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This is a work of fiction, every character portrayed is 100% fictional and above the age of 18, this story contains incest, ass-worship, female on male rimjobs, and overall depravity so if you’re not into any of that turn back now.

Another Friday night, which for Luke meant another scouring the internet for the perfect video to get his rocks off to, but deep down Luke was aware of the depravity his perfect video truly entailed. Luke had always had a thing for MILF’s, there was nothing that got him off more than a sexy mom with wide hips, big tits and an ass to match. Luke had developed this fascination right around his 18th birthday but couldn’t understand why, maybe he was trying to do the decent thing and block it off.

One night Luke came to a horrifying realization, he had found the perfect video, a nice sexy milf with child bearing hips, breasts made for milking and an ass that begged to have his face pressed between it. She had crimson flowing hair, a sultry voice and a suggestive smile to top it all off, but one thing caught Luke’s attention more than anything. This MILF had a very distinct mole above her upper lip, something about that had made Luke’s cock go rock hard instantly, who knew a mole could be so damn sexy? Luke furiously stroked his meat and within minutes had shot a massive load all over his computer desk. After he came down from the high of ejaculation his gaze caught something that made his blood run cold.

It was a picture of him and his mother, with flowing crimson hair and an unmistakable mole above her upper lip, the pieces finally had clicked, Luke didn’t have a thing for MILF’s, he had a thing for his own mother. The guilt began to wash over him, how could he be attracted to his own mother? What kind of sick person would even consider such a thing? But something stronger than guilt had begun to creep inside his mind, the overwhelming lust began to overtake his senses.

For the rest of the night Luke had began to search every video that contained this specific actress and was delighted to find more and more depraved videos featuring her. It started out pretty mild with doggy style, Luke had admired her asshole intensely, he loved to watch it quiver and pucker with every thrust of cock. Next was ass worship videos, he loved her juicy ass and what was hidden inside it so it only made sense that he would be drawn to videos that showcased it.

Soon it had taken a rather vile turn, Luke had come across a video of her giving a man a rimjob. At first the video had turned him off, but in disgusted curiosity he continued to view it. Watching her tongue swirl gently around another mans ass, going back and forth, up and down, running along every crease of skin, her hand wrapped around the mans cock stroking heavily and she thrust her tongue viciously in and out of the mans hole, all while staring apologetically into Luke’s eyes had made something in his brain tick. He began to wonder what it must feel like to have a beautiful woman’s tongue massage your anus, Luke had once again fallen further into the trap of pornography and wanted more.

Finally tonight he had found the perfect video, it had fit every checkbox. The video in question was titled “Mommy son anal JOI” Luke couldn’t believe it, he opened the video with morbid curiosity and devilish excitement. The video had begun with his favorite actress in an apron, a low cut shirt and unbelievably tight jeans, she came towards the camera and began to speak.

“Now sweetheart I’ve been noticing you staring at my ass a lot and i wanted to let you know its a very normal thing to be attracted to older women.”

Luke wrapped his hand around his rock hard cock and began to bask in the moment. The video continued as the actress and slowly pulled her jeans down, presenting her deliciously voluptuous ass to the camera. As the jeans reached the floor and the camera had focused on the 2 ivory globes, suddenly hands had come into frame, gripping firmly around her hands had began to spread apart her pale cheeks and present her perfect holes to Luke.

her pussy was perfectly shaven with the exception of short auburn hairs that had nestled against lips, her pussy glistening with juices against her perfectly shaped lips, but beyond her pussy Luke saw something far more enticing.

Hidden behind her enormous round cheeks was the most beautiful rosebud Luke had ever seen, every wrinkle of skin, the pink hue just brown enough to feed his dirty desires, the way it winked with seductive invitation right at Luke. His cock began to throb harder and harder as he lost himself in the video

“Now sweetie i want you to put your tongue in Mommies asshole, i know that you’ve wanted to for awhile.”

With that sentence Luke couldn’t hold it any longer, he exploded in orgasm all over his desk. With his intense orgasm Luke had found himself incredibly sleepy and moved over to his bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

Luke’s mother Renae had separated with his father some 5 years ago, and ever since she had fully responsibility of Luke’s well being, ever since then she had been against the bakırköy escort idea of bringing another man into Luke’s life just for him to leave abruptly once again. This had left Renae frustrated sexually to say the least, she just like Luke had began to delve further and further into more depraved pornography to satisfy her urges.

