A Loaded Proposal Ch. 01

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Chapter One

My name is Steven. I adore pregnant women. The pregnant form, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of feminine beauty. In no way am I saying that all non-pregnant women are unattractive. There have been instances, however, when women who really weren’t attractive to me, or even noticeable–I know that seems like such a selfish, male thing to say–but when they became pregnant and their shape changed, they were instantly attractive.

As I think about it, from a naturalist perspective, the attraction to pregnancy is a bit backwards. The sexual drive, if considered just from a practical standpoint, is meant to serve humanity by driving men and women to mate. Once this mating has served its primary purpose of conception and starting a new life, sex serves no purpose.

Fortunately, sex serves more than just the purpose of reproduction; it serves the purposes of pleasure and intimacy as well. From that perspective, the idea of attraction to pregnant women makes complete sense, for their married partners as well as everyone else. When everyone knows a woman is pregnant, the possibility of sexual activity producing a pregnancy is virtually taken away, which is one of the big considerations taken into account when thinking about having sex with someone. I’m not saying I go around looking for pregnant women to hook up with; on the contrary, I admire them greatly and take great pleasure in that admiration. As I have also practiced some in the art of drawing, one of my areas of focus has been the pregnant and/or breastfeeding form, some of which have been semi or fully nude.

As for myself, I’m happily married to a beautiful woman. Lucy and I have three children, though we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to have more. We had planned on stopping with two, but life had other plans. She understands my attraction to pregnant women. She says it’s unfortunate that I didn’t fully realize it until the end of her last pregnancy. She is 5′ 4″, has curly brown hair and grayish eyes, and wears glasses that usually have minimal frames. Last time she got a new pair, I asked if she was interested in the frames that look like a sexy librarian’s, but she wouldn’t go for it. I’m no looker myself, at 6’1″ and 195 pounds. I come off as thin to most, but I have a bit of a gut I’ve been working to manage. I have a well defined core hidden under the layer of fat, I promise. I have dark brown hair that covers most of my body, and I’ve taken to having a beard recently, all but the neck hair–it gets way too itchy.

Before her first pregnancy, Lucy weighed about 135 pounds. She gained quite a bit of weight that first pregnancy, ending up close to 200 pounds afterwards. Now, five years after her last, she’s at approximately 215 pounds with quite a bit of belly, and stretch marks on it and her legs. She’s been working so hard on eating healthier and exercising more, but is frustrated by the lack of results. I assure her everyday that I love her no matter what. Her pre-pregnancy bra-size was 32-C, and I thought her breasts were perfect with just a hint of sag. Now it is a comfortable DD, plenty for my hands to caress lovingly. She recently bought a front-hooking bra for the first time in her life, and says she may never go back to the other kind. Personally, I would prefer no bra, but she’s not interested in dressing in the multiple layers it would take to pull that off.

Lucy is the second of eight children, including four sisters. I joked a bit when we were courting–yes, we courted for three months before I asked her to marry me–that if things didn’t work out between us, I would go after one of her sisters. Three of them were so attractive to me, one not so much–and she turned out to be lesbian, so no big loss for the men in the world. The joking was far from serious, as I assured her when we were engaged that she was the only woman for me, but she did know I thought her three sisters were attractive. This story is about her youngest sister, Sarah.

Sarah is about five years younger than my wife, which would put her around the age of 28 during the events of this story. When I was courting Lucy, Sarah would have been around age 17 or 18. She has dirty blonde Bakırköy Escort hair that used to be long, down to the middle of her back, during her younger years. Recently, she has taken to having it cut just above her shoulders, framing her face rather nicely. It was said that she had had a bit of a weight problem for awhile, and it seemed evident. In recent years she has worked hard and lost much of that weight. I would guess she is about 5′ 5″ and now weighs around 150 pounds. She has pale blue, almost gray, eyes, set in a slightly squarish shaped face.

She had been married to her husband, Kyle, for about four years. We didn’t know much about him besides the fact that he, and in turn she, liked guns. The last time we visited them, we were invited to go out to the gun range. We don’t know much more than that because there have been more than a few issues among my wife’s family. Incidents have occurred in the past forcing all of them to take sides. Rather than handling these things like mature adults and growing up, half of her siblings still listen to every word their parents tell them, including Sarah. She still blames my wife for not being more sympathetic to her siblings (including a sister who has been through 2 divorces for petty reasons, and a brother who walked out on his wife and children and took their savings with him). So, you can imagine my wife’s surprise when Sarah called one afternoon to invite us to dinner with her and Kyle.

