A First Time for Everything Pt. 02

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The day after De’Andre gave me my first interracial sexual experience with a man, my friend Linda called to ask me how it went. I felt compelled to answer all of her intimate questions since she had answered all of mine after she hooked up with him months earlier and since she was the reason I was able to meet him.

After Linda had told me about meeting De’Andre at a grocery store and their physical affair they were having, it reinvigorated my longtime fantasy to be with a black man, especially one that was well-endowed. Linda would often boast about his incredible size and sexual prowess. Hearing her gleefully brag about how amazing his cock was, caused me to slip up one night and admit that I had fantasized about being with a black man for many, many years, but was too timid to try to fulfil my ultimate fantasy.

Just a month before my little secret was revealed, De’Andre had confessed to Linda that he had a threesome with a married couple and let the husband suck his cock along with his wife. Getting head from a man was something De’Andre told Linda he actually enjoyed. At first Linda had told me she was a little put off that he could do that, but then she thought who wouldn’t want to suck that magnificent cock. When I slipped up and admitted I wanted to try a big black cock, she thought De’Andre would be perfect for me. Since she knew De’Andre had fit that bill very well, she talked to him.

My get together with De’Andre was an amazing experience, truly mind-blowing and pleasing. He was everything she advertised. Being with him was beyond my wildest dreams, as well as empowering. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed my first gay experience with a black man.

So now she was wanting to hear my account of the event. I was still shaken from my hour-long encounter with him. It was something I never thought would happen before that day. It was easy to fantasize about it, but to go through it was unbelievable. Giving the personal details to another person almost felt like experiencing it again for the first time.

“Isn’t his cock huge!?” She asked with a hint of pride.

“Linda, when I first saw it, he wasn’t even fully erect and it was still bigger than I could have imagined.” I told her.

“Did he get hard?”

“Yeah, I managed to bring it to a full erection. It wasn’t too difficult; his cock is very responsive.” I told her.

“I know,” she said. “He can maintain it for a long time, too.”

“Well, he was hard the whole hour I sucked it.”

“Oh my God, Roger! You sucked his cock for an hour?! I’ve never done it for more than 30 minutes!”

“Well, 45 minutes to an hour. It was hard to keep up with the time.” I explained.

“Did he cum?” She asked.

“Oh yeah. All over my face and in my mouth.”

“HE CAME IN YOUR MOUTH!!! I don’t even do that!” She said exasperated. “But he cums so much!”

“Oh, you’re telling me!! I had two huge mouthfuls and my face was covered!!” I admitted.

“Wow…Roger. That’s…that’s…” She stammered. “You must have really turned him on!” She stated with glee.

Linda wanted a detailed account of what we did from start to finish. I told her everything, about licking his balls, as well as De’Andre rubbing his cock all over my face. I even admitted that I was jacking off but nearly came too quickly, then when I orgasmed, I did it without stroking. I even talked about how I marveled at the amount of cum he shot and how amazing it was to be with a well-hung black man. We agreed, that as exciting as it was to suck on his huge cock, it was extremely taxing on the jaw and how my mouth was still sore the next day.

“That’s why I can’t do it for more than half an hour.” She explained.

I even admitted how nervous I was, not just being with a man for the first time but worried if I was an adequate lover for a black man. When Linda told me she had already talked to De’Andre and that he said I did a good job, I got excited. She also said he would let me do it again. That made me ecstatic.

“I think we should suck him together.” She suggested. “At first, I wasn’t very keen to the idea of two men having sex but it actually turns me on now. When I imagine you sucking De’Andre’s big dick, I get aroused. Could you do it in front of me?”

“Absolutely.” I told her with no hesitation. We talked about how intriguing the idea was and decided we could do it here. There was no way we were going to use Linda’s house, not just because of her husband but their youngest daughter was still living with them. De’Andre had a roommate that kept them from going to his apartment. She and De’Andre would either fuck in a hotel room or in one of their cars.

“I’ll ask De’Andre when we might be able to get together.” She told me.

It was actually three weeks until we were all able to get together at a time Linda could get away from her family. By the time I was able to have them both over I was a horny mess. My encounter with De’Andre made me starving for another chance to suck a big black cock. For some reason, Taksim Escort I wanted to save myself for this encounter and I abstained from any sexual release for the three weeks I waited to see them.

