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Anal Wrecking

“Hurry up Harry!” Gloria called to her ten year old. He was dawdling again, as he usually did. It was time he was off to school, and she wanted the rest of the day to herself. Gloria worked four ten-hour days in at the beginning of the week and had Friday off. Her husband was off to work, and if she could just get Harry out the door, the rest of the day was hers.

“Okay, Mom, I’m so outa here,” Harry said as he picked up his lunch money and stuffed it into his pocket. He gave his mother a quick kiss – much like it was going to kill him if he made it much of a kiss at all. The door slammed behind him, as it usually did.

There isn’t much point in chastising him, she lamented to herself, he hates school and getting on his case about everything just seems to make it worse. As much as her husband and she had tried to get to the bottom of it, they weren’t sure why he hated it so much. Well, at least he was off. He was a good kid, he just didn’t like school. The house seemed suddenly very quiet. “Time to get going,” she mumbled to herself.

There were a few errands to run. Friday’s were usually interesting days for Gloria. It was her day away from work, and for much of the day, the family. It was her day and her time. She grabbed her purse, the pile of clothes, and headed off for the day. First, there was a trip to the cleaners to drop off a few work clothes. Then her car needed gas. Those were the un-fun ones. After that, things were going to be a little more interesting – a lot more interesting.

The first stop was the cleaners, just a few blocks away. It only took a few minutes to drop the clothes off and get the ticket from the little gun-chewing air head. Alfred wasn’t there, and rarely was that early. He was the owner and gave her a special rate; he would be there later when she returned. After that, she stopped at a gas station and filled her car’s tank; a smelly unpleasant job she’d rather not have to do. She missed the days when full service was the norm. It was a lot nicer when some young guy filled the tank. It was also fun to hike her skirt up and have an extra button undone on her blouse. The service attendant would just about clean the windshield and driver’s side widow right off of the car. Oh well, those days were gone.

Next, it was off to her hair appointment with Louis, never Lou or Louie, the completely gay hairdresser – who wasn’t. It turned out that was just the impression he gave everyone – especially husbands. Anyway, she knew Louis wasn’t gay – well, not completely. She had to wonder if he wasn’t a bit of a switch hitter. Anyone who could keep up that much of a gay act had to be doing a few of the boys on the side too. But, he sure knew how to take care of women.

Louis had a few talents beyond hair for a few special customers. There were times when Gloria wondered just how many “special” customers Louis was keeping happy and just how many women he ran through that cozy little back room of his. She wasn’t in love with him, so it really didn’t matter. She was scheduled in for the “full treatment” today. She knew he was going to make her very happy, and that’s all that mattered.

The sign on the door of the elegant little beauty shop said, “By Appointment Only.” She had one; she pressed the little doorbell button and waited.

Gloria heard about this little shop from a friend of hers – one that, well, got around a little – more than a little. “Man shopping” Elaine called it. Elaine told Gloria about Louis – all about him. When Gloria decided to try him, Elaine told her to get her hair done by him a time or two, and then ask for a “full treatment.” It seems that he never did the specials, or the “full treatment,” for just anyone or a first time customer: he had to get to know you a little. And, he had been known to turn a few women down for reasons unknown. The first hair appointment had gone so well that she was hooked on him as a hair dresser if nothing else ever happened. She was getting along famously with him, and it was after the third hair appointment that she worked up the nerve to ask for a “full treatment” the next time. She hated the thought of being rejected, and at the same time, was wet with anticipation. She wasn’t turned down, and it even sounded like Louis had been dying to have her ask. That went so well, it was full treatments every time thereafter. Elaine knew hairdressers – real full service hair dressers!

In just a few seconds, Louis opened the door. Louis never left his customers waiting at the door. There was never anyone there when one of his “special” customers arrived either – at least not that she had ever seen. Louis was the utmost in discrete.

