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Life can be real fun. Well mine is. There I was on East coast of Australia. Staying at a back packers hostel. It was the festive season and being the southern hemisphere summer, sub-tropical hot warm very pleasant. The sea the temperature of a warm bath 80 deg F (26 deg C). Yep you’ve got it paradise.

My fellow back packers were from all over the world. A large contingent from California enjoying the surf and several luscious females from Sweden. A dusky maiden from Maine and sultry blonde from Boston. There was even a POHM (me).

All in all a very mixed bunch all getting on with each other and having fun.

Until that is my gender orientation was questioned. Whether in fun or not my honour was insulted and had to be repaired.

‘Twas Christmas night and the youngsters had consumed more than they could hold. But the ladies needed entertaining . A young beauty from Sweden called Anna was in a very frisky mood. So I saw my chance to restore my honour.

Anna and I had struck up a friendship . As I’d become her paladin by protecting her from the advances of nasty greasy chap. who had been all over Anna like a rash. Much to her disgust. (well I ask you 250lbs of untoned flab wearing g-string swimming trunks, with a posing pouch at the front that was designed for a hearty meal but didn’t even contain the starters) So Anna and I had pretended to be an item. To discourage these un-welcome advances .

The party had wound down and thing were getting quiet, the lights were low and the music was slow and smoochey. Anna was enjoying my roving hands and kisses. After several very sensuous slow numbers. Quite to my surprise, Anna dragged me to a sofa at the back of the common room.

She was warm and smelt as sweet as a mid- summer nights dream. We laid ourselves out on the large old sofa and started to become better-acquainted .My body shielded us from prying eyes. I gently pushed my hands under Anna’s t-shirt and caress her firm and delightful breasts, her nipples were hard and erect as was my straining member. That poked out the top of my shorts.

Anna’s hand found the head and began to stroke the head with the palm of her hand . As my cock struggled for air. Pure heaven!

I looked over my shoulder to see if we had any watchers and apart from a sleeping surfer there was no one in view. So I pushed Anna’s T-shirt up over her beautiful breasts and started to kiss and suck her perfect globes . I circled my tongue around her nipples gently tweaking them with my teeth and flicking me tongue over the very tips of her nipples. Anna was fighting hard to control her moaning as I continued my petting by licking the undersides of her breast were they folded under to meet her ribs. This is a highly sensitive area on any woman but for Anna even more so.

She was writhing and squirming to position her butt to apply pressure to my erection. She put her thighs over mine and pushed my arse cheeks with her calves. To help her get more contact with my rampant flesh . I put my hand under her butt and pulled the waistband of her short and knickers from beneath her and up to her mid thighs. This left her and me covered from any passing glances, but gave us both what we desired the meeting of excited genitals. By pushing down the waistband of my shorts and pants. I was able to rub the tip of my engorged cock up and down her slit. Because there was only limited space on the sofa I was only able to the get just the head of my cock into the warm slick, outer lips of her pussy. Even so, she managed to get pendik escort her hand between her legs and grab hold of my cock so that she could rub the head, on and around her clit. We continued like this for what seemed like an eternity of mutual bliss.

Until Anna whispered that we MUST go outside.

With some difficulty we straightened our clothing and very quietly so as not disturb the sleeping surfers went outside and into my tent. Without anyone seeing us (or so we thought) go.

We crawled into my tent and virtually ripped each other’s cloths off. Anna’s body was perfect in the light of my camper’s lamp and I revelled in her beauty kissing her y all over until my lips found her secret treasure. Before I got to her most treasured parts I spent long minutes on all the other important and sensitive areas. I found the backs of her knee’s and her inner thighs most rewarding, as did she. Finally I headed for her pussy. I licked and probed her flesh with my tongue until she was at a point of total submission.

She was like a bow straining to loose its arrow. I played with her and teased her delaying her climax by increasing and decreasing the pressure and intensity of my mouth on her vulva and clit. I ran my tongue down the outside of her pussy then pushed my tongue into wetness savouring her aroma and taste.

