A Matter of Trust

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“Why don’t you sit in the rocker? It is comfortable and you can watch TV for a while.”

You are watching tv with your feet propped up on the hope chest. You look up and are a little disappointed to see me in my fuzzy robe with the purple teddy bears on it.

I walk over in front of you and sit down on your lap and wrap my arms around your neck and start kissing you with long slow kisses, sucking your bottom lip between mine. Your hand starts to move to the zipper on my robe but I stop you.

“Want to play a little game?”

“What kind of game?”

“Do you trust me?”

“To do what?”

“You know that I would never do anything to hurt you, don’t you?”

“M . . . yeah?”

I lean in close and kiss you again. I run one hand down the side of the chair and pick up the wrist restraint that I put there earlier. I look into your eyes as I slip it around your wrist and fasten the velcro. I can tell you are not too sure about this.

“Trust me. If you start to freak and want up all you have to do is say, “I REALLY want up.” That is all, and I will let you go, no questions asked.”

“OK. But you better let me up if I want up.”

“I will, I promise.” I give you one more long kiss, then I reach down on the other side and fasten the other restraint there.

I stand up and back away from you a bit and reach for the zipper of my robe and pull it down slowly. As it opens you can see a little black satin and lace peek through. I let the robe fall to the floor and stand in front of you wearing only a short black nightie. I reach into the dresser drawer to pick up a few toys, then walk over to the bed Escort kolej and stretch out across it. The whole time our eyes never leave each other.

I lean up on my side and bring my hand up, wetting two fingers before letting them trail down to my breast. I drag my fingers over my nipple letting the wetness cover it, then drag my nails across it, letting you watch as it puckers tight. I roll my hard nipple between my fingers pulling it slowly and steadily as I go. Mmmmm.

I run my hand own down to my pussy lips and tease them a bit before sliding them inside. I lift my leg a little so that you can watch as I slide my middle finger inside my cunt a few times, then bring my finger up to my mouth to suck my juices off of it. I reach over and pick up my dildo and bring it to my mouth and slip it inside. I suck it and lick it, just like I would your dick. When it is good and wet I pull it out of my mouth and move it down to my waiting cunt. I slowly move the head around the opening, then slide it all the way in, inch by inch. OOOHHHHH. I start moving the dildo in and out, slowly at first, then a little faster. I pull it out and rub my clit with the head of it then slam it back in again. I make sure that you can hear how good it feels as I fuck myself, imagining that it is your dick slamming into me. I can feel the first wave building. I use my other hand to pull and pinch my nipples as I shove the dildo all the way in and start to shake as I cum all over it.

As I lie on the bed and start to settle down I look at you. I think you liked what you saw. As my breathing evens back out I pull the dildo out and bring it to sihhiye escort my lips and stick out my tongue and lick the head of it. Then I suck it into my mouth and lick it clean.

I lie back on the bed again and reach for my purple butt plug and the lube. I coat it well and turn around on the bed so that you have a good view of me working it slowly past my rosebud and into my ass past the first bump, then the second, and finally the third till it is all the way in. I reach for the dildo again and use my pussy juice to wet it and slide it back into my hot pussy. I slide it in and out a few times then reach back and pull the plug out to the second bump, then slide it back in again, over, and over. Back and forth between the dildo and the plug. Harder and faster each time till I start to cum again.

This time when I pull the dildo out I sit up and slide off the bed and walk over to you and hold it up to your lips. You pull your head back and start to protest.

“It’s just my juice on it, nothing else. Don’t think of it as a rubber cock, think of it as my toy covered in my juice. For me?”

You hesitate but finally open your mouth. I don’t put it all the way in, I just hold it and let you lick it a little. When it is clean I turn around and go back to the bed, letting you see that I still have the plug all the way in. This time I pull a pillow to the side of the bed and sit on it. I reach for my vibe and let my legs open in front of you. I reach out and hold the vibe up to your mouth and you stick out your tongue and lick it for me. I move it down to my pussy and tease my clit with the tip of it then turn sincan escort bayan it on, running it over my lips and clit in wide slow circles. Every few circles I rock on the pillow, moving the plug in my ass. I start making the circles smaller, brushing my clit more, harder.
I use my other hand to pull my nipples again. I open my eyes and look into yours as I start to cum for the third time. Oh sugar, what I see in those eyes. The want, the hunger. . .

I stand up, a little shaky, and walk over to you and straddle your legs. I reach down for your rock hard dick and guide it to my tight wet cunt and sink down over it, sighing as I feel it sliding in, stretching me out. I lean in and kiss your wonderful lips and as I do I rock my hips forward just a little, feeling you slide even deeper. As I lean back I rock on you again and I can feel your sharp intake of breath.

I reach for the vibe and slip it between my pussy lips again. I can tell by the look on your face that you can feel it. This time I lock my eyes to yours and watch as I move the vibe around teasing my clit and then letting it brush against your dick before moving it back up again. As the pleasure builds I rock against you but I know that you need more movement, more friction before you can cum. I hold the vibe just under my clit and rock down on you hard as I cum again, drenching your dick. As my eyes clear again I can see the need in your eyes, but I am waiting. I start rocking again, not too much because I am getting very sensitive now. I toss the vibe on to the bed and use my fingers over my clit. I rock a little faster and a little harder, the walls of my cunt milking you with each pulse through my body.

Finally you look me in the eyes and say it, “let me up.”


“Dammit, I said let me up.”

“No. You didn’t say it right.”

” I REALLY want up, NOW!!”

I reach down and undo the restraints, both at the same time . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32