I hadn’t reserved myself for this long in my entire life. Not having an orgasm for three whole weeks might have been the hardest thing I have ever done. I was proud of myself for having this much discipline, but it also proved to me how much I wanted De’Andre again. It was also going to be my first time with Linda and I would be lying if I wasn’t excited about that fact as well. She was a very attractive woman and had a very appealing body with big breasts and a nice ass. Even if I didn’t touch her, I wanted to seem as virile as De’Andre obviously was.

Our get together was going to occur at night, Linda’s husband was working that night and her daughter was never home in the evening. She arrived promptly ten minutes before 7, the time we agreed on. She could tell right away I was nervous and excited. Linda looked great and I realized it had been months since I last saw her. She had lost ten pounds and while she wasn’t what anyone would consider overweight, her body looked better than ever.

Linda obviously dressed to impress, showing off her large breasts with a button-down shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. She wore tight jeans that featured her shapely ass as well. She looked like a sexy country girl and even her hair was done up to impress a man. Although I was worked up mentally to suck a big black cock, I had to complement her and honestly tell her how sexy she looked.

We were in the middle of mapping out our “gameplan” when I heard a knock on the door. I was amped up to see De’Andre once again and rushed to the door. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I opened it, seeing him standing there. But he had a surprise for us, including Linda…a huge surprise.

Standing next to De’Andre was another young black gentleman. A little shorter and slimmer but still physically stunning. I invited the two men in my apartment. When the three of us walked into my living room, Linda was sitting on the couch with a shocked and bewildered look on her face. “De’Andre, is that Gerald?” She asked.

“Yeah, I told you that I would introduce you to him one of these days.” I asked to be filled into what was going on.

Linda explained that for the last couple of months, De’Andre had promised a threesome with his cousin, Gerald. Apparently, the two guys have “entertained” women before but she didn’t expect to see him tonight. Linda had told De’Andre that she had been fantasizing about two black men (my phone sex fantasies must have really gotten to her), and he had promised that he would help to get that fulfilled.

I was given some quick background; Gerald was the son of De’Andre’s aunt, just out of college. He was a couple of years younger (that would put him at 23 years old) and the two practically grew up as brothers. They were very close and even shared girlfriends a couple of times. I also found out that Gerald had never been with a white woman, so De’Andre was fulfilling two people’s fantasies with this get-together.

I quickly realized that my elation had turned into a huge letdown, my beating heart almost felt broken. I figured the three of them would use my bed and get it on while I would sit in my living room watching a movie. As I excused myself to get them drinks, I remember hoping I would at least be able to watch them.

Now that I figured that Linda was going to have both of these two sexy black men, I almost wanted to leave my own apartment. My feeling of disappointment was that strong. I knew how incredibly sexy De’Andre was but his cousin sent a bolt of electricity straight to my gut. He was as handsome as he was physically impressive. Young and so virile, Gerald was what anyone who desired black men would want. I was as jealous of Linda as I was envious.

I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me say “De’Andre has told me a lot about you. I had to meet you myself.” I realized it was Gerald and I figured he was talking to Linda until I spun around and saw that he was facing my direction.

“Me?” I asked incredulously. Did my ears hear him correctly?

“Yeah, he said you can REALLY suck a dick, I just had to meet you myself.” Gerald said to me. I realized that what I thought was going to be a secret tonight, was actually out on the open.

“De’Andre, you told your cousin about us?” I asked stunned, I looked at Linda and she had a look of surprise as well. I walked back into the living room. I was really shocked that my first meeting with De’Andre was out in the open like this. Suddenly, the two black men were to my right and left.

“Yeah, I enjoyed that day. I had to tell my cuz. We don’t have any secrets. If I get off that good, I will brag about it.” De’Andre said. “So, you think you can handle two black men?” He asked me directly. My heart started to pound again. Linda just watched dumbfounded.

I Escort Bayan tried to speak but the thought of two black cocks at the same time was blowing my mind. I wanted to speak but was overcome by emotion. For three weeks I had prepared myself for a second encounter with an incredible black cock, I never dreamed I might have two!

“Cuz? I think this man is turning whiter,” Gerald jokingly tells his cousin. He could see I was extremely overwhelmed. “Think he is ready for both of us?”