Renae had began to walk up the stairs and approach Luke’s door, she knocked gently

“Luke sweetie, are you in there?”

With no response she decided to pull the mom card and walk in. As she entered Luke’s room she noticed him sound asleep.

“I wonder what knocked him out” Renae thought to herself.

As she walked over to his computer to shut the monitor off she was mortified at what she had seen, Luke hadn’t closed out of his videos. Renae looked on in horror as she read “Mommy son anal JOI” with an image of a woman almost identical to her spreading her ass wide sporting a sultry smirk. Renae had evacuated the room immediately as the thought began to overtake her.

She was overwhelmed by shock and disgust that her own son was interested in such perverted things, but she soon thought “maybe he’s just into MILF’s and didn’t notice the striking resemblance to me” As she paced nervously she decided to retire to her own room. Renae tried to flick through the channels but a sinister curiosity had overtaken her senses. She had decided to open her laptop and search “Mommy son anal JOI” as the video started a feeling of unease had taken over, but as the video continued on the unease began to fade away and another feeling had crept in, a feeling of morbid curiosity and insatiable lust. The video went on as Renae had felt a tingling between her legs, it became stronger and stronger until Renae couldn’t resist but move her hand towards the area.

Her fingers crept and began to gently rub her clit, as her senses were overwhelmed Renae had taken her other hand and placed it firmly around her breast. With her one hand now rubbing furiously and her other squeezing her breast tight Renae started to pant exhaustively, as she became more and more aroused a thought had crossed her mind, she had thought of Luke’s tongue gently massaging her anus as she spread her ass wide, presenting her holes to her naughty son. With that thought Renae was set over the edge and began to squirt uncontrollably all over her sheets and duvet. As the orgasm subsided Renae became overwhelmed with shame, she had just came so hard to the thought of her own son’s tongue inside her naughty asshole. She became distraught with thoughts of failing as a mother, but she still couldn’t shake the shameful thoughts of how much she wanted her son. With her mind in conflict she decided the best thing to do was sleep on it.

The next day Renae had awoken with an even greater lust, her pussy was aching for Luke’s cock and she longed to have his face pressed between her magnificent ass cheeks, his warm breath teasing her quivering anus, but she was soon brought back to reality with her motherly duties and began to think about breakfast. Renae had rushed downstairs and began preparing food, unaware of what she had left her bedroom in. She had called Luke down to eat.

“Luke honey it’s time for breakfast.”

Luke had wiped the sleep from his eyes. He began to groggily make his way down the stairs, still in his boxers he made his way down to the kitchen. As he arrived Luke was shocked at what he saw, his mother was standing at the sink with booty shorts the rode firmly up her crack, her gorgeous ass was on full display. Renae then bent down to grab something from under the sink and pressed her ivory globes out even further, Luke then noticed her perfect pussy lips peaking out from the slit in the shorts. All the blood rushed from one of Luke’ heads to the other as his cock instantly grew rock hard. In a panic he had rushed to his seat and tried to hide his shame.

Renae had then turned around, in an undershirt that hid none of her stomach and no bra her breasts had bounced freely as she began to deliver breakfast. She placed the plate in front of Luke and as she did she couldn’t help but notice his massive erection.

“Ummm Luke honey do you need a few minutes?”

Luke staring away embarrassed replied

“I’m sorry mom it always happens to me in the morning.”

“Oh sweetheart it’s nothing to be ashamed of, its natural for a young man like you, at least you know it’s working properly.”

Renae commented with a smirk. A devilish idea had now crept into Renae’s mind, she had dropped her fork by Luke and began to pick it up.

“Oh my i can be such a klutz sometimes.”

As she bent over to grab her fork she purposefully pressed her ass out right into Luke’s face, Luke couldn’t help himself and turned his head, inhaling deep with his nose hoping for a scent to remind him of this moment, Renae had felt the tickling of Luke’s breath against her soft white cheeks, at that moment she decided to slide the fork towards Luke.

“Oh goodness look what I’ve done now.”

“D…don’t worry mom i can grab it for you.” Luke offered beşiktaş escort nervously.

“Nonsense i’m already down here i can get it.”

As Renae turned around her face was inches from Luke’s still erect penis, thoughts began to swirl as to how much she could truly enjoy that beautiful tool, she then purposefully came inches from his cock and let out a big sigh, the warm air had sent shivers down Luke’s spine. As she got back up she made a playful comment.

