a good top is hard to find

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I have been very lucky that my wife and I have had a very active sex life, and then she took to anal fun, and soon after so did I, we have had many guys fuck us both now and enjoy times together with her fucking my arse with the strap on,

I was also very lucky to meet some great guys who taught me the full fun of anal sex, and one guy in particular, Tony, who taught me a lot more,
I met him one night during a small group fuck for me, with several other guys fucking me he joined in, then staying later than the others to ask if I would be keen on meeting him for 1 on 1, I said yes, as some thing was different about him, he had a nice cock but was also much more concerned with my pleasure when we played than most guys.

The night came. and I met Tony at the same place, going into a room with him and started to play, my mouth sucking his cock in deep, as he lay enjoying the oral assault on his cock, I then sat right down balls deep on his cock and rode him hard, he loved it, then swung me over to fuck me doggy for some 30 mins or more, his cock giving me the first on many anal cum’s that night.

As we went on, he just kept pounding my arse, for some 3 hours, with out much of a break and my anal cum’s now going wild, I lost count, then we parted making plans for another meet, I was more than keen to meet this guy again, 3 hours of solid fucking wow,

A week later we met again and sure enough, he fucked me again for some 3 hours, the only reason we stopped was because where we played shut then, again I lost count of how many times this wonderful man had made my arse tingly and cum.

For 2 more weeks we met and the same routine played out, I was in heaven, I had met my dream top, a guy who’s cock didn’t go soft and 3 hours of solid fucking, where had he been for so long, was all I could think of, as my body was used by him,

Then as we played the following week I said, how come you haven’t cum yet,
He said “I have a problem”, I thought at first of course maybe it was a medical problem or some thing like that, “What” I asked, he looked at me and said that his cock once hard doesn’t go soft, of course I replied “That’s not a problem” he continued, once I fuck a guy I have to go home and wank for some time to cum, guys don’t last long enough for me to cum in them,

I looked at him and said “I will make sure you cum tonight” he said that he had never cum in a guys arse before ( he was in his 50’s to) and would like to, so with renewed energy we fucked, 3 hours went by, and he was still going, then I sat astride him and rode his cock, facing him, his hands on my arms, I worked his cock hard, using all my anal muscles, I rode him for aother 30 mins or more, his face changed and then his fingers dug hard into my arm’s, he shook, I felt his cock, grow and then with one almighty gush my butt took his full load, his face almost like he was having a heart attack, as he kept pumping cum deep in my willing arse, it was some 2 minutes or more before he calmed down and I slide of him, and again some time before he could talk, he kissed me and told me that was by far the best fuck he had ever had, holding me tight as his cock went soft, the look on his face was priceless.

Well we continued to meet each week, now going to his house, with him cuming in me every time now, each time, getting better, as we learnt more about each others bodies and like’s, he used to rest a bit now, fingering my arse between fucks, using some of my vibrators and dildos in me, and then sticking his cock in with my 9 inch vibe still going inside me, it was tight, but each time it got better and easier to do, then he used 2 vibes in me and his cock, my arse growing more used to his assault, and my anal cum’s still running wild, then he started to finger my butt, more and more, he had always done that but now with more vigour,

One night I was so horny it was dangerous, I rode Tony hard, he fucked me relentless for 4 hours, even when he was so tired to keep going I sat on him riding his sift cock, Tony saying you’ve got to go I have to get up early, but as his cock slide out of me, my mind wild & crazy, I jumped back on him, riding him more, and I did that for some 30 minutes before he finally got up and held me off, saying go home, his cock so sore having cum some hour before,

Then one night he said “I’m going to fist you”, my mind went blurred, “WHAT” “I’m going to fist you tonight” by now my arse was well fucked, and used to his cock and toys in me together, “Good Luck” I replied, as he put more lube on his fist, handing me the popper to take a big sniff, I lay back, my mind now wondering what I was in for, as he worked in 4 fingers, then his thumb, he began to push in, then he said take some more poppers, I did, and in one quick push his fist popped in, oh hell, what a rush, I shook uncontrollably, anal cum’s ripped though me, non stop, he kept his fist still, my arse getting used to the size, then I could feel his fingers work my innards’, WOW, was all I could think, as I lost count of my anal cum’s, he was moving more freely now, pushing up harder still, then all to soon he pulled out, his cock going back in took me over the top again and again,

The next meet I was wanting him to fist me, after some 90 minutes or so, he did, again, my mind was in a rush, I just kept cuming, over and over, my cock leaking so much cum as it run down my body, each night we met how it was easier and better than before, his cock always exploding deep in me at the end of the night. My cock gaziantep escort a cummy mess, and funny enough I had to wank myself of each time to finish the night, most times sucking hard on his cummy cock to get the taste of his cum to help me satisfy my need to cum.

