A Lesson In Privacy

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Susie: ” I think I’m getting a salad.”

Me: “Without ranch! 😀 Such shameful salad heresy!'”

Susie: “Lol”

Susie: “And my manager found me on FetishNet…”

Me: “Oh hell”

Susie: “Apparently she enjoyed the pictures.”

Me: “:P As she should.”

Susie: “Time for my face pics to be private again.”

Me: “Yup.”

Susie: “Whew. I blushed so red, my face still feels hot 30 minutes later.”

Me: “Lol. Did she message you or say something in person?”

Susie: “Said something in person lol. So embarrassing!”

Me: “I love when you blush with shame.”

If there was anything I had been learning about this partner of mine, it was to always monitor for occurrences that embarrass her. Seizing these, for me, is not only the most effective but the easiest way for me to indulge in the pools of her concupiscence. I give myself marks for creativity in many contexts. However, I suffer an insufficiency in synthesizing shame without a catalyst; an elucidation of my nascence in this style of play. On the bright side, my sensitivity to these catalytic occurrences has been nurtured to acuity. At this point in our conversation, I was aware that I could press into her prurience, though an inspiration of just how far hadn’t struck yet.

Susie: “I’m still blushing.”

Me: “Good.”

Susie: “Lol.”

Me: “Because now I want you to be wet.”

Susie: “You know I am.”

Me: “I do. Because you’re my sweet girl.”

Susie: “<3 <3 <3"

Me: “You’re sweet, and so fucking shameful.”

Susie: “God yes, I am.”

Me: “My sweet girl, showing off my favorite delicious cunt.”

Susie: “I’m not showing THAT off.”

Me: “Then what did the district manager see?”

Susie: “My public pics. Tits and ass.”

Me: “Is that no less shameful? *raises eyebrow*”

Susie: “Same shameful.”

Me: “You know she’s thinking of fucking you, right? Do you know that’s what she sees in her mind’s eye?”

Susie: “OMG. You are awful and terrible……….<3"

Me: “Hmmm… How should I proceed to teach you a fucking lesson…”

I allowed myself a few minutes to fully ruminate. The architecture heretofore snapped into place consisted of planting the seed of trepidation, as well as a basic scene concept during which she would be shamed then “punished” for her faux transgression before a redemptive coda. My thoughts were punctuated with sudden inspiration.

Me: “I know.”

Susie: “Oh. My. Lesson not needed. Promise “

Me: “Who are you to tell me you don’t need a lesson? *smirk* You’ll definitely learn.”

Susie: “Eeeep!”

Me: “What is her name?”

Susie: “Jane”

Me: “I see. I would like a photo of this Jane.”

Susie: “I will try”

Me: “I’m sure you can find her social media or something.”

Susie: “Okay.”

Me: “What was that?”

Suie: “Yes Sir! :D”

Me: “Good girl. <3"

I needed a photo. I knew a visual reference point would be crucial to what I wanted to achieve. Having that photo of Jane would allow me to re-establish a connection in her mind to the feelings she experienced at the time the event. Our schedules are such that time together can become infrequent and I rely on certain psychological strategies to maximize the effect of our scenes. Knowing there would be a week-long period between this interaction with her manager and our opportunity to scene meant I had to establish an anchor right then to capture that state of embarrassment.

Susie: “She already left and I won’t work with her anymore after today, so I can’t ask her how to find her on the normal sites. But I did find her FetishNet profile.”

Susie: photo received

Me: “That’s good, but are there none of her full face?”

Susie: “No…”

I cackled maniacally at my phone. As anticipated, Susie’s manager had made sure all of her photos exposed no facial features above her philtrum.

Me: “Hmm… Well whaddya know? They must be private. ;)”

Susie: “Lol, well mine are too now,and maybe my tattoos need to be private too lol”

Me: “That’s a good start, but I still expect a face pic by Wednesday.”

Susie: “I’m trying right now”

Me: “Good girl. <3"

Susie: “No luck.”

