A Helping Hand Pt. 01

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I pulled back on the stick and jammed the throttle wide open, the ground screaming under me as I exited a steep dive over the scarred and torn fields of France. I could hear the enemy even over the roar of my own engine, chasing me relentlessly. We’d been back and forth for what seemed like hours, bullets flying from the ground and air as we weaved across the sky.

I could feel him gaining, see his gritted teeth and grim stare boring into the back of my head. I rolled, trying to out turn him, but he followed, his cannonfire chewing into my left wing. The plane bucked, and I wrestled for control. This was it, my last chance. I feigned a hard left, then right, and dropped the throttle, pulling hard. This time I succeeded, and he passed directly across my crosshair.

A buzzing from my pocket distracted me for a second, and an errant teammate crossed my path, obliterating my one good wing and sending me spiralling into the earth.

My pocket buzzed again.

I put my controller down and sighed. This had better be good.

“Hey, I really need your help with something”

It was from Lacey, the pretty blonde a few doors along from my room in my university halls.

“It’s an emergency, please”

Pulling off my headset, I switched off the console and went looking for a shirt.

I paced across the corridor to her Lacey’s room and knocked. “It’s unlocked!” She called. I opened the door, and found her tucked under her duvet in her bed, the room lit by some of her ridiculous scented candles. The window was cracked, but she still looked a little overheated.

“Hey…” She said timidly. “I’m really sorry, please don’t laugh at me.”

“If this is another spider, I’m not gonna be best pleased.”

“It’s not a spider, it’s uhh… Something a little more… Well it’s actually really embarrassing.”

She took off her glasses, and set them on top of the laptop on her nightstand. “I uh, need you to help me get something. I thought about asking one of my girls but they’re all out, and I kinda don’t want them knowing, and I-“

“What, you want me to go on an errand or something?” I interrupted, still a little confused at what this emergency was.

“No no, it’s here, it’s just a little… Ugh, I don’t know how to say it! Look, we’re both adults, right? And you know, we do adult things in the privacy of our own space, which is fine, and-“

“Lacey you’ve got five seconds before I-“

“My plug is stuck in my ass.”

There was a good thirty seconds of silence as I just processed what she said.

“Your… Plug?” Lacey started flushing bright red and started pulling the cover up over her face. The görükle escort voice from under it was quiet, and very, very embarrassed.

“Yes. I got a bit worked up, and I dunno, just pushed a bit hard I guess. I couldn’t get it out, so I pulled, and the loopy bit broke, and need help.”

Still processing, I wondered whether this was the weirdest prank setup I’d ever seen. I couldn’t figure why though, Lacey and I were friends sure, but we’d never been that close. The most intimate moments we had shared were the occasional movie or dropping her drunk self back at her door after a night out.

“Have you considered the hospital?” I said slowly, closing the door to ensure this conversation stayed in the room.

“No!” She pulled the duvet back down, and looked about ready to cry. “Can you imagine if any of the student nurses I know found out? Two months into uni and I’m ‘the girl that got a plug stuck up her ass’! I just need help now, discreetly, and then we can pretend it never happened, and nobody will ever know!”

“Right, okay, okay, I’ll uh, help I guess.” This was definitely something I don’t think I was ever going to forget, but here we go. “How do you wanna do this? Should I get anything? A towel or something?”

She pulled the duvet back a bit, and revealed she was already sitting on one. I raised an eyebrow, and she shot me a look. “Don’t even ask, you know what a girl on a towel means. Hand me that big shirt will you?” She pointed to an oversized ‘pink season’ top draped over a chair. I obliged, and she made a little ‘turn around’ gesture, so I obliged that too.

“Okay, ready” she breathed, shakily. She’d shuffled over a bit on the bed, leaving room for me to sit. “Just like, reach under the duvet and try get the end of it?”

“You want me going in blind?” I tried a smile, but she was already on her side, staring at the wall.

“Do you need to see where you’re going? Not felt your way around a girl’s ass before?”

“Hey I could just leave you know-“

“Don’t you dare, I don’t have anyone else I trust for this, and I’m already freaking out a bit!” She was still glowing red, and very tense.

“Alright, alright, just relax. I’ll be as gentle as I can, we’ll get this sorted.”

I felt under the duvet, and she jumped a little when my fingertips brushed her skin. She already looked slender in her usual close-fitting outfits, but beneath it all she really was a svelte little thing. I traced up her leg, and felt the fabric of her panties. They were soaked.

“Can I move these?” I asked softly. She didn’t say a word, but shimmied them down around her knees. She held her breath bursa merkez escort when I reached between her legs, and my fingers touched her ass. I gently spread her cheeks, and could feel the tiny silicone stub just poking through her hole.

