A Fun Party Weekend

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Well, it just so happened that the night the ladies had picked out for one of their “fun” parties, I was gonna be off, so that meant I needed to come up with something to do to pass the night until I got the all clear from my wife that I could return to the house. Of course before I could disappeared there were honey-do’s that had to be taken care of on a list that Cee Jay had made up for me such as, make a liquor run, move furniture around in the living room so there was more room to sit and set up a folding table in the den for her put out her displays. My jobs done I gave her a good kiss to make sure she missed me and told her to call when the coast was clear and then I grabbed a few beers and headed to a friend’s camp on the river that he had left me the keys to for the weekend. I aimed to do some fishing then watch TV to pass the night while waiting on her. Just as I my wife’s coworker and co-host, Kelsey, arrived for the party I got in my truck.

“Thanks Mark for letting us have this here at the house tonight, be good to get away from worries of work and all for a change and have some fun,” she called to me before I cranked the truck.

“No problem, ya’ll have a good time and watch out for each other and don’t let her spend too much of my money,” I called back jokingly.

Night had fallen and after cleaning what fish I caught and having put them in the deep freeze I then got a shower to clean up before I settled down in front of the television. Apparently there was not much good on cause the next thing I knew was that I was being awakened by the ringing of my cell phone. Without even paying any attention to the caller ID, I answered the phone.


“I have been a very naughty girl, Baby.”

“Oh have you now?” I asked curiously as I recognizing Cee-Jay’s sultry voice, “and just what may I ask have you been doing that is naughty?”

“Wouldn’t you just love to know my dear, but first I want you get in your pickup and head home. The house has cleared out and I am ready for you.”

With that all I heard was the sound of beeping, signaling she had ended her connection. Dumbstruck I shut out the lights and locked up behind me and jumped in my truck and headed back to the house which was about a twenty-minute drive. Ten minutes into the drive the phone rang again.

“Miss me that much?” I ask jokingly as I answered the phone.

“Yes, I do baby, but this naughty girl is taking care of herself just fine.”

A low moan filled the phone as I almost ran off the road, amazed at what has come over her.

“Just what are you doing Baby?” I asked, my mouth going dry and while trying hard to concentrate on the road in front of me.

“Oh Baby, I bought a new toy tonight and it feels so good in my hot, wet pussy right now. I am working it in and out slow and deep. Oh yes. I am thinking of you, my hands on your strong back as you piston in and out of me. Yes, yes I am so close to cumming. Work it harder Baby, yes, yes. Oh yes, here I cum Baby!”

I drove in silence and in shock, slowing to an almost creeping pace, at what I just heard from my normally shy wife. I had just pulled up to the intersection about a mile from the house when she spoke again in a soft tone.

“I can’t wait for you to get home Baby, I am so ready for you and wanna give you a nice surprise for being such a good listener.” She hung up again.

I pulled into the driveway and saw all the cars are were gone and just the porch light is was on as I quickly halt my truck, kill it and make a beeline to the door with keys in hand. Before I can even get my key in the door, it opens and there stands Cee-Jay, wearing nothing but a short, peach color, silk robe that goes with a teddy I once got her. The sash is loose and as she pulls the door open, it causes her robe to fall open and reveal her naked body. I stay riveted to my spot as I take in her body and notice her once trimmed bush is now completely shaven smooth leaving her exposed.

“Well, are you gonna stay outside all night and make me hold the door open and catch a cold?”

Silently I walked in not taking my eyes off of her. Before I can get past her she pushes the door shut hard behind me and then pins me up against the wall with a hot, passionate kiss. Her tongue dances along the edges of my lips before it invades my mouth and wrestles with my tongue as she undoes my belt and jeans. I go to say something about moving to the bedroom but she quiets me with a finger then kisses me hard again. She pushes my shirt up wanting me to take it off so I help by raising my arms as she pulls it over my head. She starts to move down my body kissing my nipples and chest and then down my stomach as she begins to push down my jeans and underwear. Slowly she slinks down onto her knees in front of me as my semi-hard cock springs free in front of her face. I can feel the warmth of her breath on my ever-growing member until finally, the wet tip of her tongue is tracing circles around kuşadası escort the head of my dick.

