A New Mistress for Lexi 03

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—- Brittany —-

Brittany went home from the mall feeling more relaxed than she had in weeks. It had been a great idea to call Lexi. As Brittany had always suspected, the girl was bi and submissive. Brittany had not realized, though, that the girl was a complete horndog, and desperate for any attention at all.

It was perfect. Brittany, truthfully, wasn’t enjoying married life. Her husband was perfect as far as looks – he could easily be cast as the cliche Marine guy running around on TV with no shirt on, or naked for that matter. The man was solid as a rock and she did enjoy, at the beginning, running her nails over all his angles.

He kept the bills paid up, the kitchen stocked, her nails done, and her closet filled with the season’s latest. He was supportive in everything she did. He paid her gym membership, her yoga classes, her swim club fees, and anything else she asked.

He asked little in exchange, in his eyes. In hers, he was asking all too much. She was not allowed to have a steady job, although she had gotten away with doing a few photo shoots as long as they remained tasteful. She could not have male friends, and all of her female friends were scrutinized carefully.

Sex was boring. He wanted the same things, over and over, and he only liked things she classified as “horrendously boring.” HE would never have allowed her a female in their room, he would not have had sex with her at the mall, in his office, or ever outside the bedroom. The movie theater thing with Lexi could never have happened between Brittany and him. She had grown to hate it.

Finally, he’d had the nerve to bring up having a BABY. An actual baby.

“Adopt one?” She’d asked in horror.

“No, have one,” he’d smiled back like it was completely normal.

“I’m a model,” she said to him. Her voice hung in the air between them, and then disappeared into the recesses of their nice, big house leaving the rest unsaid: “My body is everything.”

Lexi was entertaining, but now it was time for Brittany to see if she could push things farther. She needed to know if she could use the arrangement to get her out of this ridiculous husband situation but leaving her completely blameless.

“Lexi,” Brittany purred into the phone as Lexi’s voicemail picked up the phone. “I had so much fun today,” Brittany ran her manicured nails up the inside of her own thigh, smirking slowly. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow evening. What time are you done studying?” she asked. She knew very well that Lexi would be free whenever Brittany wanted, but she wouldn’t allow herself to look arrogant.

Hours later, the meeting for the following day was arranged. Brittany waited. She’d studied up various drugs and their dosings. She just needed to figure out how she could use enough to drug her husband without knocking him out.

“Baby,” he whispered in her ear as he came home from work and scooted up behind her. His arms wrapped around her suggestively. She knew she looked stunning in her newest ‘little black dress.’ She’d put on his favorite diamond earrings, the anniversary pair that she normally ignored.

“Hey there handsome,” she answered, kissing him on the mouth. “Does this taste ok?” she asked, handing him a cup of the concoction she had been mixing. “I was planning on serving it when the girls come over,” she lied. There was only one girl coming over, and she was certainly not drinking this stuff.

He sipped slowly. “MM” he cringed, “That might be a little too strong for the girls, don’t you think?” he laughed. Brittany allowed her face to fall into mock dismay.

“Oh no! I had been afraid of that …”

“That’s okay,” he said, “I’ll drink this. I’ve got a few papers to do and then I’ll be out to greet your friends like a good little hubby,” he winked.

“I know you will,” She smiled and hid the intonation in her voice, “Thanks babe. At least it won’t go to waste. What do you think, double the lemonade or halve the vodka?”

“Both!” he said, raising his eyebrows. He took the glass, the pitcher, and disappeared into his office. Phase one complete. kayseri escort

The bell rang, not a moment too soon. Lexi had dressed for the occasion as well, just as Brittany had asked. She wore the same little black dress, both purchased on yesterday’s mall excursion, and a pair of diamond studs.

Brittany hugged her lithe body and beckoned her to come inside.

“Drink?” Brittany asked Lexi, offering out the Martinis she had made.

“Of course mistress,” Lexi bowed her head and accepted. Brittany felt a curling sensation in her gut as Lexi said the word. The evening was going perfectly. She had considered back and forth whether Lexi may need some of the ‘medicine’ too, but she had decided that it would be best if not – she wanted Lexi to obey her flawlessly. So far, it looked promising.

——- Lexi —

Lexi sipped her drink and looked adoringly at Brittany. She was thankful for the black dress, because it hid the anticipation she knew was forming between her legs. She knew Brittany had something planned for this evening and she was dying to see what it was.

Brittany turned on the TV and pushed a rented movie into the DVD slot. “My husband’s home right now,” she said without further explanation. Lexi nodded, catching the drift. Lexi had already put together that Brittany’s husband didn’t know her at all.

“What’s he called again?” Lexi asked, “It would probably look bad if I didn’t know his name and he happened to come out.” Lexi added.

Brittany smiled graciously. “Of course. His name is Eric. I am sure you will get to meet him this evening.” Brittany mused.

About halfway through the movie, Brittany startled Lexi by yelling “ERIC! Aren’t you going to come meet my friends?”

