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This chapter is a continuation of the Hawaiian trip. RecHiker and I have continued the stories of the celebration on the day after the wedding. It is a pleasure to be working with RecHiker again after his medically induced hiatus. He has edited this several times. (I don’t learn too fast) Thank You, RecHiker!

I readily admit that I am an amateur. If you are looking for a perfectly written masterpiece, you will NOT like this story. There are literary deficiencies. I try to keep them to a minimum, but the errors slip through.

This story is a work of fiction. The people, places and events are created in the warped recesses of my imagination. A few of the items that my characters use do, in fact, exist. However, they may or may not be capable of the things I have them do. (creative license?)

This story contains descriptions of graphic sexual situations. All of the imaginary characters in this story are of an appropriate age to do the things I have them doing. There are not as many graphic sexual descriptions as many of the authors on this site include in their stories. I prefer to develop my characters in a more realistic fashion. (I think it’s realistic.)

Thanks for reading my story. Five-star ratings are appreciated, as are constructive suggestions. Please bear in mind that this is in fact my story. If you think you can write a better one, please do one of your own.

Marsh woke up with a now familiar weight on his torso. There was also a familiar comfortable feeling wrapped around his morning wood. She was still asleep, but Becca’s pussy didn’t seem to know that, or just didn’t care. Her vaginal muscles were actively contracting around Marsh’s cock. The feeling was heavenly. Becca’s pussy was still very tight. As it contracted in waves, Marsh’s cock seemed to expand and contract to maximize the contact with Becca’s vaginal walls. Marsh wouldn’t last long at this rate.

Marsh really tried to keep still and quiet, but even though Becca’s assault was involuntary, it was extremely pleasurable. Marsh could not help himself. His body responded completely on its own. Marsh’s hips began to rock in time with the contractions of Becca’s pussy. Becca’s hips followed suit in a short time.

Becca began to moan softly as she woke up. “Mmmmmmarsh. This is so nice.” She whispered. “Marsh, I love you, and I love waking up here on top of you.” Her hands slipped up on each side of Marsh’s face. Her thumbs momentarily caressed his lips, but were quickly replaced with her own lips. The kisses were soft and light at first, but as if they were inside each other’s head, Marsh and Becca’s mouths opened and their tongues brushed each other’s teeth, then worked their way deeper until the duel seemed to reach deep enough to polish tonsils.

Neither Wendy nor Trish had a chance to sleep through the activity going on between them. They woke up and watched for just a few seconds before they both had to get up and hurry to the bathroom to pee. They took turns on both the toilet and the bidet before Trish took Wendy’s hand and led her to the side of the bed where Trish had been sleeping.

Marsh and Becca were oblivious to who was in the room or what they were doing.

Trish guided Wendy onto the bed in a supine position. She crawled down and spread Wendy’s legs, placing one of Wendy’s calves over Marsh’s leg, and the other halfway off the big bed. Trish then crawled between Wendy’s thighs and proceeded to kiss from one side of her pubic area to the other.

Stopping momentarily, Trish lifted her head and remarked, “I know I can’t compete with Marsh’s wonderful, hard, hot cock, but I think I can at least give you a fun ride on my fairly experienced face.” With that she went back to work on pleasuring Wendy’s pussy.

Becca’s breathing was becoming labored and uneven as her level of pleasure began to peak. “Oh Marsh,” she moaned. “Oooohh Marsh!” Her hips lifted until Marsh’s cockhead was just in her pussy, then Becca crashed down on Marsh like a falling pallet of clay roofing tiles. Her pussy contracted around Marsh’s cock spastically, squeezing and releasing it while the tip of his cock rested at her cervix.

Becca lay still on Marsh’s abdomen and chest. Her breathing was deep and irregular. Her eyes were closed. Her pussy clenched around Marsh’s still hard cock. As she rested her breathing began to return to a more regular pattern, and her eye lids began to flutter.

It took Becca over five minutes to return to a normal breathing pattern. When she could speak she whispered, “Oh Marsh! You really know how to make me feel good. I can’t speak for my mother or anyone else, but you have me addicted. I don’t need anyone else. Wendy, I don’t know how long he will last, but if you want a ride on this stallion, I know you will get to ride the best.”

Having said that, Becca rolled off of Marsh leaving a place for either Wendy or Trish to climb on, or allowing Marsh to get up bakırköy escort and mount one of them.