“Hi Gloria,” he said when he opened the door. He was dressed in one of his usual gaudy Hawaiian shirts, dark baggy nylon pants with an elastic waistband, and sandals. “So nice to see you again. Let’s see, I have you down for the full treatment today,” he said consulting his appointment book on an elegant little wood bursa escort book stand by the door. “This way,” he said with a smile. He locked the front door again, and led the way through the small shop and into that unmarked, innocent looking little back room, the room where special customers got the “full treatment.”

Once in the room, he closed the very solid six-panel wood door behind them, secluding them from the outside world. His shop was always quiet, so Gloria figured the walls must be well insulated. Inside this room, there was no noise at all. The room was softly lit by two desk lamps, not those glaring overhead florescent lights. It was a small room with dark wood paneling on the walls and heavy rich carpet on the floor. A counter ran along the back wall for Louis’s towels and things, a sink, and the lamps. Above the counter was a long wooden shelf with a small compact stereo on it. In the middle of the room was the massage and treatment table.

Louis turned on the stereo system, pressed CD, and out came some soft, nearly sexy, instrumental music. He was setting the mood as he always did. “There,” he said turning back to her, “just slip out of those clothes and I’ll take care of you,” he said with a sexy grin. They were in a private little place of their own – he had made the world disappear for the time being. No one could see them, no one would hear them, and no one would disturb them.

“I’m counting on it,” she said as she removed her blouse. The sexy little black demi bra came off next. She smiled as she noticed her hard nipples. Yes, they knew what was coming.

Louis made a few flattering comments as he kept an eye on her while he got things ready, a warm basin of water, shaving soap, and lots of fluffy white terrycloth towels.

Gloria finished slowly undressing. It was her turn to tease him just a little. At last, she turned away from him and bent over at the waist as she slid her skimpy little panty down her sexy legs, giving him a great view of her ass as she did it. Finally completely nude, she got up on the cloth covered table. It was a wide massage table, sturdy, nicely padded, and covered with an ironed white sheet – a soft cotton sheet, not one of those hard starched ones. She lay on her back; legs parted a little, and put her hands behind her head. She relaxed and stared at the ceiling as Louis finished getting things ready.

“Here we go;” he finally said, “underarms first.” He got his shaving brush out and worked up a lather in the shaving cup before applying the warm foamy soap to her underarms – none of that shaving cream in a can stuff for Louis; he did it the old fashioned way. He set the cup and brush aside, got a disposable razor, and quickly shaved her. She was grateful that he wasn’t so old fashioned about this as to use a straight razor. Every woman got a new disposable used on her. When he was done, he took a warm washcloth and wiped away every trace of soap; a warm towel dried her. Her other underarm was soon done in the same way. A sprits with an odorless deodorant followed – Louis was thorough!

Her legs were next. The treatment was essentially the same as the underarms. First he soaped her leg, then shaved it, wiped all traces of soap off, then dried her leg. Only then did he get to the other. Since she was on her back, he only did the front half of each leg. When the second leg was done, he had her roll over, and did the back of each.

With her legs done, Gloria rolled back onto her back. Now things would get a little more interesting. It was time for Louis to trim her bush, and he did seem to enjoy this. She thought he would have done it when he did her legs, but he made it a whole separate thing.

“Shall we shave the bush all off or just a trim today?” Louis asked.

“Just a trim,” she said with a smile. He always asked, and she always just got it trimmed. She thought he was dying to give her a complete shave, but never pushed it; he just asked. Some time ago he had suggested that he take it all off and how very sexy she would look that way, but she had declined then as today. One of these days though, she just might take him up on that. Her husband would die of shock the next time they made love. He had asked her to shave it all off now and then over the years, and she had always refused.

Gloria moved her legs apart even more, and much like her legs and underarms, Louis soaped around her bush and down between her legs a little and then shaved that which needed to be shaved. Then he used a warm wet washcloth to clean all the soap away. A fresh warm towel made sure she was dry, well, as dry as she could be, for there was more moisture down there than just the soapy water had put there: Gloria was getting pretty excited.

The shaving was followed by a light full-body massage, front and back. He used a massage oil that had no smell. Again, she thought, old Louis was just being discrete – nothing he did left a trace; no smell, nothing.

