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Let’s get everything out in the open before I get started with the story. I am a Trans-Woman in her early thirties who transitioned five years ago after years of questioning (I am entirely presenting as a Woman with the exception that I have elected not to remove my, um, them. But those bits aside I am in all intents and purposes, a Woman). Soon after that event, the moment I declared who I am and never looked back, I met Julie. It was early in my new life at that point and flooded with all concerns and difficulties that came with it, but she was aware of what I was going through and was a good friend during that time. The more confident I got in day to day life, the more time I found I wanted to spend with her. She became more than a safety blanket, she became a dependant. Her life, and especially her relationships, had not been going well for well over a decade. Her first adult relationship was soon after she left school when she got pregnant by her boyfriend at the time. She hasn’t told me much about her life back then but while I don’t think it started badly, as the years passed I gather things started getting strained. Around four years later, her partner just up and left her and their son, Zack, alone with no word or explanation. To this day we haven’t heard from him although Julie has not put in much effort to try and track him down, and I’m certainly not going to force the issue. What followed was years of failed relationships largely due to the other half not wanting to invest in a young family; and those that did soon got difficult or sometimes, worse. After a decade, she had enough of it and had given up trying so decided to focus entirely on her son and herself. Then we realised that we could offer each other something we had not been able to get in our lives until now. Herself wanting a relationship which both halves could value (she had long since stop caring about what others thought of her since they did nothing to help during her troubles) and me craving the stability that a family can offer. Now, she had never considered herself a lesbian but had found herself thinking about it a lot during her life, so the difficulties that came with our non-standard relationship were easier to get through than you might think. Before we realised how much time had passed we were settled into a deep relationship and a part of the community. One finer point: I present myself as a woman so to most that is who I am but if I get close to someone or the situation requires it, I will tell them completely about who I am. I am not ashamed or anything like that, it just makes life easier to deal with. If you want an rough idea of what I look like then after doing some searching I would say I look similar to Kylie Maria but with slightly larger breasts to compensate for being taller (over 6ft). I keep a feminine figure, which is beyond difficult, but it helps form part of my identity so it is just a part of my life (and being tall, those feminine attributes do find themselves emphasised).

The following events all started about three years into my relationship with Julie. We live in the countryside where I work as a Delivery Driver (National Company). This means that while an apparent lesbian relationship is some juicy gossip it isn’t as noticeable as you might imagine as I don’t really need to get involved with the local goings on. Julie gets more involved for which I am happy to let her get on with it. Now Zack has been aware that I am a Trans-Woman for just over a year now; Julie and me decided that he was getting more knowledgeable about these sort of things and wanted him to be aware so he is not left in the dark. If left too long then he could end up feeling betrayed by the apparent lack of trust and I did not want to destroy the relationship I had built up with him. He had already reached the age where he was getting into relationships with girls his own age, some of which were hinted to have been sexual so we are relatively confident he has already lost his virginity; so while he was originally apprehensive in finding out about me I would say he came to terms with the discovery pretty maturely by the time he had settled down with the idea. Ultimately it didn’t change much as it didn’t affect his life outside of our home but I will admit he has looked at me differently since. I would say that life was just getting comfortable when lockdown hit. I don’t need to go over what happened as I am sure you all know so to cut it short; me and Julie were being furloughed while Zack was hit by the colleges closing their doors, so we were all at home all day. We all made do so can’t say we had it worse than some but I won’t say it was a breeze either. We had gone from at least having some time in our own privacy to having none, so we got whatever we could get when the opportunity presented itself. I can remember the very moment that accelerated the events of this story: Zack was fast asleep having almost certainly been awake long into the night so Julie and me seized the moment and got intimate. We were in the privacy of our own bedroom but must have not been as subtle as we perhaps could have been. Now we noticed nothing at the time but clues that we had been watched were present afterwards; the door left at a different angle to where we left it, slight smudges (not that!) on the wall where you could imagine fingers were placed and the ultimate giveaway; Zack being unable to behave the same way afterwards. Granted, he was still asleep (or at least appeared to be) when we got dressed afterwards but his mannerisms betrayed him as to his experience. As to the particulars of what he had witnessed, let’s just say I was being the submissive one and in no position to hide my enjoyment. The days after were an odd lot but the uncomfortableness soon subsided, but ever since that event I couldn’t shake how Zack would look at me. Subtle glances when he thought I wasn’t looking, his hands slightly lower when I would hug him, much more exposure to seeing him around the house rather than in his room. To be honest, I rather liked the validation it gave me as a woman so I wasn’t going to stop it but I would still notice it’s rising number of occurrences. It got to a point where I felt it was best for me to talk to Julie about it.

