A Day In the Woods Chapt 7

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Chapter 7
Paul smiled and was relieved. He got up and put a robe on and headed for the kitchen. Jessica lay in bed thinking of everything that had happened. Her morning with Paul etched deep in her brain, the feeling of the change and him inside her as she did. She could hear and smell Paul in the kitchen. It was amazing how sensitive her senses had become. She got herself up and put on the other robe, walking briskly towards the kitchen. Paul had some eggs scrambled up and had just placed a couple of steaks in the pan. Jessica walked up behind him and hugged him, “I think that’s done enough don’t you?” Paul leaned his head back as they kissed, the steaks were rare and just as Mike and Jean had told him, he remembered. He remembered his first meal and the cravings and indulged his mate in her desires, just as any man would.

The work week started and most of the pack had taken off work. Ray and Jake were the only two exceptions and they made sure to stop by on their way home to check on Paul and Jessica and see how they were doing. Everyone would talk about their first time and experiences they had and what Jessica could come to expect. She truly did belong here and she knew it. Whatever doubts she may have had quickly slipped away over the next couple of days. Mike and Jean and Tommy and Susan spent almost every moment of the week with the new couple. Finally on Thursday they took Jessica out of the house for the first time. Her senses were more alive than ever before. Places she had normally been took on a new atmosphere. The smells and sounds of the city were intoxicating and arousing. She would have to get used to this and learn to control it as well.

The three couples went to where Jessica would run every Saturday. The woods were filled as it was later in the day. Families were there. Jessica could smell the sweat on people as they jogged past, could smell if a woman was menstruating, and sense the fear and apprehension in people as the couples walked past everyone. Paul was practically dragging Jessica as her steps had come to almost a complete stop. Mike and Jean and Tommy and Susan had stopped and watched. Finally Paul stopped and looked back at Jessica. She stood there glaring at him. She was sweating and it wasn’t from the walk. He saw her eyes light up and heard a deep growl from her throat and knew they would have to move fast.

Paul picked Jessica up, practically throwing her over his shoulder as he took off on a fast jog towards the parking area. The other two couples were behind them keeping an eye on everyone around them. Mike sprinted ahead of Paul and headed for the van they had arrived in. Jessica had never really given it much thought about the layout of the van. It was oversized and had a lot of room in the back. The interior was nothing to write home about and the windows were tinted black, you couldn’t see in or out of them. Paul could feel Jessica drooling down his back. Her growls had become more intense and he could feel her skin getting hotter. The smell of Paul and the sensation of them running through the woods excited her even more. Mike opened the door as Paul got to the back of the van. He dropped Jessica inside and as he did he looked at her. Her face was starting to stretch and her arms were becoming covered in hair. Mike told him to get in with her as he closed the door. Tommy, Susan and Jean were along shortly and Mike asked if anyone had seemed more suspicious than expected and if anyone saw, or heard anything. Trying to breathe in and talk they all said they thought everything was ok. Mike shook his head ok as they all got in the van. They looked back to see Paul holding Jessica, scratching her ears and petting her as she had completely transformed, almost too quickly for her own good.

Eliot and Beth had been working all week as well. They would work their normal jobs during the day and then spend the hours after work trying to solve the packs infertility problem. Beth was relentless in her pursuit; Eliot had almost forgotten her tenacity when she came upon a problem she couldn’t solve. Beth would be at the lab until midnight each night, sometimes later. By Saturday morning she was no farther along than was Eliot. She had confirmed everything he already knew. Verified what she already had again and then checked it once more. It was a problem with the sperm but it wasn’t the only problem. She had been working on the eggs and knew there had to be something else wrong with them as well. The sperm from the males were capable of reproduction, they would have to be artificially injected but they should be fine after that. The question in the back of Beth’s head was if they would be able to fertilize a woman’s eggs or just a hybrid’s? It was the kind of experiment that would go against every vow she has ever taken, violate every rule of science and humanity, and yet she couldn’t help to think of it. Eliot had gaziantep escort thought of it years ago. He had talked to Katarina about on numerous occasions. What if she became pregnant with their child? The genetics of it all they both understood. Eventually if breeding continued like that for generations the wolf characteristics would eventually become faint, or would they? It was very possible that the wolf strain would be the more dominant and the human characteristics would become fainter. Then there would always be the chance that a perfectly normal human or wolf hybrid could be born. Just like midget parents that give birth to a full sized person. Eliot and Katarina dismissed their thoughts and debates as they had a greater objective to conquer. The ever ambitious Beth McAllister though, that may be a different story.