“So uh, what lube you been using?” Lacey burst into a brief laugh, and I smiled, happy to break some of the tension.

“It’s uh, that water-based one from Lovehoney.” She still faced the wall, but I could feel her relax a little. Definitely not entirely at ease yet, but considering the circumstances, I didn’t blame her.

“Oh right, yeah good choice.”

“How do you know?”

“Ask Shelby”

That made her turn and look at me, wide eyed.

“You did not! She’s only been here a week!”

I laughed at her. “Let me sort you out then I’ll tell you all about it. Just relax, and we can get this out”. I tried to get a grip on the stub, but didn’t make much headway. “I’m gonna need to see what I’m doing to make this easier”

Lacey exhaled, and kicked her underwear down her legs, then reluctantly pulled the duvet back.


Beneath the fabric, I could see the contours of her hip bones, and her legs seemed tiny emerging from the oversized top. She drew one leg up at an angle, exposing herself to me. Her soft skin was pale, and her pussy was bright pink and puffy. The little teal silicone end of her toy was poking out of her asshole, and I could feel myself hardening despite the ridiculous situation. Lacey caught me staring and started flushing red again. She pulled the shirt collar up over her face, exposing a flat stomach and a little black gem in her navel.

“Please get this out of me.” She said softly, muffled a bit.

I got a bit closer, and carefully wiped as much of the lube off the toy as I could. There was about an inch to grip, so I pinched it, and gently started pulling. Lacey let out a quiet “oh”, but bit her lip quickly to quiet herself. I could feel her clench, then relax again, and her asshole began to give. Having removed non-broken toys from girls before, I kept pulling firmly but carefully, trying to keep in time with her involuntary squeezing.

I could tell I wasn’t the only one having a reaction to this; while my cock was trying to tear a hole through my boxers, Lacey’s pussy was starting to subtly throb, and a trickle of wetness starting beading at her entrance. The toy was starting to be pushed out, her skin bulging. Just as I started to see the bulb of her plug emerging from her ass, she suffered and squeezed it back in, and I lost my grip on the little bit of silicone I had.

“Ahh no bursa escort bayan is it gone? What happened?” She looked a little panicky, so I sat up and took her hand to calm her.

“It’s alright, don’t worry. I don’t think we’ll get it this way, but I have an idea, if you trust me.”

She took a slightly shaky breath, and nodded. “I think it’s pretty clear I trust you, isn’t it?”

“Hah, I guess so. I need some of that lube, and I’ll try another way. How big is this thing?”

“It’s uh, like an egg?” The pink cheeks returned. She dug under her pillow and produced the bottle.

I took it, and applied a little bit on my index and middle fingers.

“I’m gonna try and like, hook it out? That make sense?” She nodded, and I started carefully putting pressure on her hole. Surprisingly, it didn’t offer as much resistance as I expected, and after a minute I could press my way inside her. I could feel the toy, and began working my fingers around it. By this point, she was breathing heavier, and her pussy was significantly leaking.

I pulled, and her hole gave way again, stretching out to let me ease the toy toward the exit. She grabbed my wrist with one of her small hands, the other she pressed onto her pussy, obviously aware of the state she was getting in.

“Do not stop now, I don’t think I’ll be able to try again” she was almost radiating heat now, her eyes starting to look a little misted. One final bit of effort, and her asshole stretched around my fingers and her broken toy, and with a gasp from Lacey it came free, her head lolling back as the broken toy came free, the teal egg sitting in my palm.

She gave a small laugh of relief, and slumped onto the bed, panting a little. Neither of us moved or spoke for a minute, both just absorbing the experience we’d just shared.

“Thanks for that… I really want to take the other options…”

She slowly propped herself up on her elbows, and looked me in the eye.

“What happened, didn’t happen, okay? Nobody EVER finds out.”

“Of course, what are friends for?” I grinned. “And hey, maybe use a flared base from now on?”

She shot a look of daggers at me then, and snatched the toy out of my hand. “Very funny. Now please go away so I can curl up in a ball and die.” She lobbed the toy across the room, landing it perfectly in her waste bin. Where it started buzzing.

“Yeeaahh, I’m going.” I stood, and went to leave. Just before I closed the door she said

“No really… Thank you.”

I gave her a smile and clicked the door closed. I leaned against it for a second, just mentally storing the whole experience. Through the wood, I heard a brief burst of fuzzy, exaggerated moaning, then what sounded like a laptop being slammed shut.

I went back to my room grinning.

About a week later, hours deep into another series of online dogfights, got a text.

‘Hey, I really need your help with something…’

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