When I spoke to her and mentioned how Zack was starting to be much more attentive to me she initially just laughed it off. I wasn’t offended but made clear that I was being serious and while I wasn’t bothered by it, I did feel she should be aware of it. She took it more seriously after that but still reinforced that it was nothing to worry about. Zack had always been supportive of our relationship and had gotten over the revelation of my sexual identity very well, and I had acted as much of a mother to him as I could be which he had welcomed what with all the instability he had in his life until now. So things continued as they had done, only with Zack being a lot ever-present around me than I had previously been used to. Soon enough lockdown was starting to get eased, not permanently or completely as I am sure you all remember, but it meant that I was able to start working again and Julie was back at the office as well but in a much more erratic schedule. It meant that our time at home was not synced and while some times we were together all day, there was others whereby we would not see each other for maybe a day or two outside of sleep. Zack of course was home all day but starting to get academic work issued to him, so he didn’t have it all easy. This situation continued at it’s odd pace for weeks but it got normalised quicker than you would expect. Some things were still not quite right though, I would notice little oddities like clothes not quite being where I left them or waking up with items not where I thought they were; but I put that down to a mix of the odd life situation we were having to live with and me and Julie coming into the Bedroom at odd times. The situation with Zack though did not abate. Usually I would be able to walk from the shower to the bedroom in just a towel but more and more I would find I accidentally did so at the same time that Zack happened to be going to the kitchen or something like that. I would describe the situation as accelerating and I couldn’t lie to myself, I was finding it exhilarating. To be found attractive in a manner I have never been able to before, it was exciting in ways I never thought I would be able to experience. I didn’t do anything to change my behaviour, I was still his mom even with our non-standard family (I would never put myself in a position to force how he saw me but he had gotten used to calling me mom quite early in mine and Julie’s relationship which was very re-assuring) and I could never rule out that I could have been misinterpreting what had been going on. But things were definitely going on.

I decided it was best to not involve Julie until I could be sure of my suspicions but I had to do something to confirm it. My plan was to lay a trap. Before taking a shower one day, and with Julie out of the house all morning, I re-arranged the mirror in our room to give me a clear line of sight to the bedroom door from the centre of the room. Then I had my shower letting my skin glisten with moisture before loosely wrapping the towel around my body. I walked out and at first felt that I had failed as Zack was nowhere to be seen. Regardless I continued on and moved into my bedroom. Once on my mark I let the towel drop to the floor while doing my best to emphasise my feminine form. I thought I would need more time so spent a few moments pretending canlı bahis to be mulling over what to wear so when I seized the moment to throw a glance to the mirror I was genuinely surprised by what I saw. There he was, Zack, standing in the hall with the door trying it’s best to obscure his presence. I didn’t want to let him know that I had seen him so quickly moved my glance to the towel, immediately moving to pick it back up and wrap it back around my body. It was at that moment that I heard the door open, prompting me to turn and face him.

Zack – “Oh, god, I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to, I mean… I’m sorry!”

Me – “No, no, no; it’s me who should be apologising, I should have been more careful. What did you…?”

Zack – “…I just wanted to know if you were making lunch at all today. I’ve got some work later and wanted to schedule around it.”

Me – “Lunch? Yes, lunch. Of course. I was planning to make something but I could do it whenever you like. What would you like from me?”

Zack – “Like… I mean, I guess whatever you want would be OK.”

Me – “And?”

Zack – “And? You mean…?”

Me – “What time? You said you had some work later.”

Zack – “Oh yes! Ummm… any time before twelve would be great.”

Me – “Perfect, I can rustle something up before then.”

Zack – “Great. I’ll let you… you know… I’ll leave you be.”

Me – “No problem Zack, and sorry about all this.”

Zack – “No, that’s OK. There’s no problem at all.”