“Well you certainly have grown Luke.” Renae chuckled.

As she returned to her seat she began to toy with her breakfast sausage, waving it around, bringing it to her lips and kissing it gently, swirling her tongue around it, all while keeping firm eye contact with Luke. Luke was overwhelmed by what was happening, he couldn’t believe it. Was he dreaming? Was this real? Unable to focus on anything besides his mothers lewd gestures he frantically stood up and excused himself from the table.

“Are you sure honey? A strong young man like you needs a hearty breakfast.”

“Yes mom I’m just not too hungry right now.”

As Luke raced up the stairs he couldn’t contain himself, he jumped right into bed and began to stroke his throbbing hard cock, no videos needed all he needed were the memories of what had just transpired. With every stroke he thought of his moms ass inches from his face, her aroma, the way she toyed with that sausage. Renae had quietly followed Luke upstairs and noticed in his carelessness he had left his door a crack open, she peered in to see her son stroking his magnificent cock, the length of both his hands, thick as 3 fingers, veins pulsating, head throbbing. She watched intently as he stroked furiously, with his head back and eyes closed he couldn’t be bothered by anything else. Finally Luke had imagined his mom at the breakfast table sliding her shorts down and spreading her cheeks, exposing her beautiful brown hole inches away from Luke’s face and saying.

“Do you like mommy’s asshole Luke?”

That thought had sent him over the edge as his cock began to pulsate, strand after strand of massive cum began to shoot viciously out of his cock, covering his chest. As Renae watched on she imagined running her tongue along his smooth chest and lapping up every last ounce of cum. Luke lay there satisfied, eyes still closed, basking in his orgasm. Renae had felt the urge to rub her pussy, but was soon aware that she wasn’t supposed to be viewing this show. Reluctantly she soon found her way back downstairs in the kitchen, pondering how she could be the next target for that meaty Super-soaker. All the shame and regret had fled her mind, all that was left was undeniable lust.

After cleaning himself up and getting dressed Luke had gained his composure. He made his way downstairs unaware of his mothers peeping eyes, as he passed by the kitchen he said.

“Alright mom i’m heading out for the day, don’t wait up for me.”

“Luke honey i was hoping tonight you and i could have dinner together, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a proper meal together.”

Luke had given his mom a confused stare but conceded.

“Alright mom whatever works best for you.”

Renae then approached Luke, embracing him in a warm hug, her breasts pushed tight against his face

“Oh thank you sweetie, always looking out for me and my needs.”

That last sentence had sent butterflies to Luke’s stomach.

“always looking out for her needs.” He thought to himself.

With that Luke had left his mothers arms and made his way out the door. He had plans to meet his friend Jeffery at their usual spot, as he reached his destination he waved to Jeffery.

“Hey what’s up dude?”

“Just been waiting here for your slow ass, what took you so long?”

“I was just having breakfast with my mom.”

“Awww isn’t that cute, did she feed you from her tits?”

Luke froze, the thought of his mouth wrapped around his mom nipple made him instantly hard. Not trying to raise suspicion Luke carelessly replied.

“Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Of course i would, your mom is fuckin hot.”

“Yea yea, enough already.”

“Wouldn’t you agree Luke?”

“I said enough man you’re being weird.”

“You’re the one being weird man, i’m just saying your moms a smokeshow.”

“Fuck off dude you’re freaking me out at this point.”

“Alright alright.”

While Luke was away Renae found it the perfect opportunity to snoop, she had scanned through Luke’s browser history and was oddly satisfied at her discovery.

‘Mommy son anal JOI’, ‘Hot MILF rims young stud’ ‘Big ass MILF suffocates boy with fat ass’ ‘Redhead cougar butt fucked by stepson’. Her hand had soon met her pussy as she rubbed furiously, the videos themselves were graphic but it was the language that really got to Renae. Phrases such as

“You like when mommy smothers you with her big butt?”

“How does mommies tongue feel against your virgin asshole?”

“Be a good boy and clean mommies dirty little poop hole with that tongue of yours.”

“I want you to stick beylikdüzü escort that big juicy cock of yours right up mommies ass.”

