A Night to Forget Pt. 02

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Danny closed her apartment door behind her, kicking off her heals and dropping her keys in the bowl on her foyer table. Immediately met with the city light view from her twenty second floor. One hundred and eighty degree views over the city, she loved her little piece of paradise. When her father passed six years ago, Danny used her half of the inheritance to completely renovate this place.

Almost complete studio vide. Raw face brick walls covering the back of the apartment. Stone white kitchen to the left with an island. Wall to wall windows, from left to right, save the 3 meter brick wall with fire place and TV, which greeted you as you step into the apartment. With more wall to wall window flowing all the way right past her bedroom, through to her bathroom. It was completely open and huge. Too high up to be noticed, but she felt too free to care either way.

There were huge drape white curtains should she need them but she had only ever closed them once just after the renovation when she felt completely exposed. But she never quite slept as well that night as she did when everything was open for the world to see. The view always bought a sense of relaxation and peace. She loved it here.

Danny walked into the kitchen pulling out a big wine glass placing it on the island. She removed an already opened bottle of crisp white wine from the fridge, removing the cork and filling her glass. She leaned on the counter now facing the beautiful view she had come to love.

Taking a big sigh and an even bigger gulp she couldn’t help but feel a bit empty. It had been a long week with plenty of fires to put out at work, sometimes getting home after eleven pm.

She was exhausted.

A long hot bath will go done well now. She thought to herself and made her way over to the bathroom just passed the bed.

Danny leaned over to open the taps and poured in some much needed essential oils to help soak her tired body. Removing her clothing, she looked out towards the city seeming to be spying on her, not caring because she knew that even though during the day the double sided glass gave nothing away, the night only someone with a telescope could see her and what were the odds? Not that she was always naked walking around inviting people to look but the odds that someone happened to glance at the very moment she would get in our out of the bath would be lucky for them. A little gift of sorts. And even if there was a peeping Tom staring, she found it strangely erotic.

She stepped into the bath bringing her glass with her.

She laid back deliberately slowly getting her skin used to the almost too hot water, she took another big swig and placed the glass onto the side of the bath. Sliding deeper into the water covering everything but her face and her now hard nipples.

“Mmmmm” She moaned, closing her eyes, it was lovely. She could feel her body relax and get heavy.

A memory of a familiar face flashed into her mind. She saw him gleaming at her, watching her. Enticing her with his eyes.

It had been five weeks since their encounter and even though her days kept her pretty busy the nights seems more empty than ever. She found her body wound up more tight than ever, searching for release only one person could grant her.

Her mind was drowning in memories now. His hands washing her in the shower. His hot breath in her mouth. His hard cock deep in her belly.

Danny couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands gliding down her silky body finding her aching entrance, she slid 2 fingers deep inside. Groaning loudly her body arched and reacted quickly. She moved her left hand over her clit to help the process.

She slowly circled and rubbed the little nub, while the other hand slid fingers in and out of her arousal.

She pictured Aaron suckling on her nipple while thrusting her deeply. She was climbing, living for the memory. Desperately clenching onto her expert fingers, she quickened her pace.

She found her urgent release quickly.

“AHHH!” She moaned loudly her body collapsing into the water. Sweet pulsations and waves of release flushed over her body.

She removed her fingers slowly, letting them caress her sensitive clit up over her body. She squeezed her breasts a little, and faded into the hot water.

Danny slid back up out of the water retrieving her glass once more. Her body much more relaxed, but there was something so empty left behind.

Why had he not tried to connect again? She was on social media. Surely it was easy enough to find her. Did he even look? She was irritated now by her disappointment.

I mean why do I even care, why should he? He doesn’t Escort Haramidere love you Danny. She thought to herself. It was lust. And I got what I wanted so why do I even care? It was just a fuck, a really, really good fuck. Not like she wanted anything serious anyways.

“Stop it!” She said out load scoffing to herself. “Stop doing this to yourself!” She said as she annoyingly got out the bath splashing everywhere.