Chuck Carson looked over the daily logs. Once a hard nosed cop that had fallen from grace because of the beating he had given a rapist and a district attorney that was looking to move ahead in the world. Chuck now worked at Diamond Security, the largest security firm in the greater Chicago area, a firm that he helped build and watched over every detail of its’ operations. Chuck was glancing over the logs from the park division when he noticed the entry of a young guard. He called the guard and wanted to talk to him, immediately if not sooner. There had been extra pressure put on Diamond Security as the park division had become lax and incidents in the parks had become more common. Chuck had changed staff in that area and things were starting to come around again. He wasn’t about to lose such a lucrative contract back to the city and to the police department that he so liked embarrassing.

When the young guard arrived at Mr. Carson’s office Chuck greeted him. He then asked him about his log from the weekend and why it wasn’t reported to his commanding officer, or worse yet, the police. The guard told him he didn’t think that much of it at the time. The explanation the man gave seemed reasonable and he could sympathize with him as well. Chuck scolded him and told him his ideas on sympathy. The guard sat like a schoolboy being scolded by his principle. Chuck asked him if he had possibly kept the blood sample, of course the guard had not. You could see the blood pressure rising in Chuck’s body, his face was flushed and the veins in his muscular neck stood out. It was then that the guard told him he did have the license number from the vehicle that the man was driving. It wasn’t in the guard’s log though. Chuck asked him why and the young guard again said it didn’t seem to be relevant at the time but he took it down in case something came up. The young guard reached for his notebook and got the car license and a description of the vehicle for Mr. Carson, finally they both relaxed a little. Chuck wasn’t exactly thrilled with his performance though and needed people that were on their toes at all times in the park division. He told the guard he was going to have him transferred. There was a spot open for a gate guard at Chemcorp Science and Engineering, he would be reassigned there starting Monday and working nights just as he was in the park; Chemcorp Science and Engineering, the place where Beth McAllister spent more time at than she did her home, especially since running into her old lab partner Eliot Crane.

Jessica continued Friday and through the weekend being ingratiated back into the city. Each time out it took longer and more to arouse her and get her to change. She was finally starting to get a hold of her feelings and desires. She and Paul would engage in sex whenever possible just as any newlyweds would. It was a great chance for her to get used to her new body and to expel some of the energy that seemed so abundant in her now. Sunday night the entire pack was over at Paul’s house and talking with them both if they thought Jessica would be ok going to work. They spoke of what she could tell them, everything she had done for her vacation and of course what she obviously couldn’t tell them. They told Jessica that if she was feeling overwhelmed to leave, tell them she was feeling ill and to get back to Paul’s house before it was too late. No one thought it would be a problem though. Jessica had come through with flying colors just as everyone had expected.

Monday morning Paul and Jessica got up and ready for work. He kissed his mate goodbye and wished her luck. As they all left Mike and Jean and Tommy and Susan waved to them as they all headed into town for the work week to begin. Jessica arrived at work with everyone smiles and happy to see her. Of course they all asked what she had done with her time off, if she had done anything special or gone any where. Everyone agreed that she looked great and something seemed different but couldn’t quite pin it down. Then one of the girls she worked with closely finally figured it out. “You’ve been with that guy you met haven’t you? I’ll bet you’ve done nothing but fuck all week long!” Jessica smiled broadly and even though she had, she let her friend believe that was the bulk of her adventurous week off.