Well shit. Just when I thought I had unequivocally caught him the situation changes to what could easily be an innocent mistake. He was at the door but it could have been the initial shock of seeing me, I just couldn’t be sure. I obviously did not mention what happened to Julie but decided to carry on as normal albeit prepared in case Zack did, but surprisingly he appeared to have kept it to himself. If anything, I would say the subtle goings-on started getting more frequent. He didn’t do anything overt around his Mum but he wasn’t being as discreet about it if she was home. It was in the days after that my mixture of excitement and concern reached their highest. If he was seriously checking me out then there was a danger he would do something to alert Julie, but it could all be in my head and he is just getting closer what with him being home all the time now. I also couldn’t ignore the feeling it was giving me; I lusted after the attraction in equal measure with how fearful I was of it. I just had to do something and more and more I was coming to the conclusion that it would need me to talk to Zack. I didn’t want to be blunt with him, if I was wrong then it could change how we were with each other for years to come. I would need to approach the subject in a way that got him to talk about it with me. I remember what it was like at that age and I knew I had to be the one to bring the situation to the fore. Another plan was required.

Now I know Zack wasn’t in a relationship at the time, part of me suspected that all this may have been influenced by that fact, and that the last one had ended rather abruptly. So I decided that if we were to talk about it then the attraction was probably the best place to start. I waited until the next time that Julie was out all day and I was home to enact the plan. After having a shower I walked out (not in a loose towel like before, rather I was wearing a thick bathrobe) and went to knock on Zack’s door. I heard some rustling before eventually hearing him call out that I could come in. When I walked in I could see that he was laying on his bed, leaning up with his lower half under the covers but clearly awake and dressed (or at least a T-Shirt on). I went over and sat on the edge of the bed doing my best to hide my own nervousness of having to talk about things that I have never had to before.

Me – “Zack.”

Zack – “Yes, Mom.”

Me – “I hope you don’t mind me coming in like this.”

Zack – “No, of course not.”

Me – “Good. You know how a shower can allow your mind to get clear enough for you to think about things. The way the water hitting your body cuts out the world around you, it lets you really think. And I’ve been thinking about us.”

Zack – “What do you mean?”

Me – “Well, you know more about me than most of the people in this world and I guess I need to know how you see me. Am I a woman to you, or something else? I don’t want to force you to be uncomfortable in any way so if you don’t want to answer I will understand.”

Zack – “No… I can answer… well, I guess I do. See you as a woman that is. I realise that it is not the same but when I look at you that is what I see.”

Me – “Really?”

I looked straight into his eyes; before that moment I had not built the courage to do so but when I heard the validation in how I present myself onto the world, I did so.

Zack – “Yes Mom. I really do. Absolutely.”

This was fantastic. He saw me how I wanted to be seen. All the little events that led up to this moment could be explained as his hormones leading his brain. I was ecstatic. I hugged him, I couldn’t stop myself. I grabbed the upper half of his body and pulled it close. I felt his cheek on mine, his arms around my body, his hands… well, that was not quite what I was expecting. His hands were lower than usual, much lower. My ass was always very voluptuous, what with all the exercise I have to do, but the bathrobe had done a lot to obscure my outline; at least that was what I told myself as Zack’s hands were unmistakably holding my ass cheeks. I may have been oblivious to it at the beginning as I was lost in my own emotion but before the end I was fully clued in. And in all honestly, I didn’t do anything to stop him. In fact I wanted to see just what he would do. I let the hug continue, perhaps longer than I should have, just to know and sure enough I felt his hands grip onto my body. Not accidentally, not innocently; but intimately. Don’t get me wrong, it was still only enough that it could easily be explained as unintentional but it didn’t matter. It was at the moment of confirmation that I realised that parts of me might not be as effective as hiding my excitement so I broke away from the hug. I thanked him for being honest with me and not just wanting to allay my feelings, while also doing so in a manner so not to display that I was unhappy with how he had held me. I got up and walked out of his room, unashamed at how I let my hips sway to remind any observant that there was a figure underneath the thick fabric of my robe.