Her breath is hot and the touch is like liquid fire as she slowly runs her tongue up and down the length of my hard member. I feel her tongue flicking across back and forth on my sensitive balls as she pushes my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I watch and find her looking up at me as she is moving moves, she opens her mouth is in a sexy O and starts to take my cock in between her open lips while looking up at me, her hands caressing my ass. I lean my head back at this wonderful sensation, I can feel her swirling her tongue along my cock as she moves and takes more in. My hands move to her hair and rest on her head as she slowly moves back and forth on my cock, her tongue feeling like silk along my hardness. Her other hands leaves my backside and she massages my balls before moving up and wrapping a few fingers around the base of my cock, and stroking me to match her sucking.

“Oh god yes Cee-Jay, it feels so good having you suck on my cock.” Moving faster I can tell that she likes to hear my words of encouragement. “Baby you got my cock so hard now, keep it up and I will be cumming like a spring.”

Faster she moves, pumping and sucking me, bringing me so close to the edge that I hold tight to her hair and tell her that I am fixing to blow. About this time I hear a door open at the end of the hall and out comes Kelsey, looking directly at us as she hears Cee-Jay moan. and looks directly at us.I am so lost in the sensations of my lovely wife’s hot mouth I cannot say anything and freeze up like a deer in some headlights but Cee-Jay moans and sucks harder, taking as much of my cock in as she can.

I am driven over the edge and start to cum. I look over at Kelsey and see her staring at us, her nipples pressing against her nightgown and I moan as my cock throbs and fires. Cee-Jay is moaning while pumping my cock and draining it inside of her hot mouth, swallowing as she does on rare occasions. Finally my cock stops throbbing and she slowly pulls back off of my cock, smiling. Looking down at my wife I glance towards the bathroom and see that Kelsey is gone now.

“Damn Baby that was wonderful, sure wish you would greet me at the door like that more often.” I say with a light laugh. “If these parties get you wound up like this you’re gonna have to have more,” I say pulling you her up to me, and kissing you her.

“There is still more though Baby, I have a fire in my pussy that is burning for you and I need to feel your hard cock inside of me, and shooting that hot cum of yours to put it out, will you do that for me Darling?” I scoop her up into my arms and we head to the bedroom. I set her down on the bed in the center of it the bed, her robe fallings even more open now, her nipples erect and begging for attention. I bend over the bed and take her left nipple into my mouth, gently sucking it in my mouth and running my tongue across the tip. I lick all around her swollen nipple then leave a trail of wet kisses across her chest to her right nipple breast and suck it the nipple in and start circling it with my tongue, working my way towards the center, and flicking it over her hard nipplebud.

She is pushing my pants down off of me while I do this so I kick off my shoes and step out of them. I move to the end of the bed and take off my socks and shirt then before crawling up the bed between her spread legs, stopping at her glistening pussy. Looking up at her she is playing with both of her tits, rubbing her nipples, and as I move in and begin to lick all around her wet lips, moving in closer to her clit with each stroke of my tongue.

Her hips bucked as my tongue made a long slow pass over her love button and she moans out loud. I press my tongue down flat and started to just lick up and down her wet lips, from the top of her clit to the bottom and wiggling my tongue in her slick opening. Coming back up I suck her clit into my mouth and hold onto it as my tongue works at a frenzied pace. Moving my hands up I easily slide two fingers inside of her slick passage and Cee-Jay starts to raise her hips up off the bed to meet my fingers and my tongue as I work over her dripping wet pussy. Her hands in my hair pull me tight against her and I could tell she was close to cumming as her moans grew louder and she kept telling me to go harder and faster. Finally, she thrust up to me one last time and I feel the muscles inside of her begin to milk my fingers like it would my cock and I could feel her clit pulsing harder under my tongue. Slowly I ease up on what I was doing as I feel her relax back into the bed. Softly I kiss the inside of her thighs and then move her body, leaving little kisses as I go until finally I at her neck and I suck on it knowing this is a tender spot for her.