Wrapping herself with her robe she gulped down the last bit of wine and climbed onto her bed. Pulling the bed cover half over her body she drifted off almost immediately.

A combination of a tough week, big glass of wine and a satisfying orgasm, she drifted off into a deep sleep.

Saturday afternoon rolled by effortlessly. Danny sat her book down that she had been drowning herself in all day and got up of the sofa and had a big stretch. She looked over the city, it really was a beautiful day.

The late afternoon sun gleaming into the apartment. She picked up the remote and clicked on the stereo. Dance music came pumping through the surround sound and Danny found the pep in her step she needed to get up and get ready.

Taking her glass with her she headed over to the walk in cupboard to pick out her outfit for her blind date this evening. Though she wasn’t keen to go at first but when her best friend Briggitte said she needed to get her head out of her ass and as per her words ‘to get over someone you should get under someone’ she reluctantly agreed to meet the guy.

Briggitte mentioned she he was her fiancés cousin and upon meeting, was dreamy as hell and quite charming. so why not share a meal. Harmless enough, Danny thought today was as good as any. She was bored and lonely and needed a good distraction. Maybe even a lay at least. So she texted him early morning and he responded almost immediately, setting up time and place for the evening.

Danny eyed herself in the mirror. She wore her navy boat neck mini dress and black leather jacket, with nude heals. Combing her hands through her hair to puff it out just a tad she nodded in approval. Happy with her look she headed for the door.

Danny arrived at the restaurant five minutes early to find Kyle waving her over to the table. She recognized him from the picture Briggitte had shown her and instantly thought that the picture had done him no justice.

Danny, pleased, smiled and headed towards him.

“You must be Danny?” He said, a smile beaming over his face. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Likewise.” Danny said giving him a slight hug greeting.

He pulled her chair out and Danny sat down and shifted in.

“Sorry it’s taken so long, it’s been crazy at work and anytime off time is usually spent catching up on errands or sleep.” Danny said shyly

“No worries, seems the wait has been worth it for sure.” He gave her a big smile, and Danny knew immediately he approved as well.

After the formalities were over they ordered drinks and food and spent the better part of two hours enjoying light banter and getting to know each other.

“Please excuse me Kyle, I need to use the restroom real quick.” Danny said placing her napkin on her plate and heading to stand.

“No Problem.” He smiled shyly

Danny came out the stall adjusting the lower half of her dress.

“What the fuck?!” Danny froze, locking eyes with Aaron.

Time stood still, her heart beat quickened and her mind raced with thoughts. Why was he here? Why was he staring at her like a hungry animal about to eat its prey? Why the fuck was he in the woman’s bathroom?

“What are you doing Danny?” He said all too calmly, as if he didn’t quite grasp the fact he just cornered her in the ladies.

“Me? What the fuck are you doing here Aaron?” She puffed at him.

Suddenly he stormed her, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her against the bathroom wall.

“Danny don’t play with me.” He was inches from her face now, she could smell the whisky on his breath.

Danny felt a rush of lust whell up inside her. It was taking all of her will power not to pull him closer.

“You have been drinking Aaron. Why are you here?” She said

“I watched you Danny, I saw the way you were looking at him. The way you were leaning your beautiful tits for him to ogle at you. I saw the way you tucked your hair behind your ear and batted your eyelashes at him.” He purred at her and grabbed a strand of her loose curls and moved it behind her ear.

“You used to do that to me Danny. I couldn’t stand the way he was looking at you. Undressing you with his eyes. I saw the way his eyes washed İkitelli escort over you and it drove me insane Danny.” Runny his thumb over her lip.

“I want to bite this lip.” He whispered.

Danny couldn’t move, his whole body weight was pushed against hers. Stirring things inside her as he spoke, Fuck this guy had a way of bringing every nerve in her body to life.

Danny shifted slightly trying to convince herself it was because she was uncomfortable but she knew exactly it was because she was trying to tease him and so she could feel his arousal a bit better against her belly.