The following days were interesting to say the least. I found that I was much less restrictive in how I displayed my body, the body I had worked so hard to maintain. Nothing over the top, obviously, but little things that I would have been more reserved about were now not so impossible. Zack as well was more confident around me. When he hugged me he would hold me tight and if we were on the sofa together he would sit with his legs alongside mine. Little touches that reminded me of how attractive I could be, especially to a man. I didn’t let my relationship with Julie suffer either, if anything I found I was much more riled up and eager to get intimate with her. Then came a fateful weekend. I would be working all Sunday and coming home late while she would be away from very early Monday morning. So what with an erratically timed Saturday it would mean I wouldn’t be seeing her until very late on Monday evening. That Sunday night was a long one. I didn’t want to wake her and ruin her sleep for what would be a busy day for her in the morning, but I was eager to do something. I would eventually get to sleep but by the morning when I woke up and found that she had already left for the day I would find myself wholly unsatisfied. I jumped straight in the shower; I would need to get my mind cleared up and a shower was just the thing, at least it should have been. I had calmed down but it was a fire that was just smouldering and wouldn’t need much to re-ignite. Nevertheless, I went about my usual day as I would when I had it entirely free. It was going very normally until around twelve when I decided to see if Zack wanted anything for lunch. I was wearing tight fitting work-out clothes at the time (long yoga pants with a thick sports bra) as I had been working out throughout all the late morning but I wasn’t worried about how I looked, so I knocked on his door and walked in. He was laying back on his bed but clothed and entirely above the covers, so nothing out of the ordinary. I sat myself on the edge of the bed and looked over to him to meet his eyes with mine.

Me – “So Zack, how is your day going so far?”

Zack – “It’s going alright; working on something that is somewhat hard but I’ll power through it.”

Me – “Ooo, look at you, all confident and self-assured.”

Zack – “Mom…”

Me – “Well Zack. You’re a big, strong lad now. It’s good to see you when you are being all independent and acting on your own initiative. You should always push towards what you want. Speaking of which, I’m going to be getting heated in the kitchen; what would you want from me?”

Zack – “What I want. I… I don’t know if I can.”

Me – “What do you mean?”

Zack – “What I… what would, you, want?”

Me – “Nothing in particular. I’m willing to go with whatever it is you fancy. I’m sure it wouldn’t take too much time to prepare.”

Zack – “Huh? For Lunch! Oh… Wait, I mean. Yes, I guess I am reasonably hungry so could go for something more than bahis siteleri a light snack.”

Me – “I’ll whip up some bacon sandwiches then, seems like the best of both worlds. I’ll be back in a tick.”

I headed for the kitchen to get cooking. I tried my best to focus on the sizzling as the bacon cooked through but I spent the entire time thinking about what transpired. On face value it was nothing but there was an underlying feeling to it. Was he thinking something more about me? Did he want me, all of me, and was just trying to be careful with what he said? My wording wasn’t at all the best, maybe he thought I was genuinely coming on to him; my clothing is doing a good job of presenting my assets, it could easily be misconstrued. If he was, my god, I don’t know how I feel about that. I want it but I am who has most to lose if I am wrong. Or do I want it, I just don’t know. I want to know. I must know. Even if nothing happens I must know. The food was ready so I served it onto a plate and carried it back to Zack’s room. To my astonishment, he was sitting up with his lower half under the covers but his top half-shirtless. It would be easy to misread that but he could just as likely be preparing to jump in the shower and was not quite ready for lunch to be ready (everybody underestimates how quickly bacon sandwiches are made…). He did seem slightly surprised himself and looked at me intently. I walked over and sensed my first opportunity to test his reaction. With no shame, I leant over at the hips, displaying my ample cleavage to his eager gaze, while I placed the plate carefully on the bedside table. Standing back straight I was greeted with the sight of him re-arranging himself to have his knees raised which automatically elicited a wry grin in myself. Job done, I thought.

Me – “Is there anything else you want from me?”

I was greeted with silence but I had gotten the response I wanted so turned on the spot in order to leave the room.

Zack – “Wait. There is something.”

Me – “What is it?”

I turned back and sat myself down on the edge of the bed now freed up by him bunching up, letting my pert behind fall gracefully down while I lowered my hand to reach out to his.

Zack – “I… Ummm… could you look away for a second, I think it would be easier for me if you did.”

Me – “OK… but why?”

Zack – “Please.”

Me – “OK, OK.”

I turned to look at the door. Sure there was things I suspected but I didn’t allow any of my thoughts to impact my expectations and obeyed his request. Next, I could feel how he was getting out of the bed. Now he was shuffling to move behind me. The tension was insurmountable. This could be anything; from the benign to the wild. I was completely at his mercy. Soon my myriad of predictions were narrowed down as, after a clear yet audible exhale, I felt his hands fall onto my shoulders.