“Tell me Baby, can you feel how my cock has already gotten hard as steel again for you? You are so hot and I can’t wait to slide my cock inside of you and give you a good screwing like you need,” I whisper in her ear.

“Oh yes Mark, give me what I want, let me feel you inside of me now!”

I feel her hand as it takes my rigid member, and guides guiding it to her slick lips and as she moves so I can enter her. I do this in one slow motion, my cock penetrating her tight slit inch by inch. Finally I sunk all the way and my balls rested against her lips. Slowly I pull back until just the head of my cock remains inside of her pussy then I drive back deep within her. In and out I work myself at a steady pace. I feel Cee-Jays feet and legs running up and down my legs, her hands around my neck, and scratching at my back. I am moaning loud at how good it feels and I tell her that my cock feels so good inside of her. This dirty talk is making her pant and moan louder. I sit up on my knees and hold onto her legs and spread them open wide. I thrust harder and faster in and out of her now, moving so easily between her lubed-up lips. I feel her tight muscles squeezing against my cock as I rock in and out of her while she raises her hips to meet each of my thrusts, drawing me deeper.

“Come on Baby, fill me with your hot cum, send me over the edge,” Cee-Jay says making me grunt and thrust deeper inside of her, feeling my own cum boiling inside my wet balls.

“Oh Baby, here I cum!” I yell out just before my cum erupts from my throbbing cock. I still try to pump deeper into her as my seed fills her womb and I feel her pussy quivering around my swollen cock. After a few final grinds against Cee-Jay I collapse on the bed beside of her and she moves to her side and throws a leg over mine and rests her head on my shoulder. Laying there trying to catch our breaths I hear something.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know.” The noise stops. “Oh, that might have been Kelsey, I forgot she was in the den,” Cee-Jay told me, her cheeks still blushed . “I got so carried away and excited I forgot we had company.”

Not wanting to let on I knew, I asked, “Why is she staying the night, she came in her car and what is she doing in the den?”

“Well, she had a little too much to drink and didn’t need to drive home so I asked her if she wanted to stay and sleep it off and she agreed. Her sister who had brought a freind took the car back her home and I will take her home tomorrow.

“Last time I saw her she was on the computer checking emails and that was before I called you and when I came to greet you at the door and was so horny I was not even thinking that someone else was in the house, I just wanted to give you a nice surprise.”

“I am gonna tell you something and I hope you don’t get mad at me but while you were sucking my cock she came out of the bathroom, just as I was about to come and it felt so good I couldn’t say anything but moan. I closed my eyes when you were sucking and swirling your tongue around my cock and draining it of my seed, and when I was finally able to open them again, she was gone.”

“Wow,” your hand drifting down to my cock, “that must have been why you came so hard, I sure wasn’t expecting that much but it sure was good, too” giving my cock a playful squeeze. “What did she do, did she say anything?”

“No, not a word, but her nipples were hard and straining against the nightgown you had given her to sleep in .”

“Well, if I were to guess, I would bet that the noise we heard was the toy she bought tonight that is just like the one I used while I was talking to you on the phone so she got some relief after all huh?” you say giggling and leaning up to kiss me on the lips. After a long good night kiss you curl back up against my side, with your breast pressed against me and an arm across my chest you drift off to sleep. I lay there thinking of tonight’s events and finally succumb to the darkness, with a smile on my face. The next morning Cee Jay awoke just as the sun was starting to filter through the old trees that surrounded the new home. Laying in the bed with her back snuggled up next to Mark who had his arm draped over her protectively she heard a sound coming from in the kitchen. Easing out from under her sleeping husband’s arm she stood up and stretched, still naked she grabbed the robe she wore to greet Mark at the door last night and slipped it back on and tied it snug. Off to the kitchen she went to see what Kelsey was up to. When she got to the door she stopped and looked in for a minute. Kelsey had her back to the door as she reached up in the cabinet to get down the coffee which saw little use around there. While she reached up, the nightgown that she slept in crept up with her outstretched arms exposing her French-cut, red panties that hugged tightly to her shapely bottom. Cee Jay thought to herself that she could see Mark being turned-on by the sight of her friend. Smiling she entered the kitchen as Kelsey turned towards the coffee pot.