“Friends?” Thought Lexi, looking around wildly as though people might have materialized in the room with them.

“Of course,” came the muffled answer. He materialized moments later from the back room, looking around as Lexi had done. “Where is everyone?” he asked.

“They’ve all gone home NOW of course,” Brittany laughed. Lexi, bewildered, said nothing. “But you remember Lexi,” Brittany suggested.

“OH, oh yes,” he said, looking flustered. “I don’t know how it got so late. I am so sorry I didn’t make an -”

“Nevermind,” Brittany smoothed. She got up and walked toward him in a slow, sultry, romantic way that made Lexi feel like she shouldn’t be watching. A pang of jealousy shot through her body. Would he be having Brittany tonight instead of her having Brittany?

“Why don’t you show Lexi upstairs,” Brittany suggested. Lexi crinkled her brow wondering if she had heard wrong. Eric didn’t move. “Eric,” Brittany said sweetly, “why don’t you pick Lexi up, and take her upstairs for me. TO the guest room.” Brittany said. Eric bent, through Lexi over his shoulder in a most embarrassing way, and headed for the stairs.

“Perfect,” Brittany said. “Don’t worry Lexi, I’m right behind you. And what a wonderful view of that pussy I’m getting, too. Can you spread those thighs for me baby?”

Lexi struggled to follow instructions but Eric was roughly pounding his way up the stairs, his shoulder pushing into her belly in a most uncomfortable way. “Good girl,” Brittany said anyway. “I hope you don’t mind if we try something different this evening.”

Lexi had already gathered that something was different, but she was sure Brittany’s husband would never allow a 3 way and yet that’s what it looked like was happening.

He suddenly turned into the door to their right and headed straight for an elegant four poster bed. He plopped Lexi down onto it, and she struggled to close her legs and push her dress down before he got a good view of things. When she looked up, he was just standing there watching her warmly.

“Stand up Lexi,” Brittany ordered. She pulled Lexi over to one of the bedposts and quickly tied both lexi’s elbows behind her back and to the post. “Oh no,” Brittany said to her husband. “It seems that Lexi can’t get her zipper down. Why don’t you help her?”

Obediently, Eric reached around kıbrıs escort Lexi and unzipped the dress as though he’d done it thousands of times. Lexi knew she didn’t have a bra on. If the dress slipped down she’d be bare to him. Was that what her mistress intended? “Brittany?” Lexi asked pleadingly.

“This is what I require of you tonight, Lexi.” Brittany snapped at her, wondering whether the little slut would act as though she wasn’t enjoying herself. Lexi had been trying to hold the dress up with her armpits. “Drop the dress Lexi.”

Lexi hesitated. “You will pay for your hesitation later.” Brittany snapped. Lexi released the dress and it fell to her hips.

“Look at those pretty titties Eric,” Brittany whispered suggestively. She walked up behind him and caressed his chest adoringly. “Wouldn’t you like to touch those?” she asked.

He groaned. “Yes Brittany, very much.” Brittany’s eyes sparkled. She had known he would obey suggestion, but this was almost like having another toy to play with.

“Go ahead and touch them, play with them, rub your nose on them, kiss them, lick them, spank them, suck them…” she listed as she kissed his muscular back. He moved closer to Lexi and Brittany moved so she could watch.

Lexi’s breath was ragged as she watched Eric with wide eyes. His hands moved toward her breasts slowly, tentatively. They were close enough that as she inhaled she felt their heat on her erect nipples. Yes, she wanted him to touch them. “Yes,” she moaned quietly. His hands surged forward, grabbing the mounds of tissue and practically kneading them.

His breathing deepened also as he stared wide eyed at the big titties in his hands. He flicked her nipples with his thumbs and then, without knowing exactly why he drew one of his hands back and slapped one of her titties leaving a big red hand print. Lexi half-squealed half-moaned as he began to caress her again.

He lowered his mouth to the titty he had slapped, and pinched the other one. He licked all around the nipple, touching it everywhere but only causing her need to grow. She wished she could access her hands and just push his face onto her titty. SUddenly, she remembered she was moaning for her mistress’ husband! Her eyes flew open, hunting for Brittany.

Brittany was pleased with the show the little slut was putting on. “Good girl,” Brittany said, “I knew you were a dirty slut,” her voice raspy.

Meanwhile, Eric was going to town on those titties. HE had pushed them together and was licking both nipples at the same time. Brittany had never seen him give this much foreplay on any occasion.

“Eric, do you want to see that pussy?” Brittany asked. “I bet it’s all pink and tight and wet…”

“I want to see it,” he answered, “I am so hard,” He breathed before taking a nipple back into his mouth.

“Help her out of her dress then,” Brittany asked. She winked at Lexi, lust in her eyes. Lexi thought she might cum if Brittany looked at her like that again. Eric tugged at the dress and it fell to the floor easily. Lexi stepped her legs apart without being asked. She waited for the reprieve, but none came. She feared it would come later.