This surprise was so great because I also haven’t mentioned that they, along with most of the family, live three states away from us, a good eight-hour drive. They knew we were planning on visiting the area that coming July, and that most of that time would be spent with their oldest brother Sean, who actually grew up and has a very strong head on his shoulders, not to mention a beautiful wife of his own and several great kids. My wife assured Sarah that yes, we would make the extra trip out to their town to visit with them.


Fast forward three months to July. We had planned to be down there for about a week long visit. We decided to spend the first evening with Sarah and Kyle, so that, just in case things didn’t go well, we would be able to have a good vacation after that. They cooked an amazing dinner for us. After we cleaned up, the kids went to the living room to watch tv, and we sat down at the kitchen table and taught them one of our favorite card games, Up and Down the Ladder, much like the game of Spades, but with no teams.

After the game was over, Sarah, who had been quiet for most of our visit, spoke up. “I really want to thank you guys for coming over while you’re down here. I know you hadn’t planned on visiting our area, and I don’t blame you…Really, I don’t. I know mom can be a hassle, and I want to apologize for everything we’ve been through. I didn’t understand how you could not side with your siblings, no matter what they did. But I understand now; you still love them, even if you don’t agree with the things they did.”

“Thank you Sarah,” Lucy said. I could tell she was close to tears, as this had weighed heavily on her heart.

“We appreciate you making an effort to stay in contact, even when we made things hard for you,” Sarah continued. “We really appreciate you coming over, and bringing your kids too. Though they have so much energy, it’s really great being around them.” She paused, considering her next words carefully. “You may not know, but Kyle and I have been trying to have a baby regularly since we were married. We only recently went into a fertility specialist to see if they could find the problem.” She paused again, clearly having a hard time with what she was coming to. Kyle reached out and held her hand on the table, giving it a squeeze. “Everything is fine with me, but Kyle’s sperm count is really low, basically almost zero.”

A few moments of silence followed. Lucy and I weren’t sure what to say. What can anyone say when news like that is shared?

Finally, Lucy came through. “That sucks, Sarah. Really. I can’t imagine being in that kind of a situation.” She reached out and patted Başakşehir Escort Sarah’s other hand.

“Thanks, Lucy. Again, it means a lot to us just to have you here with us.”

“Well,” began Lucy, “Have you considered adoption? I know it can get kind of expensive, but Lord knows the world doesn’t need more children in it right now. There are thousands of kids just waiting for a loving home like you could provide.”

“Yes, and we agree. We might consider fostering or adoption sometime in the future, but we really wanted a child of our own flesh and blood.”

I decided to join the conversation, as I knew something of what they were going through. A buddy of mine at work had researched all of the various options available to him and his wife just last year. “You still have a few options. You could use a donor in various ways. One option is a sperm bank, another is a surrogate if you don’t want to carry the baby yourself…” I ended, not really knowing what else to say. I realized, with Kyle’s impotency, they didn’t have many options.

“Well, part of why we invited you over was…we thought maybe you could help us out.” I couldn’t tell if she was talking to just me or the both of us.

“So, what, you’re either asking for Lucy to be a surrogate mother, or for me to donate my sperm to be artificially introduced. Both options are…”

“Both options are quite expensive,” finished Kyle. “Yeah, we know better than anyone else, and we don’t have that kind of money to spend, even though this is the one things we want most in the world. We’re asking you to get it done, without doctors and all that extra medical crap, just like it’s supposed to be done, because…because I’m not man enough to do it myself.”

A longer silence followed, but what Kyle was doing to himself wasn’t fair, so I had to say something. “Kyle, don’t do that to yourself. You can’t blame yourself for something beyond your control. If the situation were reversed, and Sarah was the one with the problem, would you blame her, or tolerate anyone else talking like that about her?”

He looked down at his lap and grudgingly answered, “No.”

“Then don’t blame yourself. Things in life happen. Instead of focusing on the problem, think about the solution, which you clearly haven’t thought through all the way.” I ended in frustration.

I looked over to my wife, who had a confused look on her face. I don’t think she fully understood what they were asking for, and I was just beginning to think through the ramifications. “Do you understand what they’re asking, Lucy?” I asked, worried about her reaction.

“You’re asking for my husband to be your donor, right?” she asked, mostly confident. I couldn’t blame her confusion. They were raised in an ultra-conservative, religious household. The thought of anything like this happening was as scandalous as it could get.