“Need some help there?”

“Oh goodness girl, I didn’t know you were up. I hope I didn’t make too much racket looking for this stuff,” she said holding the coffee can.

“Nope I was awake and heard you in here and thought I would come and see what you were getting into. Sorry for the trouble but Mark don’t drink coffee and I only drink it every once in a while when he is still sleeping.”

Cee Jay moved to beside Kelsey and helped her get everything together for some coffee. She got down two big mugs and creamer that she would use and sat them down on the table and the both of them sat down as the pot came to life and started its slow brew. Looking at her friend Cee Jay decided to be curious and ask some questions and see if she could find out about what Mark said last night, if she really did come out of the bathroom as he came in her mouth.

“Well, I think that last nights ‘fun party’ went pretty good, don’t have too much stuff left over and what we do have should be pretty easy to sell.”

“Yup, I agree and hopefully we can do it again with this much success.”

“I know what you mean. I also think that Mark was pretty happy with what I got out of the deal,” Cee Jay said as she got up to get the pot and fill their mugs. Kelsey didn’t look up while Cee Jay poured but Cee Jay thought she could see just a hint of blush on Kelsey’s cheeks. Sitting back down and doctoring up her coffee Cee Jay decided to plunge on ahead.

“I know that I enjoyed the toy I was able to pick out. In fact, when I was trying it out I decided to call Mark and let him know our little get together was over and he could come home. I went about it mischievously and told him to hurry home and when he had time to get in his truck I called him back and told him I was being naughty. Needless to say this left him speechless as he was driving home but he got to hear all about how good I was feeling. To be honest, that only worked me up even more and I was even hornier so I grabbed this very robe and threw it on and went to greet him at the door. When I went by the den and didn’t see you in there I honestly forgot you were here, I guess cause I had just one thing on my mind and that was him. When I heard him at the door I turned the knob and pulled it open before he could use his key.”

Pausing to take a drink of the still steaming coffee Cee Jay looks over to Kelsey over her cup and could sees that she is a little rattled by what she is hearing but the flush on her neck and cheeks indicateds that she was is interested in hearing her out. “Anyway, when I opened the door I let the robe come open and he could see I was naked underneath it. After a moment pause of him staring I pulled got him to come on in the hallway and then pushed him back up against the wall after shutting the door back. Then I proceeded to undo his pants and push them down until his hard cock popped free right in front of my face. I moved in and began to make love to his cock orally using my tongue like I know he likes and sucking on him gently. While I was doing this he was saying hot things that turned me on even more and had his hands in my hair urging me on with his fingers. All this he was saying just made me suck on him harder getting him closer to his climax. I was really working his cock when he got still and quiet but I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth and knew he was fixing to cum. Do you know what happened next? Next thing I knew his cock was shooting its hot load down my throat as quick as I could swallow, I thought then he had never come that hard before.”

Cee Jay continued on, ” You know later, after we got thru making love Mark said he heard a humming sound coming from somewhere in the house and asked me if I knew what that could be and it was only then that I remembered you stayed the night and I told him what all transpired for you to stay the night and that you were probably on the computer like you had told me you were gonna be for a little while. After I told him that and the noise was gone he then told me about how you had walked out of the bathroom just as he was getting ready to cum and that was what made him go quiet but he knew there was no way to stop his cumming. So tell me something, was that you and your new vibrator making the humming noise?”

“Yes, that would be the humming sound that he heard. I mean good grief girl, I walk out of the bathroom and find you sucking him off, then I listen to the two of you going at it hot and heavy, I am a red blooded girl and it got me so horny and so I needed to get my own relief.”

“I can understand that and I apologize for getting carried away last night, it is just that with Mark’s work schedule and mine we have not had a lot of time together if you know what I mean.”

“Tell me something,” Cee Jay said, “Other than last night have you ever been a voyeuristic before Kelsey?”

“Yes,” Kelsey says above a whisper. “I guess I always have been, I like to watch people even in everyday surroundings. Of course if I ever get a chance to watch a couple it is way better than watching a porn movie. If you are wondering Cee Jay, I have also been on the exhibitionist side of things too before too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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