A Lucky Life

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Anal Sex

Finally got over the writers block I’ve had with this story for nearly a year now.


“Rise and shine sleepyhead.” Grace patted her son on his rear to rouse him from a deep slumber.

“Five more minutes.” He said, muffled by the pillow.

“Okay, but only because it’s your birthday.” She threw open his curtains and let the beautiful morning shine in on him. “I made you breakfast.”

Derek certainly didn’t want to get out of bed, but the thought of breakfast waiting for him was something he couldn’t pass up. After a few more minutes of tossing and turning he got out of bed, threw some clothes on and shambled to the kitchen like a zombie.

“HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!” Grace shouted with a huge smile on her face. She stood behind a pulled out chair and welcomed her son to his birthday breakfast.

He put on a fake smile for his mom, but didn’t feel any different, after eighteen years he had nothing to show of it. His girlfriend dumped him for the team quarterback, he wasn’t doing all that well in school, and he had no prospects for college. Overall he felt like the biggest loser in the world.

On the other hand, his mother saw in him all the things he didn’t; she recognized his confidence when he wanted to get something done, and his ambition for any specific goal as well. It also wasn’t hard to see his attractiveness, his chestnut jaw length hair that he usually kept shaggy, although when he bothered to do it framed his face perfectly. His not quite athletic, but not out of shape body was perfect in her mind, an idea she tried not to dwell on too often. His olive skin he shared with her and their Italian heritage kept them looking tan year round while living in Denver. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?”

Not really wanting to talk about it, because he knew she would just tell him how perfect she thought he was, he shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing.”

“Did you not want bacon and eggs? Cause I can make you something else.”

“No mom, this is great.” He looked up at her and gave a genuine smile, then happily ate his breakfast.

Grace sat at the other end of their small kitchen table and drank her coffee. “So, are you doing anything fun tonight to celebrate?”

“Nope.” He answered solemnly.

“Nothing!?” She asked, surprised.

“I’m gonna do the only thing an eighteen year old can do, buy a lottery ticket.” His answer was both sarcastic and serious, and said in a very deadpan manner.

She stood up to kiss him on the forehead. “Well, i’m sure your friends have something planned for you.” After kissing him, she returned to her room, which was only a few steps away in their tiny apartment.

“Doubt it.” He mumbled to himself, while pushing around the last bit of scrambled egg on his plate.

“Hey, put that plate in the sink and run some water on it when you’re done.” Grace was hopping towards the door putting her heels on.

“K.” He answered, while watching her. His eyes spied the skirt that was maybe a little too short to be work appropriate, the heels that were a little too high, her suntan nylons with a backseam, and the white button up that showed just a bit of cleavage. Ignoring the fact that she was his mother, he found her quite attractive, and what friends he did have often said she looks like a curvy Monica Bellucci. He agreed with them, but never to their face, and whenever they brought it up he would slug them in the arm.

“Love you. Happy birthday!” She blew him a kiss and walked out the door.

Derek put his plate in the sink as he was told and got ready for school, when he got there none of his friends wished him a happy birthday, not that he was surprised by it. He knew they were only friends out of pity and once they graduated he would never see or hear from them again. He muddled through his day until the final bell rang and he was on his way to the corner store to buy a lottery ticket. Standing in line he had a small panic attack as he had never done this before, and didn’t know what he was doing.

“Yes.” The man behind the counter asked in a rushed tone, looking at the line behind Derek.

“Uh. Lottery ticket please.” He held out a five dollar bill unsure if it would be enough.

“What one?” He said more annoyed.

“Uh. That one.” He pointed to the Mega Millions because it had the largest jackpot.

“Megaplier?” The man asked.

“Um, yea.” Derek had no idea what that was, and this wasn’t as adult as he thought it would be.

The man took his money and handed him his ticket and change, then looked right past him. “Next.”

Walking out of the store, he looked at the numbers and felt nothing, not lucky, not like a grownup, he just felt one day older than yesterday. While walking home he got a message from his mother.

Mom: If you’re really not doing anything I can make you dinner tonight?

Derek thought on it for the walk home, while he loved his mother’s cooking he didn’t want to be reminded that he had nothing better to do than spend his eighteenth birthday with his mom.

Derek: Sure.