Brittany stepped behind Eric again, putting her hands on his shoulders. “Why don’t you get on your knees Eric, so that you can see that pussy better?” Eric obeyed quickly, wrapping his big hands around Lexi’s hips. Brittany knelt along with him, but behind him, out of sight, and wrapped her hand around his thick member. Yes, he was hard as a rock.

“Go ahead Eric, see if it’s wet,” she prodded. Slowly, she removed Eric’s belt, his button, his zipper, and slipped his pants to rest on the floor where he knelt. She slowly pumped the big hard dick between his legs.

“mmmmm” He moaned slowly, tracing his fingers over Lexi’s pussy lips and then teasingly pushed one finger into her slit. He traced his way back and forth in her slit until even Brittany could hear the wetness in there. He pushed his finger into Lexi and fucked her hard, a tease. He bucked his hips against Brittany’s hand and she slowed. She wasn’t konya escort sure if the medication would make him cum quickly or not and she didn’t want that.

He seemed to think that Brittany’s attention had been stopped due to his own stopping. He pushed two fingers into Lexi this time and looked hungrily at her pussy. “Yes, eat it baby,” Brittany whispered in his ear. “It tastes so fucking good,” she knew from experience.

He plunged his face in, licking inexperiencedly at her clit, her lips, licking up whatever juice he found there. Brittany ran her hands through his hair, pushing him farther into Lexi’s clit.

“I know you like that, my little Lexi doll,” Brittany said, “why don’t you show me how much you like it? Tell him how great he’s doing and how much you love being eaten, hmm?” Brittany stood up then and moved toward Lexi’s hard nipples.

“Oh fuck, Eric, yeah I love it when you – yeah that’s the spot right there Eric – oh please, please, you’re going to make me cum on your face Eric,”

“Cum Lexi,” Brittany whispered onto her nipple, “if you can cum for that bitch’s sucky pussy eating do it, cum as much as you can tonight.”

“UHGHH Bri-“

“NOT ME,” Brittany growled, suddenly in Lexi’s face looking her eye to eye.

“ERIC!” Lexi moaned instead, her orgasm building. She couldn’t avoid it if she had been ordered to. Brittany placed her hands on Eric’s head, feeling as though she controlled the impending orgasm.

“Eat that fucking pussy Eric,” Brittany whispered hungrily, watching her Lexi throw her head back and cum. “Don’t stop,” she said cruelly as she knew Lexi’s throbbing clit would be sensitive. Lexi shook like a fish out of water until “Stand up Eric,” Brittany said. “Now untie her.” Eric followed directions perfectly. IF only he was like this all the time.

Lexi, newly untied, wondered if she was finished. “I’ve seen how you are with a pussy, Lexi, but I Want to know how you are with a cock. Lick it.” Brittany ordered. “Eric, climb onto the bed.”

Eric lay down on the guest bed and Lexi knelt between his legs, licking his long member from shaft to tip until she elicited a long moan from Eric’s lips. The entire time she made eye contact with Brittany, who had settled in a nearby chair and begun rubbing her own pussy. Brittany smiled evilly at this and fucked herself harder. Lexi put her mouth on the bulbous head and tried to stuff the cock in her mouth, pumping up and down with the rhythm that Brittany fucked her cunt with her own fingers.

“Stop, Lexi.” Brittany said. “I don’t want him to cum yet. Climb on top of him.”

Lexi slowly crawled up Eric, until her titties dangled over his face. He sucked one greedily into his mouth. “ughhh” Lexi moaned, her pussy trying, of its own accord, to get Eric’s cock into her.

“Go ahead,” Brittany said, “ride it.” Lexi needed no more instruction. She sat on that dick and moaned as it plunged its way into her, then rocked forward and backward as Eric sucked her titty. “HMMMM” Eric was moaning beneath her, trying to match her thrusts.

“Stop!” Brittany ordered. She had been stuck in bed enough times with Eric to know when he was about to cum. although, of course, he didn’t allow her to be on the top.

“Flip over, Eric, you like the top don’t you? Fuck this bitch until you fill her with your cum.” He didn’t seem to need prompting. His dick was bigger, and more purple than Brittany had ever seen it. He slid it back into Lexi with ease and fucked her on her back – his favorite way. The motion came naturally to him and he had built both his orgasm and hers in no time.

“AH, AH, AH, AH,” Lexi had started. Eric growled at her, an erotic sound Brittany had never heard.

As for Brittany, she was about to cum too, not that she wanted Eric to know that. “CUM IN THAT BITCH” she whispered, shaking violently as she soaked the chair she was sitting in.

Eric tensed his body as he dumped himself into Lexi, a few more short thrusts, and then he collapsed beside her.

“Lexi,” Brittany said, “rub his dick all over your titties. Get cum everywhere. Do not wash it off. Fuck him again, twice if you can. Be here in the morning when he wakes like this. I’m going to bed.” Brittany pulled off the air of being bored and left the room. What a surprise for Eric the next morning, who would remember none of it.

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