A Lingerie Fetish

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Here I am face down on the duvet and with my butt in the air, feeling that I am on the verge of an orgasm. Yet I am alone and I have not began to touch myself. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. I will try to explain why it is happening to me….

My interest in lingerie began way back as a teenager. I remember being on a crowded bus, sitting next to a woman wearing stockings under a short skirt. With so much of her thigh exposed, I slowly pressed my thigh against hers to feel the sheer silkiness of her under garments. It was such a thrill for me way back then.

It is only in recent times however, now married and in my early forties that my interest has blossomed into a full lingerie fetish. I love having our bed covered in lingerie so I can pick and choose items to wear. There was a time when I would only do this alone and in secret. Over the years however I have progressed from bravely sticking an arm or a leg through an item in front of her, into unabashedly wearing it all.

This is all well and good but today I am looking for even bigger thrills. Yes I wear lingerie! but up till now only for my wife and I. This morning I decided to put on a show for all those who visit my web site. kuşadası escort My cam is perfect for taking still shots and with my computer in the sunny conservatory there is enough natural light with which to capture some good images.

With my wife at work and the kiddies off to school, I had many hours ahead to fill with me being an exhibitionist. This is something I have taken a liking to in recent days. Up till now most of my cam shots have been highlighting my fine ass in blue jeans. My web site visitors seemed to like them, which has also spurned me on to do more photography of my butt.

I have the good fortune in being in good physical shape. An active sportsman, tall leggy and lean and if I may say so, with a good shapely butt. I have never seen myself on cam dressed like this before this morning. If I just concentrate on the body, never mind the head, I see a fine slim and shapely outline, beneath the shimmering black silk. The cam is now focussed on the wooden floor and in a great position to catch me pleasuring myself.

I brought through the duvet from our bed and lay it on the floor beneath the cam. I returned to the bedroom for her lingerie drawer and carried her whole collection, still in the drawer, through to the sunny ‘studio’. The drawer was very full of French knickers, stockings, panties and body stockings to name only a few. I have been very generous in treating her to expensive lingerie. One slight complication was the fact that anyone from the adjacent gardens could see everything I was doing. At first I changed into costume in the hallway, sneaked into the conservatory on my knees, lay down on the floor and began snapping, and retreated at full speed, to avoid getting discovered by the neighbours.

This was when I began feeling this orgasm building inside me. I was face down on the duvet with my ass high in the air and I hadn’t begun to touch myself. What almost brought me to orgasm was seeing myself on the monitor screen. My head was out of shot and what I was seeing was my butt, peeking from under a long black chemise and my back arched to accentuate my shape. It could have been a woman, but it was my ass I was looking at. At the same time, I was aware of being blind to any onlookers from outside, because I was unable to lift my head and turn around. All these things combined to give me an amazing inner body orgasmic sensation, of which I have never experienced before this morning.

I began to really savour these moments and took more time taking good quality shots. I would hold a pose for several moments until the cam had done its work; conscious of the fact I may be being watched while my back was turned. Such a turn on for me and I love it so.

Once I had exhausted her supply of lingerie, I remembered about the jar of chocolate mud through in the kitchen. With all the lingerie untidily returned to the drawer, I walked naked with the jar to the bathroom and began to smear the sweet brown mud all over my ass. As the chocolate melted it shimmered and produced an attractive sheen. I removed the excess from my fingers to avoid getting the computer stained and walked through to the conservatory. I set the cam on delay and stretched up high to the ceiling. As I did so my tummy muscles flattened and my butt was standing out, beautifully crafted in chocolate paste. I turned my body slightly towards the cam to view the crack between my cheeks, just then the cam did its thing and captured the moment. It was as if I wear wearing something skin tight, such a delight to feel this paste warming by the second, on my ass.

I can now look forward to posting the results on my site for all to see. I promised myself that this was just the beginning of my erotic exhibitionism on cam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32