My beard was coated in her juices and I had to wipe it dry with a towel as it got a bit too much.

I took this opportunity to change position and turned Anna on her side and moved us into a 69 position. At this Anna took my cock and swallowed it in one, right to the hilt wow!!!

I pushed her legs apart put her right foot on the side of my head and buried my face back in between her willing thighs and continued toying with her pussy. In this new position I was able to insert my fingers into her hot soaking pussy. I could now feel the quivering tremors of her approaching orgasm.

I to was on the verge of coming and wouldn’t be able to hold back for much longer. Anna bobbed her head up and down, moaning as she did so . I wasn’t being quiet either if any one was in earshot they wouldn’t be in any doubt what we were about. I whispered to Anna that she should cum. She had no choice really as I intensified my attention on her clit and rubbed the tips of my fingers inside her pussy on her g-spot.

As she came, Anna clamped her thighs round my head and pressed my head into body. Her body shuddered and shook as her orgasm raged through her I thought she was going to pass out as she just kept cumming and cumming as her body shook and convulsed with pleasure. As she came down from her peak she relaxed her grip on my head. Letting me come up for air. We lay quietly for several minutes with our heads between each other’s thighs.

Anna asked me to fuck her real slow but not to come inside her, as she was no longer on the pill. I said that I wouldn’t come inside her but did need some more time to calm myself down a bit first.

Then she made a really crazy and erotic suggestion. Lets go for a walk to the footy field and you can screw me in the middle of the pitch.

Why not I thought, the walk would certainly calm me down for round three. We climbed out of my tent just pulling on our shorts and t-shirts and quite innocently walked out of the hostel gate and down the road hand in hand to the footy field.

It was pitch dark and there was no one about, being Christmas night. After a bit of friendly argument we found the middle of the pitch. I pulled off maltepe escort my clothes and ran around in the dark with my erection bouncing between my legs. Anna laughed at my athletic prowess and asked what event I was in. “Pole vault” I said. Anna stripped and told me to stop being silly and come here. She got down on all fours with her white bottom in the air. She said “come on you Pohm’y bastard stick it in and fuck me”. I ran up behind her and dropped to my knees and in one fluid movement thrust my cock into her hot willing pussy.

Whoa, to my surprise I was still very aroused and had to use all myself control to prevent myself cumming in just a couple strokes. Even though it was incredibly difficult, I managed to get into a rhythm and revelled in the incredible sensations raging in my bell end. After a minute or so I pulled out of her and rolled her over onto her back. With her legs pulled up and her legs spread as wide as they could go . She lay there and said all breathless “Fuck meeee please” I pushed myself into her again, held my weight on my arms and toes and drove my cock into her like a pile driver, the tension in my muscles was incredible, but I had to stay controlled which enhanced the sensation and tension even more. The tingle in my balls got greater and greater until I started to cum

Just before my sperm burst from the tip of my cock, I pulled out of her wanton pussy and shot my load over her belly and breasts. My sperm came out of the tip of my cock with such force that some even landed on her chin.

Being so totally spent; as I was I just flopped on to her panting sweating body and lay there as our juices and sweat mixed between our exhausted yet fully satisfied bodies. After awhile we pulled ourselves apart and went back to the hostel and my tent. We climbed into the tent whipped ourselves down with my towel curled up together and drifted of to sleep in each others arms.

Pt 2.

When we awoke the next morning the inside of the tent spelt like a Maltese brothel the morning after the fleet had docked.

We both needed a wash and real good freshen up. The best place for this was the Pacific Ocean. which was only a few hundred yards away, we pulled on our clothes Anna grabbed her swimsuit from her bunk in the hostel; and we ran to the beach. There was no one in site so we dropped our things under some trees back from the beach. Anna suggested we took our swim naked. What the heck I thought pulled off my trunks and ran for the breakers and dived in, with Anna close on my heals. We surfaced and kissed in the breaking surf. Our hands went for each other’s bodies and we both knew we had unfinished business . It was just wonderful in the surf on that fantastic Boxing Day morning, the sun was shinning bright and warm there was no one about we were in our own world. A timeless erotic paradise.