“He better. After all the bragging I did to you about him, he better not freeze up on us.” De’Andre said in an ominous manner. The first time he was here, he had to tell me to get on my knees. I wasn’t about to wait for him to tell me to get down this time. I knelt as the men stepped a little closer to me. Now I was sandwiched between them, on my knees, panting heavily as I watched them start to undo their pants. Linda’s eyes were wide with amazement, I started to prepare myself mentally for what was about to happen.

De’Andre’s cock was out first and I immediately took it in my mouth. Like before, it was in a semi-erect state but the man’s cock could harden so quickly and by the time I slid down on it a second time with my mouth, it had grown rigid and much longer. I turned to see Gerald’s cock and I almost chocked on De’Andre. He was fully erect and was easily 10″ long. Gerald wasn’t quite as long or thick as his cousin, but in no way was he any less impressive. His black cock was huge and very enticing.

I pulled myself off of De’Andre and took Gerald as deep as I could in my mouth. I gripped both black cocks with my hands and whichever one wasn’t buried in my willing orifice, got a torrid hand job. I switched back and forth like a mad man, hungry to please both cocks. The men stood close to me, so all I would have to do is turn my head to accept their manhood between my lips. In less than two minutes, I managed to get both rock-hard with my mouth and my robust enthusiasm.

“Damn Roger!!” I heard Linda exclaim. “You are REALLY into black cock!!” I must have wowed Linda with my fervor. Her shock turned into admiration as I took turns gobbling these two black studs, I also must have turned her on, her hand was inside her jeans.

“You have them both so hard, Roger. You must be really good at it.” She declared breathlessly as she started to masturbate wildly under her jeans.

“Oh, he is girl, he really is!” De’Andre told her.

“Uhhh, this white boy has got some skills!” Gerald groaned.

“Suck them!” Linda cheered me on. “Suck them both!” She was indeed enjoying the display of oral gratification I was giving these two men. Linda slipped out of her jeans and opened her shirt, pulling one of her tits out of her bra to pinch & twist her nipple. It was a sexy sight to see my friend so aroused by my actions.

De’Andre and Gerald moaned loudly as I sucked and licked their cocks. I gave each cock attention for about 30 seconds to a minute, then switched to the other. I was so aroused, so smitten with another opportunity to please not one, but two staggering black cocks. I matched their moans as loudly as I made raucous sucking sounds. I probably looked like a man possessed, I was frantic in my movements going back and forth between the two huge penises.

Now that I had both cocks up to a full erection, I tried something that just popped up in my head. I positioned them with my grip on the base of each cock, so that they were pointed at each other and nearly touching. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and ran it back and forth along both black cocks, the longest licks I have ever given. From my left clinched hand to my right, I was licking over twelve inches of dark shaft and head. I licked & kissed the bottom, sides and top of their wonderful ebony rods.

“Oh yeah Rog, just like that…just… like… that…” Gerald exasperated as my tongue glided across both black poles. Their skin glistened with the trail of saliva my tongue left.

“I can’t get over how hard you have them!” Linda complemented in amazement. She was rubbing hard and fast, aroused by the blow job I was delivering to these amazing men.

“What did I tell you cuz, this white boy’s mouth feels so good.” De’Andre told Gerald.

I never dreamed I would be between two big black cocks, sucking them in front of a hot white woman who was aroused by the sight of it. While everyone was talking in praise of me, I was whimpering like a scared puppy. Intimidated and excited at the same time by having these two big dicks dominate me orally. I was giving them my best. I knew that two cocks like this demanded my supreme effort, a tireless pursuit to give these black men the sucking they deserved.

With their cocks being so rock hard, I switched tactics with my hands and started to squeeze and pull on their huge balls. Gerald had an amazing pair of nuts that hung even lower than his cousin and actually appeared to be slightly bigger! They both responded quite nicely when I began istanbul Escort to tug on their balls with a firm grip on them.

As much as I loved De’Andre’s cock, Gerald’s was even more pleasant to suck on. It was big but my mouth wasn’t quite as agape to accept Gerald. It slipped in my mouth much more easily and tasted sweet, like he had rubbed fruit on it or something. De’Andre’s had that familiar salty taste to it. Combined they made my mouth water considerably, my wet mouth made it even easier to suck these mammoth cocks.