Me: “I’ll have to make what I’ve been given work.”

Susie: “Ugh. You are terrible. You know exactly how to get me all worked up.”

Me: beylikdüzü escort “Oh you have no fucking clue. *evil grin*”

Susie: “*shudder*”

Me: “You’ll see. You’ll learn. You’ll suffer.”

Susie: “Mm yes Sir I’m mostly teachable.”

Me: “I won’t be teaching. You’ll learn it by force.”

Susie: “Oh. Yes Sir.”

Me: “Mmmmmm. I’m going to love this so much. You’re going to love/hate it.”

Susie: “I already do. You are a master of building anticipation/trepidation”

Me: “Flattery is lovely but will not elicit acquiescence on my part, love.”

Susie: “You can’t blame a girl for trying.”

Me: “It was an adorable try. :*”

Having convinced myself Susie was adequately disquieted, I returned to my work. A look of smug satisfaction crept over my face overtly enough my colleague at the adjacent desk inquired, awash with curiosity.

“Oh, nothing,” I offered. “Just being a little mean to a friend of mine.” I made no efforts to seem less glib as I resumed typing.

“You’re terrible” she exclaimed with laughter.

“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that today, actually.” We shared a few more light-hearted chuckles before finishing up our projects for the day, which seemed to dash by in an instant.

A full day passes without either of us revisiting the subject. Stimulation can be excruciatingly sweet when provided in waves, which implies lulls between the heightened peaks. I let Susie come down a bit from the initial shock of the situation while providing myself additional time to craft my vision. She was receptive to the fact that her female manager found her attractive. The thought seemed to send ripples through her. Being aware of the possibility Jane was fantasizing about her was a shame that ignited a pyre within this beloved partner of mine; one I intended to fully exploit.

Susie was going to face the phantom manifestation of Jane’s attraction. Using the photo, I planned to wrench her back to the moment Jane mentioned Susie’s fetish site profile and then lead her to an alternate version of the present. What if Jane had actually pursued Susie and secured a private audience with her? What if Susie were to receive Jane’s powerfully dominant advances and open herself up to them? What kind of shame would she feel when Jane’s ruby lips parted inches above Susie’s mound, letting her lustfully hot breath spill over Susie’s saturated sex? I was going to find out.

Our text messages were status quo with a few small exceptions. Around once every other day I constructed a reference to the “lesson” placed keenly within the context of whatever conversation we were having. She didn’t go more than two days without a peak of anticipatory stimulation. I ensured she was unable to completely lose focus on what was to transpire. I drew out the tension for the duration of our time apart. The day prior to our scene, I didn’t need to make a single mention of the “lesson” to prompt an acceptable response from my sweet girl.

Me: “Tomorrow!”

Susie: “:) I can’t wait. And I’m a little nervous.”

Me: “Ha ha! Nervous? Whatever for?”

Susie: “Hahaha! I can’t wait to see you.”

I woke up the next day more excited than I had been in some time. I had worked out the gauntlet Susie would be facing that afternoon. The drive to work was blissfully quiet and the morning sun seemed to paint my commute from a spectacularly sinister palette. Once at the office, I seized the earliest opportunity to print out the photo of Jane in a soot-black corset with cherry-red trim taking care the image was nearly as large as the sheet of printer paper. My phone buzzed the arrival of new correspondence.

Susie: “I can’t wait to see you.”

Me: “I can’t wait to see you too, my sweet girl. First I’m going to hug and kiss you because I miss you.”

Susie: “Good. I miss you too.”

Me: “Then, we’ll have a quick chat about the District Manager photo debacle. ;)”

Susie: “Oh. I thought you might have forgotten…”

Me: “Which will lead into a shaming you won’t soon forget.”

