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Joanne got a kick out of teasing her 18-year-old son Brian. She would bend over to pick something off the floor when she knew he was looking; or she’d press her warm body up against him when they hugged, flattening her chest against his; or she’d leave her worn panties lying around the bathroom floor after her shower.

She knew she was an attractive woman and that Brian was aroused by her flirtatious ways. What man wouldn’t be? She had long legs, shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes—and an ass to die for. For his age, Brian wasn’t half bad either. He was 6’2″ and fairly well built. His only flaw was that he was extremely shy around girls even his mother.

The first time his mother bent over in front of him, he thought he would die. She was wearing a short skirt and no panties. She lingered for a second, making sure Brian got a good look. Her cheeks parted and revealed a gaping asshole as well as glistening pussy lips. But what was most amazing of all to Brian was this. Suddenly, her asshole contracted and winked at him. He had no idea women could do that with their bodies. Indeed, Joanne had excellent body control. Whenever she was sitting at her desk or in her car, she’d practice contracting the walls of her vagina as well as her sphincter muscles. She’d read about it in Vogue, that it kept a woman tight well even into middle age.

Because even though she was on the cusp of middle age, she wasn’t about to let herself go. She still exercised and went out dancing on the weekend. She kept herself looking young and. more importantly, feeling young.

As much fun as she had being single and active, she was worried about Brian. On Friday and Saturday nights, he’d stay home while she went out. He didn’t seem to have that many friends, let alone any female friends. Hardly anyone ever called the house asking for him. He was rather quiet and sensitive and he liked to write and read—not exactly your typical horny teenager.

One day after school, she asked him the question all mothers ponder about their sons. “Brian, are you gay?”

His cheeks turned bright crimson, so caught off guard was he by his mother’s probing question. He stammered.

“I’m not.”

“Because if you are, that’s fine with me,” Joanne said. “As long as you’re happy.”

“I told you I’m not.”

Inside, Joanne felt a deep sigh of relief. She knew there was nothing wrong with being gay, but she felt better that he was your typical horny teenager.

“So what’s the problem? You’re young, good looking and smart. I bet the girls are dying for you to ask them out. I know I would.”

“I guess I find none of them attractive. Sure, they’re pretty in a girly sort of way. But they’re not womanly enough, if you get my drift.”

“Not like mom, right?” Joanne said with a grin.

“Definitely not. I mean, what are you, like a D cup? Most girls I know are barely Bs.”

Joanne blushed. “Thanks. I guess I am curvier than most women.”

“And your ass,” Brian said. “Don’t get me started about that one.”

“Oh baby, you’re so sweet to me. I bet you’re just saying that to be nice.”

“Honest to God. You have, like, the roundest nicest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Stop it,” she said. “You’re killing me.” And though she pretended to be modest, she knew he was right.

“What are you doing this Friday?” she asked.

“Uh, nothing, why?”

“I was thinking you could come with me to a bar or club. Maybe I could introduce you to some older women and you can get over this whole being shy business.”

Brian’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

Friday couldn’t come fast enough. All week Brian thought about it. He wondered why the bouncer owed his mom a favor. Had she given him a hand job or better yet a blow job?

Joanne, too, was looking forward to their date, although she wouldn’t call it that. But how else could you describe it? A grown beautiful woman was going out on Friday with a handsome young man. She tried to get a hold of herself by telling herself he was her son and that she was only going to give him a few pointers on how to approach women. Nevertheless, istanbul escort she felt a moist warmness in her crotch when she thought about Friday.

On the appointed night, Joanne pulled out all the stops. She showered and shaved and did her hair and makeup. She put on stiletto heels and the sexiest dress she owned, a low cut black number that stopped just above her thigh. Brian couldn’t help himself when he saw her. He stared, open mouthed, blown out of his mind.

“Wow mom you look amazing.”

“Why thank you,” she said and did a twirl. “Not bad for a forty-year old, eh?”

Brian couldn’t see a panty line, so he assumed she was wearing a thong or G-string or better yet nothing at all. He became light headed when he thought of this possibility, that there was nothing underneath that sheer black dress.

“I hope you’re not embarrassed to be going out with your mom.”

“Not at all. It’s an honor. I’ll have the sexiest date at the club.”

There was that word again: date. Joanne had refrained from using it, but now it was clear that he, too, was having similar thoughts.

The club was dark, noisy and crowded. The bouncer didn’t give Brian any trouble. All Joanne had to say was, “He’s with me” and the bouncer let him in, no questions asked.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“A Coke is fine,” Brian said.

“Come on, this isn’t your prom. Have a little fun.”

“Jack and Coke then.”