He noticed her slight shift and violently grabbed her face and rammed his tongue into her mouth. He pushed his hard cock hard into her body. Pressing for attention. Danny succumbed to him effortlessly. Her body betraying her mind. She was holding him to her so tightly that she thought she might melt into him.

Suddenly her mind won over her body and her thoughts cleared. She Shoved him off her and watched and he took a few steps back, his eyes wild.

She tried to catch her breath. “Aaron, No. For fuck sakes. You can’t just up and come into my life as you wish. I am on a date for godsakes.”

“He just wants to fuck you Danny.” He said seriously.

“Yeah, and? So what if he does? What makes you think I don’t to fuck him back?” She said matter of factley.”

His eyes darkened and he let out a snarky laugh. “That boy wouldn’t know where to stick his cock with a tweezer and a torch.”

“Well I’ll teach him then!” She said as she pushed past him towards the door. “I need to go”

“Danny wait!” He grabbed her arm.

“No Aaron, you wait. What do you think was going to happen? I was going to run into your arms and ride into the sunset? Please. We had one night of hot sex. That was it. Now please, go home.” She said as she turned to leave.

Her heart sank into her stomach. She didn’t want to leave. But she knew how it would end. This wasn’t love. It was lust. Must be.

She quickly fixed her hair and hoped her face didn’t give anything away as she sat back down and faced Kyle.

“Sorry about that. There was a queue.” She smiled sweetly at Kyle

“That’s OK, I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and ordered us dessert.” He said proud of himself.

“Not at all, sounds great.” She looked past him now her words trailing off as she saw Aaron approaching the table.

OH, fuck no. She started to panic.

Aaron gave her a wink just before coming into Kyle’s view.

“Danny!! Ish that you?!.” He said too loudly a few other patrons turned to look.

He was being obnoxious now, What was he playing at?

She gave him an annoying smile “Aaron? Hi. What are you doing here?” She breathed through her teeth at him. Feeling really awkward now.

Kyle stared at him with a look of disgust on his face.

“Sorry, Kyle, this is Aaron. Aaron, Kyle.” Danny motioned.

Kyle pasted a smile on his face and shook Aarons hand.

“Hi, Kevin. nishe to meet you.” Not taking his eyes off Danny.

Danny’s face flushed.

Kyle tried his best but Danny could see he was uncomfortable. She quickly spoke up.

“KYLE” she said pronouncing his name correctly. “and I are on a date. So if you don’t mind we were just in the middle of dinner. Sure we can catch up another time.” She looked over to Kyle and he flashed her a small smile of appreciation.

“Ah, Danny don’t be like that, Its been ages since we have seen each other and I am only in town for today. I’m sure Kevin wont mind poshtponin your, friendly, dinnerrr.” He said harshly throwing Kyle a glance.

Aaron had a certain air about him that was certainly very intimidating to people who didn’t know him, Danny knew it well. And she knew how well his persuasion usually worked.

“Ya don’t mind, do ya Kevin?” He smiled coyly to Kyle.

Danny rolled her eyes.

“Well actually..” Kyle started to speak, but Aaron interrupted.

“Good, then its shettled. Come Danny so much to catch up on.” He got up grabbing her hand and her handbag.

Danny knew he was not going to let up and to save both herself and poor Kyle from embarrassment she decided it might be best to get Aaron out of there.

They all stood at once. “Give me one second.” She asked Aaron politely motioning that she wanted to say her goodbyes at least.

Aaron looked annoyed but nodded and half stumbled heading towards the door.

Danny looked over to Kyle, seeing the disappointment in his eyes. “So sorry Kyle, Ill text you. I think Aaron may be a bit intoxicated. Might be best to help him get home.” She said Çapa escort bayan as she moved from the table.

Kyle nodded to her while looking past her at Aaron. “You sure you will be OK?” He motioned towards the oaf hovering behind Danny.

“Yes, I’m sure. I have known Aaron since child. He’s harmless. Thank you for a great dinner. I really did enjoy myself. We’ll speak soon, OK?”