“Oooohh Becca!” Wendy replied. “I’d love to get a ride, but I’ll defer to your mom. This is her honeymoon. Not mine. Thank you though. You sure looked like my friend Becky with Marsh. They fit each other perfectly. It was always a pleasure to watch them together. Being here watching you is a perfect way to wake up.”

Trish lifted her face from Wendy’s soaked pussy. “Wendy,” she said. “My honeymoon is far from over. It started before the wedding ceremony we had yesterday, and I expect it to continue for a long time. You have to go home this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. I’m going to stay with Marsh wherever he is. You go ahead and enjoy a few of the minutes you have here. I’ll get lots more time than you will take up.”

“Oh Trish!” Wendy responded. “You truly are a wonderful lady. Sharing like you are doing makes me think our Becky must have inherited her generous personality. I miss her, but you and Becca are surely going to ease the pain. I can easily see why Marsh is recovering so well. Thank you both for bringing my friend back from his agony.”

While Wendy was speaking, Trish was moving out of her way, and Wendy rolled towards Marsh. She bent her right knee and lifted herself up and placed her left knee on the bed, between Marsh and Becca.

Marsh used his left hand to gently pull Trish up to a place where he could hold her close and kiss her. It was a light loving kiss to begin with. It progressed to a very passionate open mouth scorcher as Wendy lowered her hot, wet pussy over Marsh’s hot cock.

“Trish my love,” Marsh spoke softly. “You truly are a wonderful woman. I learned it the Friday night that I met you. You have only reinforced that fact each day since then. I love Wendy, and I consider myself blessed to have friends like her, and now I have not just one, but two wives that are beginning to love her as well. Thank you sweetheart.”

Wendy had lowered herself on Marsh till he was completely imbedded in her love tunnel. Trish had already warmed Wendy up, and she was hot and wet. Marsh felt only the tightness of Wendy’s vaginal muscles as she enveloped him.

Like Becca and Trish usually did, Wendy rocked her hips a little to get all of Marsh into her, and then she lay still, basking in the feeling of fullness.

Just before Becky had been killed, Wendy had had an affair that had resulted in her pregnancy. She had chosen to keep the baby, even when the man who had fathered the child had insisted that she have an abortion. He told her it would be a cold day in hell before he would support either a wife or a child.

The guy had been a physician in a nearby town. Marsh and a couple of Marsh’s friends had visited the hospital where the guy practiced. The guy had lost his privileges at that hospital, and had been forced to move to another state to find work.

After the birth of her son, Wendy had been on Depo-Provera shots to avoid the possibility of another accident, but Wendy had not been with another man since then. Now as she rested on top of Marsh her pussy danced to the same song as Becca’s and Trish’s did. Her involuntary muscle contractions started small and inconspicuously. Her body seemed to have its own agenda, and soon she was rocking her hips and rising and falling on Marsh’s hard cock.

It didn’t take long before Wendy’s breathing became ragged and her subtle moans of pleasure turned into erotic expressions of sexual bliss. Wendy was not what anyone would call a screamer, but anyone within the room where she was or in the hallway just outside the open door would know she was building to a mind bending climax.

With Wendy pumping her hot love tunnel around Marsh’s cock, he was reaching a climax as well. Becca had almost driven him to the peak of pleasure. Now Wendy was about to finish him off. “I’m gonna cum.” Marsh exclaimed with labored breath.

“Oh Marsh!” Wendy replied. “Do it! Give me your cum. I’ve needed this for four years.”

Marsh’s hips thrust up as Wendy’s fell to impale him as deep as she could. He exploded deep in her hot tunnel and Wendy’s vaginal muscles tightened in a cock crushing clamp around him. Wendy felt shot after shot of Marsh’s hot love juice splash deep inside her while her body was racked with the throws of pleasure.

Beside them Marsh and Wendy began to be aware of the moans of pleasure coming from both Becca and Trish. “Oh my God,” breathed Trish. “You guys are an awesome sight to watch, too.” Trish had two fingers buried in her own pussy, and her body was still shaking from the climax she had experienced.

Becca had two of her fingers buried in her love tunnel and her thumb was still lightly strumming across her clit. “I can see we are going to have to have you around more when you move closer.” She told Wendy. “You’re good with my husband. I haven’t watched anything that stimulating since Sue beşiktaş escort rode him at the ranch, the day after I had my first ride.”