As the day went on Jessica knew why she didn’t take time off now. It was if she was the only one capable of doing anything and everything had come to a stop when it hit her desk. There were piles of stuff from a week ago that hadn’t been taken care of, she was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and frazzled by the end of the day. She thought it is going to take two weeks just to get back to where she was when she left, what a disaster. Paul had called her at 3:00pm and asked how her day was going. She told him everything that was going on and he seemed a little concerned. She said she was ok and that talking to him and hearing his voice helped her a lot. She also told him she couldn’t wait until she got home to see him as well. At 5:30 Jessica finally had figured she had had enough for one day and packed her things and got ready to leave. She went to press the elevator button when the janitor told her it was down for the evening as they were doing maintenance on it. “Great”, she grumbled. 25 floors up that she now gets to walk. Even with her new strength, by the time she got down to her car she was feeling tired, especially after the day at work.

Monday evening traffic in Chicago was as horrific as always. Accident on the Dan Ryan backing things up, the Kennedy with its normal delays, she was going to take Lakeshore until she heard of the accident there as well. All she wanted to do was get home like the rest of the people stuck in traffic. Jessica could hear the people in the cars around her, even with the windows up. She could hear them on their cell phones complaining to their wives and husbands. The smell of the exhaust was nauseating her. As she went to move forward a car cut her off, she honked her horn and the man in the Mercedes flipped her off. Jessica growled at him. Then she thought about it, she really did growl at him. The tension from the day and the traffic and elevator and then this jerk in front of her, she thought she was going to explode. No worse, she thought she was going to change. She couldn’t get her mind off of the smug asshole in front of her. All she wanted to do was rip his throat out and she knew that now she could. She was starting to sweat and she knew she had to get out of there. With the traffic there was no way she was going to make it Paul’s house in time. She made her way for the exit ramp when it popped into her head; her apartment was far closer than Paul’s, that she might be able to make. As she got off the freeway she made her way home. Jessica was trying to calm herself but was getting more and more anxious as she drove. The traffic was lighter on the side streets but still she was getting angry and frustrated. She pulled into her parking garage and got out of her car. Her skin was on fire and she was starting to salivate. She wanted out of her clothes as she could feel the hair starting to sprout over her body. She just had to get up the stairs to her apartment and get the door closed and everything would be fine.

Anne had been home for a half hour or so. She was curious what had happened with her friend. She knew she would be gone on vacation for the week and all, but thought she would have seen her on Sunday night at least. Definitely she had to return home at some point in time. Jessica had returned home, unplanned but home she was. She looked up at the stair case that now appeared as if it were insurmountable. She started up, but her legs were feeling heavy. It was as if hands were pulling at her with every step she took. As she finally approached the top she dropped to her hands and knees; desperately she crawled for the door. Anne heard someone outside her door and thought her friend had finally arrived home. She couldn’t wait to hear everything she had been doing. Anne opened her door smiling, waiting to greet her friend. At first she didn’t see anyone standing there and then quickly her eyes fell down. On the steps before her was a wolf, growling at her. Anne’s excitement quickly turned to fear and Jessica could sense it.

Anne went to close the door and Jessica lunged, getting inside the door as it slammed against her. Jessica let out a loud growl and bark as it did. Anne moved back as Jessica watched her, sniffing the air. Anne couldn’t help but to think of the Saturday with Jessica. Was this one of the same wolves and if so how did they find me? All of her fantasies of that day sprung into her mind. Jessica made her way to Anne who was standing still, not sure what to make of the situation and not quite sure what to do. Then Jessica stuck her snout to Anne’s crotch, sniffed and snorted. She could smell her scent and Anne was becoming aroused. Anne slowly made her way to the door and closed it slowly, not wanting to alarm the beast. As the door closed Jessica growled loudly at Anne who had just wondered if she had made a mistake closing this animal inside with her. Then Anne started to undress. She took off her blouse and bra and dropped them to the floor. The wolf stood there watching her strip. Then slid off her dress pants and stepped out of them. Jessica approached her, snorting in Anne’s wet slit again.