He smiled sweetly. “I would like that very much. And thank you for coming.”

She gave him a peck on the cheek and headed out the door where Aaron was waiting.

“Really? Really Aaron! Was that necessary? Your drunk ass just fucked up a good date. I can’t believe you.” She was fumed with embarrassment.

“He ish no good for you Danny.” He said but could see he was all over the place.

“fuck sakes” she muttered to herself, defeat finding her, knowing to argue with him in this state would be pointless.

“Well, you sure as hell are not driving. Where are you staying? I’ll help you home.”

“Uhh, I dunno.” He said looking up the street and down, a confused look on his face.

“Oh my god, honestly Aaron. You’re a mess. Come, you’ll stay by me tonight.” She drew his arm over her neck, helping him steady his steps.

She finally made it to her door. Posting him by the wall she quickly bent down to her bag to dig out her keys.

She fumbled slightly selecting the right one and heard Aaron stir behind her.

As the key latched the door unlocked, suddenly Aaron was on top of her. With a strength she was starting to know too well, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Shocking her. She screeched.!

“Now that I have you home what shall I do with you?” He opened the door carrying her in and kicking the door closed behind them.

The bastard was faking!


Danny pounded on his back forcing Aaron to release her. Her newly fumed anger raging to her cheeks anew. “Put me down!”

Aaron dropped her on her feet gently laughing at her reaction.

“Are you fucking serious? What the hell is wrong with you Aaron.” Danny spat at him.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you go home with that asshole did you.”

“He happens to be a very nice guy and I just so happened to be really enjoying myself.” Danny said. Trying hard to make her words sting.

It worked, his eyes darkened.

Aaron started to slowly pace towards her now. Stalking her.

“Enjoying yourself you say?” he half whispered.

“Yes.” Danny said suddenly very aware of the electricity in the room. Taking steps back herself.

“Tell me Danny, how exactly were you enjoying, yourself.”

Danny suddenly felt the sofa make her knees buckle, she half sat as Aaron came to stand almost on top of her now.

“Did you want him to touch you like I do?” Aaron stroked her arm up towards her neck. Slowly gliding his fingers on her skin. Sending heat radiating through her body.

“Did you want him to kiss your skin like I do?” He bent to stroke his tongue from her color bone to her earlobe.

Danny could not move. Nor did she not want to move.

“Did you want him to taste you like I do?.” Aaron suddenly wrapped his hand through Danny’s hair, tightly pulling her head back giving axes to her mouth forcibly.

He kissed her hard and deep. Danny losing her breath and herself entwined with his savage tongue.

She flung her arms around his neck and pulled him hard to her. Her whole body alive and hot.

“Fuck, Aaron, I cant. Please. Please I need you now. I need you inside me now.” She moaned into his mouth.

Her words sending him over the edge, Aaron quickly sliding her dress over her thighs. Pulling at her panties to shift them aside.

Danny had already undone his belt and just as easily freed his raging cock from his pants.

He shifted her just slightly. Her one arm bracing herself on the sofa edge and the other around his neck. He was suddenly inside her. Filling her completely.

They both crying out at the intense pleasure the feeling brought.

Aaron thrusted his cock making Danny bounce hard against him. Danny shifted, locking her legs around his waist, giving him more access to hold her butt. He helped bounce her a few more times and Danny found her release, pulsing hard around Aarons cock he couldn’t resist his own release at the sensation.

“jesus.” Aaron breathed into Danny’s hair.

“Yeah,” Danny, trying hard to catch her breath herself. “I want to do that again.”

She smiled up at Aaron biting her bottom lip. “But first, a glass of wine.” She winked at him.

Composing herself. She walked over to the kitchen and not saying anything pulled her dress off and took two glasses from the cabinet and opened the fridge door. The light illuminating Aarons view.

He watched her closely poor the wine. His cock thickening again at the sight of her.

He got up, pulling off his own clothes.

He made his way to her.

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