Once he got bursa bayan eskort home he went to his usual routine, playing video games until his mother said dinner was ready.

“Derek, I’m home!” Grace set down the few bags she had from the grocery store in the kitchen and prepped dinner. After getting things going she walked back to her room, stopping in her son’s room and giving him a big squeeze around the neck. “Happy birthday sweetie.”

He couldn’t help but notice his mother’s tits pressed into his neck, he was sure she wasn’t doing it on purpose, but didn’t care. “Thanks ma.”

“Chicken parm for dinner, your fav.” She said walking out of his room to hers right across and changed into some comfy clothes. Back in the kitchen she put the finishing touches on dinner and called her son.

“Looks good!” He said taking his fork in hand and digging in.

“Would you like your gift?” She asked him with a mischievous smile.

“Sure.” He replied with a mouth full of pasta.

Grace got up and went to the fridge, pulling out a six pack of beer and setting it in front of him.

Puzzled, he looked at her as if this was a cruel joke. “Uh, mom?”

“They’re all yours.” She smiled and leaned over, hugging him again.

He was a little apprehensive but took a beer and opened it, taking a sip while he watched his mother for any sign anger.

“So why didn’t your friends want to do anything?”

“They didn’t even know it was my birthday.” While he knew they were only fair-weather friends, he was still a little hurt.

“Oh Derek, baby, I’m so sorry.” She reached her hand over the table and patted his.

“Meh.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Grace was desperate to change the subject to something that would take his mind off his shitty friends, so she asked him about video games, knowing that would get him talking. And it worked, he spent the better part of dinner talking about games he was looking forward to, she didn’t know anything about them or understand anything he said, but she was happy he was thinking about anything other than his friends.

Derek had another beer at the table after he finished dinner and talked with his mother about the goings on in her life. Then, once the conversation came to a natural end, he put his dish in the sink and returned to his room with his beers and played games till the early hours of the morning. Noon rolled around and he finally got out of bed, not quite hung over, but not feeling his best.

“Morning sweetie.” Grace said from the couch with her book in hand.

He just grunted as he passed her on his way to the kitchen to guzzle some water, grab a bagel and return to his room. Powering up his computer he checked his usual websites first, then as a lark he checked the winning numbers that were pulled the night before. Glancing over them he didn’t see anything familiar except the last number, he got the ticket from his backpack and compared them. “Huh.” He said, rather surprised as the last number did match, then nodded his head as he saw the first number matched as well, then his mouth fell open as the next four numbers matched. Before overreacting he refreshed the website to make sure it was the current numbers. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” He yelled out then hooted and hollered around his room, then ran out to his mom. Pulling her off the couch and into his arms and playfully dancing with her.

She laughed, and was happy to see him this way. “What’s going on?”

“Come with me.” He rushed back to his room and pointed at the screen.

She looked at the screen confused until she was handed the ticket. “OH MY GOD DEREK! YOU WON!” She screeched.

“But look.” He pointed to a small blurb that said that there was only one winner, then at the amount.

Grace nearly fainted when she saw the amount. “Derek! Eight hundred million dollars!”

In the ensuing days and weeks after claiming the ticket, deciding to take the yearly payments, Derek’s entire life changed. He wanted badly to drop out of high school, but his mother convinced him to just tough it out as there were only a few more months left. He bought a six bedroom ultra-modern open floor plan mansion just outside of downtown Denver, and to go along with it he wanted to buy a Ferrari, but his mother talked him out of that one as she was sure he would kill himself the first day he had it. So instead he got a Nissan GT-R fully tricked out. Naturally he insisted she move in with him, and bought her the car of her choosing, a Range Rover brand new and fully loaded.

The day after graduation Derek woke up and laid in bed for an hour, happy to have nothing to do but game all day on his computer that he spent an embarrassing amount of money on. After playing all day he noticed the time, and that his mother would be home from work shortly. He ordered some sushi to be delivered and not moments after she was home and changed a knock came to the door and they sat down together to enjoy the meal. “Ya know mom, you don’t have to work anymore.”

“This again? And what would bursa evi olan escort I do all day huh? Play videogames like you.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Pursue a hobby, take some classes, hell, lay naked by the pool for all I care. It’s all better than going into that crappy job everyday.” He wasn’t sure why his eyes were drawn to her chest, but he watched as her nipples got hard.