Like De’Andre, Gerald’s cock head was bulbous and brown. Much lighter than the skin of his shaft. While not quite the size of De’Andre, it was still quite large, beautiful and exquisite. The one thing you really had to admire about Gerald was how steely hard his erection was. His cock was as firm, rigid and straight as a cock could be. I even pulled it down a few times only to watch it spring back up mightily, as if it was attached to a spring. He was such a credit to the men of his race, sexually.

After only observing me for a while with these two black men, Linda couldn’t take much more and jumped to the floor, taking a position on her knees right in front of me. Without a word, we started to work as a team as we faced each other. When I was sucking Gerald, she was on De’Andre. We switched without saying a word. Both men now had a mouth on their meat at all times. I had a grip on Gerald’s cock and De’Andre’s balls, Linda clutched Gerald’s nuts and De’Andre’s elongated shaft. Both men seemed to get even more excited knowing they had a white male and female, so eager to service their every need.

“Mmmmm, suck that black cock.” De’Andre moaned as Linda stuffed his cock in her mouth.

“Damn Rog, you are hungry man!! You are SO hungry for that black cock.” Gerald said to me as I swallowed more than half of his cock, his head hitting the back of my throat. I chocked and coughed, but I was determined to get as much of his cock into my mouth. I could tell that Gerald could sense I was becoming more enamored with his cock by the minute.

When we switched De’Andre ordered me to lick and kiss his cock. “Oh yeah, come on white boy, lick that dick!” I ran my tongue all over his marvelous cock. “Now, kiss that head, kiss all up and down my cock!” I, of course followed his commands implicitly. I kissed his penis with deep, affectionate kisses. While I was becoming more drawn to his cousin, I was still completely captivated with De’Andre’s gorgeous black cock.

Gerald told Linda to suck and lick his balls. It occurred to me that I hadn’t even tried that yet. I felt a hint of jealousy watching Linda suck his huge nuts. It made me want to do that. When I returned to Gerald a few minutes later, I greeted him with an energetic ball washing with my mouth and tongue that made him let out a nice moan. I took one of his huge testicles, lifting it while it was in my mouth & pulled on it until it slipped out between my lips. I quickly switched to the other and repeated the action. He became even more lively with his words and sounds.

“Oh yeah Rog, suck those nuts!” My hand stroked his big black dick as my mouth gave his balls my loving attention. I had to complement him on how arousing his whole package was, from his huge nuts to his long cock and wonderful erection. Even though I could tell he knew I was immensely impressed, I was compelled to tell him.

I heard Linda moaning and peered over to see De’Andre was fucking her mouth, her hands were gripping his ass. She was obviously enjoying his dominance but suddenly I was told to join her by De’Andre. I could only obey the command of this black stud.

I positioned myself, kneeling right at her side, De’Andre released her head to let me come in and I began to lick his shaft as she sucked his head. Now both of our white mouths started to worship his formidable ebony rod. We started to work as a team trying to tame this weapon of pleasure with our hungry mouths. De’Andre just made us whimper and sigh as his huge cock dominated our mouths with its size and strength.

We must have recalled our gameplan because we started to work as a team, Linda bobbed her mouth on his huge head and I licked his long, thick shaft. Then after a minute or two, Linda took his head out of her mouth and handed it to me, I worked on his swollen knob as she kissed and licked up and down his black rod. Now that her mouth wasn’t filled with his huge helmet cock head, she took the opportunity to verbally worship his cock.

“Oh baby, your big cock has us both crazy for it.” She told him lovingly as she licked it up and down. “Your black cock is so sexy and satisfying to a white woman and a white man!”

De’Andre pulled his cock out of my mouth and inserted it in Linda’s. “Do you love this cock too, Rog?” Nobody ever called me Rog before this night, now the nickname was music to my ears.

“I do, I love your beautiful black cock!” I affirmed as I took over the licking and kissing duties on his shaft.

“Tell your friend why you love this cock.” He ordered me.

“Because it’s huge… and so amazing!” I obeyed as I desperately used my tongue and lips while telling Linda. “It turns me on… so much!” It was hard to speak uninterrupted while I working De’Andre’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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