Susie: “Oh. Mm. Okay. :)”

I must have counted every second until the work day was over. The anticipation was immense. I took comfort in knowing if it felt like an eternity for me, poor Susie must have been in shambles waiting on her Beast to arrive for a disciplinary visit. The resulting power I adana escort felt with this knowledge was intoxicating. The clock on my computer finally heralded my departure from the office.

I navigated my car into a parking space in front of her townhouse moments later. I gathered the photo of Jane and my scene kit, then crossed the threshold into her living room. Susie rose from the couch and met me just within the entrance. I set aside my things and we fell into a tight embrace. We held onto one another as though we were holding reality itself together lest it infinitesimally splinter. She lifted her head from my chest to meet my gaze. Up onto her tiptoes she ascended as I lowered my lips to hers. We stayed in this moment for millennia, our connection circumscribing the infinite. At last, we diverged and reoriented each of ourselves to the stars in the other’s eyes.

“Do you have any tape?” The serenity of Susie’s face twisted into a confusion that called for a suppression of laughter from me. Luckily, a scrap piece of paper amongst her homework caught my eye. Upon it was at most a half square inch of tape which I procured without further explanation. “That works! Okay. Upstairs.” I could feel the heat radiating from the flush in her cheeks as she began to trek the staircase.

The bedroom was arranged such that the door opened toward the closest wall, which was to the right. The queen-sized bed was at the center of this wall extending leftward toward the center of the room. On the same wall as the door, directly to the left, was the dresser. It was a vanity dresser with a large mirror set into a type of hutch. I kissed Susie with a stern passion then turned my attention to the mirror. Using the scavenged piece of tape, I mounted the photo of Jane and watched my reflection smirk back at the wide-eyed goddess standing behind me.

“This is to whom you are answering today,” the reflection cooed at her, her eyes already averted. That was my cue. I whipped around to meet her and began to banish her clothing. “Do you know this is what could be happening if Jane decided to hunt you? She would want to come see you and you’d let her. Such a sweet girl you are.” Those last words were emphasized by the jerky removal of the last bit of cloth dignity she had.

“Mmm-hmm,” Susie whimpered in return. She stood there as I pulled off my outfit. She looked neither at the photo nor of me. I could not have planned her reaction any more accurately.

I filled my fist with the hair at the back of her head and forcefully brought her around to the mirror. She threw her hands down onto the dresser’s table top to steady herself. I used her hair to rotate her face upward toward the photo on the mirror. “This is what Jane could have done to you! She knows you are subby. She knows you like to give up control. She knows exactly what she wants from you.” I brought the palm of my free hand up to her reddened check with a slap. “Look at her!” A second slap coaxed her to raise one leg and bite deeply into her bottom lip.

“Y… Yes Sir…” A breathless affirmation came between moans.

“You will keep looking at her. Do you know what else she would do?” I asked as I drug my fingernails down the flesh of Susie’s back. She was unable to muster a response, which was particularly satisfying. “Keep looking!” I released my hold on her hair and knelt down. Susie was partially bent over the dresser, nose nearly touching the paper, holding herself up with her hands on the dresser. Before me were her glistening labia. My sweet girl was more intensely engorged and aroused than I could have hoped. “She would take what she wanted,” I whispered, my lips nearly touching her.

Without further warning, I cleaved her drenched lips with my tongue and brought the rest of my maw around her vulva in a single, fluid motion. “Aaahhh!!” She exclaimed in pleasurable surprise and almost immediately began to tremble as she escalated near orgasm already.

I savored my sweet girl. I placed my enormous hands around her waist so that my thumbs were at the front of her hips and my fingers stretched across her lower back toward me. Clamping down at the top of her hip bones, my fingers and nails retreated deeper into her skin. Susie howled at the new pain. I thought I could feel her muscles contracting and believed I heard her crying out in orgasm, but I paid no mind. This part wasn’t really for her; it normally afyon escort isn’t. That was for me. That is for my enjoyment and I savor as long as I desire. It’s excellent she enjoys it too, I suppose, but it’s ultimately a selfish act for me.