He never bursa escort bayan touched her breasts or the area between her legs until the end of the massage. Only then did he get to them; he knew how to tease her, getting her really hot. He massaged each breast, but never touched the nipple until the end. Then he teased, pinched, and pulled on them, making them stand at full attention. Now a hand slowly slid down her sexy hot body. It stopped and toyed with her belly button and her belly ring, and finally slid between her sexy legs, slowly moving over her outer lips and gently caressed them. She spread her legs wider. The hand continued to slowly move up and down over those sexy, puffy, hot lips without parting them. His other hand wasn’t idle, it continued to tease and torment her erect nipples. By now Gloria’s clit was fully erect and dying to be touched. Finally, when she was about to scream, he let one finger slip between her pussy lips, felt her wetness, and slide up the length of her slit and brush slowly across her waiting clit.

“Oh yea; make me come on your finger Louis,” she begged. “Please? Please make me come.”

He didn’t say a word, just slowly moved his finger over her clit; up and down her slippery slit, and then back and forth over her very hard clit. After a few minutes of bringing her closer and closer to a climax, he started moving a little faster.

“Yea, that’s it, just a little faster – a little harder.” Gloria had her eyes closed and was enjoying his touch on her nipples and clit; she was about to come for him. “Suck my nipple,” she begged. She reached over and ran the palm of her hand over the front of his pants – he was nice and hard. Her body had him very excited; he wanted her.

Louis obliged. He bent over and took the nipple he wasn’t playing with into his mouth and sucked firmly on it. He let it go and flicked his tongue over it and around if before sucking it back into his hot mouth. He knew she was on the edge of coming. She was soaking wet between her legs and moaning softly as he worked on her. Now he slipped two fingers deep inside her tight pussy, and her hand squeezed his cock.

“Oh God that’s it,” she screamed, “Yes … I’m coming!” it was a long, loud, and a beautiful one.

As her come subsided, he slipped the fingers out of her and moved them gently over her swollen inner lips, avoiding her now over-sensitive clit. She still wanted to be touched down there, but he knew her well enough to avoid her hyper-sensitive clit.

“That was nice,” she finally said, “Now get up here and give me a proper fucking and make me come again all over your nice hard cock.”

Louis undid the top button on his shirt, slipped if off over his head, kicked off his sandals, and slid the pants down his legs. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a small package. Again, the ever discrete Louis slipped a condom on before climbing over Gloria. It wasn’t a matter of getting her pregnant or anything having to do with a sexually transmitted disease, again, it had to do with not leaving a trace for an observant hubby to find. After their little tryst, there would be very little evidence that Louis had been where a husband would have thought he oughtn’t to have been.

Gloria raised her knees and spread her legs wide as he moved over her, ready to accept him deep inside her; waiting for the ultimate massage. She reached between their bodies, found his nice hard thick cock and guided him to where he needed to be. He was a little thicker than her husband, and just the right length; he could pound away at her or she could be on top and fuck with complete abandon and be fully satisfied without him ever hitting her tender cervix.

Louis slid deeply into her on the first firm thrust; she was so very wet and ready for him. His massages and her first come had a way of doing that to her. At first he moved in and out slowly, then as he sensed her rising passion, moved faster and faster, finally going at her like a madman.

Not that Gloria was just laying there; she was pumping away at Louis, and getting more vocal with passion as her climax neared. She had her legs wrapped around his back, tilting her pelvis up to make sure he went as deep into her as he could. She would have loved to have scratched his back to shreds, but his next special customer might not have found that amusing. He never left any traces on her and she didn’t leave anything on him. She had tried to hold off a little, but Louis was pumping way too fast, going so nice and deep, and that nice thick cock of his was just hitting all the right places. It wasn’t long before she screamed and went over the edge, absolutely soaking him with her juices as her orgasm washed over her. She always got very wet when she got off, but Louis seemed to make her produce even more sex juice. Maybe it was just the tight fit of that nice cock of his, but her juices were running out of her pussy and over her asshole when they were done.

