A Different Party Ch. 03

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The silence was such that you could hear, almost, all the heartbeats stop for a few seconds and then started beating faster than a bullet train. The whole idea of seeing a lady kiss her husband’s best friend right in front of him, on his initiative, was something that not all were comfortable with. Fact is that deep down every single person found the idea kinky enough to get the juices and minds overflowing with wild imaginations but no one had the guts to admit it on face.

At this moment, I found myself absolutely torn between ethics of friendship and my lust for Sunita. Dr. Jekyll and Hyde once again tormenting every thought, every action of mine. I experienced anxiety for the first time in my life. Basically, being a confident guy in every sphere of life, it was such a new and odd experience for me. Was it my ethics that I was worried about or was it performance anxiety (to kiss Sunita) that was giving me these anxiety pangs?

I had always been known to take the right decisions at right time, my gut and instincts had always played a crucial part in it. Taking a few deep breaths, I looked vaguely in the directions all around me. I stopped for a few brief seconds as I looked at all my friends, my gut was confused as they showed mixed emotions. I shifted my gaze to get a glance of friends on stage, mixed reactions again made my tummy churn. Last but not the least, I locked eyes with Ashok and Sunita – there were no anxiety pangs anymore, no decision to take. I could feel a whole new set of attitude springing up inside me as I eyeballed them both.

Me: Miss, now that you have been given the task of demonstrating an emotional kiss. Please explain what you understand by the words “AN EMOTIONAL KISS”.

My new attitude reflected on my looks too, I suppose. I felt as if I had total CONTROL at the moment, don’t know why… but I felt so.

Sunita: Sir (stammering a bit), a kiss which has emotions involved is an emotional kiss.

It was for the first time that Sunita was jittery with words and I intended to make the most of it, of course.

Me: hmmmm. So you plan to give me a kiss like my mother. She always gives me a kiss which makes me feel so nice. She always gives them to on the cheek, by the way. Is this how you will teach your students Miss?

I was sure that every word i spoke were balanced perfectly and must have stung her quite hard, her ego too.

She: Sir, I did not intend to mean it to be a motherly kiss. I meant it to be more in terms of two people who are romantically involved.

It was more than clear that this was not a treaded territory she was in and it reflected more than clearly in her approach. I laughed internally and continued…

Me: Romantically involved..Hmmmm… Are you married Miss?

My questions were getting personal and intense. I could sense so and so could Sunita and Ashok as well. However, they could not gather at all what I had in mind. It was all very clearly drafted inside my mind. The only “IF” was that Sunita just played along the lines I had planned https://bursali.org else I would have to change the line of approach on the spot. I found it worth a try and pursued what I had planned.

She: Yes, Sir. (She looked towards Ashok and added) I have been married for 8 years now.

Me: Were you romantically involved with your husband?

My questions were irking her lots but somehow, I felt, she liked them too.

She: No Sir, my marriage was an arranged one. We did not meet each other before marriage so the question of romance and liking did not arise.

Me: When did you kissed each other for the first time? Just answer the questions Miss, believe me these questions are relevant to what you have been asked to perform here.

Sunita was blushing harder than before. There was a certain degree of shyness too on her face. She looked like a beautiful newlywed Indian bride at the moment.

She: It was on our first night Sir.

Me: Since you both had never met before and were not romantically involved – was your kiss to your husband not having any emotions?

The atmosphere became electric around the stage, a certain buzz of discussion between couples had started but it soon settled as they saw Sunita getting ready to reply.

She: (looking at Ashok, her husband for real) we had sat through the process of marriage and reception before and I had found him to be an utterly caring person, something which I had always deeply desired to be there in my husband. Believe me Sir, I felt very emotional when we first kissed each other.

Sunita was absolutely glowing with the blush. Her cheeks were at least 3-4 shades darker than her real skin tone.

Me: I never had doubts of any kind Miss.

The reference was for their real life since i knew them so very nicely. I continued….

Me: It is nice to know you have such pristine and pure love for your husband (these words made her glow even more). How will you give me an emotional kiss? I mean we don’t know each other and we don’t share any emotions … YET (the stress was on the word “YET”).

It was taking the discussions into an unknown territory. Even I never knew what the outcome would be. I was taking my chances based on my gut feelings. We continued….

She: (feeling too shy now) Sir, I really don’t know a perfect answer to this but I am sure I WILL be able to demonstrate an emotional kiss to you.

Sunita’s head was towards the floor as she said this and did not raise it even after answering it. Was she feeling shy or was it something else?

Everybody was diverted when one of my friends just stood up and requested “Can you, Miss, speak a bit loud? We are not able to hear it here”. The guy was known to be the most decent introverts in our circle of friends and this boldness was something totally new to all of us, including his wife. A shocker to one and all there but a pleasant one. Ashok just got up and went out, came back with a set of speakers and collar mic’s. Now this was an even bigger bursa escort kız shock, to me at least. Ashok had everything so handy – was this planned before or what?