“Excellent choice. I’ll be right back.”

The dance floor was crowded. Scantily clad men and women were grinding against each other. Some of them were even making out. Joanne was right. These women looked nothing like the girls from his high school. They were fuller, sexier and better looking.

“See anything you like?”

His mother was back with his drink.

“A few,” Brian said, trying to be cool.

“How about her? She’s pretty.”

Joanne had pointed out a cute brunette who was dancing, as incredible as it may seemed, by herself. She had full ruby lips and dark eyes. Her body was gyrating to the music, shaking in all the right places.

“Why don’t you go dance with her?”

“Who? Me? Are you kidding? She’d never go for a guy like me.”

“Fine. If you don’t, I will,” Joanne said.

Joanne handed him her drink and approached the woman. Joanne whispered something in her ear and, just like that, they started to dance. Joanne looked back at Brian and winked.

He couldn’t believe what was going on. Was his mother a lesbian? But he had seen her date men. Yet again, she could be bi. After a few songs, Joanne broke away from her partner and walked back toward Brian.

She whispered in his ear, “I talked to her. She thinks you’re cute. Now go.”

Before Brian could say no, his mother had taken his drink away and shoved him in the direction of the dance floor. The brunette smiled at him and put her hands on his shoulders. He steadied himself by latching onto her hips.

“Is that your friend?” the brunette asked.

“No, she’s my mom.”

“Wow. You’re lucky. She’s hot.”

Until then Brian had never thought about his mother that way. But the woman was right. She was hot! There was no denying it.

Brian looked around for his mother. She was already dancing with someone else, a guy this time. She was shaking her ass into the guy’s crotch. Brian excused himself from the brunette and walked over to the guy.

“Do you mind if I cut in?”

“Go for it, buddy. She’s all yours.”

Before Joanne could realize what was happening, she was dancing with her son.

“Hi honey, are you having a good time?”

“I am now.”

“Stop it. You’re going to make me blush.”

She pushed her ass into her son’s crotch and was surprised to feel how hard he was. It felt big, too. Very big.

“Oh whatever,” she thought to herself. “He’s probably still hard from that other girl.”

But the more they danced, the more it became clear that the source of his erection was not the brunette but Joanne herself. She avcılar escort couldn’t believe that her son was pushing his erection into her ass and that, most frightening of all, it was making her hot. She felt her pussy moisten and her nipples tighten.

Meanwhile, Brian had slipped his arms around her waist. Joanne responded in kind by reaching back and cradling her hand behind Brian’s neck. He could see down her dress. The sight delighted him: the rise of her breast, the tip of her nipples poking through. He had the irrepressible desire to touch them, but he held himself back. As long as they were just dancing, they weren’t doing anything wrong. So what if he had a raging hard on? His mom was hot, but the fact remained was that they were only dancing, however scandalously some might say.

Brian’s dream came true when his mother lifted his hand and put it on her left breast. He was actually cupping his mother’s ample sized breast. It barely fit in the palm of his hand, it was so big.

She whispered, “Squeeze it. Ahhh. But not so tight. There, that’s it and play with it.”

After that, she reached her head back and kissed him. They were making out. Was it the alcohol or the dark primeval beat of the music or the dimly lit floor? In any event, they were dancing and making out, mother and son.

Then Joanne upped the ante. She took the hand that was palming her breast and she slid it underneath her dress. It was warm and moist. No panties, Brian thought with delight. She gasped as Brian’s finger entered her.

Whatever line existed between the two had been irrevocably crossed. Nothing that they do could or say now would erase this night of passion or deny the mutual lustful attraction between them.

“Brian, I think it’s time to go home.”

When they got home, Brian couldn’t keep his hands off his mom.

“Easy there,” Joanne said. “I want our first time to be special.”

She left him on the living room couch while she disappeared into her bedroom. When she came back out, she was wearing nothing but a lacy black thong and matching bra. She dimmed the lights and put on some soft music. Brian made no effort to hide his burgeoning erection in his pants.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable?” she said.

Standing up, he undid his belt buckle, slid his pants down and took off his shirts. He was only in his boxers. Joanne walked over to him and cupped his balls through his boxers.

“My, aren’t you big? How often do you milk that baby?”

Brian felt a shiver go through his entire body. “Once, sometimes twice a day.”

“I bet you do. And I bet you cum loads.”

Brian nodded. He wasn’t being modest. He tended to shoot four to five ropes at a time. In fact, he had to wash his sheets every other day to prevent them from caking. He was towering above his mother now, whose curvy body was only inches away.

“Sit down,” she said. “Get comfortable.”

