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Driving alone gave Wendy far too much time to think. Only 4 hours into the 15 hour trip left her frustrated with herself. Plenty of loving family members had offered to take the journey with her but Wendy stubbornly refused. Driving through mostly rural areas on the road from Dallas to Phoenix, most of the radio stations she found were country stations so for many long, lonely hours she listened to about all the hard luck, down on love music she could stand. She didn’t really need to be reminded that love sucked and that Cupid was obviously in the wrong profession.

Not only did love suck but divorce sucked even more. Married for just 8 years, Wendy thought hers was invincible and would last forever but all that changed on a painful Saturday afternoon. Running errands in an unfamiliar area of the city, Wendy was surprised to see her husband entering a hotel. Pulling into the parking lot, she hurried inside, expected some sort of surprise. Maybe he had planned a party for her or had rented a room and was setting things up for a romantic escape later that evening. Her mind raced with the possibilities even as the pit of her stomach tightened. Wendy’s eyes filled with tears as the painful memory of watching her beloved husband melt into the arms of another woman filled the loneliness of her car. She shook her head and forced herself back to reality. “Enough!” She said loudly. “It’s over and done and it’s time to move on.”

Just 3 months after the divorce was finalized, Wendy packed up her things and was heading to Phoenix for a fresh start. A new job awaited her and her grandparents were thrilled that she was moving in with them. Well, at least temporarily moving in with them. She was determined to get settled as soon as possible but was looking forward to spending some time with them in the home she remembered as a child. Somewhat embarrassed at how long it had been since she had visited them, Wendy had wonderful memories of spending holidays and summers with her loving grandparents. A couple of months of pampering from them would help to soothe her bruised and battered emotions. Then, Wendy hoped, she would be ready to take on the world once again.

Finally arriving in the city, Wendy stopped for wine and flowers before heading to her grandparents’ home. The house looked just as she remembered it – warm and lovely as always. She barely had the car door open before both grandparents appeared and she was wrapped in their arms. Tears of joy flowed as she was showered with love.

After getting settled in the guest room and storing much of her things in an extra room, the three of them sat by the pool with drinks before dinner. Sensing that Wendy wasn’t in the mood to share about her failed marriage, conversation revolved around her new position which she would begin in just a few days. The atmosphere was light and loving and just what Wendy needed.

Living with her bahis firmaları grandparents was as easy as Wendy thought it would be. She quickly got into a routine of running in the early morning, going to work, occasionally having a drink after work with co-workers, coming home for a home cooked meal and getting to bed far too early for a 30 year old woman. After a week or so Wendy began quietly heading out to the pool after her grandparents went to bed. After swimming laps, Wendy often read or just listened to music until she was tired. She found the quiet time very peaceful.

On the Wednesday of the second week, Wendy was alone at home in the evening while her grandparents went to their card club. She was lounging pool-side when she heard a man’s voice on the other side of the high fence. Hastily tying her bikini top on, she leapt up to open the gate. Her surprise must have been evident because the man laughed loudly as he walked past her and gathered her into his arms.

“I heard you were around. It’s been so long!” The neighbor Ben exclaimed. He stepped back and released Wendy from his tight embrace but held her upper arms in his hands. His smile was warm and although he had aged quite a bit since the last time she had seen him, he was still ruggedly handsome and surprisingly fit for a man in his late 50’s, Wendy noticed.

Although it had been over 10 years since Wendy had last seen Ben, she wasn’t bothered by his exuberant greeting. Her memories of her grandparents’ long term neighbor were warm and comfortable ones. She stepped forward to return his hug enthusiastically and even planted a kiss on his cheek.

“It’s so great to see you again, Ben. How is Delores?” At the mention of his wife, Wendy detected a look of pain in his face.

“I guess you haven’t heard. I lost Delores to cancer last year.” Ben said softly.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Please accept my condolences.” Wendy said, placing her hand on his arm.

“Thank you, Wendy. Now, tell me what brought you to Phoenix. Your grandpa only told me yesterday that you were living here but you’ve been here a couple of weeks already. I’m always the last to know!” He joked but looked genuinely interested in hearing her story.

Sitting next to the pool, Wendy and Ben began talking. He asked questions about her new job, her family back in Dallas, and her plans. They chatted easily and Wendy found herself sharing much more than she normally would about her marriage and divorce. Ben was easy to talk to and asked all the right questions. Before long they were laughing like old friends and reminiscing about her childhood visits with her grandparents. Ben had watched her grow up and privately noted that she had grown from a beautiful child into a stunningly beautiful woman. She had curves in all the right places which her tiny bikini did nothing to hide and although he had to shift in his chair to hide the kaçak iddaa evidence, Ben was pleased that ‘little Ben’ had noticed her curves as well.