Having had my fill for the moment, I spoke between long strokes of my tongue at her entrance. “She would make sure this slutty pussy is nice and soaked because she’s going to fuck you.” I returned to my feet and with a grip of her hair ensured she was still staring at the photo. I maneuvered my cock downward and allowed myself to rest it between her slippery labia. She bucked backward with a miserably desperate, begging moan. “You want her to fuck you, don’t you?”


I proceeded to grind my hips against hers to maintain close proximity. My cock pulsated upward pressure against her clitoris and, since I refused to pull away, was prevented from slipping further upward toward her entrance. “Oh, she’s going to fuck you. Don’t you fucking worry. She’s going to fuck you, but guess what?” Susie groaned louder, meowling like a feral cat. “Jane doesn’t have a real cock, does she sweet girl?”

“Huuuh?” The question was drawn out of her mouth with a long stretch of the vowel.

“No. She doesn’t have a real cock. But you want me to fuck you with mine, don’t you?” I hissed at her.

“Fuuuuck yeeeees. Pleeaaasseee…”

“No! What did I just tell you?! Jane is going to fuck you. You’re going to learn!” I backed away a considerable distance to prevent Susie from being able to pull me into her with her rocking hips. I let go of her hair and reached into the bag I had brought. “Don’t you fucking dare take your eyes off of her!” I snapped as she looked to see what my mirror self was doing behind her. From the bag I retrieved a bundle of my white twisted nylon rope and a rather large, black, hollow, strap-on dildo with the straps removed. I lubricated the inside of the imposing toy and slipped it over my own erection. I skillfully executed a harness that secured the dildo tightly to my hips. “Jane doesn’t have a real cock. She has something she likes even better.”

Left hand once again finding purchase on Susie’s hip, I guided the head of ‘Jane’s’ large protrusion up and down between the lips from which I had just feasted. The dildo’s thickness was around two-thirds that of a can of soda so I took care not to drive forward before my sweet girl could become accommodating. I gently worked the end of ‘Jane’s’ cock in and out of Susie’s entrance. Gasps, moans, murmuring and saliva all dripped forth from Susie’s mouth. She was no longer with me in the moment. Susie had slipped down into sub space and was now somewhere inside of herself. Once I felt her pussy open up enough, I rested the head of the dildo just inside her and planted my feet firmly in the carpet.

I brought my right hand back to Susie’s hair once again. For a moment, everything was paused; completely still. There was the quiet whoosh of a deep inhalation through my nose… “LOOK AT HER!” I roared with dominating fury! I could see the split second when her pupils tightened, signaling her return to the cognitive surface, at which point I pulled on her hair and hip with all my strength. I sank ‘Jane’s’ gigantic cock into my lover completely.

‘Jane’ began thrusting in and out of this sweat-drenched banshee of a woman. “CAN… I… PLEASE… CUM?!?!” came out of Susie’s throat in jagged, growling shrieks.

“Who are you asking?!”


“Don’t fucking ask ME! Who do you need to ask?!”


“Ask her!”

“JANE?! PLEASE… JANE… CAN I… CUUUAAAHHH!!” Susie couldn’t even finish her sentence. Screaming as though Hell had risen to purify the Earth, she came fiercely.

Before she could come back all the way down, I withdrew the dildo and threw the poor girl onto the bed behind us. Her back met the sheets and her eyes continued to roll backward. A tug of the rope released proud appendage from my hips. I knelt again at the side of the bed. I placed my hands under her warm hips, lifted her frame and pulled her convulsing pussy back to my mouth. We soared above time once more. If she begged once more for Jane to let her cum again, she did so a trillion times.

At some point, both of us weakened, we laid in the bed together melded in each other’s arms. “I hope you learned a very important lesson.”

“I already knew,” she whispered, face nuzzled into the side of my neck.


With a kiss to my neck just beneath the jawline, she answered, “Yes. I already knew I loved you.”

“I love you too, my sweet girl. Fiercely. Fully.”

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