“That’s a nice thought, but what will I do for money?”

He tilted his head and had a look that said ‘Seriously?’

“Derek, I refuse to take an allowance.” She waved her hand as if waving the thought away.

“Well then consider it a payment.”


“I don’t know, raising me for eighteen years! There’s the cooking, laundry, cleaning up a bit. Or the pool lounging part.”

“Oh so i’d be your housewife in this scenario.” She laughed.

He couldn’t help but notice that her nipples protruded even more.

Grace stood up and took her plate to the kitchen, returning to the table she hugged her son around the neck, pressing her breasts into him as she usually did.

Without her bra Derek could feel more of them, how soft and supple they are.

She sat back down across from him and smiled softly.

Suddenly he was struck by something, and he sat there just staring at her, for longer than made her comfortable. “You’re a beautiful woman mom.” He said with very little inflection in his voice.

She blushed and looked away. “Thank you.” She said a little embarrassed.

With not but a slight squint of his eyes he spoke. “Stand up.”

She laughed nervously, but stood up.

“Come here.” Said completely devoid of emotion.

Grace was unsure of what was going on, but played along.

Slowly he stood up from his chair and approached her, leaving very little space between them, in fact he could feel her breasts softly touching his chest. Suddenly his hand reached up and grabbed her hair at the back of her head and pulled.

“Ow Derek, you’re hurting me.” Her hands grasped at his arm.

He looked at her lovingly. “But you love it, don’t you?”

She took a deep breath and dropped her hands to her sides. “Yes.” She answered, still nervous, but if she was honest, quite excited.

“Knees.” He commanded.

She followed the instruction and was certain what was coming next.

Derek pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang free, bouncing a mere inch from his mother’s face. He looked at her as she looked up at him waiting for her next command. “Suck.”

With no hesitation she took her son’s dick into her mouth, bobbing up and down on it and feeling nothing but love and desire. She took it as deep as she could, then backed off, and went down on it again.

“Fuck mom.” He sighed. “Good girl.” Stroking her hair.

Grace got sloppy, and strings of saliva hung from her chin, she slurped each time she bobbed on him. Faster and faster she sucked him, as sloppy as she could make it.

“Jeez ma, slow down.” His head leaned back and his hand rested on the back of her head.

She went a little faster as she could sense that he was close.

His hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled back sharply. “I SAID, slow.” In a gruff voice.

She looked up at him with sorrow in her eyes and saliva around her mouth. “Sorry Master.” She resumed when she felt his grip loosen. Slowly building up to the pace before she was reprimanded.

Derek thrust his hips into her face. “Fuck ma, I’m gonna cum.” He said, almost angry that she brought him to orgasm so quickly.

She moaned her happiness and nodded her head with his dick still in her mouth.

His toes curled up and his knees nearly buckled as he sprayed his jizz into her mouth.

Greedily she swallowed every drop. “Thank you.” She said still on her knees.

Derek collapsed into the chair and panted, still waiting to gain control over his breath.

She waited several minutes for him to regain his composure, not speaking, only waiting.

“Very good.” He patted her on the head, then pulled his shorts up and took his plate to the kitchen. Upon returning he saw his mother was still on her knees. “You can get up.” He laughed.

Grace stood up, smiled at her son, and went to watch TV in the large theater, savoring the taste of her son’s cum.

Derek went to his office and played video games until around 11:00pm when he decided it was time for him to get to bed. Just as his head hit the pillow he had a thought, and following up on it he got out of bed and marched towards his mother’s room. “Ma.” He whispered after softly knocking on the door.

“Come in.” She said in a sleepy voice.

He walked in and threw the covers off of her, taking her by the hand he led her back to his room and into the other side of his bed. Crawling next to her he cupped her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. “This is where you belong.” He whispered in her ear.

“Yes Master.” She replied happily.

“Now get on top of me and take that off.”

Grace rolled bursa rus escort over and straddled her son, pulling her red satin nightgown over her head and onto the floor.

With the soft light that shone into his bedroom he could see his mother’s tits bounce perfectly back into place, as she was only 36 this was no surprise. His hands grabbed them, feeling her hard nipples against his palms as he squeezed and pressed them together.

