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She favors him with an impish grin as they stop to drop their packs in the foyer. Her parents are to be out of the house until evening, and they look forward to their uninhibited time alone. His parents are less strict, even encouraging, but there was something about the idea of forbidden play that got them both very hot.

They like to experiment, different positions, different places, so today they’ve decided to “break in” her parents’ bed. Feeling naughty and more than a little turned on, they quickly begin removing their clothes. Before long, and with little foreplay, they are hard at it. “Ohh, you feel sooo good,” she moans. Completely engrossed in what they are doing, both of them fail to hear the door open.

They’re shocked to attention by a growl of rage, and both of them look up to see her father standing there, his face contorted in fury. “Daddy!” she gasps, her jaw dropping. Her enraged father turns to the boy and screams at him to leave. The boy, terrified, quickly grabs up his clothes and rushes out the door, his hard-on dwindling to the shrunken penis of mere teenager.

The father bostancı escort returns his stern gaze to his beloved daughter, staring at her while lost in thought. He sees her there, lying on his bed, trying in vain to find enough sheet to cover her naked and blushing body. She’s obviously in terror of him, yet her eyes are still gleaming with a lover’s excitement.

Her father, her shy and soft-spoken hero, fixes her with a commanding gaze and bellows, “Jenny, what are you DOING?!” What words to express the disappointment he is feeling? He knows this will teach her a lingering lesson, and so intent on that is he that he barely thinks of the pleasure it will bring him. She is quivering in fear and remorse, but will do anything to regain his favor. Looking at his baby girl, lying there looking at him expectantly, he feels the first stirrings of his long-denied passion.

He commands her to kneel on the floor in front of him, and after a fierce inner struggle, the obedient girl in her wins out, and she slowly moves off the bed to kneel submissively at his feet. Using sancaktepe escort his belt, he ties her hands behind her, pulling the bonds a little tighter than necessary. She lets out a soft sigh as she waits for his next action.

He pulls down his pants, releasing his semi-hard cock from its confines. Her eyes widen and her face blushes a deep scarlet as she takes in the sight of her father’s protruding manhood. He walks forward until his cock is resting on her chin and, gripping her hair in both his hands, forces his member into her warm little mouth.

She is horrified, appalled that she got herself into this mess, but she can’t deny the wetness between her legs. After a moment to adjust to the size in her mouth, she closes her eyes and begins to suck in earnest.

Brows knit in concentration, she sucks voraciously at his cock like a baby on a nipple, pausing once or twice to ever-so-gently massage his balls with her tongue. Moaning softly, his hands close tighter in her hair and his anger is rekindled with the question of how she became so skilled.

Suddenly zeytinburnu escort wanting more, he abruptly pushes her head away from him, and spying her discarded panties on the floor, picks them up and forces them into her unsuspecting mouth to gag her. She is almost sick at this dirty violation, but she feels so guilty and is willing to endure anything for him.

He helps her up and into a kneeling position on the bed, and bracing her with his hands on her hips, shoves his salivated dick into her with one thrust. Building a rhythm, they begin straining and grunting, muffled moans coming from behind her gag.

In his anger, he doesn’t want her to enjoy this “punishment” so he roughly shoves her until she falls face-down into the blankets.

He pins her legs down with his own, and with little finesse, impales her ass on his cock. She lets out an agonized but muffled scream as he forces his entire length inside her. He is so angry and disappointed in her, he wants to punish her by doing this, but at the same time is imprisoned by his lust and before long, the frantic pace sends him to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Chest heaving, body spent, he collapses on top of her, forcing her face farther into the bedding until she can scarcely breathe. After a few moments, he rolls off of her, gets dressed and walks out the door. Quietly he closes it and walks away, leaving both of them unsure of what’s to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32