“Marsh,” Becca continued. “I love you, and I love the way you make love to our friends. I feel like you are making love to me through them. I know that sounds corny, but it’s how I feel. Thank you for giving yourself to me Marsh. And thank you Wendy for being our friend.”

“I have to admit,” Wendy replied. That was, or is your sister and Marsh’s fault. They were and are so darn easy to be friends with. Oh yeah, and his talented tongue and cock haven’t done anything to dampen our friendship. Trish, your tongue is quite talented as well. Thanks for warming me up! Between you and Marsh, I’ve had a superb morning already.”

When Wendy was finished speaking all four of them lay quietly, just enjoying the closeness of their unity.

After about five minutes, Marsh heard Leyanni, Terri, and Jimmy walk by the door, and proceed down the hallway. “Maybe we should get up and showered.” Marsh said. “We may want to participate in at least some of the activities down at the resort today, eh?”

There were some groans and moans, before Wendy spoke. “Becca,” she began. Last night, well actually earlier this morning, I wondered how you would be able to go to sleep up here. I don’t wonder any more. Your man is an extremely comfortable place to rest. I could get hooked.”

“Oooohh no! Don’t even think about it!” Becca and Trish replied simultaneously. Trish continued. “Any time Becca isn’t there, that spot in mine!” Becca laughed as her mom told Wendy the pecking order. “Remember that I deferred to you, JUST this once. It may or may not happen again, but that remains to be determined at a future time.”

“In case you had any doubts,” Becca added. “We’re both pretty well hooked on resting on this superb sleeping spot, and you’ll have to take your turn when it’s available.”

From the hallway another voice joined the conversation. “And you’ll find there is a long list to fit into.” Marguarita stepped to the doorway as she spoke. “I know, that you know, I am part of this man’s haram, as well. I get my ride when Becca and Trish allow others to share that stud pony, too.”

“Feeeeel the love! Marsh drawled. “It sure is comforting to know I serve a useful purpose.” He added. “Now I think I should get cleaned up and see if I can find some nourishment so I can continue to hold up my end of this arrangement.”

Trish rolled off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. Becca rolled off the other side and followed her. Both of them were laughing. “Hey Mama!” Becca called. You want to join us in the shower? I’ll make sure you get nice and clean.”

“I think I will, at that.” Marguarita responded, as she walked into the bathroom with her “daughters-in-law.”

Marsh lifted himself and Wendy with his legs, and moved them both to the side of the bed where Becca had just exited. Then he stood up with Wendy still impaled and made his way into the shower. He deposited Wendy on the toilet as he walked into the bathroom, and walked over to place a warm kiss on Mita’s lips.

“Good Morning,” he said when he backed away from her. “I’m happy to see you this morning. You’re looking beautiful this morning, but that’s nothing new, is it?

Wendy finished using the toilet and moved to the bidet. Marsh lifted the seat and peed in the toilet before he joined Becca, Trish, and Marguarita, in the shower. It was really convenient that Jimmy had built huge showers in his Hawaiian home. When Wendy joined them there were five people in the shower, using four of the six shower heads.

The shower lasted much longer than it took to get the five bodies squeeky clean, but there was no shortage of fun under the warm water. When they were finished playing in the water the five clean bodies stepped out and toweled each other dry. Another process that could have taken a lot less time, but would not have been nearly as much fun if it had.

Trish led the happy group out of the bathroom and into the hallway. She was followed by Wendy, then Becca, Marguarita and finally Marsh. There was a lot of happy conversation, with each of them contributing mostly their enjoyment of the activities of this busy weekend, so far.

Becca headed into the kitchen to get some drinks for the group. She knew what everybody in the core group wanted, without asking. She did turn and ask Wendy what she would like. Wendy told her she would really like a cup of coffee, but since she knew Marsh didn’t do coffee she would settle for whatever Becca brought her. She was pleasantly surprised when Becca loaded the Keurig coffee maker, and the smell of a fresh cup quickly wafted through the morning air.

It didn’t take long before other barely awake people began to wander out of the bedrooms and towards the smell of the fresh coffee. Becca stayed at the counter by the machine and produced cup after beylikdüzü escort cup of the popular wake up drink. Jimmy had a good selection of different varieties, so each individual had several choices.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes everyone who had slept at Jimmy’s house managed to drag themselves out of bed, and join the happy group of semi-awake folks in the kitchen/family room of Jimmy’s big home.