Then he fisted me kneeling up one night ,, wow that’s even more intense, as he did I jumped of the bed, the intensity to much to bear, then he did it again slower, and soon I took it kneeling, it got better too, especial when he slipped his cock in with his fist , so tight, I could feel him holding his own cock inside my body, his cock slipping though his fingers as me fucked me hard, by now he could get some 300 mm of arm inside me, pushing into new chambers every few weeks,

Then after some months, I had got him to fill me with cum and lay him down, sitting down firmly on his fist as I wanked my cock for my cock cum, I bounced up and down, my fist a blur as my cum got closer, then plop, I went right down, sitting just 1 inch from his elbow, his fist firmly planted so far in me now, my eyes lit up, he looked shocked as my cock shoot cum nearly to the bottom of the bed, I fell of him looking at him in complete surprise, as he said “that’s about as far as I can go”

We repeated the event several times over the following month’s, by now I was a fister’s play toy, any guy who wanted to could fist me any way he wanted, Tony sadly moved east, and my long 3 to 4 hour fuck nights came to an end,

In the mean time my wife had been asking me about how he fisted me and what it felt like, then out of the blue as we played, she started to fist me, my arse opening up as her fingers went in, she was nervous not wanting to hurt me, but in the end I said PUSH HARD, and she did, her fist going in, deep, her eyes lit up a smile a mile wide, as she began to work me over, from the inside out, her other hand wanking my rock hard cock, she kept me going for ages too then sucked the cum right out of my balls, as I exploded in her mouth.

I remember one night we had been playing, and she fisted me, I was so turned on, as anal cum’s ripped me into a wild sexually state, her fist deep inside set me on fire, then as she went to with draw her hand it stuck tight, my anus gripping her hand around the wrist tightly, she pulled as I tried to relax my anus, but to no avail. I was trying to distract myself talking about the non sexiest things I could come up with, but to no avail. Her hand was stuck tight, she told me the feeling in her hand was going, and she had pins and needles in her fingers now, we got worried, but thankfully, my anus relaxed and her hand pulled out, blue from lack of blood flow, soon warmed up with some rubbing.

Fisting became a regular sexual thing with us both, we would fuck and play, her using the strap on in me and fisting me to a wild cum, often with me sitting on her fist my cock over her face shooting cum in her mouth and on her face, the same thing to, some times my arse would just open up and swallow her arm, my butt stopping just short of her elbow,

She also began to allow me to fist her pussy, but she could only take most of my fist, but a woman with smaller hands could play inside her pussy easier, We also met other woman who could take a fist and some time of course would fist me too, a full on fuck and fist session was a great way to spend a night,

Then I met Peter, we played at the guys club several times, he fisted me the first time we met, and he was good, spending as much time fisting me as he did fucking my arse, then one night high on anal cum’s he was rock solid inside me, a wet patch under my arse that was hanging out of the sling I was in, most was his cum some was anal fluids, from my cum’s, then with out saying a thing, I felt him probing my butt with his other hand, that was normal but with one hard push his second fist went in, oh boy did I nearly pass out, the feeling of pain and pleasure was so intense,

He worked me for all I was worth, pushing both in fully, splitting me in two, I was near to tears, never had I felt so full, my butt heating up as he worked on me, my anal cum’s making me jump around in the sling, as my cock shot cum every where to, he only stayed in for a few minutes, but what a feeling, then going back to fucking me for some time, then opened the door to invite more guys in to use my arse too, with him fisting me, he got a few guys to fuck my arse while he played with them inside my butt, rubbing them to completion too,

They continued to fuck me for ages to, when Peter again double fisted me once more,, most guys shocked at his actions, watched in awe, my mouth took several loads of cum from guys seeing this happening in front of them, then they all went back to fucking me some more filling my sore and wore out butt with cum.

I met him a few more times before he moved south, and we managed to surprise a few more guys with him double fisting me whilst playing, or putting his cock in with guys fists or his own and cuming inside feeling the wetness and heat from the cum.

I have now been fisted by around 50 guys I think, most thoughly enjoying the feeling of being inside my butt, and a few woman have also found it exciting too, and I find that is really kinky seeing a womans fist slide in me, especalily on a couple of occasions her hubby watched too, I too have had the plessure of fisting quite a few guys butt too and find it exhilarating

I hope I can take a fist for many more years, and enjoy lots more anal fun too with guys or woman,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32