Of course no amount of shifting could fool Wendy, and she found herself strangely pleased at his response to her. His cock was straining at his cargo shorts and she blushed at the sight. Ben noticed and smiled warmly at her. It had been a long time since a much younger woman noticed him and he was excited at the prospects, as unrealistic as they might be. Unspoken messages passed between them in those few moments but were interrupted abruptly.

“Wendy! We’re home!” Her grandpa called out.

Wendy sprang to her feet and quickly grabbed her cover-up, slipping it over her head just as her grandparents came out to the pool. Ben was on his feet with his hands covering his quickly shrinking, shorts-covered cock. Privately, they both were thinking the same thing. ‘I sure hope I don’t look as guilty as I think I do.’

Of course Wendy’s grandparents, Carl and Mary, didn’t notice anything and greeted Ben as the old friend he was to them. The four of them sat poolside, enjoying good wine and conversation until late in the evening. As Ben turned to leave, he hugged Mary lightly, shook Carl’s hand and slipped his arm around Wendy’s shoulder, leaning in to kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear, “We should finish things. Let me know when you’re ready.”

With that, he confidently walked out of the gate, leaving Wendy gasping for air. Thankfully, her grandparents were already gathering the glasses from the table, anxious to get to bed. That night Wendy sat by the pool contemplating the possibilities and wondering what her next move should be.

The next week flew by without even a glimpse of Ben. Wendy thought about him at times but was busy settling into her life while beginning to think about finding a place of her own. She adored her grandparents and loved being with them but she wanted to be settled in her own place before too long. The thought of moving again pushed her to act in an uncharacteristic way the following Wednesday evening.

After her grandparents left for their card club, Wendy left a short note that a friend from work was picking her up to go out with the girls and that she would probably be home late. Knowing they would never stay up late enough to notice how she got home, Wendy was confident that she could pull off the white lie easily. Then she carefully dressed and once it was dark outside, she quickly walked down the block to Ben’s house.

Not wanting any neighbors to notice her, Wendy slipped around the side of the house and let herself in the back yard. The fence was high and although his small dog began barking at her, she wasn’t concerned with anyone noticing the noise. The water in the pool looked cool and inviting and for a moment she wished she had brought a swimsuit but then smiled as she thought, kaçak bahis ‘if things go as I hope they do tonight, I can swim without a suit.’

As Wendy approached the back French doors the outside light came on and Ben appeared in the doorway. His smile was bright and knowing as he reached to take her in his arms. They stood together for long moments, him confident and growing excited, her trembling but wanting him as she could feel his cock stiffen against her. Finally he let her go and invited her in to his house. In the kitchen he poured them both a glass of wine and then led her to the living room. They sat on a soft leather couch, sipping their wine and barely talking. Spoken words were not really needed. Knowing looks and casual touches said everything.

As Wendy finished the last of the wine from her glass, Ben took it from her hand and placed it on an end table. Slipping his hand to the side of her face, he tangled his fingers in her hair and leaned over to kiss her softly. Light, gentle kisses soon gave way to tongues exploring and entwining. They kissed for a long time, their lips and tongues melting together perfectly. For both of them it had been so long since they had been kissed and cherished, that they didn’t want it to ever end. Eventually though, the passion built to such a fever that moving forward was not only desired but absolutely necessary.

Ben began to stand up but never broke the kiss. He gently but insistently latched his teeth onto Wendy’s tongue and took her hands to pull her up with him. Standing in his living room, kissing like hormone-driven teenagers, he pulled her to him and began running his hands over her back and down her ass. He moaned against her mouth as she moved even closer and molded her body to his. Her fingers began to fumble with the button on his shorts but his hands stopped her and he whispered against her mouth, “Not too fast, love. I want to savor every moment.”

Taking her by the hand he led her down a flight of stairs to the lower level. A comfortable media room was lit by dim lights but he led her through the room to a very masculine looking bedroom. “This is where I sleep,” he explained. “I couldn’t sleep in the master bedroom after my wife died so I made this a comfortable space for me. I hope it’s ok with you.” He said, looking into her eyes for approval.

Wendy nodded and lifted her face to kiss him again. His lips were so warm and soft and she couldn’t get enough of kissing him. He led her over to the king size bed and reached to untie her wrap around dress. Just a couple of ties separated him from what he desired the most. Slowly he moved the material so that it slipped off of her shoulders. She stood before him in a white push up bra that did little to cover her large tits. Her panties were white and lacey and just begging for him to remove them. His hands wandered over her soft skin as his lips began inching lower. Covering her neck with kisses while his hands squeezed her ass, she began to cry out for more. The time for restraint and moving slowly was quickly coming to an end.

Part 2 to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32