The spontaneity of the moment was such that we took the mic’s, me and Sunita and started to wear them. I just plugged it in on to my shirt’s pocket but Sunita was having difficulties managing it, seems it was her first time. I looked around for Ashok but it seems he had (deliberately) gone away somewhere. I just showed her how it was done but she could not manage. A thought sprung in my mind and a naughty smile was there on my face as I went on. I took the mic and went on to hook it on to her blouse. I almost moaned as my fingers touched her skin for the first time. I had deliberately slipped my finger while placing the mic on to her blouse. The cold clip against her skin made her jerk too, could not gather whether it was a pleasant or unpleasant surprise for her. Goose pimples on her cleavage conveyed the reaction to be towards the positive side.

Me: I know you are feeling odd, possibly shy to explain how you will give me an emotional kiss. Let us put it this way then – what is that thing in me which attracts you?

She was taken aback by this question, genuinely and so were many friends who were watching us. Did I cross any limits? Pondering, I had nothing to do but wait.

She: Sir, you have been a perfect gentleman yourself during the interview. A quality which is very close to my heart. A thing which gets my emotions flowing.

Me: hmmmm. I take you for your words. Now suppose a student of yours is rogue kinds. Pardon me saying so but anyone who knows you and sees you can become a rogue for you. How will you give him the proper skills to give an emotional kiss?

She: Sir, ladies exactly know how to handle different kind of people. I think I will be able to handle them just fine.

I could see she was on the brink and edgy too.

Me: Ok, I will take you for your words then. You have not answered my question yet – What is that thing in me which attracts you?.

There was a smile on my face as I asked her this question. A smile that clearly conveyed, things were moving as I had planned. A smile that made Sunita, Ashok and the rest of friends ponder over my next move.

Me: I will answer you, partly though. I know the exact signs when anyone becomes EXCITED. Your pupils are dilated which I can clearly observe but not all sitting here. You are blushing so hard that your cheeks are off by 3-4 shades. If you were to open your clothes right now, I am sure we could observe that your whole body is blushing. (Walked casually towards her and took her arms into mine) It is burning too.

Sunita was totally flushed and blushing even harder than before. She wanted to do something about it but did not know what.

Me: I think you can term the experience that you are having as LUST. Am I right?

She (very meekly): Yes.

Me: Interesting. Quite interesting. Seeing you like this bursa anal yapan escort I am quite sure, the kiss that you demonstrate on me will be QUITE an emotional one (the chuckle was quite loud and distinct).

I looked hard, quite hard into her eyes and asked her…..

Me: Now tell me Sunita, what part of me brings out these LUSTY emotions in you?

I switched off the mic and asked her if she wanted to stop here. Neither did she reply nor did she make any attempt to stop it.

She: Sir, you can ask any lady in this room. Every single lady here LUSTS you.

That was some statement, the effects too. Murmurs, gossips and a buzzing happened. I looked once again towards her and could see the subtle win in her eyes. I just kept my fingers crossed that everything between us friends stayed like what we were before. It was hoping too much at the moment but there was nothing more I could do.

Me: I can vouch the same for you too, Miss.

That added even more buzz to the place.

Me: My question was – what is that thing in me which brings out those lusty emotions in you and not what all the people feel here (trying to salvage the situation and implication between friends).

Sunita was like a bitch now, who was cornered before and now since she had no room left – she was getting back at the attacker.

She: Sir, I basically have been attracted to you forever.

It was NEWS to me and every statement that she made was creating a buzz, larger than before. I sincerely did not know how to bag this cat. She was a cat and I was the one responsible to make her a tigress.

Me: And does your husband know that?

I cursed myself for getting so personal but there was no other way out.

She: (looked in the direction of Ashok) since you know what my love is for him, do you think he is a stranger to my feelings for you?

Fuck, she was the one questioning me now. I had to work out something and fast to stop this from happening.

Me: hmmm…. the question that i asked still remains unanswered Miss.

Sunita had a very different look in her eyes. She moved towards me and placed a hand on my cheeks. I felt a cold shiver run up my spine. My breathing was audibly fast. I could sense losing control to her but i was not able to control myself, at all. I had moved in close towards her and my body was no more than 4-6 inches away from her. The silence once again engulfed the whole place except for what on the stage.

It was the last chance to stop from SOMETHING happening on stage but it did not happen.

I took her hands into mine and looked once again into her eyes. I pulled her up a bit closer to me which made her moan and bite her lips. I just kept pulling her up until there was no space left between our bodies. It was for the first time, I felt her contours against my body. Man, was she hot. She was in a fairy land, her face conveyed so. I had to use a bit of force to pull up her head, which dug badly into my chest. Her eyes flickered so much more and did not lock with mine, or should i say locked with mine and yet did not as well. Placing my palms on her cheek, i looked once again into her eyes.

She just closed her eyes and parted her lips. The feelings that happened are beyond words. I just parted my lips and put them on hers.

To be continued…

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