“We’re asking Steven to do it himself. All of the hassle with the donation or implantation process just feels unnatural or is excessively expensive. I know we haven’t been close over the years since you moved away. I blame myself for that, mostly. We’ve watched your family grow, seen pictures of your beautiful children on Facebook, and I know that’s what I want for myself. It’s clear Steven has genes both impressive and healthy. If we were to ask anyone for this, we knew it would be the two of you….” Clearly Sarah was passionate about wanting this so much.

Looking at Lucy again, I discovered she had a blank, neutral face. This was unprecedented, as I always had a good idea of what she was feeling. After waiting at least a minute for her to respond, she did, almost in a whisper, “So, just so I understand, you’re asking for Steven to…to have sex with you, so you can be pregnant?” Her question was short and simple, and I still couldn’t discern the feelings behind it. Maybe there weren’t any.

“Yes, Lucy,” Sarah replied. “After the baby is born, you’ll be just like any other aunt and uncle in the world. There will be no other obligations for you to fulfill, except to love your niece or nephew.”

She sat for a minute longer, clearly Bebek Escort trying to process everything. Then, she asked, “Could you excuse Steven and I for a few minutes? I think we need to discuss this in private.” She turned to me before standing up.

“Yes, please, take all the time you need,” Sarah responded, standing up, rushing over and giving Lucy a hug.

I stood up and followed Lucy to the back door off of the kitchen. I followed her out into the muggy Oklahoma evening before closing the door behind me. She walked towards our car so I followed, not sure if I should say something first or let her. She went and leaned against the hood of the car, watching me closely as I followed, stopping a few feet away. She examined my face for another long minute, trying to discern my thoughts and feelings that way. I knew she wouldn’t be able to.

Finally, she asked, “Well, what do you think, Steven?”

“What do I think, Lucy? What do you think? Are you actually considering agreeing to what they’re asking of us, agreeing for me to do this?” I asked, incredulously.

“I’m thinking about it. I don’t want to rush any decision we make. I do honestly want to know what you think? You were clearly invested in the conversation, so you should have an opinion by now.” Now she had almost a smirk on her face and I knew why.

“I know you won’t believe this, but I haven’t given it a thought at all. I’ve been worried about how you would respond, about what this might do to the relationship with your sister, even by her asking. I know you’ve been concerned with your relationships with your siblings, and it’s grieved you that you couldn’t do more to mend them.”

“Geez, Steven, I believe you. Would you stop worrying so much about me? Yes, I’ve been concerned about Sarah and the others, and honestly, over the years I’ve even thought several times that if there were any possible way to fix these relationships, I would do it, no matter what. Can you stop and think about the situation for one moment?” She paused. Upon seeing the look of bewilderment on my face, she added, “Would it help if I gave you my permission to seriously consider their proposal?” She raised one eyebrow, almost teasing me.

I took a deep breath and let it out. All my focus really had been on Lucy, so now I turned my thoughts to their proposal. It was simple, really, what they were asking. They wanted me to have sex with Sarah with the express purpose of impregnating her. I thought about Sarah for a moment. In the years I had known her, she had grown into a beautiful and shapely young woman. I would be lying if I claimed I had never had thoughts about being intimate with her. Thoughts about her wide, shapely hips, perfectly suited to child-bearing, about her ample breasts, already larger than Lucy’s were before she was pregnant. Was this something I wanted to do? Hell yes. Was it something I thought was a good idea? The answer to that was still a bit murky.

“Honestly, it is something I would be interested in, but my interest should be the last thing considered, shouldn’t it?” I asked her, hoping for an honest answer.

“Steven, don’t you think I know at least a little about you? I know you’re attracted to other women, and that’s normal. I know you thought my sisters were attractive, even before we were married. Has that changed?”

“No,” I replied simply, hoping this statement wasn’t too damning. “Are you trying to say you think we should do this? It is we, you know that, right Lucy? Sex isn’t ever just sex, and I don’t know if I would agree to it if that were the case. There will be feelings involved, however much I can promise myself you’re the only one I love. I don’t think it would even work out if it weren’t enjoyable.”

“So, you’re saying you’ll do it?” she asked, rather hopefully I thought.

“Are you saying you think I should do it, Lucy?” I asked, still unsure.

In response, she stood up and put her hands on my shoulders, locking my eyes with her misty grey ones. “Steven, I think this would be a big help to restoring our relationship with Sarah. It would be an unbelievable help if you would do it, but I understand if you decide you can’t.” Her look confirmed her statement, though it also shared she didn’t believe I would refuse their request. She embraced me and then gave me a long kiss, as if thinking I needed more encouragement to agree.

After awhile, we parted. “I’ll do it,” I decided. “But only with certain conditions.” She gave me a quizzical look as I outlined what I had in mind…

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