Me – “Zack. What was it you…”

Zack – “I want… you.”

Me – “Me, you mean…”

Zack – “…Yes.”

Me – “Wow… I don’t know quite… I mean, I’m flattered but you know we can’t…”

Zack – “I’m not talking in a serious way, I don’t want anything to change but… I find I have been thinking about you more and more, all of you. And I…”

Me – “But… you do remember I am…”

Zack – “Yes. And it doesn’t change anything. I still want you, if only once.”

Me – “Zack… I don’t know what…”

We sat there, the tension making seconds feel like hours. The next action, the next uttered word, would decide how everything changes from this moment onwards. I played out every scenario in my head, every sordid action and it’s eventual consequences. What I wanted, what he wanted, everything would hinge on what I said next.

Me – “This needs to stay between us.”

Zack – “… yes.”

Me – “It can only happen this one time. Julie must never find out, no-one can.”

Zack – “Absolutely.”

Me – “If there is anything you are hesitant about then you are the one in control, I am not going to make you do anything that you don’t want to.”

Zack – “I understand.”

Me – “I am going to turn around now.”

Zack just gave out an audible confirmation noise but it was enough for me to act. I stood up quickly but intently and made the turn that would change my life irrevocably. Before me for the first time in my entire life was Zack, not the Zack I had known these last three years but a new form of him. He was sitting back with his knees spread and eyes looking directly at me, waiting my next move. My eyes dropped to look at what I had always suspected. There was the thing that had been deciding his actions for him in substantial form, and it greeted me with a rising eagerness. He was respectably large down there, while realistically proportioned it was certainly something to be proud of; and most importantly it was rock hard already bursting for what was to come. I smiled, a wave of euphoria surging within me as a host of inner-conflicts and worries all amalgamated into a single overriding desire. Without moving my gaze I reached around and pulled the Velcro holding my assets in place, the sound of it’s separation echoing as if heralded to all concerned. I let my sports bra fall to the floor, my amply paid-for bosom displayed in glorious form. Zack was in awe of them, enraptured by their size and frame. My breasts were always one of my chief concerns so I had put a lot of effort into how they looked, and the effect was magnanimous. With Zack completely under my guidance, I stepped towards him.

Me – “Lay back.”

He did so, nervous but eager. I knew I needed to loosen him up otherwise he would not be able to focus on the task at hand so I dropped down alongside him, his naked body waiting for my action. He was clearly nervous but it came from inexperience, especially from this sort of sexual relationship, so I could understand. I would not let him know that I was just as nervous inside; my heart beating hard like it was trying to escape my earthly constraints. I moved my hand first and placed is outstretched onto his chest; merely testing the waters but making the first movement towards alleviating his tension. While continuing to let my hand glide down his torso, my palm turning into fingertips as his form played to my tune, I looked into his eyes as I tried to ascertain what he was thinking. My fingers were almost at his most private regions when I stopped; not to halt the act but rather to judge whether he was truly ready to move to the next stage of the performance. His eye’s while nervous were in complete agreement. With my confirmation I pushed my hand down on the lower part his torso, not hard or painfully but with enough force to have my entire hand in contact with his body. Now his mind turned its attention to the feeling of someone activating a wealth of nerve endings in close proximity to his nether regions; and in that moments distraction I pounced. I threw my lips down onto his and kissed him with unrestrained lust. At first he was unresponsive but the combined feeling of lips on his and my hand on his body drove his animal instincts into overdrive and soon he was joining me in an unabated make-out session. I could feel every barrier in his mind that was holding back his own desires fall as our lips danced together. I don’t know how long it was but I soon reached the moment I felt was right to move forward. While still kissing intently I let my hand continue its journey down his form before it reached the trunk of his appreciation. With my unseen target in contact I let my fingers grasp their prey. It was monumentally hard and well sized for me to get my fingers around it. I could tell he was fully on board with my action so I let my hands do what they were well-trained to do. We kissed with all our respective attraction surging out of us while my hands stroked his manhood with equal desire. He couldn’t tell but if he could see it then he would know that I was just as hard in the heat of the moment as he was. Feeling the time was right I parted our lips and sat back up above him. I knew that if we were going to do what it would appear he wanted to do, then he would need to be well lubricated. I didn’t say anything; just let him take in the surge of arousal while looking at my feminine form. I let myself look back at his manhood and it was no less yearning for what was to come. After letting the saliva build up in my mouth I moved to the end of the bed and laid down between his legs. Pulling myself up I laid there with head raised above his erection; my breasts pressed against his inner thighs and hands moving to grip his butt cheeks. With eye’s peeking under their lashes I took one last look at him staring down at me, giving him the opportunity to stop me, but I could see there was no chance of that so I plunged downwards and took his entire phallus into my mouth. I could hear his heavy moan break through his nerves as the feeling of having his hard cock encapsulated with velvet warmth overwhelmed him. I sucked him completely, letting my lips cover every inch of his shaft. My tongue explored as much of his manhood as it could as I lubricated his phallus entirely. While extravagant in act I did not want to force his completion so did not spend too much time pleasuring him this way even though my enjoyment was such that I could have spent an eternity doing so. With the job done I sat back up and gazed down on the form of someone in extreme yearning to take me, all of me. I got back off the bed and turned around, and in a single slow maneuver bahis şirketleri put my hands on my yoga pants and pulled them down along my frame. I did so extenuating the voluptuousness of my well-formed ass; presenting a prize for his accomplishments. Completely naked now I backed onto the bed with legs wide and head leaned back. I did not want to scare him so I did not force my package into view but greedy eyes could see it peaking out if they wanted to. Zack however knew exactly what he wanted. He got up on the bed and gripped hold of my hips which excited me no end in anticipation for what he was going to do to me. I couldn’t see him but my minds-eye displayed everything in vivid colour. Then, with anticipation reaching fever pitch, I felt it.

