felt.

I lifted a hand to open Sam’s blouse and free her breasts from the bra. Cupping and squeezing at them as she intermittently kissed at my neck. Her right hand running through Donna’s glorious red hair, encouraging her sucking on my dick.

I suggested we move to the couch and Sam shoved me down in the middle, then grabbing at Donna and kissing her violently, tongues entwined and hands frantically undressing each other. I could not believe my luck as I stroked my cock watching these hot women grasp each other’s breasts and rip off their clothing. Donna turned Sam to face me, the stood behind her wrapping her arms around and fingering her pussy so I could see. Her finger rubbing circles on Sam’s clit, leaving Sam to grope her own breasts. She motioned me to come over. As I stood up, she threw casino firmaları Sam on the couch. Sam flopped into the place where I was sitting, her legs flopping into the air showing me her now very wet pussy. Donna took me by the head and pushed me down, forcing me to lick her clit. I obeyed, tasting her sweet juices, hoping to plunge my dick inside her soon. “I’m feeling left out again,” Sam chimed. Donna stopped my licking and dropped to her knees in front of Sam. She began to lick her pussy passionately. I felt like taking notes, but wouldn’t need to as my office had my own personal CCTV system just for moments like this. I knelt next to Donna and caressed her back. She shifted and stuck her ass out at me, inviting me in. As I positioned my dick at her waiting pussy lips, Sam moaned, “If you fuck her, then you fuck me too.” Without answering, I thrust into Donna’s tight hole, flashing Sam an agreeing smile and started to fuck Donna slowly. After a few thrusts I was ready to cum in Donna, hoping it would never end. Sam suddenly stopped us, ordering me to lie on the floor. I did as I was told. Sam took Donna by the hand and helped her squat onto me, her pussy feeling even tighter as she took me in. Sam was rubbing Donna’s clit as she bounced on top of me, bringing me close to orgasm. Sam Straddled my face, making me lick her pussy as she shifted back and forth furiously. I took a finger and teased her asshole, feeling her move more when I did that I teased harder, pushing a finger into her tight rosebud. I could feel something happening on my cock. Donna started to tighten up. She was coming. She continued to bounce on me as I shoved my finger far into Sam’s ass. Sam shuddered and gushed a lot of pussy juice on my face as I tried to swallow some of her cum. I pulled my finger out as I felt Donna shaking on me in her orgasm. I couldn’t take much more. Sam gushed again, allowing me to taste more of her sweetness as I opened my mouth for her to cum, shooting my load deep into Donna. Wave after wave of semen shot into her as she fell shaking and cumming, with me still lapping up Sam’s juices.

I lay there breathing in the smell of the sex we just had. Sam was sitting on the couch stroking her pussy, caressing it as if she was longing for it to be filled. Donna was lying on the floor next to me. I rolled over and started making out with her. I felt myself getting hard again, remembering my promise to fuck Sam as well. I broke from Donna and she told me how she loves the taste of Sam on a man. I stood up and Sam started sucking me, licking Donna’s cum off my dick selfishly, making me very hard again. güvenilir casino She looked up at me, knowing what she needs me to do.

Donna was sitting next to her, craving some of my cock as well. I stood there in front of the couch, enjoying these hot women sharing my dick, aching to fuck a wet pussy again.

Donna whispered into Sam’s ear making her giggle. Sam got off the couch and lay on the floor, Donna kept me busy but stroking my dick, waiting for the right moment.

Donna made me kneel in a missionary position with Sam; she took my dick in her hand and guided it to the entrance of Sam’s pussy. She straddled Sam’s face and pushed me into Sam slowly. She leaned forward to kiss me on the lips and whispered to me, “Fuck her.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and started pumping into Sam’s cunt. Sam was moaning as she tried to lick Donna but was battling. Donna ground down, using Sam as a humping post. Donna was fingering Sam’s clit as she said to me,” Fuck her asshole.”

I was a little confused but way too horny to care as I pulled out and thrust straight into Sam’s waiting ass. She screamed but it was muffled by Donna grinding her pussy onto Sam’s face. Donna continued to flick over Sam’s clit as I greedily fucked her tight bum. “She’s going to squirt,” Donna said,” Try come with her. I want you both to come on my face together.”

This would be a first; I’d have to watch this again on my video later. I fucked furiously as I felt Sam’s ass tighten on me. “She’s coming.” Donna moaned as I pulled out, shooting my load out on Donna’s Face as Sam Squirted a big load as well. It was a mixture of my white semen and Sam’s clear liquid flying all over Donna as she shook, gasping for air and coming as well. Donna climbed off and sat next to us as Sam got up and kissed me hard and long. I could taste Donna’s pussy in her mouth. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass before,” She whispered to me. I felt a little guilty until she continued,”I would love for you to do it again sometime.” Her hair was wet as I took her head in my hands and kissed her deeply again.

We all got cleaned up and as the girls were exiting, Donna said, “We may have to come check that printer next week, it may need another service.” She winked as she left with Sam in tow, looking a little weak at the knees. I watched as they got into the car. Sam gave me a long, yearning smile. I waved and turned around to go back to my office. My secretary gave me a naughty look, “should I get the tape sir?” she asked.

“No it’s ok Sheryl; I need to rest for a short while. But you can watch it in my office if you want.”

At my desk I found a note from Sam. It read; “Thanks for the great time D. I look forward to taking it slow with you sometime. Love Sam. XXX”

That’s when I looked up to see Sheryl at my door with a tape in her hand…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32