Grace, nearly dripping with anticipation, grinded her pussy against her son, the gusset of her thong was as soaked as she was.

Derek was thrusting upwards, matching his mother. “Mom, I want to be inside you.” He said desperately.

“With pleasure Master.” She went to stand up to remove her panties.

“Just pull them to the side, I need you now.” He said with urgency in his voice.

Grace did just that, then positioned her son’s dick and sat down on it, her pussy swallowing it entirely.

Feeling her hot wetness completely engulf him he moaned loudly, loud enough that if there was anyone else in the house they would have surely heard it.

Very happy with the reaction she received, she began rocking her hips back and forth, building tempo with her son’s moans.

“Shit ma, not so fast!” He could feel himself building up to an orgasm, his mother’s molten hot pussy was far better than his ex.

Grace smiled and bit the side of her lip, taking his hands and returning them to her tits, her hips moved faster.

Not wanting the night to end so quickly he grabbed her by the hair again, pulling back sharply. “I SAID. Not so fast!” He hissed, then pushed her off of him onto her back. “Now spread those legs nice and wide for me.”

Just as instructed she spread her legs, but not before taking her thong off and flinging it across the room.

With one hand placed at the back of her knee and the other firmly on her breast he effortlessly guided his dick back into her. Moaning and grunting as inch after inch slid into her wet inferno like pussy. “Fuck mom! You’re so wet!”

“All for you Master.”

Once fully nestled in her he paused for a second to appreciate the feeling and the taboo of everything.

“Fuck me Master.” She sweetly begged.

In one swift move Derek withdrew and then pounded back into her, eliciting a gasp that turned into a moan. Again and again he pounded her, spurred on by her louder moans with each thrust.

“Oh fuck.” She sort of mumble moaned.

“You gonna cum?” He said very confidently.

“Yes.” She cried out.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to do that.” He flashed a smile.

“Master please may I cum.”

“Not good enough. Beg me, and make it dirty.”

“Master please! Mommy’s slutty little pussy needs to cum all over your big hard cock.” Every word dripped with desire.

“Very good!” He had never heard her talk like that, but always had a sneaking suspicion that she might be a little dirty. Nothing like this though, but it was a very pleasant surprise. “Cum for me mom, cum all over my dick!”

“Thank you Master. Thank you Master. Thank you Master!” She kept repeating while gasping in between each sentence. Her legs wrapped around his back and hers arched as she trembled beneath him. “Oh fuck baby.” Her body shook as her orgasm began and it wasn’t until it subsided that she finally relaxed back onto the bed. She pulled him closer to her and kissed him all over. “Please cum in me!” She begged. “Please Master, fill me!” She was desperate at this point.

“Keep those legs spread nice and wide for me.”

As far as she could she spread her legs, she was nearly doing a split, she kept them there for him.

“I’m gonna fuck your pussy nice and hard, okay mom?” This was less of a question and more of a warning.

“As hard as you want, Master!” Her eyes stared deeply into his, begging for it.

Derek towered over her, his hands in fists on either side of her ribs, his hips pounding away at her, and her moans filling his ears. He could feel his orgasm was just a few strokes away. “Fuck ma!” He mumbled.

“Yes Master, give it to me.” She urged him.

He howled out as the first jet of his white hot cum sprayed into his mother, cursing through clenched teeth as the following second third and fourth streams of his cum drenched her insides. “Fuck.” He said as he collapsed on top of her.

Gently she stroked his hair, still keeping her legs spread wide as instructed, until she felt his hands grab them and pull them around his back.

After a minute or so he rolled off of her, pulling his mother in close to him. Gently he brushed the hair from her ear, and after kissing her on her neck he whispered in her ear. “You’re calling off from work tomorrow.”

“Yes Master.” She happily said.

In no time they were asleep and softly snoring.

The next morning, at breakfast, Grace called off from work, making no excuses she said it was a personal day. After hanging up she looked over at her son who had a sly grin on his face. “Derek, I think we should talk about last night.”

“What’s there to talk about?”

“Is this really what you want?”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure?”

He looked up at her from his breakfast, right in her eyes, then stood up and approached her. Grabbing her hair and pulling back until she was looking up, he kissed her deeply then returned to his chair.

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