Anne moaned softly, feeling the hot breath against her delicate folds. She hadn’t even noticed if this wolf was male or not but hoping it was. God what an awesome fuck that was and she wanted it again. She pulled her panties down and the wolf started to lick her. Anne loved the feeling of the rough tongue crossing over her clit. She quickly got the panties off of her and lay on the floor with her legs spread. It was then she noticed that the wolf between her legs licking her was a female. She was disappointed only for a moment as she became lost in lust with the tongue between her legs. She shifted herself so the wolf could lick her ass and cunt together. As if the wolf knew what she wanted it did just that. Jessica licked Anne from her clit to her tight ass, pushing her tongue inside whenever she could. She knew what she was doing even though she had lost control of her form. Anne tasted as good as ever and she liked hearing her moan and tasting her. She also knew if she kept going Anne would explode in her mouth as she did before.

Anne didn’t disappoint Jessica either. She pinched her nipples hard as she screamed in ecstasy. Jessica licked her friend’s clit and ass and as she did Anne exploded in a river of pee as well. Jessica jumped for a second, and then could smell her friend. She licked feverishly at all that Anne could give her. When she finally stopped there was a puddle of Anne’s juices on the floor. Her ass was soaked as well as the muzzle of the wolf. Anne moved herself around and wanted to thank her new friend. She licked at the wolf’s cunt as she had when she was in the woods. Jessica loved the feeling. Paul hadn’t done that yet. Jessica as a wolf with a human tongue licking at her; the feeling was euphoric! Soon Jessica had Anne’s head against the floor as she drove her wolf cunt into her mouth and Anne licked and sucked as fast as she could. She remembered the other wolf that gushed into her mouth; she was hoping it was the same one again. Anne fingered herself as she licked, she knew she was going to climax again and wanted the wolf to as well. Anne got what she desired. As she came so did Jessica. She could taste her flowing into her mouth and grunted into her pussy. Jessica knew what Anne wanted. She let go and soon a stream of urine flowed from her. She moved her body down and covered Anne’s tits and body in the hot fluid.

Anne grabbed the wolf, she wanted to pull her back to her mouth and lick her clean just as the wolf had done to her. The move shocked Jessica though; she turned and snapped at Anne, nipping her neck. Anne lay back, scared again. A small trail of blood trickled down her neck and Jessica could taste the blood in her mouth. She looked at the blood on Anne’s neck and licked it up as Anne tried to move back. When she did Jessica took Anne’s throat in her mouth and growled at her; Anne froze as she could the teeth in her flesh and the tongue lapping the blood.
Anne stayed frozen as the wolf licked her way down Anne’s body. Jessica could taste her own urine on Anne’s tits as she licked down; tasting it mixed with Anne’s blood. She licked at her still wet slit cleaning Anne up from her last orgasm. Anne held her neck as the wolf lapped away at her clit and she wanted to cum again. Anne licked her hand tasting her own blood as she shoved the wolf into her cunt. She was grinding herself into its mouth when she climaxed again.

Jessica lay on the floor between Anne’s legs with her head resting on her abdomen. Anne was becoming tired, she wasn’t sure how much blood she had lost and what was going to happen. She needed to call an ambulance but was drifting into sleep quicker and her body was feeling very strange; not like it usually does after sex. Jessica lay between Anne’s legs looking up at her knowing what she had just done. As the fear of it crept into her mind, so did the fears of having to tell Paul and everyone else. As her thoughts raced in her brain she changed back to her human self. The last thing Anne remembered before going to sleep was looking down between her legs and seeing her best friend there. Her friend who just brought her to orgasm, but why did Jessica bite her? No wait, that was the wolf that bit her; so where was Jessica that whole time? The questions left Anne’s head as she drifted off to sleep. Jessica got up and cleaned things up and went across the hall to get herself dressed. Then she called Paul.

Well there is three more – will see about some more posted soon.

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