Brian did as he was told and his mother spread her legs and straddled him on the couch. Her tits were jutting in his face and her crotch was pressed firmly against his. She could feel his hardness. Brian reached behind her and unhooked her bra and, amazingly, her breasts came free. They were heavy and pale, D cups for sure.

“Do you like them?”

They’re amazing. But that’s not all I like,” he said, lowering his hands and touching her ass.

“My, aren’t you greedy? You want my tits and my ass,” she said emphasizing the and part.

Brian nodded.

“O.K.” she said. “Show me what you want to do to my tits.”

Brian lifted his hands and cupped her heavy breasts. They spilled over into the edges of his hands, they were so big. Joanne threw her head back in pleasure as he massaged them and brought one of her nipples to his mouth and began to suckle.

“Oh baby,” she said, her body tingling all over. “That’s a good boy. Suck mommy’s nipples.

Her hips started to rock and he could feel his penis being rubbed through his boxers by his mother’s cunt. It was a gentle rocking at first, as if she were riding a horse. şirinevler escort But with each passing second she rode him faster and faster until she was moaning with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Brian was close to cumming, and so was she. She rocked harder and harder until she swooned and Brian, grunting with pleasure, came. His boxers were soaked, her panties drenched.

She tucked back some hair that had fallen into her face. “Wow,” she said. “That was incredible and we didn’t even have sex.”

“We didn’t?”

Joanne shook her head. “That was dry humping, baby. That was only an appetizer.”

If that was an appetizer, Brian could only imagine what the main course was going to be.

“Why don’t you take off your boxers? They must be soaked.”

Brian agreed and standing up peeled them off.

“Wow,” Joanne said, staring at his nine inch long shaft. “What a beauty. I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on me this long. Had I known you were this big, I’d never have to leave the house or for that matter ever use a vibrator again.”


“Yes dear.”

“Do you remember that time you bent over in front of me and winked at me?”

“Why of course I do.”

“Can you do that again for me?”

“With pleasure.”

He sat back down as his mother turned around and grabbed her ankles. Except for two cute dimples, her ass was without blemish, smooth and round and juicy. She pulled aside the string of her thong and contracted her asshole, then let it go, then contracted it again.

“How’s that?”

“That’s…wonderful,” Brian said.

By the sound of his voice, she could tell that he was masturbating to the sight of her winking pucker. Brian reached for her panties and tried to pull them down. But Joanne swatted his hand away.

“No, no,” she said. “Mommy’s panties stay on.”

Her panties barely covered her at all, but as long as she wasn’t completely naked she figured she wasn’t crossing the line. It made her feel as though what they were doing was perfectly normal. It was her way of rationalizing what was going on.

Suddenly, she felt a warmness and a wetness all over her ass; Brian had shot his load onto her backside. She reached around and felt how sticky it was. She rubbed it around, some of it disappearing inside her asshole.

“Mmm,” she said, licking her fingers. “You do cum a lot. Now you have to clean me up,” she said.

“How so?” Brian said.

“Use your imagination.”

So, kneeling at his mother’s ass, Brian licked his cum off her bare cheeks. He didn’t mind it, and his mother seemed to love it. Her panties—if you could call them that, mere dental floss—were still on. Brian loved the fact that she kept them on. He ran his finger under the string from start of her crack all the way to the other side. It made his mother shiver.

Despite the fact that Brian had cum twice already, they still hadn’t had sex and Joanne was cognizant of this.

“Are you ready for the main course?” she said.

Brian nodded and she slowly lowered herself onto him, impaling herself on his erection. Inch by painful inch, she could feel him filling her asshole. She barely moved at all but using her contractions she slowly and gently milked his cock. Brian was moaning, deep, low moans. Gradually the contractions became tighter and faster and she was bouncing up and down, careful not to let him slip out.

“I love you mom,” Brian said barely audibly.

“I love you son. Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

“Now,” Brian said.

Joanne dismounted him and got on her knees before him just in time to catch his copious ropes of cum with the back of her throat. It kept coming and coming until her mouth was almost full. She coaxed a last few drops out of him by rubbing his balls and shaft. Titling back her head, she let it run down her throat, all warm and thick and creamy. She was happy. She was satisfied.

“You must be spent,” she said.

Brian nodded, exhausted, a contented smile on his face.

She grabbed him by the cock and led him upstairs to his bedroom. She kissed him goodnight.

“If that thing ever needs milking, you come find me,” she said, tugging at his semi hard cock.

“O.K. mom.”

“Oh and by the way,” she said before disappearing into her bedroom, “to answer your question, I am bi.”

What had he gotten himself into, Brian thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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