Renae was enthralled with the depravity of it all, she imagined saying all those dirty things to Luke, his tongue pressed against her asshole, her tongue running from the shaft of his cock, across his balls and gliding to his asshole, his massive cock shifting her insides and filling her with a flood of cum. Soon she was overwhelmed with lust and the floodgates had open, she began to leak all over his computer chair as her head jerked back. With all the shame of the situation leaving her mind she exited his room satisfied, staining his room with her sweet juices.

Luke and Jeffery spent the rest of the day wandering aimlessly, sundown had come all too quick and Luke informed Jeffery of his dinner plans.

“Alright man have fun with your mommy, give her a nice big hug for me” Jeffery had commented with a smug look.

“Maybe i will you pervert.”

As Luke had made his way through the door he immediately noticed Renae, she was sat at the table with her hair flowing down, an elegant black dress with her milky breasts practically spilling out of them, as she stood up Luke had noticed her supple buttocks pushing the dress to it’s seems. Renae had approached Luke and wrapped him tight, her bare breasts caressing Luke’s cheek

“Thank you so much for making time for me tonight sweetheart.”

Luke’s heart racing he replied

“Of course mom, anything for you.”

Renae had smiled devilishly.

“Anything you say?”

Luke’s heart now dropped into his stomach, he answered nervously.

“Uhhmmm yea i guess so haha.”

Renae had released her grip and made her way back to her seat.

“Well don’t be shy sit down sweetie.”

Luke sped towards his seat not to draw any attention to the growth in his pants, he nervously sat down, trying to avert his gaze from the tantalizing sight before him.

“So honey how was your day?”

“It was alright, Jeffery was being a dick but whats new?”

“What was he doing to bother you?”

Luke had tensed up, how could he convey what he said without it making things any more awkward than they already were?

“He just kept teasing me about you.”

“Well now you’ve got me interested, what was he saying?”

“He just kept saying how attractive he found you.”

Renae had smirked to herself, she grasped her wine and raised it to her lips, taking a small sip as she continued to question Luke.

“Well isn’t that sweet of him, you know I’ve always had a thing for younger men.”

“Ugh mom why are you telling me this?”

“I’m just teasing honey, but i was serious about the younger men.”

Luke shuffled nervously in his seat, he had no idea how to reply to that, Renae had swirled her wine intently and began to speak again.

“Luke sweetie, do you find me attractive?”

Luke froze, he didn’t know what to say without coming off as creepy or hurting his mothers feelings.

“I mean objectively speaking i guess so.”

“Well objectively speaking what is attractive about me.”

Luke was once again at a loss for words, he stammered to come up with something reasonable.

“Well you have very pretty eyes, and you keep in shape.”

“You think so? I’m always worried that my butt is too big.”

Renae had stood up and turned around, leaning down arching her back and pressing her hips towards forward. Luke was shocked he had no idea how to react.

“Here let me give you a better look.”

Renae had walked closer, assuming the same position pressing her ass inches from Luke’s sweating face. Luke had unknowingly placed his hands around her enticing globes.

“Oh my, i didn’t realize your answer would be so hands on.”

Luke retracted his hands instantly and stuttered embarrassed.

“Oh god i’m so sorry mom, I don’t know why i just did that.”

Renae had swiftly grabbed Luke’s hands and placed them back on her inviting behind.

“Don’t be silly Luke, it’s only natural for a boy your age to be curious, now give it a squeeze and tell me what you think.”

Luke gripped tight, feeling the perfect balance of fat and tone, he was mesmerized and began to lose his grip on reality, as he continued entranced in Renae’s soft behind he was awoken by her voice.

“Well.. what do you think?”

“Honestly mom you have the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh don’t flatter me Luke, i would say that you’re lying but your pants seem to be telling me your not.”

Luke peered down at his pants and noticed his massive erection, he frantically crossed his legs in an attempt to hide it but Renae had reassured him.

“Sweetheart there’s nothing to be embarrassed about I’ve seen your penis thousands of times, never quite this big i might add though.”

Luke continued mortified in his seat, he still was not sure what to do or say when suddenly Renae began to lean in. Her lips had pressed against his and her tongue invaded his mouth. As she swirled her tongue around all inhibition had been lost in Luke’s brain, her tongue dance rhythmically with his, with each and every swirl Luke became more and more intoxicated. Renae had pulled away, leaving a glistening strand of saliva binding both mouths. She leaned towards Luke’s ear, her breath sending chills down his spine and began to whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32