Marsh turned to look at the always beautiful Terri Powell Morrison. “So Terri,” Marsh asked. “Now that you’ve got your boss married off, do you think you can take a little time to just enjoy the amenities my resort manager has arranged for you to use? As I recall, Dan brought you over here to have a little rest and relaxation. My resort manager gives me the impression that you’ve worked as hard as any of her employees, and even harder than most.”

“Marsh,” Leyanni interrupted. “This girl is worth any two employees I’ve ever had. She can really get things done. I hope I can get her to come over here a few times a month, for just a day or two at a time, so I can show her how to relax on the beach in Hawaii.”

Now Terri got a chance to respond. “Marsh,” she said. “I have really enjoyed being here and working with Leyanni. It’s fun to be in paradise and be doing things that you enjoy, with someone who appreciates what you are contributing. Watching you, Becca, Trish, Dan, Beth, and Kim unite two families in the kind of love I’ve only known for a short time, is more than enough of a reward, for what little I’ve done in the last two days.”

“And to add to that feeling the safety and love that all of you have shown to Hanna and me is almost overwhelming. I feel more loved and safer than I’ve ever felt in my life. You all are just wonderful!”

Terri’s voice was soft, and to those in the room, it sounded full of emotion.

Marsh was sitting on a love seat, with Trish on one side, and Becca on the other. Terri started to get up from the chair she was sitting in. “Becca,” Terri questioned. “May I join you and Marsh?” She was walking slowly towards them as Becca replied.

“Of course you may Terri. You may sit on my lap, Marsh’s lap, or a combination of either or both. I would bet my mother would agree with that sentiment as well.” Trish was nodding her head affirmatively as Becca spoke.

Marsh lifted his arms. “But first, Terri, I want you on my lap so that I can give you a hug. I’m big on the touchy feely stuff, and you look like you can use all the touchy feely you can get.” Marsh said softly, and pulled Terri close to his chest as she lowered herself onto his legs and snuggled tightly into his arms.

“Oh Becca,” Terri purred. “Your man can really make a girl feel safe and secure. You got yourself a really good man.”

“And Terri,” Trish joined the conversation. “You can get that feeling almost any time you want it. To you, Becca and I will make him available whenever. I know that the Morrisons have already taken good care of you, but we want to extend your security zone. You call or just show up. We’re available.”

Terri closed her eyes, and Marsh could feel her relax deeply.

“Terri,” Marsh went on. “The gate code you have for the gate at the Morrison estate will work at our front gate as well. Anytime you want to come up to Jimmy’s house or our house, or if you just want to go up to the lake for some quiet time. You feel free to come on over, open the gate and make yourself at home.”

Terri sat up a little and looked curiously at Marsh. “Your front gate? Jimmy’s house? Your house? The lake? Marsh, I have no idea where any of that is. I have heard you and Becca talk about us being neighbors, but I’ve never seen your house, nor do I have a clue where your driveway is. Having a code for your gate is pretty much pointless until I know where to use it.” Terri laughed. “Hey! Wait just a minute. How do you know my gate code?”

Now it was Jimmy’s turn to join the conversation. “Terri,” Jimmy said. “First let me assure you you’re your gate code is safe. Marsh owns the monitoring company that Ted Johnson uses. We knew your gate code when you first got it programmed. Now, why don’t you come with me? I’ll pull up a satellite feed and show you everything you need to know, from right here in my home office. If any of the rest of you want to see a little demonstration of Turner Security capabilities you’re welcome to join us as well.”

The San Bernardino County LEOs were quick to get up and join Jimmy and Terri as he led her to the door to a set of stairs that went into the underground safe rooms built into the side of the hill both under and behind Jimmy’s house.

Marsh and several others already knew what Jimmy was going to show them. Rick was the only person in the group that had physically been in Jimmy’s Hawaiian safe room, but Marsh and Becca knew enough about what they had at home to know what Jimmy would show Terri, John, and Paul.

Jimmy led the way down a well-lighted stairway and pushed some well concealed buttons that opened some heavy steel doors. When they were all in the ready room, Jimmy showed them around the whole place. The kitchen, living room, hallway and bedrooms were all brightly lit and the air was fresh with a very comfortable temperature.

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