As we trod water holding onto each other Anna looked at me with pure lust in her eyes, and asked me “have you ever fucked a girl in the butt?” I said ” no”. But would try anything once .

“Come on then, I wont to feel you shoot inside me this time,” said Anna. We ran back up the beach and spread out our towels on the sand and went straight into 69 with Anna on top of me sucking my cock and me underneath eating her for breakfast. She told me to push a finger into her ring to stretch it ready for the invasion of my cock. I worked at her butt hole, taking her juices from her pussy to make entry into the tight hole easier. She then told me to use some sun tan oil. I kartal escort was loath to do this as I didn’t fancy a mouthful of sun oil. So said “OK, but later but first I’m going to eat your pussy and bring you off.”

At this moment I looked up and directly above us was a hang glider the guy could see what we were up to, and suddenly it must have registered in his head what he was looking at on the ground. Two people stark naked in 69 eating each other for all they were worth.

All of a sudden he lost control of his hang glider, and peeled off toward the land. Say “Ooooooh fuuuuuuck, I don’t believe it!!!!!!”

Anna and I couldn’t help ourselves and laughed uncontrollably for several minutes after awhile I called out “you all right?” and got a reply “yep, you go for it mate” We both started laughing again. But with that lovely willing woman laying next me her breasts giggling with laughter. I soon got back to the job in hand.

I got our cloths and rolled them into a pillow and placed it under Anna’s bottom allowing my easier access to her pussy and especially her tight hole. I poured some tan oil into the palm of my hand and let it run down my fingers and onto her tight little rose bud. I ever so gentle pushed first one then two fingers into her butt, then three fingers pumping them back and forth as I did. With my other hand I rubbed her clit and pushed my thumb into her pussy .My cock twitched with anticipation. After a few minutes she told me she was ready to be fucked in the butt. I knelt up between her wide spread thighs and positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy and pushed myself in. “No she said don’t tease me, or else I’ll want you to come in there and I don’t want to have a baby”. So reluctantly I with drew and pushed the tip head of cock down to her tight little hole. I had to push quite hard to get the tip to enter her butt. But as soon as the bell end was in it got easier. With just the head in her arse hole, Anna told me to stay still and let her relax. I moved my body forward without entering her any further and laid my body gentle down on hers. When she was ready for me to enter her butt. Anna put her heals on my arse and pushed saying “now, fuck me hard and fast and shoot your spunk in me”.

I began slowly at first savouring the new sensations of having my cock in an arse hole instead of a pussy. The sensation was quite different instead pressure just around one point .Her anus gripped my cock along its full length. (“”You could become addicted to this I thought.””)

As the pressure in my balls increased I fucked Anna’s arse hard and fast with long firm strokes, with drawing to just having the head of my cock in her arse to right up to the hilt. As I reached the point of no return I just let myself come. Anna had reached down and was frigging her clit for all she was worth. My cock swelled for the final stroke and I shot my spunk into her tight arse. It was incredible, Anna’s anus spasmd at the same time and we came together. The sweat was dripping off me like I had a leak. Ah! I just collapsed onto her also sweating body and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me in her body.

After a few minutes, Anna said I was getting heavy and I lifted myself off her withdrew my still semi-erect cock from her body. “Few what a shag” I said. I sat on my heals and just took in the sight before me. Incredible!!

I jumped up and said, “Race you” and we ran to the ocean and dived in that warm blue water, and swam just for the pleasure and freedom of the moment.

At the pub that night, Anna and I sat at a table and listened to this guy going about what he had seen earlier on the beach whilst hang gliding!. Never in my life have I had such a hard time keeping a straight face.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32