Just escort bursa as she slowed her movement as her cum subsided, she felt him start his. “Give me your come,” she said softly in his ear. “Give me a lot of your nice hot come!” His cock swelled that extra little bit, and he thrust deep into her as the first blast of his thick sperm erupted inside her. She felt throb after heavy throb of that wonderful cock as he got off. “That’s it baby!” she said a little louder. “Give me all of that hot fuck juice!” He wasn’t moving much now as he groaned and filled her with his cum; thick spurt after spurt of it filling her. She loved the feeling of his throbbing cock inside her and knowing that it was her hot body that was getting him off. He always got off after she did, and he always pumped a huge amount of his sperm into her. They were always such exceptionally strong spurts that she could feel every one of them going into her. Was she a better lay than anyone else he serviced? She had never asked and he had never said. She knew she was certainly making him feel good right now.

When Louis was done, he kissed her neck and then each of her still hard nipples before slowly, ever so slowly sliding his still hard cock out of her. He slowly got up without a word and got a warm wet washcloth to clean up her pussy. She spread her legs wide for him and he went to work while she just lay there. When he was done, there was hardly a trace that he had been there – aside from a slightly stretched and well satisfied pussy. Only then did he remove the condom.

“Let me see how much is in there,” Gloria said as the condom came off.

Louis held the limp condom up for her to see. There were several tablespoons and maybe more of Louis’s sex juice in the tip – he had really gotten off! It looked like quite a bit of the stuff. “About average I guess,” he said as he dropped it into the trash.

About average maybe, but it looked like a little more than most men put out that she had seen. If there was any doubt that she turned him on, there was the proof. But, I’m glad it’s not going to be leaking out of me all day, she thought.

“Time to get dressed and we’ll get your hair done love,” he said.

An hour later and Gloria had her hair beautifully done – and exactly the way she liked it – for Louis was very good at hair too. He charged his full treatment customers a ridiculously low rate and she tipped and absurdly huge amount.

Now she was on the way to the next item on her list; lunch. It was a little early, but she avoided the noon crowds by eating a little early.

Gloria used to eat at fast food places, and then one day, just on a lark, she had tried “Dave’s on the Platt.” It was a nice little restaurant, a bit upscale, but not that pricey, the service was great, and the waiter was really cute – a real hunk! The service had gotten even better after she had become a regular customer. She always got the same waiter, who remembered what she liked, and he just loved flirting with her.

The waiter’s name was Sam, and he was a huge guy. Well over six feet tall and what a build; he looked like he could have played for the NFL. Sam had a pleasant smile and always made her laugh; something she really liked in a guy. Today she flirted with him as she usually did. Today however, she made sure one more button on her blouse came “accidentally” came undone, affording him a view down her front. It wasn’t much of a view as she had her bra on, and with this blouse really couldn’t take it off without being overly risqué, but it was the best she could do for him today. Unfortunately, while she made sure he could see down her front, either he never did, or was so discrete about it that she never knew if he got a rather personal view of her. Today, it was the flash that might have been.

More than once she had fantasized about what it would be like to have a hot sexy romp with him – to be impaled on his hard cock while he held her with those huge sexy hands. This fantasy was doing the nasty with him somewhere in the back of this restaurant standing up – her back against the wall, just a real quickie. She would just slip her panties off, he would drop his pants and pull her skirt up, and they would get it on. She would put her arms around that huge neck as she kissed him and pushed her boobs and hard nipples into his muscular chest as he pinned her against the wall. His huge hands would hold her bottom – one hand covering each ass cheek, as he fucked her, using those huge muscular arms to lift and lower her so easily on his hard cock – no love making here, just a nasty hot fuck. When they were done, Gloria thought she would wipe up the mess with her panties and giving them to him as a present, a little memento of the occasion. She was sure he would like that! It would also be sexy to walk out of there with a bare ass under her skirt, knowing where she had left her panties, and knowing what she had just done. She wasn’t sure where they could do it in a restaurant without being seen by the whole kitchen staff. Nor had she figured out how to ask him if he would like a little hot sex with her – not that that was usually a problem with guys! Nonetheless, that’s what she dreamed about.

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