It had been a long time since I had had sexual relations with a man. I wouldn’t describe myself as Bi-Sexual but let’s just say that arousal tends to blur the lines with regards to my sexual attraction. There was certainly no doubt as to my inclinations when I felt his rock hard cock press up against my buttocks. He was being gentle as he got used to the idea; his hard shaft bouncing across my firm cheeks as he steeled himself. Part of me wanted to turn to see the sexual act through my own eyes but the feeling and touch painted all the picture I required. Then came the first forays into the pre-emptive acts before crossing that last line. Little more than puckered kisses at first, while I could feel his desire I could tell he just needed the final reassurance to complete the act. I would have done so regardless but I let out an erotic moan signalling my desire for his contribution; this was exactly what was needed to signal him to take the plunge. I felt his rod pushing against me with all the intent needed so I did my best to accommodate it. He was large and while he was well lubricated I needed to dilate to ease him in. I don’t know how aware he was of this but it was irrelevant because as soon as the head got in the rest of his shaft penetrated effortlessly. There we were, connected in a way that would never had been envisioned before. I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a moan as I felt him glide his entire manhood into my body. We stayed there, bodies pressed up against each other, until we were ready to move forward. As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t going to be the first one to start moving; it was important that Zack was the first to act. Fortunately, I did not need to wait long. I might have been gripping on him tightly but his hardness was not something to be restrained. I felt him slowly withdraw his phallus without leaving me completely before forcing his manhood back into me. He was taking me for his own, his thrusts; forthright and animal-like. I can’t say how long we were at it, only that I revelled in how he took me as his prize. Gripping my hips as he rammed his phallus into me, withdrawing only to allow his arousal to be sated once more. I knew he would not last long but my own satisfaction was beyond my expectations. There was a wealth of carnal acts I could have performed but I wanted to keep our sex pure as it was our first time together; but saying that I was more than happy to remain a vessel for his desires. While he was still thrusting hard into me I felt a hand start reaching along my body. I was far too fired up for hesitation so twisted my body to lean an arm back to grab his, then pulled it forward to grip onto my ample breast. The sensual overload of having him pounding hard into my ass while he was massaging my breasts with his manly grip was almost too much to bear. My sexual gratification was getting close to a climax of its own but I didn’t want to risk firing off my own result, but I did not need to worry. I could hear how he was near completion let alone feel how his pounding accelerated to meet his demand. Not wanting to allow any hesitation I gave him the window he needed.

Me – “Do it, Zack. Fill me.”

