a new Mistress 4

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The week between Thursday’s had become agonizing. Weekends no longer mattered. All I could think of was a couple of hours on Thursday nights with Mistress Natasha.

I rushed to her house and tore my clothes off, leaving them in a pile in her foyer. I burst into her living room, thinking she was in the bedroom, and froze. She was sitting on the sofa. For some reason I placed my hands in front of my dick and balls and shepishly looked at her. She smiled at me and shook her head.

“Covering up? Surprised?”

“Yes…no!” I dropped my hands to my sides, “A little surprised Mistress….”

“Come to me pet.”

I slowly walked to her and waited for her command. She pointed at her left bullet nipple, “Kiss Mommy right here.” I leaned in and kissed her nipple, following her command I kissed her right nipple. She put her foot against my balls and pushed me away from her. “Want to suck my Goddess tits?”

“Ye…yes Mistress.”

“Want to fondle and suck and lick my Goddess tits?”

“Oh, yesss Goddess!”

“Not yet bitch!” She pounced like a big cat and smacked my semi-erect dick. I moaned at the sharp pain and whimpered at being teased. My dick shrank and my warm balls hung lower than my stinging penis.

She squeezed my balls and hissed at me, “Naughty little bo…no, naughty little girl.” I cringed and my knees slightly buckled from the grip she had on my balls. “You’re my sissy birch and will do what I say.”

I grimaced as she tightened her grip and nodded my head, “Ye…yes Mis…Mistress.”

She squeezed my balls harder and I dropped to my knees, her thick, hard cock at my mouth oozing pre-cum. Her heavy balls gently swayed. I was mesmerized. “Kiss it!”

I bent forward and kissed her glistening slit, her sticky pre-cum teased my lips. “Use your tongue!”

I ran my tongue up and down her pee-slit and she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her balls, “Kiss them too panty-boy!” I obeyed and smothered her balls with kisses. Her moans seemed to match my kisses to her balls, “Yes…good…girl…kiss…Mommy’s…balls….”

She pulled my head up and shoved her cock into my mouth. I looked up at her, my mouth full with her cockhead oozing pre-cum, “You look soooo good like that pet…m-m-m-m…suck Mommy’s cock….” I slowly began sucking on her mushroom head. A loud aaahhhh escaped from her.

She pulled out and commanded me to my hands and knees. I fel her kneel behind me and felt the cool of KY being applied to my asshole. I froze for a moment thinking we again were going to play agony & ecstasy. She slide a finger up my ass, “Not to worry pet. Tonight we play a different game.”

She added a finger and moved them like scissors, opening my asshole. She removed her fingers and I felt her cock press against my asshole, she pushed and I moaned as my asshole closed around the headof her cock. She spread my ass-cheeks wide and pushed about seven incehes of her cock up my ass. I moaned and bent forward putting my head on the carpet, sticking my ass higher in the air, “Oh yes, that’s it..good little slut. You love my cock up your ass.”

“Yes Goddess, I love your cock up my ass.”

“Say it!”

“Please Goddess…please fuck my ass! Please Goddess Natasha! Please ram your cock up my ass! Please please fuck my ass!”


“Yes, please Mommy! Please fuck my ass Mommy!”

I could feel her grin as she began to slowly fuck my ass. In and out until her entire cock was buried up my ass. Pounding my prostate. I felt her balls slap against my ass. Her whole 12″ cock up my ass, i thought the head of her cock would pop out of my mouth!

She gently smacked my ass-cheeks, “Tonight (slap! slap!) we are going to (slap! slap!) play (slap! slap!, slap! slap!) keep the cock!”

“Here’s how it works: I will give you 10 slaps on each cheek. You will make sure my cock stays buried in your ass. If you pull away and my cock falls out of your ass you get two extra slaps on each cheek! Got it?” SLAP! SLAP!

My ass was stinging, my asshole tightened and loosened around her massive cock. I nodded my head, “Yess Mistrees!”

She pulled her cock half way out of my ass. My right ass-cheek stung from her blow, then my left cheek, right, left, right, right, left, left! My ass was on fire. I could feel her reach back for a roundhouse blow. Her hand came downhard on my right cheek. I yelped and dove forward and her cock popped out of my ass.

“Awwww, poor little sissy!” She grabbed my hips and shoved half her cock back up my ass. i moaned and bent forward. Her hand came down hard on my left cheek and I jerked forward, again her cock popped out of my ass.

She cackled, “Poor little baby! can’t keep Mommy’s cock up her ass” She shoved half her cock back up my ass. Two gaziantep escort hard slaps set my right ass-cheek on fire, by the second slap on my left cheek I had pushed my ass against her cock so hard I nearly knocked her over. I had her cock buried balls deep up my ass, she was laughing and my ass was on fire!

She counted off the remained of my spanking, thrusting her cock up my ass with each slap. She finally grabbed my hips, jammed her cock up my ass, I couldn’t believe i hadn’t cum yet, and she filled my ass with endless loads of her hot cum. She pulled out of my ass and made me suck the cum amd ass juice from her cock.

She commanded me to lie on my back. She stood above me and grinned down at me, “Wanna cum my little slut pet?”

“Yes! Oh yes Goddess, please let me cum!”

“Well, you have been a good little girl, haven’t you?”

“Yes! Yes I have!” I couldn’t believe it, but i enjoyed all the names she called me. “Please Goddess…Mommy, please let me cum….”

“I think you deserve a reward.” She sat on my dick. Sat right down on me and told me to fuck her! I fucked her for all I was worth! I rammed my dick up her ass and we moaned and groaned and I finally filled her ass with my cum. When our breathing finally regulated and my dick shrank from her ass she scooched up to my face, stuck her asshole on my mouth and, “Clean me slut! Clean my ass that you made dirty! Clean my ass!”

I tried to press my head through the floor. I opened my mouth and ate all my cum from her ass. “There, there pet, good girl. Eat mommy’s ass.”

I went home and slept like a baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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