The words were all that he needed. I felt a final few more powerful thrusts before the last one pitched itself inside me at its full length. I could feel every contraction fire a load as deep as it could into my person, the repetition seemingly endless. With the final load being deposited inside of me he fell down upon my back, exhausted. I was practically edged myself but held on the best I could; this was all about Zack after all. When I felt him recover to the point he could remove himself from me, he did so; still hard but starting to soften. This was arguably the most important moment, when clarity arrives with magnificent force. So, while remaining on all fours, I turned to face him. He was clearly sexually gratified but starting to realise the magnitude of what happened so I pulled him towards me and kissed him hard. It was not the same as the kiss that started this event but meaningful in a different way. Certainly the feel of my lips on his and my breasts thrusting into his chest provided a proper book-end for which to summarise our lust-fuelled act. When the moment was right I pulled away from him and looked deeply into his eyes.

Me – “Zack. I hope that was everything you wanted it to be.”

Zack – “It was amazing.”

Me – “I’m glad, it was incredible for me too. But I hope you remember that this was a one time thing; that you understood.”

Zack – “… yes, I remember. It’s not because of me?

Me – “No! You were astonishing and I can safely say that I have not felt something like that for a very long time; but we need to be able to carry on.”

Zack – “Yes, of course. I still love you the same as I did before, I always will.”

Me – “And I love you too, Zack. I will treasure what we did together, always. In any case, I think I need to jump in the shower; I’ll speak to you later, Zack.”

With that I felt that our relationship was still strong, so I grabbed my clothes and went to leave the room before turning at the door.

Me – “Always, Zack.”

And so I went straight to the shower and got myself in. It is safe to say that I came within five minutes after such an intense love making session but with all the purifying water flowing over me I was able to clean myself up as good as new. It has only been a few days since that fateful weekend. I still think about it vividly. Zack has kept up his side of the agreement, not only keeping our act between ourselves but also calming down around me in general. I don’t know quite how the rest of the year will play out though. Part of me wants to carry on with our illicit activities; part of me thinks it is best to let it remain a singular event, whether to not lose its significance or to maintain the status quo. I do get the feeling that Zack wants to but I don’t know. Julie remains the most important person in my world and always will but maybe I should let this part of my life happen, in secret. Could it stay as what it is? Could things be as electric as how they started? Could I get everything and lose nothing? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

And that’s the story. Now I am going to be talking shop about the story itself so if you don’t want to hear about it, if you are happy leaving the story as its own self-contained entity, if you prefer to not know more than what is written before you, if you realise I am intentionally padding this out to give you a chance to stop reading; then I will talk further about the story itself in the following paragraph.

In all honesty I wrote this story in a day (and I’m sure it shows…). The theme I might have had in my head for a while but the wording is entirely within 24 hours (with some obvious tidying up afterwards). Not including the Title which I took longer to come to than the story itself and I’m still not happy with it; it feels like asking yourself to write what happened last Tuesday and then trying to give it a title other than “Last Tuesday”. Back on subject, the main reason I wrote this at all is because I am working on a different story and I am unhappy with the characterisation in it so thought it would be a good idea to try a completely different story to test my ability, and as that story has no sexual element in it at all then this one being all about the sexual element made sense. As this is my first ever story of this type you’ll have to excuse some irregularities about it (or don’t, can’t make you do anything, obviously). Not just the obvious ones; like that if it was real then I would expect an enema and Vaseline to be involved, or that the attraction is a bit forced, but also the subtle ones like how the protagonist changes her reasoning during the conversation without explanation (to be fair that point would probably be better explained visually). Incidentally, you’ll notice that the main character doesn’t have a name; I did this to make it better to self-insert but also to have her remain the first-person narrator. In fact, I intentionally left a lot of details vague or hinted at so that you reading it can fill in the blanks without ruining the story, maybe even contributing with your own imagination. If you want to download the story and change names around then the Replace function will do a good job of that. Zack is only ever referred to as Zack and Julie is only ever referred to as Julie. I also only have Zack call Julie “Mum” and the main character “Mom” to provide a distinction (and stop me having to give her a name). I have no idea how people will take to the story itself so if you like it then that would be great, and if you think it was a load of shit then that is reasonable as well, but if you orgasm from it or get aroused in general then that would be amazing. I know some stories can evoke such a feeling and to think that my story can do the same then, well, that’s quite the achievement!

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